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RICHARD O'BRIEN’S CCopsright © 198 by Richard O'Brien ‘Coprnght © 1995, 199 by Richatd O'Brien ALL RIGHTS RESERVED CAUTION: Yrofesionals and amateurs are hereby warned that RICH: AAD OFRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORHOK SHOW is subject to a Licensing Fee. 1s full: protected under the copyright lavs ofthe United Sexes ‘of America, the British Commonweal, saclding Canada and ll other countries of the Copstight Union. all rights, meluding professional Aanvateur, moti pietute, seciation, lecturing, public reading, radio broadeasting, television and the rights of wanslation into foreign lane guages are scl reserved. In its present form the pay is dedicated t0 the veading publican The amateur ine stage performance Has to AICIIARD OBRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW aye comtoled exclusivels x Sasouel French, Inc, and licensing arrangements and performance licenses rnust be secured well in advance of presentation, PLEASE NOTE. that amateur Licensing Fees are set upol application in accordance with ‘our producing cumstances, When appling fr licensing quotation andl a performance lense please gi Us the number of performances intended, dates of production, sour seating eapacity and admin fee Licensing Fees are pavable one week before the opening performance of the play (o Same! French, Ine, at 5 W, 2th Street, New Yea, NV too, ‘eensing Fee of the required amntount mast he paid whether the play {is presented for char or gain and whether or not adiisionis charged, Stork licensing fees quoted upon application to Samuel French. Ine Fos all other rights than those stipulated abose. appl to: Rocks Horror Compan Bas of York Theatre, St Martins Lane. Landon WC2 SABG England Paruculay emphasis lid on che question of amateu protest readings. peteinsion ae ets Zor Which must be secured in siting Aron Samel French, Ine ‘Copving fram this book in whole or im par is strict forbidden Javea the right of performance i noc ransferable Wheneser the plat is produced the following novice must appear on all progeams printing as advertising forthe play: "Prothiced be special Srrangement with Samet French, Ine Du authorship eredit mus be given on all programs, printing and advertising forthe pl ISBN 9780878681127 20m9 ‘No one shall commit or authorize ans actor omission by whieh the copsright of or the Fight to coparight, dis pat maybe impaived No one shall make any’ changes production ‘this plat for re putpowe of Pblieation ofthis play dors nor imp aalabilit for performance, Both amateurs sn pratessionals considering a production are strong advised in their own interests to apps co Same) French, Ine. for writen permussion before sarting rehearsals, advertising, (booking a theatre ‘No part ofthis book mm be eeproduced, stored in a review se tem oF wansmised in any for by any means, sone knoion oF es ented. including mechanical electronic, phorocopring, ig. iMdeotaping. oF otherwise. witht the prior wtten per saison ofthe publisher. RENTAL MATERIALS An orchestration consisting ofa Piano Conductors Score, Bb Tenor Swaaphone, Guitar (12 sing acoustic ‘electric. Bass Guita. Drams and Sunthesze sil be loaned two moiths pris te producwon ONLY on the receipt of the Licensing Fee quoted forall performances the ri fee and a refundable depos, al lease contact Samuel French for perusal of the musie materials as well 238 performance license application IMPORTANT BILLING AND CREDIT REQUIREMENTS AI producers of RICHARD O7RRIEN'S 11M: ROCKY HORKOR SHON wt fv credic to the Author ofthe Pla in all pregeams dastnbuted in connec to with performances ofthe Pla, and sn all nstaces iy whieh the tle ofthe Pla appears for the purposes of advertising. publiiing or otes= wise exploiting Hoe Pox aor a production. The mame ofthe Athos Ima! pear on separate ine on whieh wo ether name appears mined nels following ae ttle and ms sppear in sizeof pe not less tha fll percent ofthe aie of the tile Spe Inv adicion the following credit mus be given in all programs and pubs ets snformation distribated ia association With Vis cee RICHARD O'BRIEN'S “THE ROCKY HORRUE SHOW ‘Book, Music. Lees bv RICHARD O'BRIEN, Broadway Opening March 1975 at the BELASCO THEATRE ‘Lew aater nite Production Tim Curry Jamie Donnelly ‘Bont Eaten, ‘Abigale Hanes Mest Loat im miterd Bi) Miler Wiliam Newman Ritz O’Brien kta Lest Diet by Richard O'Brien Sim Sharenan Preucion Deseret b4 Coane Design by pr ‘isa Thomsos ‘Se Blane Chipmenc Pate Harvey Peat Sommer ‘hee aeab ‘van Pete “ean 2494 ‘avid Kr Banks “met & Krause Ricard bay CAST (in order of appearance) The Belasco Popcorn Girl (Trixie) ...... JAMIE DONNELLY ABIGALE HANES 7 sree BILL MILLER Narrator ‘WILLIAM NEWMAN Ritt-Ratt RITZ O'BRIEN .. BONT ENTEN JAMIE DONNELLY TIM CURRY KIM MILFORD. “MEATLOAF Doctor Scott MEAT LOAF INDEX OF SONGS SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE DAMN ITJANET OVER AT THE FRANKENSTEIN PLACE. THE TIME WaRP SWEET TRANSVESTITE THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES CAN MAKE YoU A MAN Hor PATOOTIE ICAN MAKE YOU A MAN (con't TOUCH-A TOUCH-A TOUCH ME ONCE IN A WHILE. EDDIE'S TEDDY PLANET SCHMANET - WISE UP JANET WEISS FLOORSHOW / ROSE TINT MY WORLD TM GOING HOME SUPER HEROES SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE (Reprise) uM n 2 a 5 a s cast (Um order of eppearance) USHERETTEMAGENTA BRAD JANET NARRATOR RIFF RAFF CoLUMaIA FRANK °N’ FURTER Rocky EDDIE /DR SCOTT 4 PHANTOMS ~ TRANSILVANIANS. Notes: 1. Usherete can be doubled with Magenta 2. Dr, Scott and Eadie can be doubled 53. Phantoms can be increased w sis. ‘They are used onstage & off 2 backup singers 48 wellas understuies. PHANTOMS: (Enter from Audience) Welcome, we're glad you could come tonight Prologue (USHERETTE emters with ray) [Song: “SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE") USHERETTE: MICHAEL RENNIE WAS ILL THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL BUT HE TOLD US WHERE WE STAND AND FLASH GORDON WAS THERE INSILVER UNDERWEAR CLAUDE RAINS WAS THE INVISIBLE MAN ‘THEN SOMETHING WENT WRONG FORAY WRAY AND KING KONG. THEY GOT CAUGHT IN A CELLULOID 3AM THEN AT A DEADLY PACE IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE AND THis 1S HOW THE MESSAGE RAN «cHtorus, (PHANTOMS do the Oohhs ee SCIENCE FICTION - DOUBLE FEATURE DRX WILL BUILD A CREATURE SEE ANDROIDS FIGHTING BRAD AND JANET "ANNE FRANCES STARS IN FORBIDDEN PLANET OH- AT THE LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE PICTURE SHOW, KNEW LEO G, CARROL WAS OVER A BARREL WHEN TARANTULA TOOK TO THE HILLS AND IREALLY GOT HOT WHEN 1 SAW JANETTE SCOTT FIGHT A TRIFFID THAT SPITS POISON AND KILLS DANA ANDREWS SAID PRUNES. 8 RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW GIVE HIM THE RHUNES AND PASSING THEM USED LOTS OF SKILLS ‘AND WHEN WORLD'S COLLIDE SAID GEORGE PAL TO HIS BRIDE T'M GOING TO GIVE YOU SOME TERRIBLE THRILLS LIKE A- (cHoRus) SCIENCE FICTION - DOUBLE FEATURE. DR. X WILL BUILD A CREATURE SEE ANDROIDS FIGHTING BRAD AND JANET [ANNE FRANCES STARS IN FORBIDDEN PLANET OH AT THE LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE PICTURE SHOW. I WANT TOGO. AT THE LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE PICTURE Si BYRKO, AT THE LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE PICTURE SHOW IN THE BACK ROW AT THE LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE PICTURE SHOW. ow Scene One (Wedding bells are ringing ~ PHANTOM voices. PHANTOMS create arch through which BRAD and JANEP enter. both are breathless) JANET. Oh Brad. wasn't it wonderful ~ didn’t Bety look radianty beautiful - ean’ Believe it~ just an hour ago she was plain Bety Munroe and now she's Mrs. Rall Hapshat BRAD. Yes, Janet ~ Ra's hucky guy. JANET. Yes BRAD. Everyone knows Bety’s 2 wonderful litle cook, JANET. Yes BRAD. And Ralf himself willbe in line for promotion in year or two, JANET. Yes, 8:24. ISong: “DAMN IT JANET") BRAD. HEY, JANET RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 9 JANET. ‘YES BRAD, BRAD. I'VE GOT SOMETHING TO SAY. JANET. YES, BRAD, IREALLY LOVED THE SKILLFUL WAY ‘YOU BEAT THE OTHER GIRLS TO THE BRIDE'S BOUQUET. PHANTOMS. THE RIVER WAS DEEP BUT SWAM IT, inet ‘THE FUTURE IS OURS SO LET'S PLAN IT Sanet $0 PLEASE DON'T TELL ME TO CAN IT Janet I'VE ONE THING TO SAY AND THAT'S. DAMN IT JANET ~1 LOVE YOU. THE ROAD WAS LONG BUT IRAN IT. Janet THERE'S A FIRE IN MY HEART AND YOU FANIT, Janet IF THERE'S A FOOL FOR YOU THEN | AMIT Janet T'VE ONE THING TO SAY AND THAT'S DAMN IT JANET — 1 LOVE YOU. HERE'S A RING TO PROVE I'M NO JOKER (Bell voices) THERE'S THREE WAYS THAT LOVE CAN GROW THAT'S GOOD - BAD -OR MEDIOCRE FAN-ET TLOVE You so. JANET. PHANTOMS, OH IT'S NICER THAN BETTY MUNROE HAD. ONBrad NOW WE'RE ENGAGED AND I'M SO GLAD. Oh Brad. THAT YOU'VE MET MOM AND YOU KNOW Dab Oh Bra. PVE ONE THING TO SAY AND THAT'S BRAD -I'MMAD~ FOR YOU Too. (OW BRAD. 30 RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW BRAD. (OH DAMN Ir. JANET. M MAD. BRAD. OBJANET. JANET. FOR YOU Ran. PHANTOMS. ILOVE YOU 00 ~ THERE'S ONE THING LEFT TODO AND THAT'S GO SEE THE MAN THAT BEGAN IT Janet WHEN WE MET IN HIS SCIENCE EXAM IT MADE ME GIVE YOU THE EYE AND THEN PANIC Janet NOW I'VE ONE THING TO SAY AND THAT'S, DAMN IT -JANET - I LOVE YOU. DAMN IT JANET. JANET. (OH BRAD I'M Mao. BRAD. DAMN IT JANET, JANET. ILOVEYOU. (Song ends. Black owt) (BRAD, JANET and PHANTOMS ext) (Spotlight on) NARRATOR. | stould like ~ if | may — to take you on @ strange journey. t seemed a fairly ordinary night when Brad Majors, and his ‘faneee lanet Weiss. (two young ordinary healthy kids). left Denton that late November evening to visits Dr, Evres Seon & thr and now friend to both of them. Is tue there were dark storm clouds, heavy ~ black and pendulous ~roward which they were driving, ste also thatthe spare tire they were carrying was badly in need of some air ~ bu they being normal RICHARD O"BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 1 kids and on a gh out ~welh—shey weve nat going ro et a storm spoil the events of thei? evening. On night out. (Thunder) Was a might Out they ‘were to remeinber Thunder) fora very —long — tine, Seene Two (Sound ofa car approaching through a stormy night) (theadlighis (Car stops) BRAD. Haun JANET, What's the matter, Brad darting?” BRAD. 1 thiok we took tne wrong fork afew miles back there. We'd better goon ahead up the road and see if we ean Find Our way back. (They move off BLOW-OUT) Oh da! Janet, ‘JANET. What was that Bang? BRAD. We seem to havea Dlow-ou the fron left-hand tr JANET. Oh (Pace Lighning and thunder) BRAD. You'd better stay nere and keep warm while go for help JANET. Bur whete will you 20° We've im the middle at nowhere BRAD, Didn't we pass a castle back down the road 3 few miles? Maybe they havea telephone | ight use MANET. Um coming with 104 BRAD, There's n0 point n bth of us geting wa, JANET. I'm coming with you. Besides, darling, the owner ofthe pone may be a Beautiful woman. ard you may never come back "BRAD. Ha fin (PHANTOMS take up the laughter ~ They exit wih car) song: “OVER AT THE FRANKENSTEIN PLACE") JANET. IN THE VELVET DARKNESS OF THE BLACKEST NIGHT BURNING BRIGHT ~ THERE'S A GUIDING STAR NO MATTER WHAT OR WHO YOU ARE, BRAD & JANET. ‘THERE'S A LIGHT 12 RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW PHANTOMS, (OVER AT THE FRANKENSTEIN PLACE BRAD & JANET. THERE'S ALIGHT PHANTOMS, BURNING IN THE FIREPLACE JANET. “SDHERE’S A LIGHT... LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS OF EVERYBODY'S LIFE BRAD. ICAN SEE THE FLAG FLY CAN SEE THE RAIN JUST THE SAME ~ THERE HAS GOT TO BE SOMETHING BETTER HERE ~ FOR YOU AND ME, BRAD & JANET. THERE'S A LIGHT PHANTOMS. (OVER AT THE FRANKENSTEIN PLACE BMAD & JANET. THERE'S A LIGHT PHANTOMS. BURNING IN THE FIREPLACE BRAD. ‘THERE'S A LIGHT .. LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS OF EVERYBODY'S LIFE (A ligh pin spots RIFF RAFF.) RIFF RAFF. THE DARKNESS MUST GO DOWN THE RIVER OF NIGHTS DREAMING FLOW MORPHIA SLOW LET THE SUN AND LIGHT COME STREAMING INTO MY LIFE INTO MY LIFE RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 13 JANET & BRAD, THERE'S ALIGHT PHANTOMS. OVER AT THE FRANKENSTEIN PLACE JANET & BRAD. ‘THERE'S A LIGHT PHANTOMS. BURNING IN THE FIREPLACE THERE'S A LIGHT LIGHT JANET & BRAD. IN THE DARKNESS OF EVERYBODY'S LIFE (Song ends) (Ligh JANET. Sereams BRAD. i's all igh, Janet. SANET. Oh Brad ets go back, ¥'m cold and 'm Hightened BRAD. Justa moment Jane. they may ave & telephone (EHANTOMS enter ~ ums 2dr 5 (Herings the bell. Noanswer Rites agai. 410s the dor opens) (Boor ereak) RIFF RAFF. (Looking past them as if for others. oF some-one else) Hello ‘BRAD. Oh: Uh: Ab Hi there, we're ina bit ofa spot, | wonder could you help us ~ our eat is broken dowrt about (9 miles back ~ do you have A telephone we might use.” RIFF RAFF. (Pause) You're wel SANE, Yes the rain as been very hesy BRAD. Yes RIFF RAFF, Yes — (Lishining and Pruuer | think you beter both come inside JANET. You're too kind RIFF RAFF. (Moncs H.NET) You're to kind (Shus door) (Blackow) 14 RICHARD O’BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW NARRATOR. (Spotligh on.) And so ~ after braving the inclement ‘weather, and some no oo ite time ~ it seemed that fortune ad smiled on Brad and Janet and that they had found the assistance that their plight required ~ or fad they? ~ There was cersily something about this house (Qo which, a Nat tite and a wer night had brought them) tat made the both of them uneasy ~ but, if they were to reach thei destination that night they Would have to ignore such feelings and take advantage of whatever help was offered Scene Three (Arterir dimly Ii) [PHANTOMS wander ser with various experimental surgical elements ~ le brain in bole (RIFF RAFF enters, beckons JANET and BRAD.) RIFF RAFF. Wait here. BRAD, (To RIFF RAFF as he exits) Excuse me. JANET. (Looking around ) Oh Brot what sor ofa place is this —'m ‘tightened 'BRAD. It's probably some sort of hunting ladge for rich weirdos ~ but, you're shivering JANET. Yes I'm wet BRAD. Look fel this —thete’s hot aie coming from this grille inthe wall ~ take off your sweater and dry It here. TIL Keep a look out forthe undensker JANET. (Sereams os sweater ig snatched from her by hand through ceri) Oh BRAD. For Go's sake Keep a grip on yourself Janet, I'm here ~ there's nothing to worry about. (She smiles.) Here dey my coat woo JANET. OK RIFF RAFF. COLUMBIA and MAGENTA enter. JANET screams ) Agghih!"" BRAD. It's alrieht, Janet, Excuse me, hi. ook if L could just use your phone, we'll mose eign along ~ Vim sure you've got a lot of things 10 do and a great evening plannes RIFF RAFF. Oh Ses. you've arrived on a rather special night, he master i having one ofhis affairs JANET. Lucks oid him, MAGENTA. Yeah he's lucky ~ I'm lucky ~ you're lucky ~ we're all lucky ‘COLUMBIA, Ail except Ee RIFF RAFF. ssi JANET, Elie” RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 15 RIFF RAFF & MAGENTA. SSH! MAGENTA. The deliver 935 ‘COLUMBIA His delivery was't good enough RIFF RAFF. The master only wanted to help Be Boy beter his POMNBRAD. That's very commendable RIFE RAPT. Vest sums ike oniy yesterday snc he wen! JANET. Where MAGENTA To pices RIFE RAFF MAGENTA, HaHa Ha (MAGENTA, COLUMBIA and RIFF SAPF sing, PHANTOMS fon after vir re) [Song: “THE TIME WARP") RIFF RAFF. IT'S ASTOUNDING — TIME IS FLEETING MADNESS TAKES IT'S TOLL BUT LISTEN CLOSELY MAGENTA & COLUMBIA. NOT FOR VERY MUCH LONGER RIFF RAFF, P'VE GOT TO KEEP CONTROL I REMEMBER DOING THE TIME WARP DRINKING THOSE MOMENTS WHEN, THE BLACKNESS WOULD HIT ME — AND THE VOID WOULD BE CALLING ALL LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN fenorusy NARRATOR, (if BAss¥eaN) I's JUST A JUMP TO THE LEFT ALL. AND THEN A STEP TO THE RIGHT. NARRATOR. WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR Mes 16 RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW ALL. YOU BRING YOUR KNEES IN TIGHT BUT IT'S THE PELVIC THRUST THAT STARTS TO DRIVE YOU INSANE ET’S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN MAGENTA. IT'S SO DREAMY ~ OH FANTASY FREE ME 0 YOU CAN'T SEE ME—NO NOT AT ALL IN ANOTHER DIMENSION ~ WITH VOVEURISTIC INTENTION WELL SECLUDED - PLL SEE ALL WITH A BIT OF 4 MIND FLIP YOU'RE THERE IN| ‘THE TIME SUP NOTHING CAN EVER BE THE SAME YOU'RE SPACED OUT ON SENSATION RIFF RAFF & MAGENTA. LIKE YOU'RE UNDER SEDATION ALL. LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN (CHORUS) NARRATOR. (MR. B4SSMAN) Y?SIUST A JUMP'TO THE LEFT ALL. AND THEN A STEP TO THE RIGHT NARRATOR. WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HIPS ALL. ‘YOU BRING YOUR KNEES IN TIGHT BUT IT’S THE PELVIC THRUST THAT STARTS TO DRIVE YOU INSANE RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 17 LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN ‘COLUMBIA. WELL | WAS WALKING DOWN THE STREET JUST HAVING A THINK, WHEN 4 SNAKE OF A GUY GAVE ME AN EVIL WINK WELL IT SHOOK ME UP, IT TOOK ME BY SURPRISE HE HAD A PICK UP TRUCK AND THE DEVIL'S EYES (OH—HE STARED AT ME AND | FELT A CHANGE ‘TIME MEANT NOTHING ~ NEVER WOULD AGAIN ALL, LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN (COLUMBIA ~ Tap break) LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN (CHORUS) NARRATOR. (41h ASSMAN) I'S JUST A JUMP TO THE LEFT ALL, AND THEN A STEP TO THE RIGHT NARRATOR, WITH YOUR HANDS ON YOUR HIPS ALL. YOU BRING VOUR KNEES IN HGHT BUTIT'S THE PELVIC THRUST ‘THAT STARTS TO DRIVE YOU INSANE LET'S DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN (Song ends. RIFF RAFF. MAGENTA, COLUMBIA move menacingly Toward BRAD and JANET) \8 RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW JANET. Say something Brad BRAD. Ah 53), do you guys know how to Madison? Janet ~ out, ‘ut, ep touch, sep touch. (Beat 10 “Sweet Transvestite") (RIFF RAPP, MAGENTA, COLUMBIA and PHANTOMS break off and ‘Prepare for entrance} JANET, Brad, let's getout oF here, seems so unhealthy here 1 want ‘ogo. 'BRAD, Well we can’t go anywhere until gt toa phone, JANET. This isn’t the unior Chamber of Commerce Brad BRAD, They're probably foreigners with ways diferent to our own, they may do some more folk dancing, JANET. Look I'm cold, I'm wet an’ jos pln seared. BRAD. I'm here Janet, there's nothing to worry abou (FRANK appears) [Song: °SWEEY TRANSVESTITE") FRANK. HOW Do You Do SEE YOU'VE MET My FAITHFUL HANDYMAN HE'S A LITTLE BROUGHT DOWN. BECAUSE WHEN YOU KNOCKED HE THOUGHT YOU WERE THE CANDYMAN (Spoken) Didnt you Freshy DON“T GET STRUNG OUT BY THE WAY THAT! LOOK DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT's COVER I'M NOT MUCH OF A MAN BY THE LIGHT OF DAY. BUT BY NIGHT I'M ONE HELL. OF A LOVER VM SUST A SWEET TRANSVESTITE FROM TRANSSEXUAL TRANSYLVANIA. LET ME SHOW YOU AROUND, MAYBE PLAY YOU A SOUND ‘YOU LOOK LIKE YOU'RE BOTH PRETTY GROOVIE OR IF YOU WANT SOMETHING VISUAL THAT'S NOT TOO ABYSMAL WE COULD TAKE IN AN OLD STEVE REEVES MOVIE RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 19 BRAD. PM GLAD WE CAUGHT YOU AT HOME ‘AH. COULD WE USE YOUR PHONE WE'RE BOTH IN A BIT OF A HURRY WE'LL JUST SAY WHERE WE ARE THEN GO BACK TO THE CAR WE DON'T WANT TOBE ANY WORRY FRANK. YOU GOT CAUGHT WITH a FLAT WELL HOW ABOUT THAT WELL BABIES DON'T YOU PANIC BY THE LIGHT OF THE NIGHT TLL ALL SEEM ALRIGHT DLL GET YOU A SATANIC MECHANIC PMIUST A ‘SWEET TRANSVESTITE FROM TRANSSEXUAL TRANSYLVANIA WHY DON'T CHA STAY FOR THE NIGHT RIFF RAFF, MAGENTA & COLUMBIA, NIGHT FRANK. OR MAYBE A BITE RIFF RAFF, MAGENTA & COLUMBIA, BITE FRANK. ICOULD SHow YOU MY FAVOURITE OBSESSION E'VE BEEN MAKING A MAN. WITH BLOND HAIR AND A TAN AND HE'S GOOD FOR RELIEVING MY TENSION VIM JUST 4 SWEET TRANSVESTITE FROM TRANSSEXUAL TRANSYLVANIA RUE RAFF, MAGENTA & COLUMBIA, BIT IT. HITIT 20 RICHARD O’BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW FRANK. MJUST A SWEET TRANSVESTITE FROM TRANSSEXUAL TRANSYLVANIA $0 COME UP TO THE LAB. AND SEE WHAT'S ON THE SLAB T'SEE YOU SHIVER IN ANTICIPATION BUT MAYBE THE RAIN IS REALLY TO BLAME SOL REMOVE THE CAUSE BUT NOT THE SYMPTOM (FRANK exits. The SERVANTS undress JANET and BRAD. They are reduced io 50s underwear) BRAD. (Aside 1o JANET ) 1s all eight, Janet, everything's gonna be allright, we'll ust lay along for now = and we'll pull out the aces when the time i right JANET, This is no time for card wich, Brad, are you sire we'll be alrigh? MAGENTA, (Snatches JANET's ba) No bags BRAD. I'm sure. Janet. (To COLUMBIA, MAGENTA and RIFF RAFF) Uh, Hi there ~ I'm Brad Majors this is Janet Weiss my fiancée You are COLUMELA You're very lucky 10 be invited up to Frank's, laboratory. lot of people would give sek ight arm for he privilege 'BRAD, People like you maybe, COLUMBIA. I've seen JANET. Is be is Frank. your husband? RIFF RAFF. The master isnot yet married, nor do I think ever will be — we are simply his Servants (RIFF RAPE ex wth their clothes) (PRANK enters) Scene Four FRANK. Unlock 2 mind — unmind a lock — its the sime as the beginning ofthe end - do you follow? JANET. Yo BRAD. ifs an anagram, Janet, RICHARD OBRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 21 FRANK. I onder may I offer You something refreshing? BRAD £ JANET. No. FRANK. No. You're right, ! won't ~ how delightful to have fresh faces around. Magenta ~ Columbia ga and assist RINT Ralf — Iwill centerain hb. BRAD. Brad Major FRANK. Brad Majors. BRAD, And this 705 Fiancee Taner Weiss (He pronounces it “Vice” ) FRANK. Weiss, BRAD. Wess FRANK. Enchanted. How nice ~ and what charming under-lothes ‘you both have ~ but here, put these on Ye hands JANET a las coat and helps BRAD on sith hi, during speech) They'll make you feel less ‘vulnerable. We don't often receive Visitors here, let alone show them hospitality BRAD. Hospitality! All we wanted was to use your phone, a reasonable veqots wich you have chosen to ignore JANET. Don't be ungrateful Brad BRAD. Ungrazofil’ FRANK. How forceful you are, Brad, what a perfeet example of rmaninood ~ 20 dominant you mUst be very proud, Fane JANET, Yes FRANK. Tell me Brad, do you have any tatoos? BRAD. Certsnis not FRANK. Oh well. /ToJANET) How about you? (Ener RIFF RAFF) [RUFF RAFF. Everything i in readiness Master, we merely wait for you to give the word. FRANK. Tonight Brad and Jane, you are to witness a new breakthrough in Biochemical research and paradise ito be mine 'SANEC. Oh ow wonderful fo you FRANK. Yes. was strange the way i happenes one af thane quirks of fate really. one of those moments when -. everything looks Black, the chips are down, you back is against the wall. You panic~ you're rapped there's no a) outa even if there was it would probably be @ foe way ticket tothe bottom af the bay. And then sudenly you get a break Tal the pieces seem to fit nf place ~ what a sucker you'd been — what a fool ~ the answer was there al he time ~ took a small accident to make ‘happen (Al fook at FRANK in amazement) An aecident. 22 RICHARD O'URIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW MAGENTA & COLUMBIA. An accident FRANK, That's how | discovered the Secret ~ that elusive ingredient than spark that iste breath of life. Yes | have that knowledge, I hold the key tlie self you see fra and Janet you are fortunate fr Tonights the night my beautiful ereature is destined to be Born. sic) Throw open the Switches on the Sonie Oscillator and step up the Reactor Power Input three more pains (Phe lab has series of mechaniams that can be changed according 10 is design) (The ab lights yp in stages throughout the following.) @cHoRDS 123) JANET. Ba BRAD. Its alright tones FRANK. Balls @ Chords) JANET. Brad! BRAD. Is alright Janet, FRANK. Tubes (3 Chords JANET. Brad! BRAD. Its alright Janet FRANK. Crimps 13 Chords (ROCKY 18 revealed in smadling clothes) (FRANK dherobes him auring the some ) (Song: “THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES"| ROCKY. THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES IS HANGING OVER MY HEAD AND I'VE GOT THE FEELING SOMEONE IS GONNA BE CUTTING THE THREAD (OH WHO IS ME - MY LIFE IS A MISERY OW CANT YOU SEE UM AT THE START. OF A PRETTY BIG DOWNER I WOKE UP THIS MORNING WITH A START WHEN FELL OUT OF THE BED RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 25, ALL, THAT AIN'T NOCRIME ROCKY. AND LEFT FROM MY DREAMING WAS A FEELING (OF UNAMIABLE DREAD ALL. THAT AIN'TNO CRIME ROCKY, MY HIGH IS LOW —'M DRESSED UP WITRNOPLACE TOGO AND ALL I KNOW ISI'M AT THE STARTOF A PRETTY BIG DOWNER ALL. (GHA UA LALA THAT AIN'TNO CRIME) (GHA LA LALA THAT AIN'T NO CRIME) (SHA LA LALA THAT AIN'T NO CRIME) (HAT ANOTNO CRIME) NARRATOR. ‘ROCKY HORROR YOU NEED PEACE OF MIND — AND L WANT TO TELL YOU THAT YOU'RE DOING JUST FINE YOU'RE THE PRODUCT OF ANOTHER TIME AND FEELING DOWN WELL THAT'S NO CRIME ALL. THAT ARNT NO CRIME ROCKY. THE SWORD OF DAMIOCLES 1S HANGING OVER MY HEAD ALL. THAT AIN'T NO CRIME ROCKY. ANDI'VE GOT THE FEELING THAT SOMEONE'S GOING TO BE CUTTING THE THREAD ALL. THAT AIN'TNO CRIME, ROCKY. OH WOE IS ME ~ MY LIFE IS A MYSTERY 24 RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW OH CAN'T YOU SEE THAT I'M AT THE START OF A PRETTY BIG DOWNER ALL. SHA LALA LA THAT AIN'T NO CRIME SHA LALA LA THAT AIN'T NO CRIME SHA LA LALA THAT AIN'T NO CRIME THAT AIN'T NO CRIME SHA LA LALA THAT AIN'T NO CRIME SHA LA LALA THAT AIN'T NO CRIME (SHA LA LALA THAT AIN'T NO CRIME) THAT AIN'T NO CRIME SHA LALA. (Song ends) FRANK. Well really ~ that’s no way to behave on your first day out. ROCKY. Well nobody's pete = But Uda think You made a prety {2008 job ofthe body work FRANK. You are the result of many houts of toil ~ and now my ‘eauiful creature you re ready fr the ullmate test, ROCKY. On sear FRANK, But fist meet the family. Well Riff Raff what do you think? RIFF RAFF. He's credit io my'yout penivs, FRANK, Magenta” MAGENTA. A triumph ofthe will FRANK, What do you thnk Columbia? COLUMBIA. He's Ok, FRANK. OK! hink we can do beer than tht, Well, Brad and Janet, what do you think? JANET. I don’t like men with too many muscles FRANK. I didn make him for you. He carries the Charles Atlas seal of approval. Macsiro Seng: “CAN MAKE YOU A MAN") ‘A WEAKLING WEIGHING 98 POUNDS GETS SAND INHIS FACE WHEN KICKED TO THE GROUND AND SOON IN THE GYM WITH A DETERMINED CHIN ‘THE SWEAT FROM HIS PORES AS HE WORKS FOR HIS CAUSE RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 25 WILL MAKE HIM GLISTEN AND GLEAM AND WITH MASSAGE AND JUST A BIT OF STEAM HE'LL BE PINK BUT QUITE CLEAN HE'LL BE A STRONG MAN ALL, BUT THE WRONG MAN FRANK, HE'LL EAT NUTRITIOUS HIGH-PROTEIN AND SWALLOW RAW EGGS TRY TO BUILD UP His SHOULDERS. CHEST, ARMS AND LEGS. SUCH AN EFFORT IF ONLY HE KNEW OF MY FLAN WHEN INJUST SEVEN DAYS ICAN MAKE YOU A MAN LHE'LL DO PRESS UPS AND CHIN UPS THE SNATCH CLEAN ANDIERK DYNAMIC TENSION MUST BE AWFULLY HARD WORK SUCH STRENUOUS LIVING [JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND. WHEN UN JUST SEVEN DAYS ECAN MAKE YOU A MAN COLUMBIA. Eddie! (A coke machine i revealed EDDIE is inside) (Song: “HOT PATOOTIE', EDDIE. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO SATURDAY NIGHT WHEN YOU DRESSED Up SHARP AND YOU FELT ALRIGHT ITDON' SEEM THE SAME SINCE COSMIC LIGHT CAME INTO MY LIFE AND 1 THOUGRT 3 WAS DIVINE, TUSED TO G0 FOR A RIDE WITH A CHICK WHO'D GO. AND LISTEN TO THE MUSIC ON THE RADIO ‘A SAXOPHONE WAS BLOWING ON A ROCK AND ROLL SHOW AND YOU CLIMBED IN THE BACK AND YOU REALLY, HAD A.GOOD TIME 26 RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW ALL. HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL. REALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL. IREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL, TREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL. TREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL EDDIE. MY HEAD USED To SWIM FROM THE PERFUME { SMELT MY HANDS KIND OF FUMBLED WITH HER WHITE PLASTIC BELT. YD TASTE HER BABY PINK LIPSTICK AND THAT'S WHEN 'D MELT AND SHE'D WHISPER IN MY EAR TONIGHT SHE REALLY WAS MINE GET BACK IN FRONT AND PUT SOME HAIR OL. ON BUDDY HOLLY WAS SINGING HIS VERY LAST SONG WITH YOUR ARM ROUND YOUR GIRL YOU'D TRY TO SING ALONG YOU FELT PRETTY GOOD 'CAUSE YOU'D REALLY HAD GOOD TIME ALL HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL TREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL, HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL UREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL. HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL TREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL. HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL TREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL HOT PaTOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL TREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL, RICHARD O"BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 27 HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL TREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL TREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK ANO ROLL HOT PATOOTIE BLESS MY SOUL TREALLY LOVE THAT ROCK AND ROLL YEDDIE is forced pack nto cominer 1 VERANK kills him olen) (COLUMBIA is dstranght FRANK, One from the vaults. He transforms her mood.) Columbia ROCKY. Why do you keep hin in there? He's $0 Ug. FRANK. A certain naive charm, But n0 muscle, We had a meni ‘elaconship ~ (Song: “I CAN MAKE YOU A MAN" continued) FRANK. BUT A DELTOID AND A BICEP AHOT.GROIN AND A TRICEP MAKES ME SHAKE MAKES ME WANT TO TAKE CHARLES ATLAS BY THE HAND PHANTOMS. IN JUST SEVEN DAYS I CAN MAKE YOU A MAN FRANK. DON'T WANT NO DISSENSION JUST DYNAMIC TENSION JANET, PMA MUSCLE FAN ALL. INJUST SEVEN DAYS 1 CAN MAKE YOU A MAN FRANK. DIGINIF YOU CAN ALL. IN JUST SEVEN DAYS 1 CAN MAKE YOU A MAN 28 RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW (Band plays "WEDDING MARCH") (MAGENTA and COLUMBIA give FRANK a bouguet and veil) (HANTOMS throw conf) (Wedding procession takes place) (FRANK throws the bounce) (RIFF RAFF catches), Curran ENDOFACTI ACT IL ENTRAC (NARRATOR enters 00 las bar of “Time Warp") NARRATOR. Welcome back, (InsersCip). Do pay attention. There are those who say fei sion - And eeality as we know it, fz merely figment of our imuinations I this is so, Brad and fanet are quite sate [But~ there are some who have g far more physical philosophy ~those who Would stop at nothing to satisfy thei base desires ~ It could be that Brad and Janet are aman those who held the devil's rein, Scene Five ‘JANET’ ROOM (Woices is Blackout} {Aetion n both scents should be exactly the same.) JANET'S, Oh Brad Oh Yes Yes my darting - What if BRAD'S. sal ight Janet everything's going tobe al sigh. JANET'S, On I hope so my daring. I'm so ft. (Lights up. Scene layed i sihouete You! FRANK. ('y afraid so Janet but wasa’t it nice JANET. You beast~ you monster ~ what have you dane with Brad? FRANK. Mmm ~ nothing ~ why, do you think I should? JANET. You tricked me ~ I wouldn't have ~ I've never - Oh my God (FRANK removes condom and throws away.) FRANK. [ know ~ but it wasn't all bad was ie? Not really even half ‘bad = i Faiths perhaps you found it quite ~ pleasurable ~ Mmm — 50 soft so ~ sensual. TANET, Ahin~ no ~ stop ~ mean help ~ I~ Brad - Ohhh ~ Brad, FRANK, Shh. Brad's probably asleep by now ~ Jo you want him to see you like this? “JANET. Like this? Like how? FRANK. Like ths JANET, I's your aul, you're to blame .. was ~ saving myself, » 30 RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW FRANK, Well I'm sure you're not spent yet and was an enjoyable experience was it not? (Lighis dim You did like it didn't you? There's 80 crime in giving yourself over to pleasure ~ iS there? We could try Tor an action replay Oh Janet you've wasted so much time already ~ Brad needn't Know: {won't tell him, Mami, (Blackou JANET. Are you sire you won't tll him. Ohhh Scene Six ‘BRAD'S ROOM Woiees i blackout) JANET'S. Oh Brad Oh yes — Yes my daring, bt what if. BRAD'S, its all ight Janel everything's oine fo be allright. JANET'S, [hope sem darling (Lights up) (Scene played i sthowette) BRAD. You FRANK. I'm afraid so Brad but wasn't tice BRAD. You fiend. you scoundrel ~ What have you done with Janet? FRANK. Mmm ~ nothing - why, do you think | should? BRAD. Vou tricked me, I wouldn't have ~ I've never = Oh my God — (FRANK removes condom from BRAD) FRANK, | know ~ but it wasnt all bad was if? Not really even half bad, infact think you found it quite pleasurable Oh so soft ~ 20 sensual. BRAD. Ah Help No stop. ! mean ~Janet ~ Ohh Jane, FRANK. Shi — Janets probably asleep by now ~ Do you want her to see you like this? BRAD. Like this ~ like how FRANK. Like this, BRAD. it's your fault. You're to blame ~ 1 though i 436 the real thing, FRANK. Oh come on trad admit itt was enjoyable wasn't i? You liked it didn't you? There's no crime in giving yourself over to pleasure ~ is there? (Lights dim.) We could try for an action replay. Oh Brad you've RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 31 wasted so much time already ~ Janet needn't know. 1 won't tll ber ~ Mmm (Blockous) BRAD. Are you sure you won't tell het = Ohhh RIFE RAFF. (On intercom) Master ~ The laboraiory is empty. Rocky as vanished ~ the yew playmate is loose and somewhere inthe building FRANK. Oh Wow What a~ Mmm ~ Oh~ Coming Scone Seven TABORATORY (Emer JANET) JANET. What's happening here ~ Where's Brad? — Where's anybody? If only we hadn't made this journey ~ if only the car hadn't broken down = if only we were amongst fends or sae persons. NARRATOR. (Cand only — two small words that Kept repeating themselves again and again in Jane's thoughts, But it as {00 late 0 40. back now ~ it was ac if she were riding a giant tidal wave, ft would be folly to fight against ther only chance would be to de it out~ adapt ~ and pemnapsas0 — snvive. (Emer ROCKY ROCKY. Ot ts you ~ look fm trying to hide from my creator and his minion ~ they scare me ~ I fel that al is not well here. have been thinking alot about ~ (Eddie) have a feling of foreboding JANET. Isl like some terible dream ROCKY, is ve you dae’ ike men with too many muscles? JANET. Well ROCKY. Have you got an lip gloss? JANET. Vm engaged to Brad, just the same as Bety Munroe was to Ralf Mapsian, But Frank's kisses overwhelmed me with an ecstasy 1 pad never dreamed of before ~ hot burning kisses ~ I could see Brad's faee before me, and my mind screamed ~ No! ~ but my lips were hungry, too Ihungry = [wanted to be loved, and loved completely ~ my body throbbed excitedly ~ On ra, Grad my daring how could | have dane this to yo ROCKY, This oom is = womb fo me JANET, Yes ~ there you se, is instinctive - you reumed here for ‘one thing ~ security. Oh where's Brad ~ ? She fddes wite TV moor) ‘What have they done wih bien? 32. RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW NARRATOR, Janet's felings ran wild as she frantically manipulated the selector switch on the TV monitor ~ The screen thew up images of empty ooms and corridors ~ finally she stopped ~at Frank's bedroom, (Sees FRANK kissing BRAD ) JANET. Aaah! NARRATOR. Aaahhh! ROCKY. Oh, you can't rely on anyone. JANET. Oh tad! ~ How could you? (They all bend over trying to work out position on screen) NARRATOR. If one is suffering from the pangs of remorse for a sexual indiscrerion i would Seem logical thatthe wansgrestor would be sympathetic toward a loved one caught commiting a similar missemeanor “But emotion isan itational and powerful master ~ and from what lanet witnessed on the monitor ~ there seemed litle dout shat she was indeed ite slave (MAGENTA and COLUMBIA enter and watch quiet) MAGENTA & COLUMBIA, Tellus about it Janet [Song “TOUCH-A TOUCH-A TOUCH ME") JANET. WAS PEELING DONE IN COULDN'T WIN PD ONLY EVER KISSED BEFORE MAGENTA & COLUMBIA. “YOU MEAN SHE'D ONLY EVER KISSED JANET, AHA I THOUGHT THERE'S NOUSE GETTING INTO HEAVY PETTING. ITONLY LEADS TO TROUBLE AND SEAT WETTING NOW ALLE WANT TO KNOW ISHOW ToGo I'VE TASTED BLOOD ANDI WANT MORE, RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORRORSHOW 33 MAGENTA & COLUMBIA. MORE, MORE, MORE JANET. PLLPUT UP NO RESISTANCE I WANT TO STAY THE DISTANCE I'VE GOT AN ITCH TO SCRATCH AND I NEED ASSISTANCE (cHorusy ‘TOUCH-A YOUCH-A TOUCH-A-TOUCH ME IWANT To BE DIRTY THRILL ME CHILL ME FULFILL ME CREATURE OF THE NIGHT THEN IF ANYTHING GROWS WHEN YOU POSE. YULOIL YOU UP AND RUB YOU DOWN MAGENTA & COLUMBIA, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, AND THAT'S JUST ONE SMALL FRACTION OF THE MAIN ATTRACTION ‘YOU NEED A FRIENDLY HAND AND NEED ACTION JANET. ‘TOUCH-A TOUCH-A TOUCH-A-TOUCH ME WANT TO BE DIRTY THRILL ME CHILL ME FULFILL ME CREATURE OF THE NIGHT TOUCH:A TOUCH-A TOUCH-A-TOUCH ME IWANE TO BE DIRTY TTHRILL ME CHILL ME FULFILL ME (CREATURE OF THE NIGHT TOUCH-A YOUCH-A TOUCH-A-TOUCH ME LWANT TO BE DIRTY THRILL ME CHILL ME FULFILL ME CREATURE OF THE NIGHT. 34 RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW (CREATURE OF THE NIGHT CREATURE OF THE NIGHT (Blackow) ‘Seene Eight (RIFF RAFF enters fleving from FRAMK,) (le runs toward MAGENTA) RIFF RAFF. Aaaggghih! ~ Mercy! Master ERANK. (ith whip) How did it happen ~ I understood you were to ‘be watching RIFF RAFF. | was only away fora moment, Master FRANK. See if you ean find him on the moniter. Oh Magenta. Oh Rocky. Oh Rocky. Of Rocky (Click ~ BRAD's empty room switch sich ~ switch -JANET's room) RIFF RAFF. I've located him in the female's quarters, Maser. FRANK. Rocky? [think I'm going (0 (FRANK faints RIFF RAFF. Faint MAGENTA. Master. (They laugh as they carry bin of) BRAD. (Enver, sees TV") Janet! HOw could she? That's it— it's over. NARRATOR. Over! What was over? Not the night that was certain, Brad and Janet's engagement? Their love for ane another? Who cOuld say ~ for questions such as whee are not to be answered by the academic, they ‘must Bele forthe heart solve and Brad you may be sure, ha plenty of hear. [Song: “ONCE IN A WHILE") rap. ONCE IN A WHILE SHE DON'T WANT To CALL You SPEAKING ON THE TELEPHONE ‘RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 35 AND ONCE IN YOUR LIFE SHE DON'T WANT TO KNOW YOU YOU LOOK AROUND: ‘THE ONE YOU FOUND SHE IS GONE NARRATOR. HUMMINAH HUMMINAH HUMMINAH HUMMINAH HUM (PHANTOMS appear os back-up singers dressed as JANET) BRAD. AND THATS ALL TRE TIME, TWATIT TAKES FOR A HEART TO TURN TO STONE HE SWEETER THE WINE ‘THE HARDER TO MAKE THE BREAK YOU HEAR SOMETHING ABOUT SOMEONE YOU THOLGHT YOU'D KNOWN SO BABY DON'T CRY LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW AFTER THE NIGHT THERE'S BRAND NEW DAY ‘AND THERE'LL BE NO PAIN ANDNO MORE SORROW SO WASH YOUR FACE AND PHONE MY PLACE. IT'LL BE OKAY AND THATS ALL THE TIME THAT IT TAKES FOR AHEART TOBEAT AGAIN, SOGIVE ME A SIGN THAT A LOVER MAKES YOU LOOK AROUND THE ONE FOUND IS BACK AGAIN .. IS BACK AGAIN PHANTOMS, IS BACK AGAIN BRAN S PHANTOMS. IS BACK AGAIN IS BACK AGAIN IS BACK AGAIN ISBACK AGAIN 36. RICHARD O°BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW BRAD. 1S BACK AGAIN (PRANK and RIFF RAFF enter) FRANK. How maudlin - how pathetic ~ Your baggage has dared to defile my beautiful creature - Oh Rocky how could you? RIEE RAPE, (Peddie with TV monitor) Master ~ we have a visitor. FRANK. Oh shit, BRAD. Great Sco — Seon ~ Dr. Eveet Scot. RIFF RAFF. You know this anh (PRANK crops RIFF RAFF) FRANK. This person, BRAD. Ves, 40. He's an od fiend of mine FRANK. I see ~s0 this wasn’t simply a chance meeting ~ you came here with purpose ‘BRAD. Thar’s not rue ~ my car broke down ~ I told you FRANK. 1 know what you tald me, Brad ~ but this Dr, Evrer Soot his name is not unknown to me BRAD. He was a science teacher at Denton High FRANK. And now he works for your Goverment ~ doesn't he, Brad? He's attached to me bureau of the investigation of that which you call UPO'S = thats righ, isn't it Brad? BRAD. He might be ~ i don’t know RIFF RAFF. The iniuder is entering te building, Master. FRANK. Ab he's in the Zen room, Seal off all exits and all doors ~ ‘except for those that lead here ~ Riff Raff bring Rocky and Janet here ~ 1 {think we should make this a social occasion. The three unexpected puests shall enertain us witha floor show - which I shal direc. (PRANK makosa signal and door opens revealing DR. SCOTT) Scene Nine (Enter DOCTOR SCOTT in wheelohaur~ COLUMBIA pushing him.) COLUMBIA. Hi Ho - Silver BRAD. Dr. scot’ SCOTTY. rad ~ what are you doing here? FRANK, Dow's play games, Dr. Scot. It was part of your plan, asi not, that Brad Majors and his female should eheck the layout for you ~ RICHARD O'URIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 37 ‘unfortunately for you al there is to bea change of plans ~ 1m sure you're adaptable, Dr. Scon - | know Brad is ‘SCOTTY. U can assure you that Brad's presence here comes as a complete surprise tome. As dacs the st up you'nave ere — didn'renpect itto be quite so (le goes 1 inspect laboratory) FRANK. Sophisticated ~ Dr. Seon? Or should | say Dr. Von Scot? BRAD. What exactly are you implying? SCOTTY. They didn't prove nothink! Ah this machine hee BRAD. What do you think is. 09-7 SCOTTY. At this precive moment is had to tell but i seems to be made of met that Smt of is ea I woud Sy it was om nater planet WANET and ROCKY are revealed in ab ) (The fltowing dialogue should be repeated exact the same eack time ) SANET. Bead! SCOTTY. Janet! FRANK. Rocks! JANET. Dr. Scot! Brad! SCOTTY. jane! FRANK. Rocky! JANET. De. Scot! Brad! SCOTTY. Jane” FRANK. Rocks! JANET, Dr Scot’ FRANK. Oh Rocks. Oh Rocks! ROCKY, Fis of FRANK. Listen I mage him and { can break him just as easily ~ pull his plug ow SCOTTY. | soppose you intend todo with us as you did for Edie PHANTOMS. Sshi’ COLUMBIA, Fade! MAGENTA & RIFF RAFF. Ssh! RAD. Eddie ~I'se seen his he looks terrible: PHANTOMS. Sshnt FRANK, What do you keow of Eddie, Dr. Scott? SCOTTY. | happen to kaos a grea! deal about 2 lt of things ~ you see Eddie happens to be my nephew BRAD. De. Seo SCOTTY. Yes. Brad — my sister's Boy. [knew he was in with a bad exowd, but it was worse than J imagined ~ aliens 38 RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW BRAD. Tell then, Doe. (Song: “EDDIE'S TEDDY"] SCOTTY. FROM THE DAY HE WAS BORN, HE WAS TROUBLE HE WAS.THE THORN IN HIS MOTHER'S SIDE. SHE TRIED IN VAIN NARRATOR, BUT HE NEVER CAUSED HER NOTHING BUT PAIN scorty. HE LEFT HOME THE DAY SHE DIED FIN SWELTREL FROM THE DAY SHE WAS GONE ALL HE WANTED. WAS A ROCKIN’ ROLL PORN AND A MOTOR BIKE SHOOTIN’ UP JUNK NARRATOR. HE WAS A LOW DOWN CHEAP LITTLE PUNK ScorTy. TAKING EVERVONE FOR A RIDE ALL, WHEN EDDIE SAID HE DIDN'T LIKE HIS TEDDY YOU KNEW HE WAS A NO GOOD KID BUT WHEN HE THREATENED YOUR LIFE WITH A SWITCH BLADE KNIFE FRANK. wHaracuy coLumnta. MADE YOU CRY scomty, ANDIDID, coLumpta. EVERYBODY SHOVED HIM IVERY NEARLY LOVED HIM. USAW HEY UISTEN TO ME RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 39. STAY SANE INSIDE INSANITY BUT HE LOCKED THE DOOR AND THREW AWAY THE KEY SCOTTY. BUT HE MUST HAVE BEEN DRAWN INTO SOMETHING: MAKING HIM WARN ME IN & NOTE WHICH READ ALL WHAT'S ITSAY, WHAT'S IT SAY? Sorry TM OUT OF MY READ, NARRATOR. HURRY OR I MAY BE DEAD ScoTTY. ‘THEY MUSTN'T CARRY OUT THEIR EVIL DEEDS. au. WHEN EDDIE SAID HE DIDN'T LIKE HIS TEDDY YOU KNEW HE WAS A NO GOOD KID BUT WHEN HE THREATENED YOUR LIFE ‘WITH A SWITCH BLADE KNIFE WHEN EDDIE SAID HE DIDN'T LIKE HIS TEDDY YOU KNEW HE WAS A NOGOOD KID BUT WHEN HE THREATENED YOUR LIFE WITH A SWITCH BLADE KNIFE FRANK. WHATAGUY scorty. MAKES YOU CRY COLUMBIA, ANDIDID ALL. HEY HEY HEY FRANK. WHAT A GLY 40 RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW scorty. MAKES YOU'CRY COLUMBIA. ANDIDID ALL. HEY HEY HEY FRANK. WHATA GUY scorry. MAKES YOU CRY COLUMBIA. ANDIDID ALL, YEAH YEAH YEAH FRANK. WHATAGUY ‘COLUMBIA. MAKES YOU CRY SCOTTY. AND SHE DID. ALL YES SHE DID. SCOTTY & COLUMBIA, AND WE DID ALL. Yes WE DID EDDIE FRANK. Say a prayer for Esdie, | just deftosted him, ie pulls out a bag of blood and gare His destiny i in the Beg, BRAD. Why you RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 41 FRANK. (Flicks @ switch) There, that should restrain you all Magen, (ite holds ont the Bag) MAGENTA. I'll put him down the waste disposal. FRANK, Clever gi SANET My feet~ there's something wrong with my fet, SCOTTY. My wheels! My God! can't move roy wheels, BRAD. Its 25 if we're glued tothe spo. FRANK, You are, 50 quake wih fear you tiny fools ~ O.K. it's startime ~ Rif Raf set the sonic tansducer on program 8 secure all levels aero MAGENTA. Relax SCOTTY. You won't find earth people quite the casy mark that you imagine ~ this sonic transducer! II suppose some typeof audio vibratory ‘hysiomolecvlar transport device! 'FRANK, You'd beter believe i, baby BRAD, Youmesn...” SCOTTY. Yes, Brad — is something we ourselves have been working on. Butt seems our friend here has found a way of perfecting 1 device thats capable of breaking down solid matter and then projecting Itkrough space and who knows, perhaps even time self JANET, You mean he's poing to send us 1 another plane? [Song: “PLANET SCHMANET — WISE UP JANET WEISS" FRANK. PLANET-SHMANET JANET TELL YOU ONCE WON'T TELL YOU TWICE YOU'D BETTER WISE UP JANET WEISS V°APPLE PIE DON'T TASTE TOO NICE YOU'D BETTER WISE UP JANET WEISS PVE LAID THE SEED. IT SHOULD BE ALL You NEED YOU'RE AS SENSUAL ASA PENCIL WOUND UP LIKE ANE" OR FIRST STRING WHEN WE MADE! DIDJA HEAR A BELL RING? 42 RICHARD Q'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW Y'GOT A BLOCK TAKE MY ADVICE YOU'D BETTER WISE UP JANET WEISS THE TRANSDUCER WILL SEDUCE YAH IT'S SOMETHING YOU'LL GET USED TO MENTAL MIND-FUCK CAN BE NICE YOU'D BETTER WISE UP — JANET WEISS, YOU'D BETTER WISE UP BUILD YOUR THIGHS UP YOU'D BETTER WISE UP NARRATOR. AND THEN SHE CRIES OUT JANET, stort FRANK. DON'T GETHOT AND FLUSTERED USE A BIT OF MUSTARD (FRANK signals MAGENTS who pulls switch and releases them as RIFF ‘RAFF sprays them COLUMBIA takes them off stage) ALL, You'RE A HoT DOG BUT YOU'D BETTER NOT TRY TO HURT HER FRANK FURTER (BRAD is token off by COLUMBIA YOU'RE A HOT DOG BUT YOU'D BETTER NOT TRY TO HURT HER FRANK FURTER ( OTT is taken off YOU'RE A HOT POG BUT YOU'D BETTER NOT TRY TO HURT HER FRANK FURTER (JANET ond ROCKY are taken off) RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 43 YOU'RE A HOT DOG BUT YOU'D BETTER NOT TRY TO HURT HER FRANK FURTER MAGENTA. (On her own) YOU'RE A HOT DOG BUT YOU'D BETTER NOT TRY TO HURT HER FRANK FURTER FRANK. MAGENTA, RELAX YOU'RE A HOT DOG BUT YOU'D BETTER NOT TRY TO HURT HER FRANK FURTER (RIFF RAFF sprays her. She stops dramatically) FRANK, Columbia - the artists ae ina molecular state somewhere berween entrance and exit. When they've pulled themselves together ~ see that they are prepared or the florshow (COLUMBIA fips) COLUMBIA. My God! I can't uke any more of this, First you ditt ‘me for Eddie and ten you YOK him af ke an old overcoat for Rack), ‘You chew people up and then you spit them out again 1 Toved you, 60308 hear? love vou, and what did! get? 1 tll you, a big fat nosing You're like a sponge, You take. take. take and drain others oftheir affection, Well, ve had it, Pm out of here, and T mean, (RIFF RAFF sprays her ) Oh wow = {dig tha, ~ W's wicked, i's a gas Im groovy I'm hip, man ~it's Uke 8 trip ab, wow. my God freak out baby sig yau later (She eas) FRANK. I's not easy having a good time — even smiling makes my face ache ~ and sys children turn on me = Rocky's behaving just as Eddie did ~ maybe | made a mistake in sping his brain between the nwo of them, MAGENTA, When do we eta to Transylvania? ~ I grow weary of this wor FRANK. Mascnta | am indced grate to both you and your brother Riff Raf ~ you have Woh seed me well ~lovaly seh a8 Yours must be rewarded, and you wil discover that when the mood takes me, (ean Be quite generous. 44 RICHARD OBRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW MAGENTA. | ask for nothing, Master RANK. And you shall receive itin abundance ~ come ~ our gues wil be growing restless. (ERANK exts) (MAGENTA and RIFE RAFF look at one another ~ shey make an ‘extraterresral sign (Strobe light ~ Blackout (Spotlight on) NARRATOR. And so, by some extraordinary coincidence ~ fate it seems had deciged sat Brad and Janet should keep that appointment with their friend Dr. Fveet Scott. Bus, it was fo be ina situation which none of | ther could have possibly foreseen - And, just a few hours aker snnouncing thelr engovement Brad and Janet had both tasted forbidden full This in self ws proo’ that their host was a man of lle morals and Some persuasion ~ What furtber indignities were the tobe subjected t0.? ‘And what of the sone tanaducer and the Moorshow that had Been spoken fof? ~ What indgod? rom what had gone before it was clear tht this was tbe no picnic, Scone Ten (Bach enters singly through slash curtain — wearing Black stockings and ‘suspenders and black wnderwear and finally they become a Chorus dines [Song: “FLOORSHOW ROSE TINTMY WORLD” COLUMBIA. ITWASGREAT WHEN IT ALL BEGAN TWAS A REGULAR FRANKY FAN BUT IT WAS OVER WHEN HE HAD THE PLAN TO START WORKING ON & MUSCLE:MAN NOW THE ONLY THING THAT GIVES ME HOPE ISMY LOVE OF & CERTAIN DOPE ROSE TINTS MY WORLD KEEPS ME SAFE FROM MY TROUBLE AND PAIN ROCKY PMJUST SEVEN HOURS OLD TRULY BEAUTIFUL TO BEHOLD. AND SOMEBODY SHOULD BE TOLD. RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 45, MY LIBIDO HAS''Y BEEN CONTROLLED NOW THE ONLY THING I'VE COME TO TRUST IS AN ORGASMIC RUSH OF LUST ROSE TINTS MY WORLD KEEPS ME SAFE FROM MY TROUBLE AND PAIN BRAD. IT's BEYOND ME HELP ME MOMMY PLL BE GOOD YOU'LL SEE TAKE THls DREAM AWAY WHAT'S THIS, LET'S SEE FEEL SEXY WHAT'S COME OVER ME HERE IT COMES AGAIN JANET. FEEL RELEASED GAD TIMES DECEASED MY CONFIDENCE HAS INCREASED REALITY IS HERE ‘THE GAME HAS BEEN DISBANDED MY MIND HAS BEEN EXPANDED. IT'S A GAS THAT FRANKY'S LANDED HIS LUST IS SO SINCERE (Band plays fanfare (PHANTOMS enior in similar costumes) (FRANK makes spectacular entrance) FRANK. WHATEVER HAPPENED TO FAY WRAY ‘THAT DELICATE SATIN DRAPED FRAME ASITCLUNG TO HER THIGH HOW I STARTED TO CRY. FOR I WANTED TO BE DRESSED JUST THE SAME GIVE YOURSELF OVER TO ABSOLUTE PLEASURE SWIM THE WARM WATERS OF SiNS OF THE FLESH EROTIC NIGHTMARES BEYOND ANY MEASURE AND SENSUAL DAYDREAMS TO TREASURE FOREVER — CAN'T YOU JUST SEF IT WHOA WHOA WHOA {Spoken} Don’t dream t= bei 46 RICHARD O’BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW ALL. (Sune) DON'T DREAM IT BE IT (They at come tagesher touching and fondling one another, FRANK in the DON'T DREAM IT. BEIT DON'T DREAM IT - BEIT DON'T DREAM IT- BEIT DON'T DREAM IT BEIT DON'T DREAM IT. BEIT DON'T DREAM IT - BEIT (SCOTTY enters specs following over lst 2 chorus’ above) scorty, Hmm... We've got ro get out ofthis trap Before this decadence saps ou wills [ve gotto be strong and ry to heng on emy mind may sell snap ‘Andy lie will belived (SCOTTY reveals stockings and high heels) (Sings) FOR THE THRILLS BRAD. I'S BEYOND ME HELP ME MOMMY JANET. GOD BLESS LILY ST. CYR FRANK. MY MY MYM MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY (They al frm chorus tine) ‘RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 47 YMA WILD AND UNTAMED THING I'MA BEE WITH A DEADLY STING GET A HIT AND YOUR MIND GOES PING YOUR HEART'LL THUMP. AND YOUR BLOOD WILL SING ‘SO LET THE PARTY AND THE SOUNDS ROCK ON GONNA SHAKE IT TILL THE LIFE HAS GONE ROSE TINT MY WORLD. KEEP ME SAFE FROM MY TROUBLE AND PAIN ALL, WE'RE A WILD AND UNTAMED THING WE ARE BEES WITH A DEADLY STING GET A BIT AND YOUR MIND GOES PING YOUR HEART'LL THUMP ‘AND YOUR BLOOD WILL SING SO LET THE PARTY AND THE SOUNDS ROCK ON GONNA SHAKE IT TILL THE LIFE HAS GONE. ROSE TINT MY WORLD KEEP ME SAFE FROM MY TROUBLE AND PAIN WE'RE A WILD AND UNTAMED THING WE ARE BEES WITH A DEADLY STING GET A HIT AND YOUR MIND GOES PING YOUR HEART'LL THUMP AND YOUR BLOOD WILL SING SO LET THE PARTY AND THE SOUNDS ROCK ON GONNA SHAKE IT TILL THE LIFE HAS GONE ROSE TINT MY WORLD ‘KEEP ME SAFE FROM MY TROUBLE AND PAIN (RIFF RAFF and MAGENTA enter dressed in extraterresirial national ‘contume.) RIFF RAFF. FRANK N FURTER IT'S ALL OVER YOUR MISSION IS A FAILURE YOUR LIFE STYLES TOO EXTREME I'M YOUR NEW COMMANDER YOU NOW ARE MV PRISONER WE RETURN TO TRANSYLVANIA PREPARE THE TRANSIT BEAM (Song ends) 48 RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW (Alt freeze) FRANK. Wait~ {can explain Song: “I'M GOING HOME") (FRANK arranges stage for next number.) FRANK. ON THE DAY | WENT AWAY ALL, GoopByE FRANK. WAS ALL THAD TO SAY FRANK. WANT TO COME AGAIN AND STAY ALL OnMY MY FRANK. SMILE AND THAT WILL MEAN I MAY VE SEEN BLUE SKIES THROUGH THE TEARS IN MY EYES AND I REALIZE I'M GOING HOME ALL. PM GOING HOME, FRANK, EVERYWHERE IT'S BEEN THE SAME ALL FEELING FRANK, LIKE I'M OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN RICHARD O'BRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 49 ALL. WHEELING FRANK. FREE TO TRY AND FIND A GAME ALL. DEALING FRANK. CARDS FOR SORROW CARDS FOR PAIN I'VE SEEN THE BLUE SKIES THROUGH THE TEARS IN MY EVES AND I REALIZE ~ I'M GOING HOME ALL, IM GOING HOME I'M GOING HOME (Song ends) ‘Scene Eleven MAGENTA. How sentimental RIFF RAFF. And also presumptuous of you - you see when I said ‘we were 10 return | referred only to Magenta and myself ~ {'m sorry however if you found my words misleading ~ you see you are to remain here ~ in spirit anyway ~ (ile produces a ray gun) SCOTTY. Great heavens ~ that’s a laser RIFF RAFF. Yes, Dr. Scot, a laser capable of emitting a beam of pure anti-matter BRAD. You mean you'¥e going o kill him? ~ Whats his crime? FRANK. Ob Brad SCOTTY. You saw what had become of Eddie ~ Society must be provected, RIFF RAFF. Exactly, Dr Scort— Now Frank-n-Fune, your time has come ~ 523 goadbye 10 all his ~ and hello to oblivion. FRANK. Do Your sorst~ inferior one COLUMBIA. No! No! (COLUMBIA rans to shied FRANK, she is hit) 50 RICHARD OBRIEN’S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW, FRANK. Did you do this for me? (COLUMBIA nods, Silly bitch (COLUMBIA dies) (RANK is killed -he dies slowly) (ROCKY is killed — RIFF has 10 hit hi numerous times as ROCKY ‘attemp 0 avenge FRANK’ death) BRAD. Good God, RIFF RAFF. Yes, JANET, You've killed them. MAGENTA. I thought you liked them ~they iked you RIFF RAFF. (Screams) They didn't lke me - They never liked me. ‘You saw the way things were ~the way they were going yy SOT Noe dee UF RAFF pots gan at SCOTTY) On it [RIFF RAFF. A decision has to be made. SCOTTY. You're OK. by me. RIFF RAFF. Dr. Scot I'm sorry about your nephew. SCOTTY. Ves Berhaps it's for the best RIFF RAFF. You should leave now, Or. Scot While itis still possible We are about 1 beam the emtire house ‘Back to the planet of transsexual "MAGENTA. In the galaxy of Transylvania, RIFF RAFF. Go no. (BRAD, JANET and DR SCOTT exit) SCOTTY. (4s they leave) Dane, sche! . esd RIFF RAFF. Our noble mission is almost completed my most beautiful sister. and soon we shall retuen tthe Moon drenched shores of our beloved planet MAGENTA. Ab .. Sweet Transsexual, Land of Night, to sing and dance once more ta you! dark refrain, 9 take that sep. 0 the RIGHT. (rey do so.) RIFF RAFF. Buri’ pelvis thrust, PHANTOMS, That realy dives you insane, (They prepare to leave) MAGENTA. And our world will do the Time Warp again RICHARD O”BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW 51 RIFF RAFF. Activate the transit crystal (Explosion Blackout) (Lights up on remains of house ) (BRAD found in spotlight [Song: “SUPER HEROES] BRAD. L'VE DONE 4 LOT GOD KNOWS I'VE TRIED TO FIND THE TRUTH P'VE EVEN LIED BUT ALL TKNOW IS DOWN INSIDE PHANTOMS. YM BLEEDING (WANET enters) SANET. AND SUPER HEROES COME TO FEAST TO TASTE THE FLESH NOT YET DECEASED ANDALLIKNOW IS STILL THE BEAST PHANTOMS. IS FEEDING AHHH AHHH (Four times — Chant) (BRAD and JANET loft im shadowy spotlight) NARRATOR. [AND CRAWLING ON THE PLANET'S FACE. ‘SOME INSECTS CALLED THE HUMAN RACE LOST IN TIME. AND LOST IN SPACE PHANTOMS. AND MEANING. 52. RICHARD O'BRIEN'S THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW (Sang ends, (Blackou EPILOGUE [Reprise: "SCIENCE FICTION DOUBLE FEATURE"} USHERETTE. SCIENCE FICTION - DOUBLE FEATURE FRANK HAS BUILT AND LOST HIS CREATURE. DARKNESS HAS CONQUERED BRAD AND JANET THE SERVANTS GONE TO A DISTANT PLANET OH” AT THE LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE PICTURE SHOW - | WANT TO.GO— OHH TO THE LATE NIGHT DOUBLE FEATURE PICTURE SHOW (IMR. BASSMAN’s voice) DO LANG DOO LANG THE END (Blackow