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Because of his book "El Filibusterismo" About the life and abusing of the Spaniards.
------> He was exiled to dapitan because of the confiscated reading materials. He
published books and articles in other countries that criticized the mother spain. He
dedicated his novels "El filibusterismo", and "Noli me Tangere" to the 3 priest-martyrs
named GomBurZa ( Father Gomez, Burgos, Zamora)

for publishing anti-Catholic and anti-friar books and articles;


for having in possession a bundle of handbills, the Pobres Frailes, in which advocacies were in
violation of the Spanish orders;


for dedicating his novel, El Filibusterismo to the three traitors (Gomez, Burgos and Zamora) and
for emphasizing on the novel's title page that the only salvation for the Philippines was separation
from the mother country (referring to Spain); and


for simply criticizing the religion and aiming for its exclusion from the Filipino culture.

How did he meet Dr. Pio Valenzuela? What was the

purpose of the meeting?
Dr. Valenzuela was an representative of Andres Bonifacio
to tell Rizal of the escape plan and the planned revolution
against the Spaniards.

He was a member of the committee that was tasked to smuggle arms for the Katipunan
from Japan. He was also with Bonifacio, Jacinto and Procopio Bonifacio when they
organized the Katipunan council in Cavite.

At the secret general meeting called by Bonifacio on the night of May 1, 1896 at Barrio
Ugong in Pasig, Valenzuela presented to the body a proposal to solicit contributions to
buy arms and munitions from Japan. The proposal was approved on condition that it first
be approved by Jos Rizal, who was in exile in Dapitan in Mindanao.

Valenzuela was tasked to discuss the matter with Rizal and he left for Dapitan on June
15, 1896. However, Rizal told him that the revolution should not be started until sufficient
arms had been secured and the support of the wealthy Filipinos had been won over.

9. Cite the circumstances that led to the meeting of

Rizal and Josephine Bracken.

A blind American Engineer named George Taufer went to

Rizal to seek help for his incurable disease bringing with
him his adopted daughter Josephine with whom Rizal fell
in love
he met the adopted daughter of George Taufer--Josephine Bracken (Amanda Page).Josephine came to the
Philippines to accompany his step father and see Rizal for
consultation. Rizal was not able to treat Brackens father,
she left with the promise of coming back to the
Rizal and Bracken planned to get married. They asked the
priest to bless andwed them. The Priest was hesitant to
give what they both wants not until Rizal turns back to
theCatholic Church. For wanting to be married, they still
got married even if the presence of a priest is nottheir.
Their relationship went well until Rizal found out
Brackens infedility causing their fight whichresulted her
a lady came to Dapitan, who is Josephine Bracken an Irish
girl of sweet eigtheen, sheaccompanied his step-father,
George Taufer, who later became blind, to seek for the
ophthalmicservices of the famous Rizal
How did he show his nationalism?
AS PHYSICIAN IN DAPITAN - Due to poverty of the people in
Dapitan, Rizal gave them free medicines and also as an eye
specialist (ophthalmologist). Teacher since he knew that
education was very important taught how to read and write,
established a school. They would play games eg.
defence/fencing. He was a naturalist/ scientist. he built a school,
a hospital and a water supply system, and taught and engaged in
farming and horticulture.
Father Sanchez is the most inspiration person/teacher for
Rizal who taught him poetry and writing in Spanish. It was to
bring Rizal back to Catholicism. Catholicism he referred to was far different from what had been
practiced in the Philippines. With Rizals own religious faith mixed with scientific perspective, Father
Sanchez failed to entirely convinced Rizal to embrace even the little Catholicism he wanted for him.

Krisha Mae M. Vitto2CMT

.b. What aspects of Rizals life do you consider most and least
significant?Give your reasons.I consider Rizals life in Dapitan
the most significant because it was therewhen he really showed
his love for his countrymen by putting up a school and aclinic,
which is open for the rich and the poor. Also, it was also there
where in hemet his significant other, who is no other than
Josephine Bracken. Aside fromthat, I also consider his death as
the most significant aspect of his life. Throughhis bravery and
nationalism, many Filipinos were stirred and chose to fight for
our country. On the other hand, the aspect of Rizals life, which
I consider leastsignificant, is his physical aspect. Even though
he is short and not thatnoticeable, he exhibits the
characteristics that most of us dont have courage,bravery,
wisdom, love for our country, and especially his brilliance.
Rizal'sbrilliance is comparable with the greatest men that have
ever walked the face of the earth. No one can ever compare to
his love for our country and his bravery.That makes him a true
hero for me