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* build/
888f6fb Merge "Change the target GCC toolchain" into lp5.1
* frameworks/base/
1bbecc1 Merge "battery: Add fast charging UI support [3/3] (Update)" into lp5.1
84ebea6 Merge "QS: long press expanded desktop tile for detail view" into lp5.1
c977f2e Merge "SystemUI: add vibration for task manager and multi user button" i
nto lp5.1
1f723e3 QS: long press expanded desktop tile for detail view
43b59b1 SystemUI: add vibration for task manager and multi user button
dee6978 SystemUI: fix switching from task mangaer to detail view - temp fix for
panel closing when in detail view and trying to access task manager - fix not be
ing able to access multiuser detailed view when task manager is visible
41a7c0c Merge "try to fix double tap to sleep on lockscreen switch that dont wor
k pt1" into lp5.1
4ab8cad QS: long press flashlight tile for detail view
1e36b79 try to fix double tap to sleep on lockscreen switch that dont work pt1
* packages/apps/SoundRecorder/
9973e42 SoundRecorder: only primary storage volumes are writeable
* packages/apps/Trebuchet/
b5f1c45 Trebuchet : Ensure search bar doesn't show in hidden
1f9ba38 App Drawer: fix insets on paddingTop
* packages/providers/ThemesProvider/
3a599d2 Use correct DialtactsActivity for DialerNext
* prebuilts/cmsdk/
090c6d2 cmsdk: Update current for API level 2 release.
11ccd84 cmsdk: Update api text for api level 2 and permissions for it.
* prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-5.2-sm/
ee8cd88 5.2.1-20151001
* system/core/
d238359 Merge "healthd: Add fast charging UI support [2/3] (Update)" into lp5.1
* system/vold/
701b081 cryptfs: Don't assume a device capable of hw crypto has encrypted with i
* vendor/bliss/
317ea37 Merge "Added reference for ASUS Zenfone 2 (Z008 / ZE550ML )" into lp5.1
73828aa Added reference for ASUS Zenfone 2 (Z008 / ZE550ML )
* build/
865a572 Change the target GCC toolchain
530d31f Revert "tools:releasetools:Use timestamp from build.prop while building

* device/lge/g2-common/
4210e4a Turned the max volume down a little
* device/lge/g4-common/
7797a65 Updated dependencies
81f1d55 Updated dependencies
5ecb547 Update bliss.dependencies
8ba7fc0 Updated with new kernel source
470a175 Removed kernel and ROM optimizations for now
fe8f4e5 Updated with new kernel source
0f449d9 Merge pull request #3 from lg-devs/cm-12.1-test
2ea7404 Updated with more sources
dc705f6 g4 :change the port
847c895 init: enable tap to wake on boot
3ce20d4 g4: give radio access to tap2wake node
c57b14c lights: fix colorRGB pattern
062d020 lights: minor cleanup
4333b29 g4: disable LED pattern settings
dcfcdac g4: back out LG audio_platform_info changes
33aa189 g4: fix parsing media profiles config
98f06c7 g4: update media_codecs from caf
7ec8f2e Revert "G4: media: Use CAF's media profiles and codecs"
9c3e090 Revert "g4: Pull in media configs from caf/msm8992"
07a7ae5 g4: make change for bluetooth
bcff475 Revert "g4: init change for bluetooth"
* device/lge/h815/
1d3c0ca Updated dependencies
7863777 Updated dependencies
c4d9e94 updated dependencies
* frameworks/base/
9a846a3 battery: Add fast charging UI support [3/3] (Update)
48d7fb6 pm: Fix PackageManagerTests for testGetKeySetByAlias.
5d54502 SystemUI: Hide perf profile tile on devices without perf profiles
2f2de02 PowerManager: change performance profile when disabling battery saver
ef504f6 network arrow missing items
404e741 hide mobile arrow when wifi connected
877b783 FINAL FIX pt3 to Normal and Fully connect colors Thanks to xxmrhyde for
his help
8f7ce77 pt 2 to fix network connect color
ae87066 Try to Fix Color on Normal and fully connect signals
b750dda Fixed Possible Resolver Infinite Loop
e90547a DocumentsUI: Fix API violations
* frameworks/native/
855a626 native: Add fast charging UI support [1/3] (Update)
* frameworks/opt/telephony/
246eb5f Don't assume all APN changes require cleanup
* packages/apps/Dialer/
45ee749 Specify different colors for answered incoming call and outgoing call ic
* packages/apps/Settings/
8e7f20d Use Theme.SettingsBase for notification log
* packages/apps/Trebuchet/


Trebuchet : Update grid + cancel drag on searchablesChanged

Trebuchet : Update default workspace for cyngn dialer
Trebuchet : Fix drawer inset & search visibility
Trebuchet: fix NPE when QuickSearchBox is missing

* packages/services/Telecomm/
728fb03 Telecomm : Allow multiple default dialers
* packages/services/Telephony/
59acf93 Telephony : Allow multiple default dialers
* prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-4.8-sm/
4ac89c8 (20150930)
* prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-eabi-4.9-sm/
1a1d484 (20150930 - A15 and krait optimized)
* prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.8-sm/
0ec9287 (20150930)
* prebuilts/gcc/linux-x86/arm/arm-linux-androideabi-4.9-sm/
2f81b2d (20150930 - A15 and krait optimized)
* system/core/
ffe0954 healthd: Add fast charging UI support [2/3] (Update)
7743f1c fastboot: format f2fs partition instead of just erase
* vendor/bliss/
654f58d vendor/cm: Bump API level for cmsdk.
67dfea8 VendorCm : Overlay additional dialers
* vendor/oppo/
1dd6f82 Use Oppo's firmware for TFA9890.
ab03b72 Remove unneeded files.
e1915ee msm8939: New tfa9890 firmware for new codec
f556658 msm8939: Remove prebuilt wcnss_service and libwcnss_qmi
e887c6e msm8939: Add tfa9890 files
5fccea1 Add missing prop.
8ed3033 msm8939: Add libtfaspeaker
e507fe3 Add libraries needed by netmgrd.
93afb24 Add missing proprietary apps.
388506e msm8939: Move WCNSS_cfg to device tree
bdfbb1e msm8939: Add missing blobs and cleanup useless EGL crap
158ad05 msm8939: Oops...
39c99c3 msm8939: Initial blob dump
* bootable/recovery/
efe0bab Allow f2fs to reserve bytes for footer when formatting
309bee9 Revert "Allow f2fs to reserve bytes for footer when formatting"
* device/lge/g4-common/
f9cb32a Updated with correct kernel source
5fbef89 Updated with correct source
ca4ddac Fixed location derp
8c5c129 fixed formatting derp


Updated with more sources

Updated dependencies
Added Bliss configs
Merge pull request #2 from lg-devs/cm-12.1

* device/lge/h815/
a043ae0 Updated with correct kernel source
a8d4ca5 Updated with correct source
825052d Fixed location derp
191ae03 Updated with more sources
8684946 Updated with proprietart vendor
6eb5d9f Merge pull request #2 from lg-g4-dev/lp5.1
b71ee50 Merge pull request #1 from lg-devs/cm-12.1
* external/f2fs-tools/
6b39b93 mkfs.f2fs: trim using BLKSECDISCARD
* frameworks/base/
5800c1a Merge "battery: Add fast charging UI support [3/3]" into lp5.1
ae63df7 Merge "NVIDIA Shield Controller support [2/2]" into lp5.1
8de0cdc battery: Add fast charging UI support [3/3]
968244e NVIDIA Shield Controller support [2/2]
085bc41 SystemUI: Add missing accessibility message for volume panel QS tile
193985d Add System Property for Resolver
67c37b8 Shorten first boot time by filtering dexopted apps by LRU.
62c9b1e base: cache power profiles support
c8a86a7 [1/2] base: network activity indicators
44a4c1b SystemUI: change back button to hide ime buttom with rotate animation.
53ee97a Merge "Tether: add ipa tether stats to the existing design" into lp5.1
347af7d Merge "Remove current built in add blocker." into lp5.1
cc864a9 Merge changes I2f7300b1,Ic3c817dc,If3453be3 into lp5.1
eab8ac9 Merge "SystemUI: better choice for heads up snooze icon" into lp5.1
8398eb6 Merge "base: fix dialog neutral button" into lp5.1
211c009 Merge "Revert "Themes: Don't use themed fonts for non themable packages"
" into lp5.1
de7d194 Merge "Revert "Fix issue where non-themable app still had themed fonts""
into lp5.1
20cd311 Merge changes from topic 'SNOOZE' into lp5.1
f0d8739 Merge "Disable Lockscreen Media Art [1/2] * toggle to choose whether or
not to show album art/media art on lockscreen" into lp5.1
eb9593f base: fix dialog neutral button
acae8cb Revert "Themes: Don't use themed fonts for non themable packages"
c8240ac Revert "Fix issue where non-themable app still had themed fonts"
ac728ba Tether: add ipa tether stats to the existing design
* frameworks/native/
f504144 Merge "native: Add fast charging UI support [1/3]" into lp5.1
bb5418f Eliminate multiple benign overflow conditions.
d95685d Eliminate benign overflow condition triggered upon loop termination in I
90a427c Enable multiple benign overflow conditions.
291e77e Benign unsigned integer overflow in Parcel
* hardware/qcom/audio-caf/msm8994/
5ab05b6 hal: Use speakerphone mics for wired headphones
* packages/apps/Settings/
8b39e1b Merge "ProfileGroupConfig: Use CMSDK profile manager" into lp5.1
5477980 [2/2] Heads up snooze
c3136cc HeadsUp: change timeout and snooze options to SeekBarPreferences


Merge " Settings: Add prebuilt AdAway (1/2)" into lp5.1

Merge changes I41bfa0bd,Idff3d181 into lp5.1
ProfileGroupConfig: Use CMSDK profile manager
Merge "Update Support link" into lp5.1
Settings: Add prebuilt AdAway (1/2)
Remove current built in add blocker
Disable Lockscreen Media Art [2/2]

* packages/apps/SetupWizard/
5780dad SetupWizard: fix stats permission
* packages/apps/Trebuchet/
e4a62ee Trebuchet : Fix insets for panels
* system/core/
75e5064 Merge "Added proper support to NVIDIA Shield Tablet Console Mode" into l
c3518e3 Merge "healthd: Add fast charging UI support [2/3]" into lp5.1
3cdb2cc fs_mgr: When formating f2fs volumes, respect the length parameter
06cca69 init.rc: drop world writable on cgroups to pass cts
4efebf8 sysutils: Hush logging
786c3bc Don't use global variable in libnetutils.
75b9818 IPA tether: support for netlink event from ipa
* vendor/bliss/
090170b Bump to 4.0.3
67cf904 vendor: Add prebuilt AdAway (2/2)
* device/lge/h815/
87ff589 H815 :inherit core 64 bit makefile
* frameworks/base/
3dd4ca2 Remove current built in add blocker.
efa033c SystemUI: move observer from NavigationBarView to PhoneStatusBar
d71c61d SystemUI: mutate drawables in pie and navbar for proper color updating
1844556 SystemUI: add back rotating back button when keyboard is shown
2cc94c7 SystemUI: better choice for heads up snooze icon
c780138 SystemUI: fix heads up snooze button ps: snooze button as FAB
1b04824 [1/2] Heads up snooze
514dff0 Merge "prevent unnecessary warning logs caused by View.toString()" into
c5718db Merge "Themes: Don't recreate theme when mTheme is null" into lp5.1
65afaa8 Themes: Don't recreate theme when mTheme is null
3b335a9 prevent unnecessary warning logs caused by View.toString()
05baa76 Update mFillPaint color on GradientDrawable inflation
b3afbee Disable Lockscreen Media Art [1/2] * toggle to choose whether or not to
show album art/media art on lockscreen
* frameworks/opt/net/wifi/
134a4f2 NVIDIA Shield Controller support [1/2]
* packages/apps/Trebuchet/
76a7d9c Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
3b6f99d Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6f17b35 Fix

3100d7b Update protobuf library from 2.3 to 2.6.

357bd88 Move from host-libprotobuf-java-2.3.0-nano to current version
f77e137 fix build
a0f1532 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4acad05 Avoid db exception on L and above
b6564f6 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
4aea5e6 Fixing wrong package check when adding shortcuts
45f5f45 Ensure that FirstFrameAnimatorHelper doesn't set play time when animatio
n is complete
6238f10 Ignoring specific db exception to workaround Bug. 18554839.
12170d8 Don't try to create an app state instance during restore.
b3266e9 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
75942b1 Disabling auto addition of managed profile shortcuts
9638173 Updating default page indicator asset
918dcfa Fix a couple regressions from resetting AppsCustomizeTabHost
2fa2db1 Prevent multiple workspace state animators from being started
28d42e8 Clearing DB before restore starts.
2bf24b3 Add callback which got missed in refactor
56f2f81 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
76c81b4 Adding a few null checks. 1) During migration, if launcher2 has delete
d user data, migration oes not happen 2) If Launcher3 does not has bind widget
permission, QSB would be null.
e05f05d Fixing NullPointer Exception when user is deleted.
29ad445 Adding shortcuts corresponding to ManagedUsers automatically.
ad5c6a5 Removing some duplicate methods
5b54994 Using the default search widget in Launcher3
4ca61d1 Removing InstallWidgetReceiver related obsolete code.
a5d798f Updating page indicator assets
ea0d7a7 Clearing some android list errors/warnings.
6805e05 Overlay shouldn't show up above Intro screen
0b5f4e2 Adding a couple memory optimizations to Launcher
7dfa473 Moving methods which update internal sets on a separate thread
8c381f0 Failing restore, if we have an item outside screen bounds
b1c299b Fixing insets of launcher clings
5b2b779 Make sure DragLayer layout params are of the correct type
8d43f06 Updating backup restore logic
78e301e Loading internal default layout if partner layout fails to load
cd9a2d8 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
42bdeee Fix edge case where LauncherOverlay scroll woudln't be reset
bb2619a Add InsettableFrameLayout layout params to easily ignore insets
a853e39 Tweaking close AllApps / Widgets on KK and below
1517149 Was seeing some duplicated icons in the migration flow
bf18c37 Allow LauncherOverlay to access and manage insets
e8e3e71 Disabling restore for below L devices
6cc6efb Some resource fixes for drop target
e95e818 Removing landscape string overrides
fba09de Refactoring
3eb0635 First pass of the Launcher Overlay interface / impl
e44e715 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
fd9e76f Removing AccessibleTabView and some other dead code.
dae5ef8 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
d007514 Refactoring layout parsing code
da9ade7 Removing all traces of Market button and TabIndicator
a4a62d4 Adding ability to list folder items in separate file
869da3e Fixing some IconCache methods not thread safe
60d6078 Deleting workspace items from db which have an invalid placement
dc81d70 Not opening all apps again when AppInfo or Uninstall is selected
4e4f8a7 Showing widgets in a disabled state, when running in safe mode
19379be Add more Launcher files to delete on Clear Launcher Data
3637cce Updating ItemInfo objects in the worker thread

b5f2e0a Removing some dead code

bedfa5e Keeping icons in disabled state when SD-card is unmounted
6d5f975 Revert "Show apps as unavailable when on unmounted storage"
7d02088 Using DeviceDefault theme for Launcher and WallpaperPicker
af0d948 Updating the wallpaperpicker thumb selection feedback
88699b6 Updating icons for sortcuts when the target app updates.
19b63da Cleaning up icon resizing code
a8f7b6a Create a central list of files the Launcher writes to the app directory
0e6e432 Use LauncherCallbacks model instead of method overrides
8167115 Import translations. DO NOT MERGE
6cc089e Adding NPE check in InstallShortcutReceiver
89f3bb8 Moving the focus indicator instantly to the target position, instead of
begining the next animation from the middle.
* system/core/
3696174 Added proper support to NVIDIA Shield Tablet Console Mode
* frameworks/native/
ba54a04 native: Add fast charging UI support [1/3]
* packages/apps/Contacts/
870dac5 Contacts: Save contact image from lookup
* packages/apps/ContactsCommon/
835eee6 ContactsCommon: Don't pass contact id in ContactBuilder
* packages/apps/Settings/
44593f8 ApnSettings : Ensure default apn dialog isn't shown twice
fc9befe Update Support link
* system/core/
973d842 healthd: Add fast charging UI support [2/3]
* vendor/bliss/
a365d50 Update HK APNs
* vendor/cmsdk/
6e40090 cmsdk: Add classpathtests.