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Position Paper

School: No.2 Middle school
Country: Russian Federation
Committee: Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee
Topic: National Self-Determination
As one of the basic legislation of international treaties(the UN Charter etc.), the law of national
self-determination has played a significant role in the process of bourgeoisie fighting against
feudal dictatorship and striving for the founding of nation-state from seventeenth to nineteenth
century ,as well as in the process of world-wide anti-colonization movement in the twentieth
century. However , with the up-surging of a new round of movements against national oppression
and for independence and equality among nations from late 1980s to early 1990s, this law was
exploited by national separatists as their guiding ideology, which brought the right selfdetermination into a dilemma In the contemporary society, the issue of national selfdetermination occurs in many areas especially in The Israeli Palestinian Conflict region, or the
region of ISIS, and many political and economical factors are involved.
As for the conflicts due to the reason of national self-determination, Russian Federation holds the
firm attitude about that issue, our government are determined to avoid political inter-national
intervention for any reasons, however, Russia faced issue regarding the malicious abuse of
national self-determination rights. Since late 1980s and early 1990s separatists in Chechen
attempted to seek for independence under the pretext of national self-determination which
distorted the very definition of the aforementioned ideology Neither Lenins elaboration on the
right to national self-determination or the relevant stipulations in the international law has
provided theoretical basis for Chechen separatists independence movement The pretext of
national self-determination is a trick played by Chechen separatists In fact the national
movement happened in Chechen cannot represent the political choice of the Chechen people.
Therefore, in light of the current international and domestic situations, the delegate of Russian
Federation proposes to:
1. Establish an internationally-recognized definition of the right of self-determination, particularly,
which group of people or which area has the right of self-determination, establish a clear
distinction between righteous self-determination and extremist separatism or terrorism
2. Raise international awareness regarding the issue of self-determination, especially to regions or
people who possess the right to self-determination.
3. Reaffirms the right of certain areas and regions to self-determination where applicable
according the established definition and refute the right of separatists and terrorists abusing of the
established rights.

This kind of phenomenon is also very obvious

in the Chechen problem of the Russian Federation
This phenomenon impels people to reevaluate the utilization of the rule
ofnational self-determinationthe postcold war period On the basis of
analyzing and studying on its historical development the current author
holds that the fight to national self-determination can be applied by both
people from colonized countries which havent obtained the political
independenceand ethnic groups or ethnic minorities in
sovereign countries However, because of their difference the rule of selfdetermination should be applied accordingly within certain limitation The
right to national self-determination of ethnic groups or ethnic minorities in
sovereign countries should not include the separation right the right to
separating the ethnic group from a sovereign country to establish an
independent country Utilization of the rule of national self-determination
by ethnic groups in a sovereign country should focus on realizing their right to

economicsocial and cultural development

At the same time we should notice that the Chechen Republic of Russian
Federation enjoys a unique geographical position special natural
condition historical background as well as religious background If the
Chechen Republic obtains independence it will bring great losses to the
national interest of Russia and undermines the stability of this region and the
whole world as wellThereforein solving the Chechen problemthe Russian
Federation should define the political connotations of national selfdetermination in the new period of time clearly denyfree separation
rightstress on the right of each ethnic group to seek for economic social
and cultural development stress on the equal right of its citizen with no
consideration of their ethnic group or religious belief so as to guard against
evil attempts of some western countries under the pretext of national selfdetermination
From the perspective of reasonably dealing with the rule of national selfdeterminationthe Russian government manif