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Documents Required for Caste Certificate: Maharashtra

Certificate will be issued normally within 15 days after submission of documents.

All documents should be attested.

No. Document Qty Req. / Optional Type

01 Application duly signed by the Applicant 1 Required Original
02 Rs. 5 Court Fee Stamp 1 Required
03 Bonafide Certificate/School Leaving Certificate of Candidate. 1 Required Original
04 School leaving Certificate of Parent or Guardian -(e.g. Father, Uncle, Brother, Grand Father, Father's
Sister, Cousin Brother, Cousin Uncle, Cousin Grandfather or Great Grandfather) or Village Form No. 14
1 Required Xerox(Attested)
05 Residence Proof (Ration Card /Rent / Maintenance Receipt / Landline Telephone Bill / Electricity Bill)
1 Required Xerox(Attested)
06 Affidavit in Prescribed Format
a) All submitted documents with their details should be mentioned in Affidavit.
b) Any mistake in Name/Surname should be mentioned in detail with reasons in Affidavit.
c) If Caste proof is of Grand Father/Great Grand Father/Cousin Uncle/Cousin Brother/Cousin Grand
Father, etc. then Family Tree should be mentioned in Affidavit. 1 Required Original
07 Caste Certificate of Parents i.e. Father/Grandfather/Aunty (Father's Sister)/Uncle (Blood Relation).
Please Note that the Caste Certificate should have been issued by Competent Authority or Caste
Validity Certificate issued by Caste Scrutiny Committee/ Village No.14, Service Book relevant page
extract copy where caste is mentioned. 1 Required Xerox(Attested)
08 Residential proof for SC10-08-1950, for VJ/NT-21-11-1961 & for OBC & SBC- 21-10-1967 1 Required Xerox(Attested)
09 Community Certificate (Samaj Certificate) 1 Required Xerox(Attested)
10 Government Gazette Copy required if there is a change in name. 1 Optional Xerox(Attested)
11 For Married Women, Government Gazette, Change Name Copy or Marriage Certificate is required.
1 Optional Xerox(Attested)

Procedure To Avail This Service:


How To Make An Application: Application Is To Be Made In The Prescribed Proforma Affix Court Fee
Stamp Of Rs.5/- On The Application


Documents Are To Be Enclosed With The Application:

A) Each Of The Following Document, Wherein Caste Is Mentioned (Original With An Attested Copy)

School Leaving Certificate Or Extract Of Birth Certificate Or The Copy Of The First Page Of The
Service Book, Where The Applicant Is A Govt./Semi Govt. Servant

School Leaving Certificate Or Extract Of Birth Certificate Or The Copy Of The First Page Of The
Service Book Of The Grand Father, Father, Paternal Uncle Or Aunt (The Last Evidence Is
Acceptable If The Relatives Mentioned Are Govt./Semi-Govt. Employees

B) The Following Evidence To Prove The Ordinary Residence


Attested Copies Of The First And The Last Page Of The Ration Card Or

Attested Copy Of The Electricity Bill Or

Attested Copy Of The Extract Of The Electoral Roll Or

Attested Copy Of The Rent Receipt

The Applicant Or His Father /Grand Father Should Be The Ordinary Residence Of Mumbai City On The
Following Dates :I)

For S.C./S.T.



For Vimukta Jatis& Nomadic Tribes



For O.B.C.



For Bhandari



For Vaishwani



For S.B.C.


C) In Case Of The Applicant, Who Is A Married Woman :o

An Evidence From The (1)Above, To Prove Her Caste, To Which She Belonged, Before Marriage

Attested Copy Of The Marriage Certificate Or Marriage Invitation Card

Attested Copy Of The Extract Of The Govt. Gazette Wherein Her Change Of Name, After Marriage
Is Published.

D) Affidavit Executed Before The Metropolitan Magistrate Or Notary On The Stamp Paper Of Rs.20/- (The

Affidavit Should Incorporate All The Details Of The Proofs Submitted

E) In Case Of The Applicant Migrated From Other States/Districts, The Caste Certificate Issued By That
Competent Authority To His Father/Grand Father
Details Of The Concerned Department Responsible For The Service
Name Of The Department: General Branch Mumbai City Collector Office
Postal Address: Collector's Office, Mumbai City District, Ground Floor, Old Custom House, Mumbai -400001
Phone No: 022-22662440