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Mahesa Abeynayake


C/- School of Maritime Studies

Laucala Bay Road


Mobile: +679 9 065 314

College +679 331 5115



Engineer (Class 1) (AMSA)

Australian Maritime College, Tasmania
Advanced Diploma in Marine Engineering
Australian Maritime College, Tasmania
Colombo International Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC),
training in:
A full mock up Engine Room Simulator.
Quality Management Systems Based on four internationally
accredited ISO 9001:2008.
Engineering Courses Understanding teaching practices
Diploma in Marine Surveying
Australian Maritime College (AMC) in collaboration with the
International Institute of Marine Surveying and the University of
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer 1996 (MCSE)
Microsoft Corporation Ltd
Certificate 1V (Information Technology) 1995
Computer Power Ltd, Melbourne
Boat License
Queensland Transport
Fluently speaks English, Sinhalese and Bahasa Indonesian

Marine Engineer Class 1
Diploma in Yacht & Small Craft Surveying
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Mahesa Abeynayake is a professional marine engineer with more than 30 years
experience working with the shipping industry in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Australia and
He has recently taken up a role with Colombo International Nautical and Engineering
College (CINEC) to aid its work in Fiji at the School of Maritime Studies, in Suva.
During additional workshopping in Sri Lanka, Mahesas IT background has proven
invaluable in training others on how to teach students to use a state-of-the-art Engine
Room and Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator. His quality management skills and previous
lecturing experience are aiding in improving the international requirements of the courses
taught and bringing lecturers up to speed on the course work.
Prior to the role, he was General Manager of Indonesias Meratus Line Workshop, where
he oversaw the purchase, management, service and surveying of up to 50 vessels, along
with training and quality management of his 60 plus engineering workforce.
This Sri Lankan born mariner began his career on commercial ships sailing the world as
an engineer before basing himself in Australia in the 1980s.
He continued his work for many years on international merchant ships and passenger
ferries, including the 170m Spirit of Tasmania. He has a diversified experience also
holding a yachts and small craft surveying qualification, with a focus on engineering,
workplace health and safety and maritime law. This combination of quality management,
engineering and surveying talents has seen him play a chief role in the surveying of cargo
vessels before purchase and before releasing back into the fleet after repair. He has
travelled the globe regularly to inspect prospective ships, attend vessels or procure parts.
Over the past three decades his expertise has been sought out by shipping companies and
the palm oil industry throughout South East Asia to facilitate the smooth operation of its
ships operation and machinery maintenance.
He has lectured in Marine Engineering at the Maritime College of Australia.
For a few years, he left his shipping and engineering roles to study Information
Technology and excelled in the field to rise to management level. Mahesa is also a
regular contributor to a range of domestic and international maritime magazines on
industry issues.
Mahesa Abeynayake
(Mobile: +679 9 065 314)

Curriculum Vitae


July 2014
to present

General Manager Meratus Line Workshop, Indonesia (4 years)

Marine Engineering 13 years (International and domestic)
Senior Lecturer 18 months (Australian Maritime College,
Manager Information Technology 10 years
Manager Palm Oil Production 6 years (Indonesia and Papua New

Head of Quality and Head of Department for the

Engine Room Simulator
Fiji School of Maritime Studies
Contracted by CINEC to:
Manage and teach lecturers on use of a Marine Engine simulator.
Oversee Quality Management Systems within the college to raise
and maintain them to international standards.
Oversee the engineering programs on offer, providing lecturing
support as required.

May 2014
July 2014

Preparation for Fiji School of Maritime Studies position

Two months of training and understudying at Colombo International
Nautical and Engineering College (CINEC), training in:
A Marine Engine simulator to train other trainers on how to use a
full mock up Engine Room Simulator to contribute towards the
transfer of competency based knowledge to Fijian School of
Maritime course delegates.
Quality Management Systems CINEC Maritime Campus is
established on a firm foundation based on four internationally
accredited Quality Management Systems. Training was to assist
the Fijian Marine College to move from a QSS system to a QMS
system within a tight time frame.
Engineering Courses Understanding course work presented and
lecture/train lecturers on the subjects.

Mahesa Abeynayake
(Mobile: +679 9 065 314)

Curriculum Vitae

June 2010

General Manager
Meratus Line Workshop
Surabaya, Indonesia
Training engineering crews and producing supporting
manuals/documentation in Bahasa Indonesian that is not available
for the non-English speaking crew.
Vessel pre-purchase surveying (involving global travel)
Negotiating contracts for the purchase of large machinery,
including surveying.
Ship delivery.
Company representative to free detained vessels (Australian
General Management:
Overseeing the establishment and introduction of international
standard practices into the workshop in Surabaya, Indonesia.
Managed 85 staff members to service up to 50 Meratus Line ships
from locations in Surabaya and Jakarta.
Dry docking vessels supervision and repair.
Sourcing and negotiation with contractors and parts suppliers,

June 2006
May 2010

Marine Engineer,
Spirit of Tasmania I,
ASP Shipping Ltd
Spirit of Tasmania I is a passenger/vehicle super-fast ferry which operates
between Melbourne and Tasmania.
As 2nd Engineer in charge of a watch, I was responsible for
running and maintenance of machinery consisting of 4 Watsila
Z40A medium speed engines and 3 Watsila Z20A diesel
alternators. The main engines provide power to the shaft generator.
The vessel also has stabilizers, thrusters and a thermal oil heating
Extensive experience on slow speed engines of various makes.
Most ships I have worked on operated in UMS mode.

Mahesa Abeynayake
(Mobile: +679 9 065 314)

Curriculum Vitae

Late 2007

Consulting Engineer/Chief Engineer (Part time)

Ocean Shipping Company
Townsville, Australia
Consulting Engineer/Chief Engineer (Part time)
Meratus Line
Surabaya, Indonesia
On request of the Technical Manager, I have sailed on the company ships
and attended shore based repairs in the capacity of Chief Engineer or
acted in a Superintendents role.


National IT Manager
Checkpoint Meto Pty Ltd, Melbourne
Initially engaged through an outsourcing company to install Microsoft
server and operating systems when the company migrated from the AS
400 mainframe system. After a successful migration the company made
the decision to employ me as the National IT Manager. I managed a small
team of IT personal involved in supporting and managing a network of
about 150 computers and servers and the WAN links between Sydney,
Melbourne and New Zealand.


Systems Engineer
Data# 3 Ltd, Melbourne
As a systems engineer I was responsible for maintenance and
administration of multiple client sites. This role required travel to many
sites around Australia, liaising with new clients and troubleshooting


Factory Manager
PT Karimun Aromatics Ltd, Indonesia
Recruited to manage a new palm oil factory in Medan, Indonesia. The
staff consisted of Indonesian people with an average age of 23 who didnt
speak English. Having learned the native language, I continued to produce
30 ton/s of palm oil on a 24 hour/7 day operation mill.

Mahesa Abeynayake
(Mobile: +679 9 065 314)

Curriculum Vitae


Maintenance Engineer
Higataru Oil Palms Ltd, Papua New Guinea


Inspection of the ship tanks on a weekly basis looking at the

cleanliness and the integrity of the structure before any palm oil
was loaded.
The maintenance of steam boilers and steam turbines with diesel
generators and all equipment associated with Palm Oil production.
The position involved mill maintenance and management of the
skilled personnel and apprentices.

Senior Lecturer, Maritime Studies

Australian Maritime College, Launceston
Preparing lectures and examinations for new and experienced seafarers,
conducting an Integrated Rating Training program and the lecturing of
new cadets. This work involved my thorough knowledge of compliance
regulation and the syllabus and, of course, an experienced and thorough
knowledge of marine engineering.


Kangaroo Island Sealink, South Australia
Engineer on a passenger vehicle ferry. The position involved running and
maintenance of all ferry machinery including loading unloading of cargo.


Shift Engineer
Ramada Renaissance Hotel, Sydney
Shift Engineer overseeing the maintenance of air conditioning,
refrigeration and steam heating equipment.



Marine Engineer
Variety of international shipping companies

Having completed an apprenticeship in Marine Engineering I was

employed by companies Sea Containers, Saudi National Line and
Sri Lanka Shipping Corporation.

Completed Class 2 Certificate at Sydney Technical College and

sailed as a 2nd Engineer before seeking an alternative to long
voyages at sea.

Marine Engineering Apprentice

Engineering Services Ltd, Colombo

Mahesa Abeynayake
(Mobile: +679 9 065 314)

Curriculum Vitae

Mario Samaranayake
Former Chief Engineer
Spirit of Tasmania II
Phone 07 3343 7462

Cecil Bandara
Ship Manager
Ocean Shipping Ltd
Townsville and Sri Lanka
Phone 0417 740 499

Thushara Fernando
Meratus Line
Jl. Aloon-Aloon Priok No. 27
Surabaya 60177
Ph. +62 31,293 1000, 329 2288, 329 4488 (Hunting)
Fax. +62 31 329 1616, 329 1619

Mahesa Abeynayake
(Mobile: +679 9 065 314)

Curriculum Vitae