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The Grow-up Capsule, is based on traditional folk remedy and secret recipes, combined
with the advanced technology of modem medicine. It underwent repeated tests and varieties
during clinical practice in ten odd years, screening conscientiously with rigorous compatibility of
medicines, elaborately refined, this is an outstanding achievement is scientific research by
combined traditional Chinese an modem Western medicine.

After studies of various folk remedies and secret recipes for growth development, they
are all summed up into the characteristics of this medicine, which basicallyconfOmiS with the
theory of Yin and Yang and the Five Elements in traditional medicine. It enables growth and is
beneficial to wisdom, Capsule can also nourish the kidneys for makes and nourish blood for
females. The Grow-up Capsule was strict in following the above mentioned principles and
scientifically formulated recipe. for the adaptation of both sexes, after going through repeated
contrasts, comparisons during clinical practices, the Grow-up Capsule is proud of its outstanding
curative effects and regarded superciliousty among same products al home and abroad.

During the studies, we discovered : jinseng, Pseude-gingseng, Taizi-gingseng,

Companumaca Pilosula, Radix Dipsaci, Herba Schizonepelae, notweed, Radix Peanuts, animals
bone marrow, Endolthelium Comeum Gigeriae Gaill and also contained Zinc ion to greate or
lesser extent. The zinc element was verified by moderen science which is provided with
importance and it directly affecis appetite, digestion, assimilate nutriment, and promotes growth
for children.

The Grow-up Capsule - precious treasure of traditonal Chinese medicine in several

thousands of years and great achievement taped by modern science and technology, a great
contribtion to the phiysique and lQ of our future generations.
Functions : This Capsule is a pure natural preparations. It has the effect of enriching
vigor and blood, stengthening physique and bone invigorating spleen and enchancing
intelliegence: It can promote the growth and development for children.

Main treatment : Uses for children suffered from an inhirent shorage of natural endowment be
injured during pregnancy and postnatal poor growth. It has unique effects for children who is
sallow and emaciated, short and slight of stature due to disgusted with food, partiality for a
particalar kind of food, poor digestion and irregularity of nutrition.

8-12 years 2 caps, three times a day ( reduced to half it under 8 year)
12-20 years 3 caps, three times a day (taken orally with water or fruit juice)
20-40 (taken orally with water or juice)

Functions: this is product of medical preparation. It can enrich vigor, strengthen the physique,
invigorate the spleen, and enchance intelligence, it promotes the growth an development of

Main treatment : used by children suffering from inherent shortage of natural endowments, or
injured during pregnancy, or those suffering from postnatal poor growth. It has unique effects foe
children who are disqusted with food or has poor digestion and irregularity of nutrition.