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The Hunger Games

Act One
Scene One (opening)
o Katniss is hunting
o Gale meets her in the woods
o Helicopter interrupts
Scene Two
o District 12 gets ready for the Reaping
Song (Reaping/folk)
o Leads into Katniss and Family
o Leads into the actual reaping
Scene Three
o No song
o Tributes saying goodbye to their families
Scene Four
o Effie introduces herself
Song (Exciting News/pop)
Scene Five
o Kids meet Hamitch
Song( Welcome to my life/slow rock)
Scene Six
o They are just getting to The Capital
o Audience is introduced to the different people in
the capital (Cinna, President Snow, etc.)
Song (Happy Hunger Games/pop)
Scene Seven
o The audience now meets the other tributes

o The part of the event when all tributes are brought

in on horses
o You hear the different genres of music from the
different areas
Song (Where I come from/mix of genres)
Scene Eight
o Caesar interviews the tributes
o Peeta confesses his love
Scene Nine
o Katniss is about to be sent to the arena
o Cinna gives her the mockingjay pin and says
Song (Betting On You/R&B)
Act Two
Scene One
o Loud bangs to show the tributes that 13 of them
have been killed
o Katniss is tied in a tree, and tries to sleep
Song (Safety/Folk)
Scene Two
o Katniss is awakened by Rue.
o The two decide to team up and make a plan to
ruin the goods stashed by the other tributes
o Katniss runs off stage
o You hear all of the action as Rue looks off stage as
though she is viewing Katniss from a distance
o Marvel approaches Rue from behind and kills her
o Katniss returns feeling excited and valiant
o She finds Rue gasping for hair.
o Sees Marvel in the distance (off stage) and shoots
her arrow

o Katniss puts flowers around Rues head and sings

to her
Song( This Girl/folk)
Does the hand signal

Scene Three
o Members of District 11 See all of this action while
crowded around a projection
o The people are angry, defeated, and mourning.
o A riot begins
Song (No More Games/Gospel or R&B)
Scene Four
o Katniss stumbles upon Peeta who is hiding
o He is very ill
o Canons heard for falling tributes
o She tries to care for him but he is only getting
o They sing about being in love
Song (This Moment/Folk)
Scene Five
o They have received an ointment to help Peeta
o He almost immediately feels better
o The two go to the cornucopia and are suddenly
o The fallen tributes will be dressed as vicious dogs
Song (The Wolves/Rock)
o Cato arrives and there is a large battle before he
falls to the wolves
o It is just Peeta and Katniss
o They agree to eat poisoned berries that they
learned about while still in the capital
o Song (This is it/Folk)

o Just as they are about to kill themselves, a loud

voice (President Snow) stops them
o They are congratulated as the 74th annual Hunger
Games winners. The see a helicopter above them
as the light shines down.