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Volume 41 summary

By iheartz


The Hero's brief anguish

The Descent of the Hero
Catastrophe Rising
Frontal Attack
Weed's Song
A War That Wasn't Meant to Happen
Swaying War
The Crumbling Palace
Misfortune of the Haven Empire

Chapter 1: The Hero's brief anguish

Story starts out with the the players in Hermes' army looking at the Arpen Castle/Palace,
encouraging each other and raising their morale (ex: talking about how much loot they
are going to get, how the opponents are just newbies, etc.). Deuraka, the commander of
the the First Northern Subjugation Army (with his voice amplified by Shaman wind
magic) declares he wants to duel with Weed. Deuraka thinks back about the report which
the Hermes guild intelligence division gave which analyzed all of Weed's skills and
concluded that the chances of Weed winning are less than 20% (although they are still
unsure if Weed got anything from his time traveling quest). In preparation for the duel,
Deuraka was given the highest quality armor, the blessing of one of the top priests in the
continent, and a dark magic buff by shaman that took 7 hours to prepare. The Arpen
players talk among themselves about who's going to win the duel and one of them
mentions how Deuraka has the title Lord of the Lake (?), how he has won a duel against
the leader of the Templar Knights (or he is one of the leaders, idk), etc. To Deurakas
disappointment, Weed doesnt appear and a level 430 warrior named Kamon (?) steps
out instead. Kamon gets his ass handed to him and is killed quickly. More Arpen players
step out to duel with Deuraka, but they all fail. After 10 overwhelming duels, Deraka
declares if Weed doesnt step out, the Haven army will attack and crush the kingdom.
After waiting for a minute, Deuraka orders his army to move forward. (Editors note: The
combat here is confusing and its hard to tell which side is doing which action). The
Arpen players rush towards the Haven army, but they are devastated by ranged
counterstrike that the Haven army gives (AoE fire magic as well as volleys of arrows).
Those who managed to survive the ranged barrage then collide with a shield wall
composed of Havens armoured infantry, which immediately crushes them. The battle is
going badly for the Arpen side and Hermes players confidently declare that the battle is
already over.
Hess Tiger is in the palace (?) looking at the armies (I believe this is set a little bit in the
past before the two armies started fighting). He remarks how although there are a lot of
soldiers, they are all pretty weak and fairly untrained. He compares it to his time (right
after Weed killed the dragon) when the presence of the Desert Warriors will cause the
morale of the enemy soldiers to plummet to rock bottom. In fact, they were so infamous
that the enemy army would sometimes break down from desertions or internal rebellions
(because they dont want to fight the desert warriors).
Hess wonders if he should just use the time he has been given to wander like the wind,

going around and enjoying life in the world, despite of Weeds orders. He watches the 10
duels with little interest (in the past, Hess has reached level 869 due to all of his
adventures) and watches the two armies start fighting. He has just made up his mind to
leave to distant places (he wants to explore the ocean which he hasnt seen before?) but
then hears the cry of a little Arpen girl calling out for her dad. Because of the devotion
the Arpen subjects has for their King, they willingly took up arms against the invaders.
However, the place where the little girls dad was standing (he was an archer) was
devastated by the Haven armys magical attacks. The Haven army immediately follows
up with more attacks, completely killing the people in the area who survived the first
strike. This rouses Hess wrath and regret, his wrath because the Haven army was
targeting the fallen and the injured, and his regret for not following Weeds orders. He
rebukes himself for doubting Weed and decides to take up arms, summoning his sword
and armor. Normally, the resurrection skill wouldnt be able to bring back Hesss
equipment. However, his equipment was given to him by the High Elves and the forest
trees (?) still remember him, his armour and swords which kept by the woods were sent
to him through the power of the fairies (the woods and the fairies also greet him).
Scene switches to Pales group who are still digging up treasure. Because they were
buried in the ground for 600 years, all of the treasure was in a really bad state. They
were currently useless right now, but it may be possible to restore them with the ability
of an extremely skilled blacksmith (theyre all lvl 450+ equipment). Tired and bored of
digging up treasure, the group decides to head to the Arpen palace to help, but Bel (the
bard. Im just shortening her name since google trans says Belt right here) remarks on
how they would never reach there in time. Zephyr thinks about it for a moment and
sighs, mentioning how they could ask Weeds sister to teleport them there (although the
teleportation is essential, Zephyr knows that hell be nagged at a lot by Weeds sister).

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Chapter 2: The Descent of the Hero
Chapter starts off in the studio of a Royal Road broadcasting company, where the mood
is rather gloomy. This is because they had anticipated record-breaking watchers in the
Northern War (Arpen Kingdom is the last major power that the Hermes guild has not
controlled. Also, Weeds the king). In the beginning, the invasion matched the
expectations of the broadcasters. However, as time went on and Hermes won battle after
battle, more and more viewers left. One of the analysts at the station explains that it is
because the Hermes guild is too overwhelming and the viewers are not interested in
watching somebody steamroll all opposition every single time. The staff discuss about
what would happen in the North, what would happen if the Hermes guild won the war, if
they should continue broadcasting on the Northern war (they would be losing money
because the costs of editing/equipment/etc. would be greater than the money earned
from the viewers in the current situation). In the end, KMC decides to continue with their
coverage and not worry about short-term profits.
Scene switches to Bart (Seoyuns father) who has become a merchant in Royal Road. He
recently arrived at the Arpen palace and was doing trade as a merchant there. He has
been doing fairly well thanks to his real-life businessman skills and has opened up a
small stall. It is mentioned that it was partly because of the merchants why Arpen
prospered so much. Because of the low taxes and beginners, the merchants flocked to
Arpen. This led to the development of free trade and high competition, which, in turn
resulted in increased production ability, technological development and population

growth. After selling some quest items to a beginner, he turns his eyes onto Seoyun who
is nearby (not really clear about this part. Maybe the scene changed). Seoyun is staying
in Mora/the palace (not sure which one) in case Weed needs the life transfer granted by
the wedding rings. Several guys recognized her mask (shes still wearing her mask to
hide her face) and connects her with the goddess that appeared before. One guy asks
her if she has a boyfriend and is heartbroken when she replies yes. A girl ask Seoyun
what her hobby is and Seoyun replies that she is currently learning some type of cooking
(something to do with rice?)
Scene switches back to the battle where the Arpen army is being wrecked by the
continuous barrage of arrows and spells. It turns out that the wizards are wearing
equipment specifically designed so that they have immense mana , mana regeneration,
and low mana spell costs. Although the wizards have no defense whatsoever, they are
protected by the wall of armored infantry and they can also cast over triple the amount
of spells they normally cast. The wizards then cast Pillars of Fire, a top class magic spell
that required 50 fire wizards to cast, and then cast Tornado Stream. By itself, Pillars of
fire only scorches the area it is cast on, and then disappears. However, the two spells
combined and a tornado of fire was formed, devastating the Northern Army. The onesided slaughter continued until a voice rang out, declaring that the army shall oppose the
wicked ones, fighting as fierce as the desert storm, never ceasing until their bodies
return to the earth.
After hearing that, everybody in the Arpen army gets their health restored, a %50
increase in strength, increases to all battle stats, up to a 2-fold increase in power of their
abilities, and various blessings from 12 (?) different gods. A player wonders who on
earth could have given a buff like that and turns around. There, standing on the cliffs,
was a figure with an Elven blade in his hand and Elven-forged armor. The player is
stunned, and speaks out in a shaking voice HessTiger? The Arpen players bursnt out
into disbelief and awe, while Hess Tigers fanclub started arguing among themselves
whether the person was the real Hess or not. All of the girls go wild because Hess has a
noble and elegant face while the body gives off an aura of force and wildness (it was
mentioned that Hess was similar in build to the Geomchis except for the crucial face
factor lol). Hess shouts out that the Great King of the Desert has tasked him with
defeating the intruders and asks everybody to fight with him.
All of the player characters gets a pop-up in front of them asking them if they are willing
to follow his commands. The downside is that sometimes, their bodies will follow Hesss
orders (and not their own). However, theyll gain increased experience and public value
points. Players start shouting out how theyll follow Hess Tiger, how Weed hasnt
abandoned them. Also, there was this one player who went ecstatic, telling Hess Tiger
how she would be his slave (LOL). In the end, 9,483,201 players agree to follow Hesss
Hess orders the army to charge forward, and while the players are running forward, they
suddenly discovered that they have been temporarily granted the skill Vicious Assault
which increases movement speed significantly. The Haven mages try to stop the charge
with lightning and fire magic, but thanks to the various blessings (Goddess of Earth
Mine: reduce damage by 68%, Freya: eliminates hunger, fatigue, and generally restores
body to normal, Baldereu: Granted ring (ability unknown except for that something good
will happen), Ahteurok (increase attack power more experience, etc.) Energized by their

sudden turn of fortune, the Arpen users start their Porridge chant and begin their

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Chapter 3: Catastrophe Rising
The players from the Arpen army smashed into the Haven shield wall like a tide.
Although they didnt actually inflict much damage, it was a huge psychological blow to
many of the Hermes characters. However, their past war experiences has allowed them
to cool down and calmly deal with the sudden appearance of Hess Tiger. They quickly
ordered their mages to saturate the areas in front of the shield wall with spells like an
AoE poison spell which fills the area with toxic fumes, killing off most of the Arpen
beginner players. Weakened, the Arpen players were not able to break through the
shield wall and reach the ranged units in the back (there was a short scene about a
young girl urging her siblings to fight on. Apparently, its clear in her mind that
Arpen=good and Haven=bad lol). Upon seeing their shield wall holding up, the Haven
commanders sigh in relief, commenting on how the shield wall+ranged unit formation
was extremely effective.
Pale and his group are teleported to the castle and Surka immediately dives off the cliff
to the clashing armies. Romuna teleports (or is teleported) to a good position for casting
fire magic (something about having a good wind direction and a clear line of sight to the
enemies), Irene heads to the back to casts blessings and heals, Bel and Hwaryeongun
perform near the palace, and Pale begins shooting. Weeds sister and Zephyr remains,
and Violations asks why Zephyr hasnt gone to fight yet. Zephyr, being the playboy he is,
replies that although the battle is important, he thinks she is even more important. As
such, he will stay with her to protect her (it mentions something about greasy talking
haha). Weeds sister shakes her head and says something (something about her
grandmother telling her about what a man should/shouldnt do to/for a woman? Idk),
and then walks towards the battlefield, with Zephyr following her.
Scene changes to the floating island where a lot of the Avian race has gathered. They
are annoyed and irritated at the fact that they are prohibited from fighting. One of the
players (?), an Eagle avian, complains to the Golden Bird and asks why they cant fight.
There are many other similar questions thrown about but the Golden Bird simply ignores
all of them. We learn a little bit about how the new players create Avian characters.
Apparently, they can select the egg that they want to be born from, which decides what
type of Avian they are. The variety and choices of eggs depend on the Avian race
themselves (I may be completely wrong about this). For example, if more sparrowAvians lay eggs, then more people are allowed to choose the sparrow race. There is also
a mention of a Thunderbird race here. The complaints gradually grow louder, with the
Avian branch of the Porridge cult having the loudest complaints (?), when suddenly Weed
appears, stunning all of the players to silence. The Golden Bird flies to his right shoulder
while Eunsae/Esuna sits on his left. Weed gives a speech about the humble origins of
Arpen, describes the battle going on, the tax hikes that would happen if the Arpen
kingdom loses, and asks if the Avian race could help with Arpens plight (during
this/slightly before his speech, the Avians were going wild. One person even wanted
Weed to sign his/her wing). The novel compares Weeds speech to the speeches of
politicians during the elections (basically, the audience would accept and follow whatever

the politicians say). Weed ends his speech and there was a short silence, where he was
wondering if they had seen through his speech. However, the Avian race immediately
burst into applause, pledging that they would follow Weed and began taking off in a
humongous flock.
The Avians reach the battle and start trying to divebomb the ranged units of the Haven
army. They are met by a large wall of arrows and ice magic, and they start falling out of
the sky. Hess Tiger then jumps down from the palace, summoning a Pegasus (because
hes a friend of the forest) and rushes towards the Haven army. He is immediately
noticed because all of the blessings that the gods have bestowed upon him has literally
given him a shining halo and the Haven commanders order all ranged units to
concentrate fire on Hess. Deuraka asks on the guild chat about the abilities of Hess Tiger,
but he was told that the information department didnt bother investigating Hess (seeing
as they thought there would be no possibility of that information being useful).
Thousands of spells fly at Hess Tiger, the most noticeable being spears of ice more than
30 meters long, and a Hermes wizard remarks how theres no way the Pegasus can
dodge in time. Hess pulls out his scimitar, uses a skill which envelops the sword in high
temperature flames (google trans: Deterioration of the Blade) and swings it at the ice
spears. There is a large amount of steam and ice fragments, and the Hermes wizards
confidently declares that its over. However, he is shocked when he suddenly receives a
message about how the backlash from the destruction of the ice spears has reduced his
mana to only 32.8% and causes a 14% reduction in his wisdom stat. Watched by the
shocked Haven army, Hess shouts at the Arpen army to continue their attack.
Scene switches to the Geomchi group who are watching the battle. They talk about how
fun their previous experiences of guerilla warfare was and after some discussion, they
charge in (note: not exactly sure what else they talked about and Im also not sure why
they waited that long before attacking. Maybe they were waiting for the downpour of
spells to end?). They mix in with the other players in the Arpen army and hit the Haven
shield wall, cleaving through the shields of the armoured infantry with their sword skill
(Sword that slashes through anything the one that they created at the end of their
master quest.) They also use another new skill which (speculation) adds some type of
splash damage to their attacks, causing the damage from their sword to jump to other
enemies as well (one of the disciples cut down 14 people with one swing?). We find out
about Geomchideulyi (not sure which number he is) who apparently never graduated
middle school (also something about receiving a scholarship, and leaving in his
sophomore year of high school) and went through life with the goal of becoming strong.
After experiencing Royal Road for the first time, he decided that Royal Road was going to
be the path to become stronger and has reached a level of 450. The commanders of the
Haven army hurriedly orders the knights to sortie, trying to close the breaches that the
Geomchis made. The Geomchis are more than ready for the knights, cutting through
them with sword, spear, ax and bow, all the while exclaiming how its like a playground
for them and how its fun.
Weed (?) is in the clouds looking at the battle. The Geomchi have cause a large breach
and Hess Tiger is in the main camp (?) of the Haven army, massacring everybody there.
In the short time he landed, he has already killed 100 (or 200) players already. He then
reviews his information about the other Haven army Corps in the North right now. There
are currently six (or seven) army corps (including the one thats fighting at the palace)
which give a combined total of 2.1 million troops . One of the corps is currently sieging

the Citadel (the one where Bar Khan used to control) in order to prevent the Orcs and
other races from sending help (?). Weed thinks that the amount of personnel the Hermes
guild deployed for the expedition is ridiculous but grudgingly agrees that its necessary
because they would have to police a huge amount of area if they won. He considers the
Haven armies actions and concludes that if the Palace falls, then the Haven armies will
be free to launch attacks on multiple fronts and will most likely control half of the North
in 1 to 2 weeks (?). This gives Weed a headache similar to the one he got while thinking
about how the electrical and food prices are rising up, but he declares that hell smash
the Haven army. He finishes carving a statue of a turtle and adds it to the other marineanimal statues in front of him. There are statues of people getting eaten by piranhas,
large spiky rockfish, crocodiles, loaches, flounders, etc. He then uses the cloud sculpting
skill and rain starts to fall on the back elements of the Haven army. He continues using
cloud sculpting, and soon, a storm starts brewing above the heads of the Haven army (it
was mentioned that he had carved over 200 sculptures to cause this miniature storm).
The rain quickly turns the ground into a muddy mess which makes it harder for the
soldiers to get a good footing on the ground. Also, it dampens the effects of fire magic.
The clouds continue to darken and one of the Hermes players mentions (in guild chat)
that it feels like the rain is artificial. He is then told that there are only about 3 wizards
(?) that are capable of exerting climate control on this skill and none of them are in the
Northern continent at the moment. However, it was possible for a high level prayer
involving a lot of difficult-to-obtain materials to cause a storm like that, although the
prayer is usually used to end a drought or to irrigate vast quantities of land.
Weed looks at the rain below him and comments on how that it will serve to amplify his
skill, although to what extent, he does not know. He then pulls out a Masterpiece
sculpture of a tsunami (I think the sculpture is made of ice) and uses Catastrophe
Engraving. We find out that the reason why he created the rain clouds was to increase
the effects of the sculpture. He then gets a message telling him that Freya has given him
her blessing, which increases the power of the sculpture by 89%. Weed wonders if the
power is too strong and if it would hurt his allies as well. However, he then shrugs and
says that he already did the deed so theres not point in regretting it. He asks Sanya (the
wyvern hes riding on) what about its opinion but it played dumb and simply said that it
will follow Weed (?).

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Chapter 4: Frontal Attack
Weeds animated sculptures (more than 50+ of them) are watching the fighting. Rover
comments how theres going to be fighting again today and how that means its going to
be harder for him to live to an old age. The Golden man agrees and blames it all on
Weed. Bach comments on how the rain looks bad (or it has a dampening effect on fire)
and the Hydra heads squabble among themselves (one of them says that its hungry,
another one points out that they all share the same stomach so they are all hungry (?),
and a lot more stuff that I cant understand).
The Arpen army continues pushing at the Haven Army. (Theres several pages of stuff
thats hard to understand. Something about the Arpen players not caring that much for
their lives, sharing the best ways to bum rush the Haven soldiers, and using movement

speed increasing magic to run away from the AoE magics that the Haven mages have).
Suddenly, many of the soldiers on both sides start feeling cold. The Haven commanders
simply explain it away with the logic that it is the Northern continent and a rainstorm so
its natural to feel cold. The Arpen players wonder if its a new magic that the Haven
army has prepared. The cold increases to a severe chill which has a significant (12%)
decrease in physical ability as well as a 42% reduction in regeneration (not sure of
health, mana, stamina, or all three). One Arpen player shouts that the Hermes guild are
dirty bastards, seeing such a significant stat drain is lethal to the low leveled players that
are fighting right now. The Avians are also affected by the rain, which drenches their
wings and forces them to land (although some high level players managed to escape).
The Haven army was also affected, although not as much. The only trouble that the rain
and the cold caused for them was a decreased in their ranged magic and arrow attacks
(the soldiers all possess cloaks that can keep the body warm to some extent). The
temperature has now reached the level where a persons exhalation is foggy, and where
the cold is sapping all body heat away. However, the temperature continues dropping. In
the next two minutes, hail the size of ice cubes are crashing down onto the earth, and
arctic winds are battering the soldiers.
A Haven soldier slips, and bringsdown an entire 10 meter section of the army with him,
which was hugely embarrassing for the Hermes guild. One of the Hermes players asks
how mere winds could cause such a fall, and another notes that the entire battlefield has
been covered in ice. A Haven commander orders the troops to slow their advance, and to
watch their footing. The Hermes guild-chat is abuzz, and they conclude that this was
Weed causing a natural disaster. A player remarks how the cold is virtually harmless .
Another one points out that the cold actually dropped the fighting ability of the soldiers
by a fairly large amount and this will cause more soldiers to die. The first player (the one
who identified it as a disaster) says that they must wary of Weeds disasters and orders
the wizards in the Havens Second Corps to cast warmth magic over the entire army.
Scene switches to the Arpen army, where a player is cautioning the others to avoid the
ice chunks, saying that its definitely a disaster caused by King Weed. It mentions that all
of the players are essentially brainwashed by Weed so they have no negative feelings
towards Weed treating them as collateral damage (theres a lot of people spouting their
beliefs at Weeds greatness but its hard for me to understand what theyre saying). The
Arpen army continues to charge forward but more than half of the entire army (thats
hundreds of thousands if not millions of people) slip and fall. However, they dont blame
Weed but instead, tell the ones that didnt fall to go forwards. The fallen players try to
advance but some of them discovered that they were frozen to the ground.
The Hermes players laugh at the Arpen army, saying how Weed screwed up. Because of
the magic of the spellcasters, they are mostly safe from the cold while the Arpen players
are making a fool of themselves. Whats more, the cold has diminished Hess Tigers fire
abilities. They start cheering , shouting out that the Haven Empire has won again, when
suddenly large tremors shake the frozen earth. One player wonders if its a large
monster, while another player disagrees, pointing out its more like an earthquake.
Before they can speculate any further, a giant tidal way rushes in from the East (the
same direction as a lake) and surges towards the battlefield. One player yells that its a
tsunami on land and a commanders gives the order for the soldiers to brace themselves.
Deuraka asks if its really a tsunami and a player in the Second Army Corps yells thats
its a tidal wave before the communication is cut by the players scream. One of the

Hermes players panics (?) at the destruction that Weed has caused, but another one tells
him to calm down because Weed can only use Catastrophe Sculpting once a day. The
tsunami engulfs the soldiers, smashing apart the Haven formation. A player tries to run
from the tsunami but is swept up and sent tumbling for hundreds of meters. To his
surprise he manages to survive, thanks to his high level armor. It turns out that the
tsunami has essentially wiped out about 20% of the Haven forces. The Hermes
commanders judge this to be an unfortunate but manageable problem, seeing they still
held a power advantage over the Arpen forces and they can also replenish the NPC
troops by increasing conscription from occupied territories. However the full effects of
the natural disaster didnt end there. The water soaked survivors promptly started to
freeze in the cold temperatures, and the tsunami also scattered debris everywhere on
the battlefield, making it harder for the Haven army to get back into formation. Deuraka
is irritated because over 30,000 (or 80,000) troops have been killed. However, he
dismisses it as an unavoidable misfortune, and praises (?) Weed for his tactical skills. He
orders the elite troops of the Haven army to take this chance and target Hess Tiger (half
of the Arpen troops following Hess Tiger have already been killed or disable due to the
battle and tsunami).
In the back line of the Arpen army, Marfans large voice was booming out, telling
everybody how he is having a huge sale on spiked boots and dog sleds (he claims that
he is a conscientious merchant and wouldnt even earn a penny from the sales) with no
refunds or returns. He is immediately flocked by players who want the equipment to go
fight the Haven army and quickly sells out. Marfan has a large grin on his face and he
thinks to himself that of course its a lie and how although the gear is really cheap,
they are also made from the lowest quality materials possible (they have super low
durability). While Marfan is thinking about his sales (I believe it says that he paid Weed
for the information and it also mentions something about a conscience being extremely
expensive for a merchant lol), thousands of dog sleds are rushing towards the Haven
army across the ice. In the sky, the Avian forces led by Golden Bird (I guess Weed
ordered some to hang back? Either that or the first wave was players and this one was
NPCs) take off, heading towards the Haven army from the sky.
Chapter 5: Weed's Song
The Arpen players launched a huge counterattack from both land and sky. Before, their
attacks were largely rendered useless thanks to the large level advantage and the tactics
that the Haven army used. However, thanks to the tsunami, the Haven shield wall has
been heavily disrupted. In addition, the leftover ice and chill has made it harder for the
wizards to conduct their spellcasting. To make up for their weakness, the Haven armys
necromancers start moving out (I think its Haven army due to their high levels, I may
be wrong though). Unlike the other classes, Necromancers show their true power later in
the battle, when the battlefield has filled with corpses. Because of the fast growing
nature of their jobs and the Undead Legion quests, most of the Havens necromancers
have already exceeded level 460.
The Dark Gamers are watching the fighting, trying to decide if they should intervene or
not. Although they want to fight for Arpen, they are only willing to do so if there is a
chance of winning. Otherwise, they would be wasting levels and skill levels which would
cost them real money (the time spent recovering those levels and skills cant be spent
taking job requests). One of them remarks that if the Haven empire even shows the

slightest signs of crumbling, they will attack.

Suddenly, a great singing voice boomed out in the sky. The song tells of a storm with
gusty winds and cold rain, shaking the house. One player shouts out This messed up
pitch, tempo, lyrics! Theres only one person!.. and all the players look up. Descending
with the countless Avians was one man standing on a wyvern (yes, I believe hes
standing and not riding), with the Red Star sword in his hand. The song continues,
talking about how the storm causes the body to shake, so youre (hes addressing the
audience here) going to have to turn on the electric blanket. Theres also something
about using the boiler, gas vs electricity costs, and the young people today not knowing
the suffering that the others went through. The Avians flying with him try to figure out
what hes talking about and one of them suggests that Weeds song is like the ancient
Lizardmen songs, which have extremely complex rhythms. Another one (or the same
one) mentions that it might be a poem which includes real life social conditions, with the
main one being the physical pain and well-being of the elderly (something also about
income inequality and labour). The Avians give up on trying to interpret Weeds songs
(Editors note: They arent the only ones -.-) and decide to sing along, even though they
dont know the meaning of the song.
Once the Haven wizards spotted Weed, they immediately focus their spells on him,
sending hundreds of spells flying towards Weed. Weed tells the wyvern, Sanya to avoid it
(he may have said that all of the other wyverns could do it?) and while shedding tears,
Sanya performs several high speed maneuvers and dodges the spells (the wyvern is an
extremely fast flying creature and they are also at the maximum range for the spells).
Weed looks over the battlefield to decide where he should attack. After judging the
wizards to be too well guarded, he decides to assist Hess Tiger instead. He orders Sanya
to fly towards Hess, who is extremely easy to locate thanks to the pillar of fire and lava
that are burning everything for hundreds of meters surrounding him. Once Sanya had
reached a height of about 600 meters from the ground, Weed jumps off the wyvern.
Because of the dangers of falling several thousands of feet to the ground and the
hundreds of magical arrows (or magic and arrows) heading towards him, he takes out
his ancient shield. The shield intercepts the storm of projectiles and magic (Weed loses
14% of his HP), and Weed continues to plummet towards the ground. However, in
contrary to the Haven wizards expectations (I think that they stopped attacking because
they knew he was going to die), Weed landed gently onto the ground. This was thanks to
the feathers that he had purchased from Lavias which protects the user from fall
damage. Weed meets up with Hess Tiger and his followers, and they proceed to wreak
havoc among the Haven lines.
Weed gets several rare 400+ items (a belt and a hammer) from killing Hermes players,
and he notes that because of their high notoriety (presumably from looting+killing), their
item drop rates have increased. 3 Knight players charge towards Weed, declaring that
theyll take his neck. Weed checks their level and find that they all range around level
430. He blinks in and casts fire explosion, fire of extinction, and (something) hell. It
mentions how Weed is in the peak fighting condition right now. The dragon sword Red
Star absorbs fire to strengthen its users and the characteristic of the Desert Warriors is
to strengthen and control fire. When Weed is fighting with Hess Tiger, his damage dealt
is essentially doubled and all stats as a whole are increased by 30% (with the largest
boots in strength and agility). He gets an increase in fencing level, +1 strength, and a
small reputation boost. The player group following them cheers for Weed and Hess Tiger

(I think he says something about doing a deed worthy of standing beside Weed or
something? Extremely confusing sentence) quickly kills 10 enemy players in a flash. It
turns out that one of the players was a notorious murder and Hess revealed a big smile.
He mentions how in the past, he also fought this way against the greedy king (? Need
somebody to check this sentence). Weed glosses over Hess statement and holds a hand
out to Hess. Hess dutifully hands over the items that he picked up. Weed then causes
Van Hawke and Tori (it mentions that Van Hawke has gotten stronger and all of his Death
Knight related skills have gone up one rank, although itll take a very long time for him
to reach the level of an Abyssal knight again). Weed calls Van Hawke incompetent while
Tori is trying his best to remain unnoticed, and Weed tells them to seize control of the
summoned undead (?) while trying to remain alive. Weed and Hess continue fighting,
with the two attracting more enemies every minute (they are the two most targeted men
on the battlefield after all). A dark mage casts several high level curses towards the two,
but the protection of the goddess of black magic destroys the curse heading towards
Hess while Weed is immune to the curse thanks to Red Star (it also mentions something
about the ruler of the continent having resistance to harmful magic). Weed gets
surprise-attacked by a thief and loses 13% of his life (it mentions that thieves essentially
serve as the assassins of the battlefield. They have high enough combat strength to fight
in battle (unlike assassins who end things in one hit), while still having enough stealth to
remain unnoticed). The thief follows up with a flurry of attacks but Hess casts an AoE fire
magic, healing Weed and incinerating the thief. In this fashion, they carve their way
through the Haven Army.

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Chapter 6: A War That Wasn't Meant to Happen
Deuraka is having a hasty battle conference with the other members of the Hermes guild
and the commanders. Several of the Haven corps have experienced large losses (there
was also something about it being expected that Weed would be able to inflict these
losses with his catastrophe sculpting). However, the other Corps are succeeding in
holding off most aerial attackers and encircling Weed+Hess Tiger. Deuraka mulls over his
possible strategies and decides to end everything in this battle instead of taking the safer
option of retreating and waiting for reinforcements (because the Arpen army will
respawn while the Haven army is mostly made up of NPC troops). Deuraka orders all
corps to advance in an aggressive assault, quelling the doubts that the other
commanders had with an Ill take responsibility for everything. Deurakas Corp
advances, with the Haven knights and infantry smashing apart the Arpen users. The
third, fourth, fifth and sixth Corps also advance forward, all of them determined to win
the glory of taking the palace (I think the second one was the one that screwed by the
tsunami/tasked with stopping Weed and Hess).
The battle is been displayed on the monitors of a business meeting that the Hermes
guild is having with 24 others. These people were not part of the guild, but
representatives of various real-world businessmen and groups that have invested in the
Haven Empire. They discuss about the control the Hermes guild has over Royal Road and
the business opportunities in it (tourism, virtual real estate, etc.). One of the investors
mention how his children had encouraged him to play and how he was surprised by the
realism of the game. In fact, he says, just watching the battle makes him feel like a
young man again (it got his blood boiling). Rafael acknowledges that statement and

smiles, sipping some wine. However, on his side, one of the Hermes leaders scowled,
having just received the report that Deuraka is taking independent action. Although
irritated about his actions, they decide not to countermand Deurakas orders (?) seeing
as its almost guaranteed that theyll be able to take the palace this way (although with
higher casualties). The group sits back and watches the battle unfold.
The Corps charge towards the palace, with massive steel/stone golems (?) making up
the vanguard of each army. There is a subtle competition between the corps, seeing as
each one wanted the glory of reaching the palace first. The knights are sent deployed out
to clear a larger path, and the Haven corps quickly pierces through the Arpen formation.
Weed notices the shift in the Haven army and realizes that their goal has shifted to
destroying the palace instead of defeating the opposing army. His face pales as he notes
that most of the high leveled users have been sent out to the field and only week troops
have been left to guard the palace. A voice tells him that even if he notices the change,
its too late now, Weed finds out that he and Hess Tiger have been lured out and
surrounded by the Haven Armys Mage Knights. The average Haven NPC soldier is in the
late 300s in terms of levels. However, the Mage Knights are a group of players whose
levels exceed 430 and are equipped with some of the best gear that the Hermes guild
can provide. The leader of the Mage Knights asks if Weed has any last words (he does
this because he wants to dramatize the confrontation so hell get more fame and
advertisement money through/from the T.V. companies that are broadcasting the fight).
Weed announces that although Haven has invaded the Northern lands, the only thing
theyre going to have when leaving is their bodies (referring to the respawn). The
leaders laughs and tells Weed that those are big words (I believe he abruptly stops
because he realizes that laughing is only going to make him look like the villain) and
orders the Mage Knights to charge. A thousand of the troops charge towards Weed and
Hess Tiger while the other thousand stand back and begin casting their spells (its
possible that its an elite mage+knight division). Weed and Hess charge towards the
Mage knights, and Hess immediately uses powerful AoE fire and wind magic (Blazing
Storm of Fire and Tempest Gale?). The skills instantly kill 16 of the knights and set the
surrounding landscape and people on fire, causing a lot of panic in that area. Weed just
stands sticks close to Hess Tiger, prioritizing analyzing the situation over fighting and
healing/getting buffed from Hesss flames. The leader pales when he realizes that he
might have misunderstood the situation and bit off more than he can chew. He orders
the magic users to saturate the area Weed and Hess are in with spells, which causes an
immediate backlash to the magic knights that are in the area as well. Weed realizes this
and blinks away, dodging the arrows as well as heading to intercept the Haven armies
marching towards the palace. Hess Tiger just simply bulldozes his way through the ranks
of the Mage Knights, with the lava aura of his body instantly incinerating any arrow that
comes near him. The leader orders the group to chase down Weed and Hess (because if
he stopped/killed Weed+Hess, hell be the hero of the battle). Ironically, many of his
troops get hit by magic attacks and arrows launched by their own side. He yells at the
other corps, asking what theyre doing and saying that theyre all on the same side, but
realizes the fatal mistake. A large portion of the ranged troops consists of NPCs. In
battle, players will usually take their own course of action, adapting to the situation as
they see fit. However, NPCs will usually choose to loyally follow their orders. As such, he
watched the pride and joy of the Haven army get decimated by the countless of magic
attacks falling from the sky (?).
Weed and Hess gets closer to one of the Corps, with Hess pulverizing all of the soldiers

that try to hinder them (Hess is constantly emitting fire and magma, and the book
compares him to blazing volcano). However, they still arent going to be able to reach
the palace before the Haven forces do and he calls out for the Phoenix. Suddenly, a
second sun rose over the mountain horizon. It was the Phoenix, one of the strongest
living sculptures in the world (due to its unquenchable fire of vitality property and the
sacrifice of four out of five of the other phoenix brothers). A part of the Arpen army
bursts into cheers and during that time, Weed quickly mounts of Phoenix and rises high
up in the air, looking at the battlefield from afar. He sees that there are three
legions/corps that are pushing their way towards the palace, and although the Arpen
players are trying to stop them, the Arpen players can only slow the march of the corps.
Things are looking grim (he also says something about keeping with the palace never
even won the war and something about the Haven empire), but Weed declares: Here
today, all of the Haven invaders will die.

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Chapter 7: Swaying War
The beginners in the palace are hurriedly trying to prepare for battle. Originally, they
only intended to go to the palace to spectate on the battle from a high and relatively
safe position, leaving if things started to get too dangerous for them. However, the rapid
speed of the Haven armys sudden advance and the vast numbers of the Haven troops
marching towards the palace (more than half of the army) has caused a panic with the
people in the palace. Some people (the merchants and tourists) try to leave the palace
but find the way blocked by the four corps/legions. The Haven commanders shout out to
kill everyone and take no prisoners. As such, this left the beginners no choice but to
fight, with most of the beginners assisting the defenders in dropping stones/boiling oil on
the Haven army. Pale is on the palace walls (apparently it doubles as a fortress) and
shoots an arrow up into the sky, using the skill Scattering of the Earth (?). This arrow
explodes into many pieces which then fall back towards the ground, exploding when they
make contact with something. Besides him, there are also many other archers and
ranged units on the wall, taking advantage of the walls height and the fatigue of the
enemy (they had to march up a steep hill in heavy armor). But although they are facing
such a disadvantage, the battle-hardened Haven army does not retreat.
Weed and Hess Tiger reaches the Arpen palace, and Weed orders Hess to take
commander of Sevilles group (I believe those were the descendants of the soldier
animated sculptures) and the desert warriors that came. He also orders his animated
sculptures to attack (not sure if theyre attacking the forces that are sieging the castle or
if theyre fighting in the plains). He then walks onto the palace walls (?) and gain large
buffs (the powers of the earth that are channeled into the place block 96% of all ranged
attacks, increase health and strength by 240%). He also notices a warning that if the
monuments that are channeling the power (?) are weakened, then the power will fall as
well. Deuraka sees Weed going into the palace and smiles, saying that theyll take down
both Weed and the palace in one blow. The Arpen army also notices the assault on the
palace, and the Arpen commanders (theyre all real-world ex-military personnel) also
dispatch groups to help the palace defenders.

Scene switches to the leader of the Black Lions guild, Carlisle, who is checking his email.

He discovers he only has 39 emails, and he reminisces about the days where the Black
Lion guild was extremely popular, with nearly 10 million players in the guild. However,
after their disastrous defeat at the hands of the Hermes guilds, all of this fame
disappeared like dust in the wind (Editors note: I believe the Black Lions guild were the
one that controlled the mines which Weed was mining sapphire+got killed in. They were
also one of the major participants in the guild alliance against Hermes which got
crushed). He looks over the mail, with most of them being generic things like how are
you doing? and I found a new hunting ground. He suddenly stops, shocked, when he
find an email sent by Weed with the content Dont you want some revenge against the
Haven Empire? He doubts the authenticity of the letter at first (because Weed is one of
the most common character names in Royal Road now). During that time, his T.V. is on
in the background, with the Northern War (and Weeds fight) being covered at that
moment. He mutters to himself that its definitely a joke, but before he deletes the
email, he decides to check the authenticity of the sender. Mail sent from a Royal Road
account has the special function of allowing the sender to include an image of his avatar
as a signature of sorts. Carlisle checks this signature is shocked to discover an image
of Weed wearing his signature, and unique, gear. He is then puzzled as to why Weed
would contact him; there is no way for him to interfere in the Northern world and his
guild is just a shell of what it once was (it may have been disbanded, not sure). He
continues reading the mail, in which Weed says that the Hermes guild will devour the
Versailles continent if left alone. However, there is an opportunity to counterattack while
the Haven Empire is shaken, much like how even wolves can hunt a wounded lion. It
then ends with the line that this opportunity will come once Haven has been defeated in
the North. Carlisle is surprised that Weed hasnt given up yet and still believes Arpen can
defeat the Haven army. Although the combined armies of all of the other large guilds
have failed to defeat the Hermes guild, Weed still believes that he can win. But, he says
to himself, Weed cannot win this war with his mind alone. His eyes turn towards the
television, and looks at the situation (because many different stations are covering this
fight, you can watch the battle from different ways in each of the different channels).
However, no matter what point of view he looked at the battle, he only saw a helpless
situation. He believes that its impossible to win, but he then thinks of the huge effect
that it will have if the Arpen side somehow won. It would shatter the Hermes guilds
reputation of being undefeatable, and provide a signal for those who are unhappy with
Hermes rule to revolt. He turns up the volume of the television. Unbeknownst to him,
the guild leaders of the Black Swords, Sherwood, Cloud, and President (there are some
other guilds names I cant decipher), the guilds known as the losers of the war for the
continent, have also received this email.
Weed and his sculpture companions/slaves are fighting furiously to prevent the invasion
of the palace. Hess and Weed are leading the defense at the front gates while Baja (the
barbarian) is commanding the teams for defending the side gates). The Golden Bird is
following a hit-and-run strategy, while Eunsae/Esuna is providing support. Bart (Seoyuns
dad) watches him and is impressed by his charisma and his demeanor, although he still
wonders if Weed is good enough for Seoyun (because Bart is a merchant, he is currently
hiding on pillar (or roof) away from combat). Their eyes make contact for a short
moment (they both said something, might have been each others names), before the
attacking Haven soldiers blocks Weeds gaze again. Bart lowers his head, and discovers
that he feels embarrassed (this might be because hes very low level in Royal Road.
However, this entire paragraph is confusing).

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Chapter 8: The Crumbling Palace
Weed is fighting off the enemies, constantly using Blink to retreat and attack weak
points. He teleports away from the fighting and uses the break to glance at the rest of
the battlefield. Hess Tiger has charged at the Sixth Hermes corp, slaughtering the
commanders and elite troops in his way. The deaths of so many commanders have
caused a disruption in the chain of command and has allowed the Northern defenders to
stop the advance of the Sixth Corp. The rest of the sculptures were fighting the other
corps (Bingrong is looking for the best moment to use his ice breath, Hydra is gleefully
eating the enwmy soldiers, Rover is talking about how hes going to become rib eye,
etc.). The sculpture group, along with the Geomchi band are the two forces that are
playing the biggest part in slowing down the Haven advance. Weed thinks over their
assault (a vanguard of mounted knights to quickly seize the gates followed up by an
assault with the main Haven force once it caught up). Weed moans about the inequality
in life (he compare this situation with that of how a poor kid will always be behind a rich
kid? Theres also something about how if he married Seoyun, he would be rich and
wouldnt have to do anything? Needs double checking). Suddenly, he sees Deuraka and
his escorts approaching him. Deuraka joyfully cries out at how hes glad to have found
Weed and declares that he will kill Weed. During his short speech, more than 10,000
knights and elite soldiers had arrived (note: they are in a plaza in front of the gates)
Weed gives a nasty grin and wonders to himself whether he can lure more of the soldiers
into his trap. He uses his singing skill to yell out the fact that the Haven army is having
an indiscriminate slaughter inside the palace and killing those who cant defend
themselves. He asks for everybodys help to stop the Haven army. Upon hearing this, the
Arpen players all cheer, saying how the King of the Arpen kingdom always protects the
weak. They are also impressed by his actions, standing in front of the gate, heroically
swinging his flaming sword back and forth to prevent the Haven army from breaking
through (note: the entire time, the merchants, tourists, and civilians were being airlifted
outside of the palace by the Avians). The strongest of the Haven troops, the Twilight
Templars, start riding torwards Weed. They hurl their javelins towards Weed, but Weed
teleports towards the knight, and uses Wrath of Fire to set the knights on fire. Weed
orders Bach to stick close to him and the Arpen players also decided to help Weed.
Although their attacks were as effective as throwing eggs against a rock, they did
manage to hinder the Templars a bit. Eagle shrieks ring through the air and Avian
players of the warrior tribes (eagles, falcons, etc.) come down from the air, harassing the
Templars further. Deuraka calmly watches the battle and judges that it wouldnt be
difficult to deal with Weed normally. However, because of Weeds teleportation and fire
abilities, it is extremely hard to get a hold of Weed. He tells some troops to deal with
Weed and orders the rest of them to attack the palace. From the back, the fourth corps
is also attacking the palace. Besieged from all sides, the palace defenses are broken and
the Haven armies march into the palace. One of the northern players bitterly watches
the Haven army going through the gates, moaning about how many times he had to
carry the stones needed to build the palace. Weed notices that the Haven army has
breached the defenses and is now rampaging throughout the palace. He sends a whisper
to a person, telling him to start the operation and to not hesitate.
Gaston (one of the architects of the palace) is sitting in the bar, heavily drinking with

other architects. They are crying over how their beautiful works have been destroyed
(such as the Alcazar bridge). Gaston remembers a recent conversation with Weed he had
and shudders. It went something like this.
What?....DidI? Did I hear something wrong?
Tell me again.
Make preparations to destroy the Arpen Palace please.
If you didnt like the look of a building, itll be an easy fix. You dont have to destroy the
whole thing.
No, I want you to completely destroy the palace.
Youre kidding.
Itll be a pretty expensive joke if thats the case. (Curse google trans for not making
this clearer. The words barley bread were mentioned here but I cant make any sense of
how they would fit into this sentence).
Gaston then hears Weeds plans of collapsing the palace on the army and he judges that
itll be possible to quickly collapse the palace (apparently there is a key structural area
which would cause the collapse of other parts of the palace if it was destroyed). Weed
also tells Gaston that he wants the collapse of the Palace to cause a landslide, and
Gaston mentions that it might be possible. Gaston talks to some of the other architects
and they determined that if they dig some tunnels through the soil, it would be possible
for the collapse to cause a landslide with the loosened soil. As such, with a small select
team of other architects, they laid out the necessary requirements to collapse the
palace. He is pulled out of his recollections by Weeds message to start the operation. He
pulls out a small model of the Arpen palace from his pocket and smashes it against the
ground. A window popped up informing him that he used the Building Collapse skill.

Hess Tiger is attacking the commanders of the six corps. He pulls out a bow he obtained
from the High Elves and lets loose several arrows at lightning speeds (his fangirls
followers (both Avian and Human) are cheering him on). He then uses Rivers of Lava,
which causes him to emit intense flames and lava from his body. It is mentioned that this
is one of the strongest skills that the Desert warriors could get. However, in order to
learn this skill, one had to visit a certain place and undergo a special ceremony. In the
past, Weed believed that this took too much time, so he ordered Hess Tiger to get the
skill instead. The rivers of flame and lava created by one of the strongest warriors from
the Age of War sweeps through the soldiers of the modern era, wiping out anyone that
gets even close to Hess Tiger. He is rampaging his way through the second corps when
he notices that the palace walls have been penetrated. He is thinking to himself that he
is late to the defense when suddenly, a deafening ringing sound begins. The palace then
starts shaking, and all eyes, whether Haven or Arpen, stare at the palace. The palace
sways and all of the buildings start collapsing. The Hermes players outside the palace
wonders if Weed was willing to destroy the palace rather than to let them conquer it, and
they break into a cold sweat. (Weed also shouts something out but I cant understand
what hes saying)
Deuraka orders that all commanders make a report and reports come in of all the walls
and buildings collapsing. He realizes that Weed is sacrificing the palace to bring them
down and chills break out in his body when he feels what its like to fight the God of War.
He calls for a full retreat and the Haven corps hastily try to pull back. However, the
buildings start completely coming down, triggering landslides and causing large debris

(pieces of the palace) to roll down the slope. Weed uses Blink to teleport on top of the
phoenix and he views the scene below. Several of the mountains that the Palace was
situated on have collapsed and were sliding down the slopes. Weed mutters about how it
was a waste of his money and compares it to the real estate bubble?). (Theres a few
sentences about Weed seeing Deuraka and saying something here. He says thats life,
referring to how honor, power and money are meaningless if you cant enjoy it. Note: I
think hes talking about how Deuraka had the position of commander-in-chief of the

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Chapter 9: Misfortune of the Haven Empire
A window pops up in front of every player in Arpen, informing them about the
destruction of the palace. It also tells them the consequences: a setback in local politics,
the weakening of army morale, the reduction of loyalty among the citizens, the
emergence of rebels, increase of separatist movement (demanding independence),
increase in monster invasions on frontier towns, economic recession, trade decrease,
decrease in taxes, a delay in the construction of great buildings, several villages leaving
Arpen, reduce in cultural expansion, and the rewards (or payments) of all quests related
to the Arpen kingdom have been reduced or eliminated entirely. Although enormous
harm was done to Arpen by the destruction of the palace, the collapse and the landslide
that it caused all but wiped out the first, third, and fourth Haven Army Corps. The Arpen
players in the battlefield cheer at the unexpected reversal and they attack the enemy
with renewed fervor. Surrounded from all sides and with the stronger Arpen forces (Hess
Tiger, living sculptures, etc.) joining in the fighting, the second and fifth corps were
mopped up. A message appears again, informing everybody that the Haven army has
been defeated, with the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth corps wiped out
without a single man left standing. The battle equipment of the Hermes army has been
seized (May be talking about the faith stat instead? Google trans: battle of the material
seized all faith), all siege weapons have been destroyed, the prestige of the empire falls
by 14, the morale of the Imperial army has fallen, and security of the territories in the
empire has weakened. The faces of Bard Ray, Raphael, and all of the Hermes guild
leaders stiffened upon seeing this. One person mutters out this cant be while another
one said that this was because of Deurakas leadership, but the changes his mind, saying
how they cant blame Deuraka because it was a reasonable judgment at that time.
Another person points out that nobody could have expected that Arpen would be willing
to sacrifice its palace and said that they lost because their foresight was week. Yet
another leader says that troops can be trained again and the biggest impact of this
defeat was the loss of their appearance of invincibility. He says that although the palace
was destroyed, everybody is going to see this as Weeds victory. In the atmosphere of
shock at the Hermes meeting/banquet, some of the businessman hesitantly expresses
their uncertainty over going all out in investing in the Hermes guild (?). After the shock
wears off, the leaders start talking about sending their an even larger, higher-leveled
army to crush the North and raze it to the ground. In the midst of all of the talking and
yelling, Bard Ray quietly says that he should go deal with Weed himself. However, Rafael
(the only one who heard him), shakes his head, saying that they cant afford to allocate
any more forces currently to deal with the North if they want to follow their current plan
of strengthening the position of the Hermes guild in the central continent (they need
troops for security, funds for improving infrastructure and building armies, etc.). Also,

they dont have enough resources to take control of the massive Northern lands even if
they did manage to defeat the Arpen army now after the deaths of so many Haven
soldiers. In the end, the Hermes guild decides to simply strengthen their position in the
North (build up some of the forts they established there, etc.) and to embargo all trade
with the North. Suddenly, the chinaware on the tables start shaking, and after a short
amount of time there is a notable shaking sound. One of the leaders ask if there is an
earthquake now of all times. Another leader points out that they have already offered
many sacrifices to the Goddess of the Earth and already received her blessing. However,
another person shoots back, saying that this is obviously an earthquake. Rafael thinks
about the current phenomenon which is strangely similar to the collapse of the Arpen
palace he just saw, and breaks out into a cold sweat. In a bar, Seuneun, one of the
continents top architects, complains about the treatment of the Haven Empire. He
recalled how an official from the Haven Empire approached him telling him (not asking)
to build the Imperial palace. He was given all of the money, material, and personnel he
desired but he had was also given unrealistic building goals (ex: finish this building in a
month) and told that if he didnt meet the goal, he would be fired on the spot. However,
even after he had finished constructing some buildings, he would sometimes be told that
the building had too many pillars, or it was too small, and ordered to start over from
scratch. On top of all of that, he was also poorly paid and he was constantly insulted (the
supervisors were saying how he had bad skills). One example was when he built a
building where the roof was designed to artistically channel the water from rain into a
crystal clear lake in the center of the building. However, he was ordered by the Haven
officials to tear it down, and replace it with a golden building instead. As such, they
destroyed a building that he poured his heart and soul into and replaced it with a gaudy
abomination. On top of that, the Haven supervisors sneered at his design, saying that it
was just a lie of his to hide the fact that he built a leaky roof because of his inferior
building skills. In the end, he (or another architect) was fed up and started to build
everything to look nice on the surface but of extremely shoddy quality within. As such,
not even a month has passed and the Haven palace has already has near broken pillars,
small cracks in the ceiling, etc. Seuneun pulls out a model of the Haven palace, and
comments on the strange feeling he has of wanting to destroy his work with his own
hands, and destroys the model. The entire palace shakes intensely, and thousands of
stone columns shatter. The ceiling collapses down, and all of the buildings start falling
apart. Having already been weakened , the Haven palace quickly turns into a pile of
rubble. The End.

There is a real time lag with game time versus real world time so a big audience of some
10 million tuned in to spectate the Haven empires defeat. All northern users are happy in

the rubble due to the big dividends of loot. Users who participated in the battle are
bestowed special titles some of these being.
Northern berserker, Guardian, Wicked hunter, War mercenary level 2. These come with
passive boosts. Huge level ups. Weed at level 522 gained around 3 levels including a
boost to the following stats, honor, determination, grace, charisma.
Weed takes the opportunity to raise taxes. Users get drunk and talk in awe of Weed who
was able to fight in tandem with Hess Tiger so effectively. I think it says later on Hess
tiger killed 10040 users. The go on a jealous drunken tirade jealous of his ability to
resurrect Hess Tiger. The few remnants (one soul survivor?) of the Hermes guild slink
back to their empire. Hess tiger goes to a bar to have a drink. Weed gives one of his
trademark speaches and tell the hordes,
Do not to celebrate since it is a natural result that they won the war. Weed decides to
hold himself back from doing anything too extreme. Something about if you want to cook
a frog in hot water you boil the water slowly. Weed sings a song.
"Now the war is over, but not the Empire Haven repressing the endless greed will not
abandon us. Truly can be called from now on the fight."
Weed gives more heroic speeches about how the Arpen kingdom is a new kingdom made
up of a lot of smaller ones. Separately they are weak but collectively they are strong.
Even if your character is an engraver, architect, painter etc. All jobs are important.
Weed concludes and the crowd goes berserk.
People learn about how the Hermes guild palace collapsed and they are made a laughing
stock since there is a difference in the manner of each palaces destruction since the
Northerners intentionally destroyed their own palace.
When Weed hears this he is ecstatic saying he will raise taxes by 60% and everyone
laughs since they think he is joking. Weed gets a hold of himself and lowers taxes.
Geomechi (not sure which one) is groaning on the ground.
Stamina is completely exhausted. Hungry. The body's immune system is not working.
Serious injury has occurred all over the body. Rapidly decreasing vitality death imminent
if not treated.
Despite this he giggles to himself since he considers it a miracle to be alive. Flashback to
how certain Geomechis died. And how many people they killed. Awarded title 'Battlefield
Superman. Plus a whole heap of overpowered passive effects and boosts. One of these
being health increased to 3405 and heals at 45 HP a second. Therefore if health is at
zero should heal back to full health within a minute and a half.
Title Struggle destroyer bestowed. This is a title given to only five warriors in the
virtual world. Divine magic unlocked skills 'lush resilience', 'perfect weapon', 'formidable
fists' are learned. Geomechi gets a boost to all stats by 45. Faith stat raised by 120.
Weed is then shown meeting Fail and inspecting weapons she helped dig up for him.
Users of the Hermes empire are shown stunned at the destruction of their palace. All
power is concentrated in the center of the continent in the Imperial Palace. Loss of live
was minimal since it was on flat land not a hill but this was the symbol that thousands of
cities looked up to. There is finger pointing and Weed gets the blame/credit for the
palace destruction.
The Haven empire prestige is decreased by 49. The central government has largely
degenerated. Rioting occurs in the occupied territories. Armed groups have a
significantly higher chance of rebellion. Army morale falls. Decreases up to training and
supplies due to corruption. Higher chance of soldiers going AWOL. Control of the military
empire reduced depending on the distance from capital. Articles of honor and loyalty,

reduced. Loyalty to the people of the Empire will be reduced. In particular, the
inhabitants of the occupied territories of the Empire grew to distrust does not follow
instructions well, the normal rule is that you can severe backlash. Lack of intelligence led
to higher monsters attacks that can attack towns. Merchant transactions fallen. A
recession and the fall in consumption in the commercial economy occurs. Empire is in a
state of 42% confusion. 218 member countries deviate from the empire of Haven. The
reward for all quests related to Empire Haven is not operating normally or not canceled.
So yeah Haven empire just got punched in the balls.
More stuff about Arpen kingdom isnt affected as bad. There is a decrease in the Norths
economy because the markets are flooded with rare items and equipment. Weed gets
people to dig up the palace wreckage to recover the equipment buried. Weed also gets
them to remodel debris to provide foundations for a new palace which he also finds
recycled material to build with. Morale with architects is high and they want to begin
reconstruction of a new palace immediately. Some cities rebel due to the loss of the
palace for which weed is greatful thinking that when they want to come back he will
charge them higher taxes.
Ray Bard and members talk. Raphael mentions although they have achieved much it is
bittersweet since it will take ages to consolidate the unrest generated. Meanwhile the
Northern kingdom will become even more dangerous since their low level users will gain
levels and become even stronger. Soon they wont be cannon fodder.

by G3ni :
Apart from what people before has said..
-I believe the architects start thinking about a new palace.. they say its gonna be a
massive project... can't remember how much gold but a lot was a required (and google
translate aint really reliable with numbers)..
-There are riots in the Haven empire, Bard Ray and the others are plotting how to
stabilise and get revenge.. apart from the sanctions they start investing a lot of gold into
the North territories they have..
-I believe the haven empire goes to battle with somebody.. though its unclear.. they
attack a fort(?).. but they piss off the elves while they do it an the elves also join the
battle against them.. I do believe they lose.. though its not explicitly said..
-There is a funny part about Weed in CoM where he keeps killing this guy cos he's
depressed about the rise in prices, rent etc.
-Hess Tiger gives Weed a quest before he passes.. can't remember what either sorry.. If
I remember correctly its an S-class quest..
-I believe the crimson wing (if u can't remember thats the idiots who caused the heat
wave).. also get an S-class quest.. can't remember the contents.. (something to do with
the continent),, but its one of those background things the author does.,
-If I remember correctly Weed gets a ton of gold for some trade things with the weapons
he obtains from the past(?).. or the war.. (translate says millions though I doubt).. but
he get stats for the trade...
-Weed does make various sculptures in this volume... I believe he does 3 Magnum
Opus.. King of Ahreupen, Miners working restlessly, and Beautiful World
-Weed travels to a village where it was formally known for mining

-Weed goes hunting with SeoYoon (I think).. this is also the first time we finally find out
her level instead of speculation (471 btw).. whilst Weed at the time is 427.. and also she
is there when he makes the second magnum opus
-Last sculpture he makes at the end of the volume a massive nature sculpting of the
continent (or part of it).. He uses nature, time and moonlight I believe.. dunno if there
are others.. Though at the end of this sculpture he get loads of stats.. and Time
Sculpting becomes intermediate (he can stop time according to the info)..

The Meaning of Time Sculpting

Time sculpting just reached intermediate. Intermediate time sculpting makes it possible

to literally stop time. Weed starts questioning the world of art since the one who
succeeded in the last secret sculpting skill quest came from the darkness rather than
pure artistic spirit.
Sculpting of Years: sculptures gain value over the years and it prevents damage from
natural wear.
Sculpting of the Moment: moving alone within stopped time requires immense physical
and mental strength. To use it requires a special energy called Energy of the Moment,
obtained by making people happy. The longer you freeze time, the more rapidly Energy
of the Moment burns. Continuous use for even a few hours consumes an enormous
amount of health and mana.
Time Travel Sculpting: go back to particular point in time to proceed in special quests.
Quests unrelated to sculpting and randomly changing the past incurs a penalty.
Currently Weed has 492 Energy of the Moment. He tests out Sculpting of the Moment.
He observes a rabbit frozen in time and praises its beauty. Cause of the acceleration
difference he ends up losing 2% health. He deactivates it losing 16 Energy of the
Moment. He analyzes how stopping the opponents movements during combat might be
useful. He can launch unblockable consecutive attacks, use his pin point critical attack,
and avoid an absolute crisis without damage. Its biggest advantage in combat is at
decisive moments. The main problem is it drains way too much stamina. At this point,
Weed is still undecided on whether the skill is useful or not.
Yuu Byung Jun in the meantime is watching his behavior as usual. He calmly calls it
amazing, but inside he is astonished. The atrocious odds of the ruthless quest difficulty.
In fact, many jobs have missed out on the last secret skill. Users were limited to certain
areas, but secret skills granted magical abilities akin to that of a god. The arduous year
Weed suffered through gave Yuu Byung Jun joy. The scenery frozen in time is described
as being very beautiful. He thinks how when time stops, you can see how truly beautiful
the world is. He remembers lying in the grass reading a book when he was a child,
causing him to tear up. He decides that for sculptors, to create beauty, they must first
experience it properly. He thinks if a person can look at ordinary things as beautiful they
will be great as both a person and a sculptor. Weed at this moment makes his judgment.
Useless, he regrets everything. He doesnt know what effect it would have in battle. Yuu
Byung Jun goes mental at this. Weed then catches the rabbit that ran away from him
and ate him. Yuu Byung Jun finally remembers what kind of person Weed was originally.
Hermes Guild found a secret sword skill, but the guy refused to teach Hermes on account
of all their bad deed. Darius is the one in charge of acquiring it. He makes hostages of
the women and children to force him to teach Hermes. Bradley (I cant stand Ray Bard)
uses strict surveillance letting him basically see everything happening in Haven Empire.
He reminisces about when he started Royal Road. He made connections with a guy
named Count Malkan and became his knight. Eventually he betrayed the guy to become
a Black Knight and took over Haven Empire. Nature of Black Knights is the pursuit of
power, what drives them is not loyalty or allegiance to the King but desire.
The Song Called Money
Weed with a fluttering cloak was standing on the Harz Mountain region. Since he finally
got Time Sculpting to intermediate, he decided it was time to earnestly challenge an
elusive monster and become stronger. On the Dark Gamers Union, theres a post about
the rare chance of encountering the legendary Yeti. Hunting it gives you the magic
ingredient item, Purification Ice. Its very valuable for Ice Wizards. The recommendation
is a party of 8 people around level 470. Weed thinks the Yetis should be around level
500. He reminisces about his time in the desert and how dungeons are hidden the same
way. He discovers a new dungeon. Tens of meters of ice all around with a very slippery

floor. Weed tells Rover to escape if it gets too dangerous. Rover thanks Weed for his
concern but he just tells him frozen meat isnt worth as much. He finds a 2 star magic
ingredient. This is within his expectations since the level of the dungeon is in the late
400s. He brings Seoyun along with 2 priests of Freya. He also brings some Sculptures of
Life. Bahamol, Cerberus, High Elf Eltin, Guernica, Sevilla. Gold Man complains how hes
going to die from overwork. Rover says the load is too heavy and he wants to go back to
Morata. Bingryong is enjoying the cold weather using Peerless Dragon and hunting the
surrounding monsters. Of course he went nowhere near the ruler of the Harz Mountain
region. Weed yells at him to shut up. While Weed complains, Bingryong turns his head
elsewhere. He sends Bingryong and the Wyverns to go scout around the mountains. He
tells them to report to him if they find a secret place and offers them delicious food as a
With the monsters running away from Bingryong and the Wyverns, Weed and company
hunt them down with archery. He yells and them to bring more monsters. Weed asks if
the load is heavy for Rover to carry. He says no hoping to be able to return to Morata to
dispose of them. Weed says he was going to let him rest if it was too heavy. He instantly
changes his mind. He pleads to Seoyun, in the end he gets to unload and rest. Weed
makes food for Rover. Bahamol in the meantime is commanding the others to fight. After
Rover finishes eating, Weed calls one of the Wyverns to carry around Rover. His plan is to
use Rovers scent after eating as bait. Weed acknowledges Time Sculpting as useful for
saving his Sculptures of Life. Rover is running around the mountain with junior,
intermediate, rare and the legendary version of Yetis chasing him. There was a blizzard
with a 30 meter radius situated on the Yeti which became almost crippled with all the
arrows. Weed goes time is money and gets the Wyverns to launch a pincer attack.
Bingryong in the meantime dives down and gives the Yeti a head butt before brandishing
his tail. With a black weapon blowing out flames, Gold Man was shooting flaming arrows
to cover Weed and Seoyun. Around the legendary Yeti, extreme cold occurs so it is
difficult to use melee. To use this ability it couldnt wear armor, so in a way it also show
its greatest weakness. Thanks to the wedding rings, Weed and Seoyun could assist each
other by sharing health and combat skills. At this time, the Yeti uses a lightning attack
dealing 29,203 damage. This freezes Weeds body, temporarily paralyzing him and
decreasing his defensive ability by 63%, during this time if he gets attacked he will
receive 7 times the damage.
Weed yells that its much stronger than what the information said. He sums up that it is
probably due to the Harz Mountain region that enhances ice properties. Weeds Helrium
armor with Hestias blessing removes the freezing effect. Bingryong, Gold Man and Rover
are all attacking the legendary Yeti, but its solely focused on Seoyun. Weed shared some
health but it wasnt much, only 7548. Seoyun gets hit with the freezing attack which
Weed analyzed would lead to her death since there were no Priests to alleviate the
extreme cold. He uses Sculpting of the Moment. The snowflakes are really pretty but
Weed just ignores them since theres no time. He uses Moonlight Sculpting Blade and
attacks seven times. He critically hits but since he swung at unimaginable speeds, his
sword loses 43% durability. The mysterious attack terrifies the Yeti but in exchange,
Weed loses 47 Energy of the Moment and 21% stamina. He gets stuck in a worn out
state for 16 seconds which decreases his strength and agility by 6%. Weed realizes that
he will have to thoroughly manage his stamina for the future as well as use it with
Destruction Sculpture. The Sculptures of Life praise Weed but that just pisses him off
since he had to use Energy of the Moment. They finish hunting the legendary Yeti giving
him some stat boosts. Weed started taking advantage of the terrain and his Sculptures
of Life after that battle to easily hunt subsequent legendary Yetis. Weed notes its

weaknesses and strengths and says how the information on the Dark Gamers Union
differs from reality in that the Yetis are at least 2 grades tougher. Since its made by
users, Weed expected there to be some level of error. As other users input their
experiences, the information becomes more reliable. Weed on the other hand decides
continue his vicious cycle and keep the information all to himself.
The group hunts a total of 17 legendary Yetis. The unique characteristics of the monsters
made them give more experience. Weed also received a 2x exp bonus thanks to an
accidental landslide that uncovered the dungeon. He leveled from 429-435 at an
unprecedented rate. Thanks to Time Sculpting, he could pounce the dangerous monsters
who should have been tricky opponents without hesitation. Weed still wasnt satisfied. He
thinks other people are definitely not sitting still so he cant just stretch his legs. The
strongest in Versailles Continent Bradley levels up no one would ever feel satisfaction.
During battle he consumed even more Energy of the Moment so head to be even more
cautious. The Energy of the Moment he built up on his adventures as the King of
Ahrupan had been significantly reduced when using the skill. At this point in time hes
down to only 163 Energy of the Moment. He compares the skill to taking a taxi in that it
leaves him with no rice at the end. Weed considers it a combat skill but cant be used
without art. He also declares that it would fool a bunch of sculptors.
Weed and Seoyun continued their hunt in the Harz Mountain region. At the peaks they
found a small volcanic lake. Its called the Paradise of Harz. Reporting this to nobility and
the royal family would give him a reward. Weed is disappointed since its not a
battleground. He quickly reflects since there are a bunch of herbs and quickly went
searching. He found some yellow and red herbs with a Harz tag. The herbs are rare since
they grew for more than 10 years. As he thinks about not picking them up, he sees
Seoyun dipping her feet in the lake and he rationalizes that its not for him, its for her.
He plans to give it to her from her helping him. He uses his experience watching cable
television as the basis for this. He also thinks how he doesnt know where their
relationship is going.
A fairy then appears before Weed. Its one of the Sculptures of Life Weed brought to life
back in Las Phalanx. She tells him that the Fairy Queen sent for him. Weed felt ashamed
for not having completed the quest so far. To hunt a dragon down, intense preparations
are needed. If he tried doing this quest, it would be like going blind. He tells the fairy not
to dawdle and to go to the queen right away.
Earths Shadow, the adventurer group that discovered Weeds actions in the past,
succeeded in another step of their S rank quest. They were on the 9th step which
required them to help the desert warriors. Out of 400, only 20 survived the battle. The
desert tribes recognized them and respected them as assistants. The 9th step involved a
lot of battles and the number of warriors kept dying off. They called those deaths good
news since less competition. The Lords expectations are to show no traces of cowardice.
Earths Shadow looked at harsh desert with nervous hearts. They were worried about
this villainous lord they heard about and think he is really dangerous. They get the next
step of the quest which is to locate a Bactrian Camel. It they tame one, they will get help
in locating the Lord. The quest limit is the Bactrian Camel has only 34 descendants left.
The Swords (Geomchi is meh and SwordNoob is REALLY REALLY STUPID TO ME) are in
the desert. They lost their lives during the war with Haven Empire and realized their
weakness painfully. They regretted that they only killed 1000 soldiers or 60 wizards.
There were 160,000 troops so each practitioner would have had to kill 300 people. They
basically got overrun by tactics from the enemy. The heavy infantry also stubbornly
resisted making them unable to breakthrough. Most of the Swords lost their lives but
some got achievements. While talking about that they received a quest from someone

named Sophia. Since its a female, they didnt ask questions and started to look for the
late king.
Dragon Quest
Haven Empire has approximately taken control of one quarter of the Northern Continent.
Robin, the guy who got killed by Seoyun, is in charge of the town of Earth. He is one of
the 1,000 lords of the north. He used money for short term improvements of his town.
He removes the Security establishment and the Low Class Residences since the army is
present to protect the town and he created free facilities for the people. He has a base
tax rate of 400 gold per resident and incoming immigrants have to pay 300 gold. He gets
17,000 gold tax per month in exchange for 1,600 gold investment. The population of
Tiberias was already past 30,000 which is more than. Robin goes on about politics and
taxes. He plans to be independent from Haven Empire. He dreams of being the king of
Earth Kingdom.
Dain is questioned by one of her subordinates on the rebels. She just ignores it. As soon
as she was appointed the Lord, she lowered the tax rate. She also makes a lot of trades.
She buys 20 jades for 1000 each to sell for 1500 each. Stability came to city. It wasnt
as oppressive as the other cities, but it still had to follow Haven Empires hunting
restrictions. Even so, it was the most popular and fastest developing city in the Central
Continent. She tells her advisor that she is going to go hunting, they wont miss her for a
day. Currently, Dains daily business involved doing business and hunting monsters.
Weed on his way to the Fairy Queen was calculating the rewards. He wanted a new
weapon since daily usage of Red Star was limited. He took off the Helrium armor since
he thought he might have a chance at getting new armor as well. Gold Man and Rover
both reacted to this. Seoyun inwardly thought about his greed as well but didnt say
anything out loud. The Fairies all complained about them being late.
At the nearby fort, the one conquered after the defeat of Bar Khan, is a level 14 user
named Hublot. He is basically an errand boy. After washing dishes he got some fame.
Then he got a quest from the Fairy Queen. It was broadcast live and people were
brimming with anticipation. It turns out it was just an F rank quest to clean the dungeon
and he ended up being ridiculed. However, thanks to him being there, he received a lot
of valuable information. He ended up spotting Weed in his quest.
Weed started explaining how he was busy with Sculpting and the Embinyu. The Fairy
Queen doesnt want to hear it, she just wants her memento from a Dragon. He pulled
out the Silver Dragon Skeleton Mirror that he got from the past (or something, I forget).
The Fairy Queen said some important stuff so he tried identifying the mirror before
returning it but cant because he lacks magical knowledge. He makes the Fairy Queen
happy earning him 1 Energy of the Moment. Since it was a C rank quest it only gave him
who is now level 435 1% exp. However, the mirror also completes a bunch of other
continuous quests which gives him over 20,000 fame, 3 levels and 61 Energy of the
Moment. He was really expectant of a reward but instead he was offered access to the
Fairy World. He had heard about this during his adventure in the past as the Desert King.
He asked if he would be the first to see it but they tell him a friend of the Fairies, Petrov
had already been there (or something). Weed had never heard of the guy but he was
becoming quite popular on the forums. At this point, Weed starts wondering where to go
hunting. He comes up with the brilliant plan of hunting in the Central Continent
dungeons. Since Haven Empire is dealing with all the rebels he should be fine to go there
inconspicuously (or something). If necessary he planned on using the Necromancer skills
of Bar Khan, Dark Rule, Death Aura and Absolute Magic Defense. It was the absolute
form all Necromancers dreamed of, the coming of a god of war. While thinking of all this,
the Fairy Queen says the mirror is too heavy for Fairies to carry and wants it returned to

Latua, a Dragon. Weed has to go directly to him and its impossible for him to check the
quest difficulty or even the quest limits. Weed instantly tried to refuse in a roundabout
way, but the Fairy Queen said she already knows his answer and he auto-accepts the
quest. Deprived of a choice! She praises him as having a strong and noble spirit that
would never leave this to another human adventurer. Since he accepted the quest, he is
now able to identify the mirror. It requires level 1000, 2000 Strength and Wisdom. +122
Charm, +20 Grace, 31% to reflect all attacks and curses. It lets him look all over the
region once a day. It also shines when multiple enemies appear. It can also seal
monsters but they must be released once a week. With his Advance 2 Blacksmith skill,
he reduces equip requirements by 48%, but it was still too high for him. The Fairy Queen
also gives him a 30 day time limit.
Fairy World
Weed decides on completing the quest since the penalty for failure is also pretty severe
and he doesnt want Hermes to get their gritty hands on a Dragon encounter (or
something). Since he had to transport the Silver Dragon Skeleton Mirror, he was
reminded of his days as a courier. He called it a living hell. He transported countless
electronics and sports equipment. The most terrible were books, bottled water and
vegetables. The world was harsh to him during those times that he blocked the
memories out for the sake of his mental health.
After reminiscing, he goes to the Fairy World. Seoyun and the Sculptures of Life are
blocked from coming along. Seoyun tells him to be careful. Weed tells her nothing will
happen, just wait in a safe place and dont worry about him. Still worried, he continues
saying they will be together again and to trust him. Rover and Gold Man think humans
are strange. After arriving, a Fairy gives him a Mystic Clover giving him 29 Energy of the
Moment. He drinks directly from their fountain, gaining 13980 health, 6500 mana, +12
all stats, +10 knowledge and wisdom, 59 charm, technical skill improve faster by 3%
and 61 nature affinity. After his thirst is filled he gains 5400 health for 1 week. The
Fairies call drinking directly from the water dirty. Weeds connection to the Fairies spread
all over Versailles Continent. The King of Ahrupan was in the position of best adventurer
with real power, honor and glory. Before leaving, Weed some canteens with water. He put
a bunch of dirt into a jar. His relationship with the Fairies takes a negative turn at that
point with him being called a disgrace to humanity. Since it was away from Fairy World
the water lost some of its effectiveness. It was at about 54%. He gives one to Seoyun
who gets 2300 health and +1 all stats. He then shocks her silent by saying good thing
its not harmful, as if she was a clinical trial. He then contacts Mapan and sells the
remaining water. Through the spread rumors, he makes over 2 million gold in less an
hour. Weed then decides to head to Central Continent.
Day of the Attack
Weed arrived alone at Fort Moss, formerly the territory of the Tulren Kingdom. For the
sake of identifying the local atmosphere, Weed went without Seoyun and the Sculptures
of Life. He plans to analyze what characteristics here would be useful for Ahrupan
Kingdom. As he approached the gate, the Haven Army blocked his way. He was afraid
that they recognized him as the King of Ahrupan cause of his dignity. After Bradley,
Weed was the next most recognizable person. He started coming up with some plan to
escape. The soldier then tells him to pay the castle entrance fee, 2 gold per week. It
seemed that without the Goddess Armor or Red Star, people wouldnt recognize him. In
the end, his face was ordinary. After a moment in silence he asks for a discount. He tries
to play off his fame and to let him enter for just one day. No exceptions. He grudgingly
paid the 2 gold and screamed to himself that he would kill all of Hermes Guild.
Weed asks around the town about their opinion of Haven Empire. Its clear that everyone

is feeling rebellious. He believes that Hermes Guild is definitely struggling with rebellions.
The broadcasts and forums also confirmed this to be true. The situation of the empire is
really unstable and the Tulren Kingdom has a very complex structure. After the defeat of
Black Lions Guild, Weiden Guild took over. Hermes Guild dominates Tullen Kingdom but
Weiden Guild manages it. They taxed the place severely with Hermes Guild taking a
significant portion of the profits. Weed realizes that Hermes Guild hasnt finishes
conquering Central Continent so he wonders why they greedily invaded the north in such
a rush.
In a tavern, Weed heard the latest stories from other users. The Black Lion Guild
numbering 30,000 are rebelling around somewhere so theres only a few hundred people
in the castle from Hermes Guild. Walking around, Weed found out the identities of
Hermes and Weiden Guild members. Hermes Guild users were proficient in combat and
scattered all over him. On the other hand, the symbol of strong force makes the best
food source. Weed arrives at the Gold Mine Dungeon.
There is a written sign at the entrance. The dungeon is the best gold mine in the
continent. Miners are charged 10 gold a day, combat series are charged 250 gold a day.
Groups of 12 or more or those staying longer than a week have to pay an extra 10%.
Loot and gold obtained worth over 1000 are taxed 25% of the selling price. When you
leave you have to pay half of the entrance fee.
Weed does some math for 1000 people a day. 250,000 gold per day, 7,500,000 a month,
maybe even 10,000,000. He was extremely envious and put into a bad mood cause of it.
They accomplished a lot while he struggles to eat. Public sentiment supported Ahrupan
Kingdom so he couldnt do anything like that. To make matters worse, he reached the
front of the line. A bunch of people were advertising themselves to parties. Because of
the popularity, people always came. Many parties simply formed at the dungeon
entrance. Merchants also set up stalls for people to buy supplies or sell loot. Thanks to
optimal party configuration, people were able to level and obtain loot in scary places like
the Gold Mine Dungeon. The parties also sent a barrage of invitations toward any Priests.
If the party dies, the loss would be extremely large so for viability and stability they
wanted multiple Priests. Occasionally, guild members from Hermes or Weiden entered
the dungeon. They wore the latest advance armor on horseback with the grandeur of the
conqueror of Central Continent. After a while Seoyun and Bahamol arrived. Even with a
mask, Seoyun was still a phenomenal beauty. He instantly knew from her beautiful voice
and the hair with fragrant scent he thought about since from the beginning. Bahamol
was a Barbarian Warrior with densely woven muscles. He was at minimum level 562.
Golden Bird was higher leveled, but in battle he was the strongest type. The group then
headed toward the dungeon and learned about the backstory.
2 users from Hermes and 20 Knights were receiving admission. Weed remarks how
meticulous Hermes is since they dont trust Weiden with this. Floating in a red color were
2 names, Derol and Chuke. They had recently killed a user somewhere. Among users
from Hermes and Weiden, it was not rare for them to be killers. They might have been
afraid in the past, but since they were now part of Haven Empire they flaunted their
status as killers. It then describes the Daemon Sword, a level 440 sword with good
damage and balance. The 2 users call them rookies since they came here with only 3
people and remark how its none of their business if they die. Given how group dressed,
they appeared to others to be under level 300. The Daemon Sword brandished, Derol is
quickly killed. Chuke calls out treason as Bahamols ax killed him in a single breath.
To be a part of Hermes, the default condition was to be at least level 400. Weed planning
this since long ago had already activated Destruction Sculpting to boost his stats. The 20
Knights attack to quell the rebellion to the empire. Bahamol uses a battle cry increasing

the health of friendlys by 2.5x. Protection skills of friendlys are enhanced by 3 steps.
Fear of monsters is ignored. Enemy fighting spirit decreases to less than half. Damage
increases by up 39% health. Bahamol decimates the Knights. A hunting party that came
to the dungeon entrance could only watch on with gaping mouths. This case would not
end simply with an apology. They dared to challenge Hermes and Weiden who conquered
Tullen Kingdom head on.
With the battle finished, they checked the loot. With a smile of satisfaction, Weed
laughed as he obtained a level 430 Knight Neck Guard, an item that would always
remain popular. Just at the beginning, he obtained 58,000 gold as loot. This was because
of the huge amount of admission the collectors received. Weed tells Bahamol to call the
other Sculptures of Life. He asks why and Weed simply says theyre going collecting.
With that idea in mind, Bahamol and Seoyun ran towards the depth of the dungeon. The
law of business is no laziness. The party that had just arrived at the dungeon could only
stand there frozen after witnessing such a shocking sight. Soon a new party arrived
asking about the Knights and whether or not this was the place for admission.
The big incident in Gold Mine Dungeon. It started from the entrance. Weiden users
occupied a good spot in the dungeon and were hunting. They were attacked and
blindsided by 3 people, losing their lives. 3 people showed up without even hiding their
footsteps. Naturally, the Weiden users ignored them. In Central Continent, the unwritten
law everyone adheres to is: do not interfere with Hermes users hunt. Weiden users in
Tullen Kingdom receive the same kind of treatment. Therefore, they had no interest even
when those people carrying weapons came close. They had great pride in belonging to
Weiden Guild as well as confidence in their own skills. Because other users feared
retaliation, practically nothing ever happened. But on this day, 4 hunting parties from
Weiden and Hermes were wiped out in just over 10 minutes. Other users who came to
hunt in the dungeon and encountered Hermes Guild just watched astonished. Weed
glanced up and down at the users and instantly calculated the prices of the equipment
they wore like a cutting edge computer. Weed decides he cant mess with the general
public and urges Seoyun and Bahamol to get moving after they finished their blitz. Inside
the dungeon, there was a complex terrain map to memorize. Weed simply visited the
best places for Guild hunting parties. Bahamol quickly ended the life of a Wizard and the
rest of the party was defeated during the panic after the death. In the narrow dungeon,
Bahamol was impossibly strong. Seoyun also quickly knocked down Hermes users. There
appeared to be no difficulty even when another Hermes party entered the fray. Most
hunting parties were configured for efficiency with balanced attack and defense. They
could not fight against Weeds classic and precise method of maximizing attack and
defense. Each individual had their own share to do, if any of them break down, the
framework of the party would collapse. Sometimes even at the risk of damage you had
to be daring. Weed remarks that surprisingly these people dont know how to fight,
theyre like plants grown in a greenhouse.
After 15 minutes, rumors quickly spread that Hermes and Weiden Guilds were being
hunted. The Hermes users absorbed in hunting in the dungeon were soon exposed to the
news. Thinking its just rebels or the Black Lions, they arrogantly decide to get rid of the
intruders since their guild is in control of the area. They encounter Weed and a
disadvantageous 3v7 fight began. Bahamol instantly neutralized 2 Knights at the same
moment and thus disappeared the numerical superiority. Weed lifted his bow and shot
the Priests and Wizards with arrows as Seoyun dove in with her powerful attacks. As a
Berserker she increases combat ability when she enters battle. Weed with his gigantic
strength and the short distance allowed his archery to easily kill the soft Wizards. The
party of 3 with the strongest warrior Bahamol broke through the center. With each of

them killing 1-2 people, their strength was in another dimension. After this fight, Weed
realizes they know hes there. He summons Seville and Guernica and has them follow
behind at a little distance as backup in the event of an unexpected emergency, even
though its been a one-sided slaughter the whole time.
Hermes Guild quickly noticed the 2 new additions. Beyond the area, they soon
discovered a party from Weiden Guild. It was made of 3 Wizards, a Warrior, a Fighter
(transcription/???, I probably used Swordsman in the past, my assumption is its a DPS
melee character), a Priest, a Thief, an Archer and a Knight. The first to talk was Weiden
Guilds side. He asked if the girls had seen a party of 3 anywhere. With their eyes wide
and shining, they asked if that was true. This was the surprised look Weed had taught
them and which he used for bargaining high prices in the market. They get invited to
Weiden Guilds party after some chitchat. Thanks to Weeds Blacksmithing, they were
both wearing body armor. With Guernica and Seville joining the party, all jobs were
changed to fit the new composition. Weed and Seoyuns party crossed paths with Weiden
Guild. Guernica and Seville quickly attacked the Knights and Warriors with Bahamol as
Weed and Seoyun took down the Fighters and Wizards. Even before getting combat
ready, the Weiden Guild users died quickly.
Weed leveled up, being ecstatic at leveling fast from killing people. Since Hermes and
Weiden were notorious murderers, even after killing them they received no penalty. They
also gave a lot of experience and a higher chance of dropping good loot. Weed got a staff
over level 400 and a Wind Tome. They were luxury items that could be sold for hundreds
of thousands of gold. He was very satisfied hunting rogues. It was also made clear that
Weiden and Hermes are lacking detailed information on their identities. Weed decides to
enjoy it while it lasts. He wiped out another 4 parties from Weiden Guild.
Gold Mine Dungeon is a very important issue for users from Hermes Guild. Hapan, Joe
Drucker and Maro Master are having a conversation about the situation. Hapan warns
them that they are being targeted and have already taken many casualties. He heard the
news from a friend in Weiden Guild that was wiped out. Joe Drucker advises each party
to be prepared and that there are at least 3-5 of them. Maro Master orders them to take
a defensive position while he goes there directly to get rid of them. Hermes internal
network spread word quickly, but what went through their heads was it would be
interesting to see. It was very rare for Hermes Guild to ever be challenged. The
observers were just stupidly waiting for the results.
Hapan quickly tells them another party was killed and to be vigilant. Since they are
Hermes Guild, no more losses. Joe Drucker calls them strong individuals, but the
Barbarian Warrior is an unknown so dont bother waiting for colleagues, just kill them. In
the meantime, Hermes Guild users continues to die out.
After about an hour, more than 70 deaths occurred. The level 470 Maro Master finally
arrived to end the incident. As soon as the battle began, he reported everything to the
guild network. After describing the party, he died fairly fast. Maro Masters party was the
strongest in the dungeon. With his death and annihilation, Hermes Guild embraced a
higher awareness. Since they were humiliated externally, it was an emergency situation.
More than 300 high level users from Central Continent were mobilized in an instant. They
yelled at all the general users to get out the way and rushed to the dungeon, but by the
time they reached it, 2 more parties were completely wiped out.
Weed calls himself stupid for leaving this place alone all this time. He thinks how Central
Continent has so many good hunting grounds. Hermes Guild manages their ranks with
strong individual skills, but Weeds party with their instantaneous power quickly
penetrated the gaps. With their formation in a tangled mess and them panicking away,

they could not fully utilize their skills. The presence of Bahamol was also a considerable
disadvantage to Hermes Guild. He destroy them one by one in less than 10 seconds and
his body blocks magic attacks. Weed praises the area again after obtaining over 2 million
gold in half a day. He then disposes his loot through one of Mapans proxy traders. Weed
didnt try bargaining since Mapans role was essential to trading the loot stolen from
Central Continent. Disposing of the heavy stuff in Central Continent was just asking to be
found. After completing the transaction, they registered each other as friends. The
Merchants name was Black Money. Mapans ordinary growth was no more, after meeting
Weed, his conscience was gradually reduced and his greed endlessly increased.
With the trading finished, Guernica and Seville join the party since they couldnt use the
same trick twice and headed to the next place, the hidden secret of the royal family of
Tullen. Back in the day, the nobility used black magic to enhance their wealth. Black
magic guarded these treasures. This is such a popular place that the admission fee was
1000 gold. Weed likens it to the golden hen that lays eggs. By default, the Gold Mine
Dungeon that existed underground was dark. Once the battle begins, it becomes even
more difficult to see face outline and Weed was not wearing his usual goddess armor.
With ordinary intermediate armor, he was hiding his identity. He didnt use Shape Shifter
Sculpture since it wasnt very meaningful on a battlefield. And it was only a matter of
time before Hermes Guild do an image analysis of the battle and notice his identity. The
4 Hermes users receiving admission were quickly rushed to death. They threatened
Weed with he will regret this day for life. He just yells bring on the money and cut the
enemies down without hesitation. The man called God of War in Continent of Magic was
being drastically revived. He chanting gold. Of course he wanted to harm Hermes Guild,
but the loot made up a significant portion as well. After dominating the entrance, Weed
and his party rushed into the depths of hell. The area wasnt as complicated as Gold
Mine Dungeon. At intersections, Hermes had built rest areas. Hermes Guild party hunting
around there were killed without hesitation.
The 300 users from Hermes Guild had gathered at Gold Mine Dungeon. With their
enemies having apparently disappeared, they began talking with each other. Tenjin then
informs them through the guild network that Atalogs Devil Lair has been raided by the
same intruders. Although still unsure who it is, they decide to charge in and hunt them
down. Knights sprinted with their horses and Wizards cast teleport. In a short period of
time, 4 parties in Atalog were defeated. After eradicating the enemies, they quickly went
to maintenance. Also, regular users within Atalog suddenly heard rumors. As Weeds
party passed them, they would bring both hands together and tell them to be careful and
to defeat Hermes. Priests would healed and blessed them without saying a word. Some
users even had information to help. They told Weed about incoming hostiles. Despite
being in enemy territory, they wanted to help Weed. Afraid of retaliation from Hermes,
their clear limit was secret help to a modest degree. The users were also worried about
him and told him to run away. Weed thanks them for the concerns but states he never
backs away during collection.
Some curious onlookers stopped hunting and followed Weed. With Hermes Guild that
dominated the supremacy of Royal Road suffering so many casualties, it was a huge
topic. Videos spread on the internet as stations broadcasted the events. Weed could stop
the spectators but left them alone. He was satisfied actively promoting Hermes Guild
users losing.
Weed and company confronted 3 battle groups waiting for him. A blazing fireball came
flying toward Weed, Bahamol and Seoyun. It was a skill that required a long casting time
and level 430 at minimum. In exchange, when it is slashed, it creates an explosion that
deals damage to the surroundings. Weed orders Bahamol to go forward. Hermes users

coldly smile calling them stupid about not knowing anything about magic. They felt
Bahamol was pathetic and that he would be turned into a lump of charcoal while his
colleagues suffer formidable damage. Hermes Guilds Knights and Warriors were ready to
go out front running. They didnt plan on giving them an opportunity to escape during
the magical explosion. Hermes unloaded all their magic attacks at Bahamol. However,
after the explosion, Bahamol just stood there completely fine. The Warriors and Knights
started blaming the Wizards. The Wizards on the other hand were completely
dumbfounded. The combined might of the magic that took 2/3 of their mana was
completely nullified. Bahamol then started attacking, launching the frontline 10 meters
away. Seville and Guernica attacked from the left and right. Hermes users fell down but
quickly got back up and fought. Thanks to the support from Priests and Shamans they
were ready for a battle of attrition. Even though Bahamol seemed impregnable, they
didnt foolishly decide to forcefully breakthrough and put themselves at significant risk.
Instead they surrounded the party on all sides with the intention of breaking the
defensive formation. At this point in time, Weed approached Hermes Guild from behind.
Using the smoke from the explosion, he launched a sneak attack. Although he was no
match for Thief stealth skills, with their horizontal view blocked, he easily made use of
their blind spots. With all of them focused on Bahamol, he quietly slipped to the back.
With his Destruction Sculpting enhancing his strength and the unprotected Priests, he
destroyed them in an instant. In a short period of time, the entire 3 battle groups were
wiped out.
Viewers started to doubt their eyes after that. Weed steadily collected the items. He
went jackpot since he was getting items that would usually take 10,000 monsters to
drop. He was also leveling at an extremely fast rate. This was an almost impossible rate
but since the enemies were killers with high notoriety, he gained that much more exp. Of
course, the risk cannot be compared to normal hunting.
Forced to follow Weed into Atalog Devil Lair, Hermes Guild even with their pride escaped
from the monsters. Weed on the other hand obtained a Devil Helmet from one of the
monsters. 161 Defense, cruel mind causes Fear, Faith decreases by 3 daily, Defense
increases as you endure attacks, Absolute Defense occasionally nullifies attacks, Warlock
Magic must be at a higher level than yours to work, 98 Wisdom, 115 Knowledge,
reduced Dark Magic mana cost, 12% combat skill enhancement, 8000 battle fame. With
the helmet, he becomes able to lead the evil spirits. He drags them to massacre Hermes
Guild while he makes ramen for the party.
God of War Weed
Hermes users sprinting toward Atalog Devil Lair were shocked by the news. They reports
summarized the incident: the 3 party coalition was wiped out, the raiders are dragging
evil spirits around the dungeon, victims exceed 70 people, and all guild users are
expected to be wiped out soon. Normal raiders would have been defeated by a normal
Hermes Guild party. Because Hermes Guild gathered the strong from Versailles
Continent, those who can resist are rare. Only 5 people killed over 100 giving them the
impression of being unstoppable. It was hard to imagine such a demonstration of force.
Since they werent taking damage from the evil spirits, they assumed he was over level
550. They think if its not the level, then its because of a quest. They go back to
numbers saying its 5v300. The users still thought they would win anyway.
While running in the narrow dungeon, someone starts saying how its unusual for a user
in Royal Road to be this strong. Upon listening to the stories about the raiders, it
instantly reminded him of a certain person. Most of the people thought about Kallis from
the Black Lions Guild roaming around. The name that came out was Royal Roads
representative of strength, Weed. Some of them agree that if it was Weed, it was

certainly possible. But after saying it out loud, they are in disbelief. Regardless of
Bradley, the only one who could claim to be the God of War was Weed. Despite Hermes
Guilds pride and arrogance, they suffered much defeat and frustration. They tell the guy
to stop joking and listen to how ridiculous that sounds. He tries to continue speaking, but
everyone else just says Weed is in the north and wouldnt appear here, stop bullshitting
and keep moving. A Fighter suppressed the talking and got them running, but the name
Weed did not leave their minds. They think about what user can exert these capabilities.
This method of fighting did not occur in spacious Versailles Continent but within
dungeons. Weed is adapt at commanding strong subordinates and the Barbarian Warrior
had tremendous activity in the last war. They kept getting a foreboding feeling and
decided to check. Mobilizing their contacts, they gathered all the knowledge available
and asked the victims of the raiders. Maro Master replied in 1-2 minutes that he already
suspected Weed. They slowed their pace and started working on their analysis of the
raiders. The more they thought about it, the more sense it made because of Weeds
proficiency and ruthlessness. Although not totally convinced, they were 80% sure it was
Weed. They quicken their pace thinking its a great opportunity to spread their name and
that killing Weed will play a great role in unifying the continent.
In just an hour, they reached Atalog Devil Lair with their horses foaming at the mouth.
Around the entrance, normal users had all gathered around. With rumors spreading of
the famous Hermes Guild being attacked, all the nearby people came to watch. They
start talking about how its Weed and that he already practically wiped out Hermes Guild.
As evidence, they use the fact that hes leading around the evil spirits to fight like how
God of War Weed did in Continent of Magic. They want to enter the Devil Lair to see him,
but Hermes Guild stood at the entrance blocking them. They temporarily close off the
dungeon. With the upcoming violent battle, it was a must for them to keep out
spectators. In addition, this also prevented spectators from helping Weed or hindering
them. They entered in groups of 200 to kill Weed. More than 400 people who gathered at
the entrance to Devil Lair began planning out the fight. Weed tricked them in the past at
Las Phalanx, but this time there would be no distractions. They threw out general users
hunting in the Devil Lair as they thoroughly out the search.
Weed informs one of the evil spirits that Tullen Kingdom has collapsed and the queen is
dead. He laments that his black magic is now useless. Pretending not to know anything,
Weed asks if the guy developed any black magic. He asks what the greatest human
desire is. Weed answers beauty. The spirit had been studying black magic to maintain
the queens youth and beauty forever. Since the queen is gone he gives his results to
Weed instead. Weed obtains 3 Black Magic Beauty Potions (or something). Strength,
Health and Agility +20, Charm and Faith decline in exchange. Reduces Luck. Takes 1
year off of Versailles Continent body. At night, skin turns black and a devil takes over.
Because of its power, after sunset you turn into a monster. Weed decided to sell it off to
people. When the spirit asks him to help him gather materials, he informs him that he
already knows the location is the Rotten Foam Swamp since a Necromancer/Dark Gamer
posted details about it.
Mapan then whispers Weed that Weiden and Hermes are gathering a massive army to
hunt him down. He replies that he already knows and that it be fine. Although he would
make use of the narrow terrain, it would be difficult to assure victory against a swarm of
enemies constantly supported by Priests. He decides to maximize a hectic assault. Weed
recalled when he destroyed prestigious guilds in Continent of Magic. Even for small
interferences, he would retaliate 100 times without hesitation. After they talk about
compromise, he pretended to think about it, then refused negotiations and killed them.
Weed asks if Seoyun thinks he is the bad guy. Of course, Seoyun shook her head. He

tells her he tried to be good but its the community thats rotten. She agrees with a
simple yes.
In just barely a few hours, the Gold Mine Dungeon and Atalog Devil Lair raid spread all
over the continent. Hermes and Weiden Guilds suffering genocide was a hot topic on
viewer videos and forums. Someone attacked Hermes Guild. 200-300 users lost their
lives. The culprits disappeared into Atalog Devil Lair. Broadcasters conveyed breaking
news as they introduced a video. Through on expert detailed analysis, Weeds identity as
the raider became known as fact. They talk about how Weeds getting revenge for the
destruction of the Earth Palace and that the God of War has made his move.
He made an appearance in Central Continent and blitzed Hermes Guild. Despite their
progress searching through Atalog, Weed and his companions were not found. This topic
was big enough that all users in the continent were bustling over it. A day passed. As
Royal Road and the internet got turned upside down, Weed finished hunting in the Rotten
Foam Swamp. Since he got so much stuff from the Gold Mine Dungeon, he decides to
invade the Citadel next. The Citadel sounds menacing, but it was basically ruins. It was a
place taken over by Thieves. It was large scale group living in the Citadel with a basic
level of 390. It had a mix of Archers, Wizards, Assassins, runaway mercenaries. Once
they took residence, it became a dangerous area in Versailles Continent. They frequently
looted the nearby cities. However, as time passed and the overall level of users
increased, the fort was transformed into a great hunting ground. After completing the
subjugation, you obtained great quest rewards, combat materials from the Thieves and
even special treasures. The Citadel was one of the leading hunting grounds in Central
Continent. Weeds mouth swiftly turned into a smile. Hermes Guild surely suffered
damage from the Northern Invasion. Now that he came out to Central Continent, he had
endless methods to deploy. In Continent of Magic, he noticed every time he used tricks,
enemy concentration easily broke. Weed calls the Citadel an exciting festival. Seoyun
watched as he took pride in being a villain. One of the Wyverns then complains about
being overworked. Weed tells him to enjoy this while he can, they havent even gotten
started yet. The Wyverns were stuck transporting all of Weeds loot from the Rotten
Foam Swamp. Weed tells them he will give them warm fleece clothing after this. They
cry tears of joy while Seoyun pats the head of the one shes riding on and thinks to
herself, pitiful. She also wonders if the ride will be more comfortable with their fleece
Rafael is informed that Weed is the raider. With Haven Empire in the midst of rebellion
information on Weed was not as important. Rafael was distressed since this is the first
time Weed was being proactive and he didnt know whether or not this was retaliation or
he was just poking around. Although their forces were stretched thin dealing with the
rebels, Rafael decides to take out Weed by forming an army and encircling him. When
told Weeds Wyverns are about, he gives the order to launch the Gryphon Legion. As one
of the most powerful armies within Haven Empire it was no joke to send them for just
one person. Rafael calms down and realizes its better to focus on stabilizing internal
affairs than send a large number of people to chase down one single person. Their
reputation would take a major hit just to kill Weed even once. Instead, he decides to
place a bounty on Weed.
Catastrophic Strike
Weed stood on a plateau, overlooking the Citadel. He revealed his teeth with a laugh as
well as a cruel, despicable and white teeth showing smile. Seoyun quit access earlier to
prepare dinner. She was very helpful during battle, but even so the power was
maintained. He had been saving more vicious and lethal methods to use. 7 Hermes Guild
users were sitting around a bonfire in the area. They kept laughing how they were

different from the people hunting Weed. With Gold Man, Rover, Bahamol, Guernica,
Seville, Index, High Elf Eltin and White Tiger, he approached the users. While joking the
Weed would never come to the Citadel, they are ambushed and killed. Weed summons
his Elemental Spirits Heulkun (Earth), Hwaldyi (Fire) and Xing Xing (Wind) and they
praise him as soon as they appear.
Looting the items, he instinctively feels depressed since Hermes Guild probably knows
about his presence now. He psyches himself up to get his head out of the gutter. He
quickly orders his subordinates to move. Telling himself the Citadel is a perfect place to
hunt users since only Hermes Guild users are given access to the area. He summons Tori
and Van Hawk to fight as well. Silver Bird is used to scout the enemies around them to
target. They encounter a Thief patrol unit. The area usually requires 30-100 people.
Citadel is near perfect which is why the risk is that high. They met 12 Thieves who were
quickly decimated. 4 of them ran away while Weed and company killed the rest. The
reason why the place is really good is if you dont hunt down the runaways, they bring
more people back. As you go deeper into the Citadel, it gets tougher because of traps
and natural defenses. Inside held many drunken Thieves. It was a great place to level
stealth skills. If you were caught inside, you and your entire party would be annihilated.
Weed did not try to prevent the fleeing Thieves from escaping and tells Eltin to leave
them alone. She tells him they are dangerous but Weed says they need to recover from
their exhaustion. He contemplates how risky sieging the castle will be while under fire
from Hermes. When the Sculptures of Life ask if he will retreat, he simply stares at the
Citadel. Running was never the way of Weed, Continent of Magics God of War.
Weed screams at the Thieves in the Citadel that hes going to steal all the treasure they
have. Hermes users around think whoevers yelling that is crazy. A group of 100 Thieves
went out hunting. As the 2 sides fought, Hermes shouted swears at Weed. Hermes
users, spending more time hunting than in cities were strong. Even so, of the 70 users,
only 23 survived. After the ordeal, the Hermes users felt a sense of accomplishment.
Fighting against all those Thieves gave them considerable fame and an achievement.
Achievements dont often occur for combat series jobs. Although there were many
sacrifices, they took pride in defeating the Thieves. They think how even though they
feel for Weeds trap, they still survived. They then start talking about how Weed isnt a
big deal and their plans about broadcasting. Just then, arrows rain upon them. They
assume it is more Thieves and run for cover. Somehow, they wanted to survive since the
cost of dying at a high level was too big. They think how the enemy is dirty and decide to
wait for someone else to defeat the enemy instead of risking their own lives. The arrows
then started bending and piercing through. Hermes users peaked their heads out and
find Weed humming as he shot arrows. One of them boldly came out of cover and failed
to avoid a rain of arrows. While their colleague sacrificed himself, the others escaped,
Hermes Guilds loyalty. The users who ran away were ambushed by White Tiger. Weed
spoke slowly that they should take their time, every one of them will die. It was a tone
that gave the impression no defiance. In Continent of Magic, indiscriminate slaughter
with despicable and lethal tricks that ruthlessly plagued prestigious guilds. But the
scariest thing above all were the words at the end. God is reminding you he will kill
every one, no exceptions. Weed asks what happens when milk is delivered late, unlisted
labor costs are taken, young kids these days are so weak. Users belonging to Hermes
Guild that dominated the supremacy of Versailles Continent did not know what it means
to suffer. Not until they were deprived of life did they begin to realize they were prey.
Weed destroyed the rest of the Thieves and opened a safe in the Citadel. He received an
achievement for completing the Citadel. Completing Gold Mine Dungeon, Attalog Devil
Lair and Citadel was just the beginning. At Tomb of the Shield, Wizards Plateau Dungeon

and Valkyries Secret Base, Weed exterminated all users from Hermes Guild. In a period
of just 3 days, 470 users dead! In the aftermath, Hermes users out of fear ran away
from the hunting grounds. Even so, Weed still enjoyed this as many famous dungeons
became empty because of this. He used Shape Shifter Sculpture to disguise himself and
paid the admission to hunt in dungeons like normal users. With Destruction Sculpture, he
cleared all sorts of dungeons. He also got benefits from bringing along Seoyun and the
Sculptures of Life. As a result, he achieved 15-25 achievements in each dungeon. With
his popularity, when general users approached for his autograph, he instead sold them
sculptures. Some users criticized how it was made of junk material and that 30 gold was
too expensive. Even with Weeds skill, it still feels like a rip off. This gave Weed a bad
mood but he still grudgingly haggled to 20 gold, using the excuse he wants people to see
his sculptures. He does this since he can earn Energy of the Moment this way when
people become happy. More important than money was his skill proficiency.
Raiding Haven Empire
I sort of stopped caring at this point.
With his activity in Central Continent become widely known, residents talked daily about
him killing Knights and Wizards from Hermes Guild daily while solving quests at an
unprecedented speed. He also sold his videos to the broadcasters. He gave one of them
3 hours of exclusiveness. The audience loved the videos. They compared the contents to
Hermes Northern Invasion. It was impossible to compare scale, but there were much
higher ratings because the risk of Weeds adventure went beyond normal. Because of a
stagnation of videos since the last secret sculpting skill quest and the battle of Earth
Palace, the broadcast stations returned to life with the new content.
Architects responsible for building a new palace were going all out. Unskilled Architects
were hired as assistants. Since Weed is proficient with Light Sculpting, they had to make
sure the lights were great. Lots of other Sculptors also came to work on the project since
unlike other places, they werent persecuted in Morata.
The Swords were hunting down ghosts. Irene was there healing the Swords even though
they always refused to run from dangerous battles. To them, no other Priests they met
could compare to her. They then started digging for treasure while Irene purified the
place. They talked about their problems with women. The men who didnt have
girlfriends yet thought they had to be stronger to get one. After finding the buried
treasure they return to Morata and learn of Weeds adventure in Central Continent. The
Swords got pissed at Weed because while they were digging he was off having epic
battles. Then they see graffiti on the walls that was basically women offering themselves
to Weed. The Swords became extremely angry and decide on invading Haven Empire.
Although Pale and his party were planning on following them since they had nothing else
to do, he still asked about the information on the enemy that they were lacking. The
Swords come up with the ignorant solution of for now just attack.
The Black Knights Fate
Weed has been hunting for about 10 days because theres only 20 days left for his Silver
Dragon Skeleton Mirror quest. He thinks about how hes gaining a lot of benefits thanks
to all the circumstances. At level 441, he decides to make a new Sculpture of Life. He
wants a Priest he can always call to his side for himself and Seoyun. He decides on the
Lou denomination since it is widespread and powerful and he can get Alveron from
Freya. While creating it, he starts thinking about trafficking Sculptures of Life for money.
He makes a very beautiful female Lou Priest sculpture. Once he gave her life, he had to
set a name. Most of Weeds Sculptures of Life were masculine and the female ones like
Eltin, Seville and Guernica had official names since they were made by another Sculptor.
He decided on Eun-Sook. Gold Man says how she will now be his wife. She rejects him

saying as a Priest, she belongs to god. This shook not only Gold Man but Weed as well
who was planning on a golden chicken farm.
Weeds bounty is officially placed. Set to 70 million gold, a lot of bounty hunters, even
though they had nothing against him set off to hunt him. As he left a dungeon, people
identified him by his ordinary outfit and some special boots. They all started thinking
they wanted those boots for themselves. They would have overwhelmed Weed with their
numbers so he started killing them which in turn increased his notoriety. He got a bunch
of loot from them and reveled in the thrilling challenge of being attacked from all sides
like back in Continent of Magic. Feeling the tension and concentration in his spine that he
hadnt felt for a long time, he says how it will be more fun from now on.
Bradley gets a quest called Emperors Anxiety. Its restricted to Black Knights that
became Emperors. He has to kill an NPC Knight. The quest gave permanent stat
increases so it was very attractive to Bradley. Normally to get stat increases he would
need achievements in hunting grounds, but this would give them to him in exchange for
killing a simple Knight. He quickly accepted it. After he finishes the quest, he gets many
more similar ones that involve killing NPCs that are planning rebellions. These quests
also boosts his experience and skill proficiency immensely. With each quest, Bradley
became stronger and stronger.
Read more:

weed continues to wreck havoc at heaven's empire by going to dungeon to kill heaven's
guild/empire users. they collect a lot of gold from taxes and entrance fee to dungeons.
he is having fun killing the guild members as he has more to gain. fun revenging and

playing the villain role, gain more experience to level up and other npc and users being
grateful for killing them as they have murderer sign. most importantly weed is able to
gain more japtem (item) from killing them. he continue moving from dungeon and
hunting area around heaven's empire territory. he talks to broadcasting station for
contracts, but he is annoyed that too many people recognizing him and getting in his
way from hunting. also there is huge bounty on his head.also, he gets to lead
revolutionary army or resistance group, to create problem for heaven's empire.
later he decides to invade a strong fort, but contact the black lion guild. so while the
black lion is occupying heaven's guild, weed sneaks in kill the leader Mueller, who's a
knight with thunder spear, and extraordinary items from kalldom kingdom. i think that's
the kingdom where van hawk is from, and where he got pissed from seeing his kingdom
burial ground getting looted. anyway, what weed did was sculpture transformation to
giant bird, as Mueller has a knight brigade of giant bird. can't remember the word, but
it's like gryffin. because weed looks like alpha male, female bird wants to mate with him
like when he was orc karichi. Weed screws Mueller as he gets on weed to train this bird,
which was weed, to fight agains the black lion guild. weed fucks around with him by
scarring him and while fighting against black lion guild but at the end back stab Mueller.
he gets 3 items and becomes ultra happy, especially because of the lance/spear. black
lion guild wins the battle but cannot stay and defend the acquired territory. so they
decide it's better to destroy to the state where it cannot be repaired by heaven's guild
and give out food to citizens.
weed runs out of time as he needs to go to the dragon quest to deliver the item, silver
mirror. he fears the dragon so he wears intermediate or beginner stuff. uses his sister for
instant transportation to drop him off. at the entrance there is a lich guard for the
dragon. weed bribes him by giving him a white turtle with gold cage/house for the turtle.
he's sick from giving that gold cage at it cost 600 gold to make it. then he goes in to
meet the dragon. he's taking note, so when he comes back he wants to kill the dragon
for the treasure it has. the cave is empty, but later it's found that it's stored in different
rooms. there are other creatures and dwarves working. weed gives the mirror and
complete the quest but he receives a chain quest from the dragon. the dragon
recognizes weed as a sculpture and someone good with nature due to his nature
sculpting skill. he tells weed to make his former lover, silver dragon as that mirror is
made out of her.
weed ask for tons of materials: tons of silver, gold, mithril or that special element he
used to make his new amor, and pearls. he uses new sculpture skill to bring back life
from the past. he brings back one of the master, who is perverted to be expert at female
sculpture and familiar with nature sculpting. with his help he finishes the sculpture. he is
able to take the left over material by trading gold with familiarity with the dragon and
takes mithril/element. he also receives another quest from dragon but cannot accept it
since his level and other skills are too low. the dragon says to come back anytime when
he is stronger to receive the quest. - btw weed completes his hand craft mastery skill able to learn other's skills easily and faster.
because of weed's destruction at heaven's empire, heaven empire decide to strike back
with guerrilla warfare static by raiding and destroying any village in the north.
side stories:

bunch of new counts in the northern territory from heaven's guild. having trouble to
grow town and compete against MORATA and w/e empire weed built. heaven's guild is
trying to out compete with weed's empire by spending a lot of money developing culture,
economics etc but most counts don't give a shit and take heavy taxes and foods aways
from citizen.
bard ray continues on his black knight quest: killing his soldier to gain stat. later he has
to decide whether to he wants continent ruthless conquest or develop his empire and
continue the conquest. because of his character he has to choose option 1: conquest and
constant suspicion on his soldiers and comrades.
weed gets to meet seoyon dad for dinner, as he went shopping to cook sea food stew.
people at the market thought he's going to die from overspending when weed is known
to be cheap ass. even though he has tons of money, his cheapness gets in the way from
spending money. he makes money from merchandising his cultures as toys etc, all
around the world. royal road getting popular in the states, and europe.

chapter 45 i think
as weed is getting popular fighting against heaven's guild other people wants to follow
the same path. swordnoob (his "brothers" at dojo) gets army of orcs and lead them. i
think he also gets desert army or the other group that lead embu as they are in the
desert completing the new emperor quest of desert. so swordnoob or the other group
gets some army and decides to invade heaven's empire to make their own name. also,
that assassin who went hunting with weed, his name is marinated crab (rough
translation, raw crab marinated in soysauce), kills some high level user/ruler of heaven's
guild clan.
so heaven guild is destroying the north in small groups. weed doesn't care as his main
city morata, fortress castle and the massive lake with bunch of statues and the new
castle city of early morning or light are his main source of economy as those 4 places
make 70% of economy. other villages are in his territory and isn't as developed so it's
doesn't matter if it gets destroyed. he accepts the fate that there will be some losses,
but see this as opportunity. make more money by real estate and able to obtain levels
and item by killing the intruder. so he continue with hunting intruders.
he talks about getting items from hunting, leveling up, getting gold from high level users
to participate in a hunt with him and real estate development/ corruption with Mapan to
make more money.
episode where yellowy, the bull, going insane from stress of fire, forced to fighting, being
scared, etc that he goes ballistic. he goes into frenzy and almost dies. weed is happy
that yellowy did so much, but when he realized the bull about to die and that he hasn't
made enough money for him, he uses his time stopping skill to save yellowy.
anyway i'm only half way through 45.
there is tons of cult/follower of grass soup religion. they decide to make an army for
continent of versaille, to maintain peace and only weed can command them. shit tons of
people from asian, americas, europe africa playing. even other races like birds and orcs

joining. with that, they decide to fight back against heaven's guild because they realized
it's inevitable that two empire will clash. so first thing they do is to complete north
territory of aphan, weed's empire.
i will finish 45 later depending on my mood
Read more:
so pretty much the second half of the chapter 45 is war at some strong fortified city that
belongs to heaven's guild in the north. so the grass soup cult and and bunch of orcs with
bird race (from floating island) unites to attack that city to unify north alphan empire.
heaven's guild member, necromancer and the guy who got fucked by weed mueller
comes as well with his army of griffin. pretty much they fight, and weed uses his shape
shifting skill.
things i forgot to mention: author talks about difference between weed's empire and
heaven's empire people. in the north, people wish to be adventurous and create a name
for themselves, and enjoy their freedom. so they don't care if they die for the better
good a lot of wondering knights joins weed as he is emperor with justice. also, decedent
during the war period from the statue he created, knight and desert warrior comes to
alphan empire to pledge loyalty.
in heaven's empire, there is power struggle with between bard ray and some other guy
who's name starts with l. L guy is charge of operating the empire while bard ray is
fighter. not only that, since the territory is so large, too many new counts who doesn't
develop towns/city. so a lot of artistic users like sculpture and architects are leaving. so
it's hard for them to develope those skills but they focus on military which weed's empire
lacks. btw bard ray is doing black knight quest which will be his downfall as he needs to
ill his ally or else he loses his war/fighting skill.
hawyong the singer and some other girl that was in the party with pale decides to join
heaven's guild so they can become count in some town in the north.
i think the group that created heat wave, which they turn into imbu but got destroyed by
weed by completing sculpture quest in the war time, is in the desert trying to complete
the desert ruler quest. so they do get some desert warrior.
in earlier chapter where weed brings back warrior from the past to fight with him against
heaven's guild, that statue gives weed a quest. some where in the restricted 10 zones
where the giants lives, are treassure for him. also the greatest adventurer is waiting for
weed in that location.
people hate hunting with weed, except seoyeon as he grind hard to level up. also he
never gives break or anything, and constantly lying. pale is abused easily since weed
uses him by convincing pale's reporter girlfriend.
finding buried treasure in the lake, is finished with swordnoobs doing the fighting and
digging. they don't find much
weed makes bunch of statues, one of them is mini representation of versaille continent

from his adventure.

i think that is all that i can remember. i find it annoying to read it as the author jumps
around here and there to make it confusing to understand when reading. and he uses
shit ton of food analogy. and you need to be korean to give the translator
a break as they did a pretty awesome job earlier. if you are going to whine, let's see if
you can do a better job