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Established in 1982, Inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of

India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi on 13th February 1982, Bharat
Bhavan is multi art centre set up to create an interactive
proximity between the verbal, visual and performing arts.
Established and financed by Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. Bharat
Bhavan is no doubt a centre for innovative creativity, pursuit of
classics and tradition and wide participation in a new cultural
upsurge. One of the most unique national institutes in India,
Bharat Bhavan is a centre for
the performing and visual arts.

Bharat Bhavan is in Lake View Rd, Shymala Hills, Bhopal,
Madhya Pradesh. It is an independent trust
Created by the Legislature of Madhya Pradesh.

Form of buildings:
Bharat bhavan is uniquely design with the combination of simple
The auditorium has unique design made up of R.C.C. shell which
has a skylight on the top of it providing natural lighting.

Requirements of Bharat bhavan:

1. Permanent museum,
3. Open air amphitheatre
5. Restaurant
7. Store
9. Special exhibition area
11. Library
13. Toilet


2. Green room
4. Indoor theatre
6. Auditorium
8. Workshop
10. Office
12. Workshop studio
14. Ticket counter

and interesting

Free flow circulation was provided to avoid

accumulation at a certain point.
No such pattern or way defined to keep people moving
in a certain pattern.
Open to sky courtyards were provided to keep also
people involved in outer part of the building.
Open air amphitheatre was also made to utilise the
natural view of adjacent lake.

Building materials:

Red sand stone was used on the outer faade of the

Flemish bond brick masonry.
R.C.C. shells were used in the auditorium.
Ashlar stone masonry was used on the outer faade.


Paintings were hung on the walls of the building.

Separate walls were also made for displaying
Each painting has its own light for illumination.
Sculptures were placed over the wooden blocks
painted in white colour.
No outer display was made.

Best part about the Bharat bhavan was its
Roofs of all the buildings were covered through grass making the view beautiful as well as keeping the building
cooler. Open to sky courtyards were made to manage crowd
Lake adjacent to the Bharat bhavan was also incorporated into the design.


Site of the Bharat bhavan is located on the small

plateau region.
Retaining walls were made to avoid the landslide.
Coffered slabs were made to avoid the columns.
Outer faade stone walls were 380 mm wide.
Slopes were made for easy passage for handicapped.
Inner walls were 340 mm wide plastered on both of the

Flower beds were made on the roofs of the

Visitor enter at the highest level and walk down
to a
Pedestrian spine flanked by a pattern of
Each of the part of the building is distinct yet
flows easily
One another