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--------------------------------------------Version 1.00 , September 2002

DIPS has been written for Windows 95/98/ NT/ 2000 ( windows ) Operating System.
The good thing about DIPS is that there is no installation required.Just unzip i
t and start running !!
Please Note :
DIPS needs VB6 Runtime files to run. There is a high chance that these files are
already loaded by windows on your machine. So first try the running DIPS as exp
lained in section 1 below and see if DIPS runs. If it does you do not need anyt
hing else. If however, when you try to run DIPS , you get an error like - "A Re
quired .DLL file , MSVBVM60.DLL, was not found", you need to install vb6runtime
files. This is a very simple two step process and is explained in the VB6 Runti
me File Installation section below.
1. Installation Steps are :
(1) Click on the dipssoft.exe file ( press unzip). DIPS will be unzipped in a fo
lder called DIPS on your windows Desktop.
(2) You are now ready to use DIPS. Just go inside the DIPS folder and click on
the DIPS.EXE file and DIPS will start.
It is recommened that you create a shortcut on your desktop for DIPS.EXE. You ca
n also move the DIPS folder to any other location on your disk and revise your s
hortcut to point to that location. The folder has just 3 files. For sizes of the
se files see section 3 below.
If you get an error like "A Required .DLL file , MSVBVM60.DLL, was not found" on
clicking DIPS.EXE , you need to load runtime files . Please follow section 2 be
2. VB6 Run Time File Installation Instructions
---------------------------------------------You need to install vb6 runtime file on your computer before you can run DIPS.
(1) The vbruntime file ( about 1 MB) is available on the internet freely. You
can download
this file from the following site:
(2) After downloading , just click on the vbrun60.exe file and the vbfiles will
be installed on
your system. You will be asked to restart your computer - Say YES and RESTART.
The vbruntime files are installed and DIPS should start working now .
3 . Troubleshooting
---------------------(a) The only problem you can face is that when you start dips by clicking on DIP

S.exe you get a message - "A Required .DLL file , MSVBVM60.DLL, was not found" .
This means that the
VBruntime files have not been installed on your computer. Please see the Essenti
al Requirements Section above and you should have no problems.
(b) If you ever get a file not found error when you press help or exercises, thi
s means that the dipshlp.txt file is not in the folder from where dips is runnin
g. The file will have to be replaced.
(c) I have checked DIPS.EXE for viruses to the best of my ability. The DIPS fold
er has just three files with the following sizes at the time of packing:
1008 Kilobytes
112 Kilobytes
Installation.txt 4 Kilobytes
-----------------------If you have any confusion or problems , just write to me at
d I will try to sort them out. Thats all .Thanks .
Dr. Chinmaya S. Rathore
Bhopal India
September 2002