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Participating Team (GKDC 2015)

Subject: Instructions for making Presentation
Note: The maximum number of slides must not exceed 15.The presentation must be in .pdf format only.
1.1 Slide 1
Every team should add one compulsory cover page which should include team name, college and University name with team
1.2 Slide 2
This slide must contain the technical specification of Go kart and must also contain all the possible views of fully developed
CAD Model. The position of Kill Switch must be visible in any of the standard views.
The Technical Specification sheet must contain the basic specification of the vehicle like wheelbase, track width (Rear and
Front), Type of Engine( Torque, Power, Rpm), Type of steering Geometry, Braking system, Suspension system, Type of
transmission Unit, Vehicle Overall length, Mass of Vehicle, Centre of Gravity Location, Ground Clearance etc.

Slide 3

Team has to arrange the slide in a sequential manner given:



Frame Analysis
o It must include all simulation test result conducted on frame of the vehicle with pictures.
o Design Methodology in step by step manner.
o Initial data considered like mass, velocity, energy etc.
o Result should also show the force value and factor of safety clearly.
Slide 4
o It must show the driver sitting posture with knee angle, elbow angle, neck position.
o It should also include the clearance of driver from the controls and accessories (Must be shown using
Slide 5 to 15th
Engine and Transmission
o All the calculation, assumptions, result and conclusion related to engine and transmission must be
shown in this slide.
Wheel Assembly result, selection and simulation.
Suspension System

o All the calculation, assumptions, result and conclusion related to suspension system must be shown in
this slide.
Steering System
o All the calculation, assumptions, result and conclusion related to steering system must be shown in this
Baking System
o All the calculation, assumptions, result and conclusion related to braking system must be shown in this
Design Failure Mode Effect Analysis
Design Validation Plan
Gantt Chart
Cost Report
Business Plan
College level Manufacturing and Design Facilities
Innovation and Conclusion

NOTE: Every team must follow this format and should keep in mind all the above mentioned things while making
Presentation and Design Report are two different things, do not get confused. Every team must submit the Design Report to
the organizers during PFR.
Please take a note of following things while coming to PFR

Minimum 1 (one) and Maximum 5 (Five) members are allowed to enter in the presentation hall (presence of Team
Captain is not mandatory)
Maximum time for one presentation is 20 (Twenty) minutes i.e., 15 (Fifteen) minutes for presentation and 5 (Five)
minutes for the discussion/interview.
Maximum number of slides is limited to 15 only (format and guidelines for preparing the ppt will be mailed you
Team teams must carry soft copy of all the documents mentioned in the rule book including the Presentation.
Printed copy of only Design Report is required in PFR. Please do not carry the printed copy of DVP, FMEA, Gantt
chart, Business Plan etc. Just Design Report is required in printed form.
The overall number of pages in the Design Report must not be more than 15. The report must be a spiral binding
The members coming to PFR must carry their College Id Cards with them.
All the teams must arrive 2 (two) hours before the scheduled time. Reporting time for the PFR at the venue is
sharp 8:30am for both the days.
Please do not forget to collect your certificates after your presentation from the registration desk. Collecting the
certificates will be the sole responsibility of the team members. ISNEE will not entertain the request of reissuing
the certificates after the completion of the PFR.

Write us in case of any query.

We wish your team a great success in the event. May the best team Win!!!

Thank you

Best Regards
GKDC 2015