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The main Objective of the SOF Process is to provide Business managers

with the criteria to decide how to craft their strategy and how to allocate
their resource. The Role that SOF Process should play in Strategic,
operational and Financial planning at Becton Dickinson are:
It provides the detailed information of customer analysis and
To meet financial projection
Reviewing Strategy and approval across business units and
worldwide teams
Environmental analysis
Developing Budget and finalizing it
Competitive Positioning and industry maturity
Business Strategy
Planning the profit and loss across business units and worldwide
Marketing, Manufacturing, and technology strategies
Human resource summary
Risk assessment
Evaluation of budget for each fiscal year and evaluate its
Elements of 1993 SOF Process which I would like to keep are:
The organizational structure of the company was built on the
foundation of the restructuring of the 1980s. The division of
company into two sectors ie Medical Products and Diagnostics
Products so that there is accountability for each division and
responsible for profit and loss and financial results.
Transactional Management that stressed the importance of
developing new processes and ways of thinking about companys
global business.
Quarterly meetings of teams, responsible for formulating global
business strategy on important issues like R&D, manufacturing,
capacity and equipment plans, and new product development

Worldwide teams which were effective in developing successful new

Elements that should be eliminated from 1993 restructuring:
There should be proper distribution of works among different
worldwide teams and all business divisions should all worldwide
There should be equal budget allocation freedom to all worldwide

To evaluate the new SOF system, Jack fuchs should consider the following
Jack must rationalize the communication system between corporate
and business managers with accountability and performance
He must consider objectives of corporate management, business
units, and worldwide divisions.
The plans should be executed at lowest possible organization level.
He must standardize element of planning system in the organization
There must be proper evaluation of planning that leads to increase
the top line growth
Proper evaluation to fulfill non financial goals
Proper budget allocation and regular evaluation of budget allocation
division and its performance.
Regular evaluation of job responsibilities and power given to
decision making for worldwide business team.
Integration of worldwide teams, regions and countries and regular
evaluation of performance
He must check so that no one uses power in wrong way and try to
improve the guidelines for corporate divisions