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1. Introduction
2. Career opportunities for graduate include;
but are not limited to,
a. Early childhood education
b. Primary School
c. Secondary School
d. TAFE and VET
e. Community education centers
f. Private Colleges
g. Universities
h. Govt. departments
i. Private academies and Agencies
j. Hospitals
k. Sports, recreation and fitness industries
3. Conclusion
4. Reference






Graduate teaching position and assistantships are great way

of supplement university income while gaining valuable teaching
experience. Many universities offer jobs depending on the type of
research indented to carry out. In recent years, universities have
offered out more of these positions. Assistantship are a cost
effective way of employing more staff while also providing post
graduates with necessary funding. New graduate teaching
assistants should receive proper training and support from their

Career opportunities for graduate include; but are

not limited to:
Early childhood education
Graduate childhood porgrammes in early childhood
education are designed for educators and child care professionals
who wish to explore issues in early childhood research, theory and
practice. Early childhood graduation programmes are
interdisciplinary, faculty wise programmes that consist of core
courses in early childhoodeducation (ECED) and related courses in
offer departments. Key areas of focus include: theorizing, early
childhood and early childhood education, research and research
methodologies, issues in early childhood curriculum, instruction,
assessment and education and cross departmental enquiries in
early childhood education.

Primary Schools
Primary education is one of the school of educations core
teacher education programmes and focuses on initial professional

studies in primary education for school leavers and other entrants

who do not already have a degree or diploma. Deakins Master of
Teaching offers strands in early childhood through to Secondary

Secondary School
As a graduate, who will be eligible for employment as a
secondary teacher in Australia and overseas. That will be able to
teach in secondary school from junior secondary to VCE levels, as
well astaking up position in community and youth performance
companies, TAFE and adult community education institutions.
Deakins innovative Bachelor of Teaching (science) or Bachelor of
Science degree provides graduators with a fall science degree and
a complete secondary teaching qualification.

TAFE And Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Thousands of job seekers with postgraduate qualifications
are flooding TAFE courses to gain vital work skills because their
university degree does not cut the mustard with the employers.
The soaring number of academic students using TAFE institutes to
prepare for the work force is changing the education
landscapes,as employers increasingly complain many young
Australians are not job-ready and lack work skills.
Vocational Education and Training (VET) refers to education
and training that focuses on delivering sklls and knowledge
required for specific industries. It is a learning option for young
people in the senior phase of learning.

Participating in VET can: 1) provide credit points towards the

attaintment of a queensland certificate of education and and for
the attainment of nationally recognized VET qualification, support
young peoples transitions to employment, vocational and higher
education pathways, obtaining practical experience from work,
gaining familiarity on how workplace operate, developing
employability skills etc.

Community education centers

Community education centers (CEC) is seeking qualified
applicants for the position of project manager in our house
Houston, TX office. Incubent acts as divisional coordinator of
various daily, weekly, monthly reporting requirements to include,
but not limited to census, incidents, special reports, work with
divisional and facility leadership to develop, maintain and track
annual strategic/operational planning process. Coordinators
conferences, facility activations/closures. Manages secure division
of budget, credit cards and cheque books for other duties as
assigned. Overseas business developments proposal production
to include proposal supply management.Works with BD to develop
and maintain research darabases.This position has moderate
latitude for use of independent judgement with minimal
supervision by SVP, Secure division and VP,Business

Private Colleges
Designed for students who aspire to communication based
leadership rates,the Elmhurst Communication Programme will

prepare you to work in a wide range of professional environments

in the public, private and non-profit environments.
Career opportunities related to communications include, but
are not limited to: advertizing and public relations, Broadcasting,
Environment, Entertainment, Government, Journalism, Publishing,
Training and Development.

If you are a recent graduate from a university or an
advanced technical institute, you are no doubt looking for a
chance to make your mark, Here it is: you could spend upto three
years working right at the forefront of Scientific Research. As a
fellow, you could join us for research work in Particle Physics; or
you could join a project of advanced development work in a broad
range of applied science, engineering and technical
fields.Whichever route you take, it will be an extraordinary

Government Departments
The professional department and career opportunities
committee activities will include but are not limited to : ensuring
fair opportunities are available to graduate and professional
students, supporting logistics for a conference bid to host the
National Association of Graduate and Professional Students
(NAGPS) continuing to support the open access week initiative of

the University and Right to Research Coalition ,cco-ordinate and

collaborate events.

Private Academies and Agencies

Training in private security typically covers property
protection and observations. It find about the requirement of
these programmers and learn about career options, job growth
and salary info for private security graduates. These interested in
protecting property and the public may be interested in a career
in private security.

Career in healthcare are as varied as the personalities of the
people that work in the industry. The diverse nature of healthcare
offers tremendous opportunities for those just starting on a career
path on for career changers looking to make a difference.The
American Medical Associations health care Careers Dictionary
lists information about more than so healthcare careers.

Sports, Recreation and Fitness industries

The Bachelor of Health and Physical education course at
Deakin is a highly regarded teacher education course equipping
pre-service teachers for work in schools in the 21 st century.With
small numbers, the course encouraged strong cohesion both
within co horts and across years creating a supportive and
energetic learning environment.


Completion of graduation is the point in ones life. A general

graduate (Arts/science/ Commerce) has a lot of options and
opportunities.Students can use various ways to find out what
training they need, such as data from the skill survey that runs
each michealmas term. Selection of the career is the major
mystery to resolve soon after you are a graduate, some have
decided until they do their graduation but many stay un-oriented.
Diretionless persons waste themselves and their skills.

REFERENCE Technical and further education