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Meena Lagna Pisces Ascendent

First House
Sun. Gain through trade and profession and through relations and friends. Not a
favourite of his superiors, loss of ancestral property. Average span of life. Weak
and afflicted health, Sickness through irregularity Fond of pets. When afflicted
and weak gives troubles and loss through servants and small animals etc.
Moon. Trikona lord in Lagna will indicate, native of middle stature and fair
complexion, average span of life, good and lucky children, bestows wealth, a
propensity to pleasure through children, speculations, gaming etc. Many love
affairs. When weak or afflicted, loss of wealth, unlucky and loss of children, less
comforts from parental property etc.
Mars. Money comes readily; skilled, learned, intelligent and wealthy. Respected
and careful for his respect. Of rash temperament, fond of travels, long journey,
learning, wisdom prudence; fortunate with stranger and foreigners, wifes
relations and voyages. Interest in science, invention, law, political economy and
philosophy. Avoid and relations with opposite sex, law suits for property. Hard
hearted and worried. Inclined towards vice acts. But when Mars is weak and
afflicted obstacles and difficulties through money which will be hard to
accumulate, loss through Govt., unlucky through family and loss of money
through father.
Mercury. Fortunate inheritance, respected, intelligent skilled but of weak
constitution. Medium age, many women in relations, religious, gain through land,
conveyance and property, Interest in domestic science. Benefit and gain through
unions, partnership, love of women. Connection with the processes of law. When
weak or afflicted or combust indicates malefic for family and conveyance,
unsuccessful hopes, worried and unreligious etc.
Jupiter. Lucky, intelligent, famous, respected, a native of power, rank and
authority. Blessed with property, generous victory over enemies, a long fortunate
life, good health, harmony and triumph over difficulties. Honour through merits
and industry, gain through Govt. and superiors. Fair complexion and handsome.
A comfortable if lucky life. When Jupiter is weak or afflicted then it will give
displeasure of officers. Loss from Govt., and health and of wealth etc. and
reverse results.
Venus. Accumulation of wealth and gain through wealth of others. Handsome,
wealthy lucky and a man of good authority. Fond of opposite sex victory over
enemies pleasurable life extravagant and concern with affairs of brothers and

neighbours. Writing, learning and accomplishment and gain through them.

Legacies and money through affairs of dead. When afflicted, death by
irregularity and losses through above.
Saturn. Happy married life and through children. Generous and charitable. A
business man and gain through the same. Success in worldly affairs. Real friends
and supporters and gain through them. Victory over enemies and obstacles.
Fortunate actions, successful hopes, occult experiences and interest in that. When
afflicted or weak indicates ugly face and dark complexion, ancestral property
will be destroyed, gloomy and adulterous. Worried upto middle age, danger of
imprisonment, heavy troubles and secret sorrows etc.
Rahu. Bestows honours, wealth, favour through religious, educational or
scientific affairs. Adds power to personality and gives opportunity for self
expressions. But the native is inclined to malacious sex acts, amorous and fond of
company of women.
Ketu. Tribulations, loss and scandals, endangers face and eyes. Not conducive to
longevity. Devoid of happiness. Avaricious, industrious, volumptuous and
worried. Impaired domestic happiness.
Second House
Sun. Gain and money through service, employees and small animals. Eye
diseases, troubled and diseased father. Losses and limitations financially through
sickness, servants and animals. Loss of ancestral money. Troubles through rash
temperament and rash actions. If afflicted, troubles, worries and losses etc.
Moon. Gain through investment, pleasure and children. Lucky children and gain
through speculations, average finances, knowledge of different languages.
Worried and of weak constitution. Watery eyes. If Moon is weak or afflicted
losses through above and adverse results.
Mars. Bold and courageous, rash temperament, lucky and wealthy in middle age.
Money through personal ingenuity and industry, through merchants, foreign
trade, sea, science, learning, publications, travel, invention or banking. When
weak and afflicted losses, through troubles and above matters.
Mercury. Gain in business, sweet speech, learned and of sanguine nature. Gain
by marriage, deals in land, property and by the estate or condition of parents. If
combust or afflicted indicates defective eye sight, loss of money through unions,
partnership, contracts, law suits, public enemies. Loss through women. Death of
partner and public enemies and may stammer in his speech.
Jupiter. Gain through hard work and industrious activity, trade, profession or
Govt. office. Good orator and truthful, will hate vice acts. Early life will be
unhappy but the latter part of the life will be happy and blessed with wealth. If
afflicted reverse results.
Venus. Knowledge of many languages. Money through educational affairs, short

journeys, writing, music etc. Gain through others money. Fortunate in realising
debts and gain from the dead. If afflicted and weak then trouble and losses
through above. Troubles over money matters with relatives.
Saturn. Gain through occult and secrecy, large animals, gain and profit in
business and money through friends and acquaintances, through legislative
interest or development of his own creation. If afflicted then eye trouble, loss of
wealth, poor, change of religion and loss through enemies and generally
unfortunate conditions.
Rahu. Position for fortunate heredity or gain by legacy and gifts, science,
learning, increases the possessions, removes want and bestows affluence. The
native becomes untruthful, insincere and talkative. Opposes others. He may
apprehend danger or assault from enemies. Period of early life will be unhappy.
Ketu. Misfortune in finances, indebtness, loss and damage to property. Sorrows,
fear and worries, loss through Govt., and relations. Mouth disease.
Third House
Sun. Sun the lord of 6th house when posited in 3rd house indicates respect,
famous, bold and interest in studies. Grief and sickness of brothers, likelihood of
mental trouble when sick. may remain under some control and latter on will act
Moon. Pleasure through children and relatives. Liking for travel, sports, drama
and adventure. Comfortable and respected, changeable professions. Skilled.
Fond of opposite sex. More sisters than brothers, comfortable and happy life in
middle age. If weak or afflicted, reverse results.
Mars. Gain through education, writings, brothers and short journeys, learnings,
accomplishments and progress through research, travel, investigation,
exploration, travel or writings. Late marriage and that too with difficulty. Many
travels, removals on account of belief and convictions.
Mercury. Intelligent, weak body, many brothers, may be an artist, comforts of
life, legal or religious disputes, troubles on short journeys difficulty through
writings and contracts. Gain through brothers. If afflicted or combust then
enmity with brothers and other reverse results.
Jupiter. Religious lucky wife, gain in honour and advancement through wife,
respected among friends, relations and neighbours. Honours through short
journeys, writings, accomplishment, business trips and Government,
commissions. Mental development, good relation with brothers. If afflicted
restricted development or education, trouble through some relatives, journeys
and writings etc.
Venus. Benefits through learnings, short journeys and brothers. Licentious,

blessed with property. A pleasurable and comfortable life. Gain through business
due to ones intelligence and dignity. Psychic and mysterious experiences. When
afflicted, death of brothers, danger of death on short journeys.
Saturn. Friendship with relatives and neighbours, friends through writings and
journeys. Occult learnings. When afflicted disappointments, sorrows and
troubles through relatives, friends and neighbours. Trouble in some short
journeys. Coward, flatterer. Late marriage. Few brothers, in middle age becomes
poor and worried.
Rahu. Rahu adds quality to the mentally and conduces to interest to spiritual or
educational matters. Gain through brothers, neighbours and journeys, writings
or publishing. Fixity of purpose, proud and courageous. Intelligent, optimistic
and valorous. Profitable business. Long lived and attains good fortune.
Ketu Mental anxiety, troubles with brothers and neighbours, unprofitable
journeys. The native will be intelligent, courageous, destroyer or enemies and
good for finances. Loss of brothers is indicated. Long life but injury and wound
to arm is indicated.
Fourth House
Sun. Journeys, respected and famous. Careful for his respect. Will remain
separated from his family due to his profession. Sickness of mother, troublesome
home or domestic affairs and through servants. Less comforts from home.
Troubles through enemies.
Moon. In latter part of life gain through parents, property and land. Love of
home. The natives children will be benefitted through his grandfather. When
weak and afflicted reverse results and weak constitution, devoid from the
comforts of parents.
Mars. Blessed with property and house. Wealthy, respected mines. Gain through
parents, household, goods, land or mines. Gain through partners relations.
Journeys home to die. Travel on account of family affairs or wifes mother. When
afflicted, no gain and worries. Many enemies, disrepute in middle age etc.
Mercury. Gain of property through old people and father. Benefits and profits in
birth place. Property by marriage, long lived, mother will be blessed with long
life. A good and happy life. Intelligent, skilled religious and owner of good houses.
If combust or afflicted, litigations over property, robbery of household goods, loss
through storms etc.
Jupiter. Comforts from conveyance, intelligent, learned and with successful
hopes and wishes; Lucky sisters, bless with property. Lucky and comfortable life,
gain through lands, mines, inheritance, success late in life, occult investigations.
Honour through parents, interest in reclamation, colonization, co-operative
movements, horticulture and mining etc. If afflicted reverse results.
Venus. Comforts through comfortable conveyance, travelling and writing in

connection with home affairs and property. Gain through dead and death of
parents. Licentious, and amorous, relations with women. Owner of buildings and
property. If afflicted, grief through children, troubles from enemies and loss of
ancestral property etc.
Saturn. Inheritance through friends, fortunate in property. Love for father. Loss
of property, secret sufferings, restrictions and limitations at end of life. Diseased
and worried mother, death in relations, renunciation in middle life and may set
out on long journeys.
Rahu. Gain through property in unexpected manner. Fortunate in discovery and
findings. Ancestry noble, longlived and trustworthy. No happiness from brothers
and sisters. Hard hearted, deceptive and worried and stomach disease. Also
denotes gain from Govt.
Ketu. Waste of patrimony, turmoils and family discord. Adverse for land,
conveyance, mother, loss of parental property and malicious. If Ketu is well
aspected, all matters relating to 4th house are benefitted.
Fifth House
Sun. Respected and judicious. Man of power and authority, many enemies and
opponents, unsuccessful hopes, worried through children. Loss of ancestral
property. Careful for his respect. Sickly children and illness through over
indulgence in pleasure and sports.
Moon. Much pleasure, love affairs, gain through investments and speculations,
prosperous children and pleasure through them. Intelligent, learned and blessed
with powers and authority. Wealthy, many daughters. If afflicted and weak,
reverse results.
Mars. Gain by speculations, pleasure and entertainment. Of conventional ideas,
free living, journeys due to children. Pleasurable journeys, takes interest in
science, speculations, sports, voyages, air fights and foreign investments. If
afflicted then reversal in professions, loss through above. Worried due to
brothers, loss of property and grief through children.
Mercury. Learned and wise, gain through ancestral property. Religious
preceptor. Gain through speculations. Pleasure through wife but troubles with
children. If afflicted reverse results.
Jupiter. Learned and famous, gain of wealth and comforts through children.
Careful for his respect, knowledge of Astrology and good orator, knowledge of
many languages. Gain through speculations, pleasure, sports and stage.
If afflicted reverse results.
Venus. Pleasurable journeys, more daughters, relations with women and fond of
music and dance etc. Avaricious, respected and wealthy. mental pleasure through
children, brother, reading, study and travel to pleasure resorts. If afflicted
unfortunate children or death of some, dangers through excessive pleasure,

speculations, children and their affairs.

Saturn. Much happiness and gain through children. A native of rank and power.
Beneficial circumstances. Also secret sorrows and trouble through love, and
speculation. Proud, rash temperament, non-religious, disrespectful in old age.
Worried due to death of children.
Rahu. Frees the native from many troubles, calamities and danger. Favourable
for children who are long lived and fortunate. Gains through public employment
and office and is fond of social recreation, pleasure and sports. Timid but hard
hearted. Stomach, abdomen or belly diseases. For females troubles of uterus.
Sons late in life and disturbed peace of mind.
Ketu. Denial or shortage of children, little happiness as they will be disobedient,
excessive or irregular pleasure and will bring much harm. Evil nature, stomach
disease. Influence of evil spirits. Good education, intelligent but worried.
Sixth House
Sun. Good health, success in service and with employees, poultry, medicine or
social service, Victory over enemies, respected, will travel extensively. Under
debt, litigations and law suits, worried. If afflicted service illness, loss and
difficulties in employment.
Moon. Money through careful speculation or by childrens earnings. Pleasure in
hygienic methods through pets and hobbies. But when weak or afflicted urinary
diseases, loss of property, loss through thieves, diseased mother, worries from
enemies and opponents.
Mars. Many enemies and loss through them. Accusation. Gain through inferiors,
poultry etc. Fond of animals, sickness through travelling, difficulty through work
in foreign lands or export work. Diseases of blood, worried, unhappy in middle
age, danger for disrepute and loss of property.
Mercury. Marriage below status, has sickly and evily disposed wife. Skilled,
troubles and worries in life. Gain through service etc. May build his own house.
If combust or afflicted then loss through sickness, or servants and under debt. A
worried and poor in life.
Jupiter. A good healer, gain through clothing, employees and small animals,
Modest, worldly position, gain and honour through service, employment army or
navy affairs. If afflicted by luminaries, much sickness and short life, if by Mars,
surgical operation. Gift through children, diseased and worried.
Venus. Grief due to wife, sudden self death, many enemies. Many travels,
difficulty through brothers, injury or sickness through journeys.
Saturn. Friends among working persons, and in army, navy or air service.
Faithful servants, interest in social work. Limitations
on account of sickness. If afflicted loss through above, loss through employees
and enemies, ill respected. May be imprisoned

in middle part of life, litigations, diseased, unsuccessful hopes and underground

Rahu. Valorous and long lived but oppressed by enemies, whereas he will
overcome enemies, suffers from teeth, ulcer, wounds and anul diseases. Early
period of life unhappy. Faithful and honest. Gain through service, fortunate
through fathers kindred. Increases physical as well as mental stamina and the
native will be victorious after struggle and strifes.
Ketu. Suffers on account of various afflictions, loss through servants. Many
enemies but victorious over them. Danger through reptiles or animals. Eye and
teeth troubles. Famous, strong, fixity of purpose, good health on the whole, much
liked by his relatives but uncordial relations with maternal uncles.
Seventh House
Sun. Quarrels or law suits with servants. Difficulties with disreputed women and
sickness. Troubles with employees. Wife will be of rash temperament and sickly.
Poor and under debt. Unhappy in middle age. Latter part of life will be happy.
Moon. Pleasure, close associations or understanding with partner but discord
with children. Loss by theft. If afflicted or weak, troubles and loss through love
affairs. Delayed marriage, loss in partnerships, contracts etc. In latter part of life,
difficulties will be reduced, respect will increase and one will feel happy.
Mars. Rash temperament, many enemies, family discord. Unhappy in early age.
Gain by marriage, contracts, law suits and dealing with women specially.
Marriage to a stranger, of education opposed by relatives. If afflicted losses
through above. Public enemies through religious or scientific people. Troubles
and open enemies, competition and theft.
Mercury. Property and gain through marriage, land and women generally.
Success in law suits, marriage in good family, a good wife but likely to grow cold
or proves untrue or hostile. Learned, intelligent, knowledge of law. Many
journeys, cordial and good relations with wife. Wealthy, good profession, less
results will be indicated.
Jupiter. Learned, intelligent and well respected. Religious and will have many
disciples. Wealthy and blessed with all comforts. Long lived. A good and chaste
partner. In last part of life will become more wealthy. Gain through partnerships
with others. Fond of opposite sex. Gain through law suits and dealing with public
generally. Honours and reputation through honourable marriage and
partnership in a responsible concern. If afflicted or combust reverse results will
be indicated.
Venus. A rich partner to whom wealth comes unexpectedly. Marriage as a result
of journeys or writings etc. If afflicted many worries, loss through robbery, union
will be unfortunate. After middle age blessed with wealth and comforts. Faces
reversals in life. Profession in medicines or explosive material.

Saturn. A loving partner with desirable friendship and social connections.

Success in law suits. Will hold power and authority. Wife will be intelligent,
learned and from honourable family. Unhappy after middle age. May be grieved
through death of first wife. Weak health. If afflicted, difficulty and loss through
deceit and treachery concerning, unions, partnerships, contracts and law suits,
sickness, discord and opposition of partner and troubles through women
Rahu. The native will be self willed, proud and independent. Reduces enemies,
increases profits through dealings with others and portends delight and gain
through women. It is sure sign of wise and wealthy partner. He is clever, fickle
minded but in a male nativity adverse for virility, connections with women.
Impairs conjugal happiness. May loss money through contrast or liasion with
women. Conduct not commendable. No peace of mind.
Ketu. Troubles through enemies and opponents. Troubled married life,
destruction of enemies, aimless travelling. Sickly wife and separation from wife.
Illicit relations with other women, avaricious and adulterous. Worried and more
expenditure. Loss of vitality and fear from thieves and more expenditure. Loss of
Eight House
Sun. Sun is in debilitated sign of Libra in eight house and indicates dangerous
illness, death of servants, animals, poultry etc. Financial reward for faithful
service: Unlucky and worried life. Loss through enemies, disrespect in middle of
life. May face sudden death.
Moon. Unhappy and unlucky. Sudden death, suffers through children, who may
die before the native. Loss through speculation or gaming. May leave his house
and reside somewhere else.
Mars. Death abroad, short life, many enemies, disrespected. Gain by legacy and
goods of the dead or through money of partner. Preservation regarding religion,
scientific or educational connections also through publications. Gain by love,
journeys concerning, legacies or goods or dead. Psychic experiences. If afflicted,
loss of legacy, money etc. and reverse results.
Mercury. Incomplete education, gain by legacy, money or property by marriage,
death of partner. Some inheritance but difficulty over it. If afflicted or combust,
loss of money through partnership and marriage. Short life may be the cause for
ruin of maternal uncles, etc.
Jupiter. Gain and honours in handling the estate and money of others, also
through law suits, legacies, inheritance insurance etc. of dead persons. Occult
experiences. Mediumistics. If afflicted disappointment over legacy, troubles in
financial matters. Aspect of Sun will shorten the life, Other wise average span of
life. No gain from education.

Venus. Gain through wife or ancestral property. Danger of drowning or wound

on the body. Sickness and death of brothers. Troublesome journeys, false
accusation. Gain by the dead. A comfortable fixed partner. Spiritualistic
experiences. Middle part of or life will be happy.
Saturn. Longlived, many misfortunes, secret enemies who may die, troubles over
inheritances. Death of friends, gift or legacies from friends. Worried, unhappy,
residence in foreign lands. Loss of property. Gain of wealth and comfortable life.
Rahu. Promotes health and condusive to long life. Gifts and legacies and gain by
the dead. An evil position for mental aptitude and physical health. The native is
dilatory in work, unholy acts inclined to much sexual activity. Wind, stomach,
enlargement of glands, diseases are indicated. He has a few sons. He will earn
fame, name and respect but his reputation is blemished. Mixed financial
conditions. Oppressed by enemies.
Ketu. Loss of goods by fraud, sudden or violent death affecting the longevity.
Wounds, separation from dear ones, stomach troubles. Opposition by enemies.
The native has desire for others property and wives. If aspected by benefic
wealth and long life and gain of money after obstruction.
Ninth House
Sun. Bold and industrious, gain of wealth through hard work and industry.
Respected and famous. Diseased health. Unhappy and worries in middle of life.
Sickness abroad or while travelling. Danger through overstudy. Work in
connection with foreign affairs or universities.
Moon. Gain through ancestral property, dutiful and prosperous children,
Wealthy and comfortable. Pleasure in foreign lands. If weak or afflicted death of
children and losses through above.
Mars. Wealthy, bold and courageous. Gain by books, publications and writings,
long journeys, export business, religion, science and wifes relations. Prophetic
dreams, many fine qualities, Splendid possibilities through culture development.
If afflicted losses and reverse results.
Mercury. A good advisor, disreputed, gain through science, religion, long
journeys and wifes relations. Marriage to a stranger, gain from in-laws.
Partners journey to foreign lands. If weak or afflicted loss in foreign countries
and reverse results of the above.
Jupiter. Learned, rank in middle age, wealthy and will lead religious life and
good deeds. Honourable, voyages, professional journeys, gain and honour
through learnings, writings, publishing or research work. Psychic experience.
Prophetic dreams, gain through parents relations, science, long journeys,
inventions, law and matters of higher mind. If afflicted troubles with foreigners
and in religious, legal or educational affairs. Fruitless and dangerous voyages.
Loss and troubles in foreign land.

Venus. Long journeys, gain through science and publishing, brothers are likely to
go to foreign lands and marry. Adulterous, death in a distant land, danger of
death while on voyage and by drowning. The partner has trouble with relatives
over many matters.
Saturn. Gain and success through long journeys, respected by Govt., and officers
friendship through travel and learning.
Friends among educated, ministers, writers or inventors. Secluded research,
sacrifice for science or religion. If afflicted worried and unlucky, adulterous, very
unhappy and unlucky. Doubtful nature and uncordial relations with people.
Rahu or Ketu. Unfortunate voyages, curious dreams, trouble and danger of
imprisonment in foreign lands. Worried, religious, hypocrite intelligent, proud;
courageous. Wealthy, pilgrimage, unhappy for brothers. He suffers in respect of
Tenth House
Sun. Honour through service, municipal or national activities, Respected, famous
and native of authority and power. Sorrow and afflictions. If afflicted then
reversals, cheat and liar. Not good thinking. In last part of life may face grief
from children.
Moon. Honourable children, renown in speculations and business also in
theatrical work. Pleasure or honourable through in laws and own mother.
Skilled, blessed with long life, gain through children. If afflicted reverse results.
Mars. Wealthy and respected. Either magisterial power or army office. Bold and
valorous, gain by occupation, profession, merchandising, Govt., and from wifes
relations and parents. Honour, credit and esteem through science, literature and
travel. Success in foreign affairs. Reverse affects if badly aspected and malefic.
Mercury. Learned, intelligent, good education, wealthy and gain through fruits
of the earth. An honourable partner, beneficial to the professional career If
afflicted troubles through rivals, public disgrace, scandals through union or
enemy. Jupiter. Blessed with long life, knowledge or law, intelligent, good deeds,
wealthy and respected. Also owns property, builder of charitable places, generous
and pilgrimage. Rise to high social and professional position. If afflicted;
displeasures of officers dishonour and reverse of above.
Venus. Respected, charitable, fond of relation with women, professional or
honourable journeys and gain through writings or other accomplishment.
Danger of violent death. Business through matters of dead. Rise to high position
through in inheritance. If afflicted reverse results.
Saturn. Friendship with those in high-position, in high social standing persons in
business and Govt. circles. If afflicted liability to disgrace, discredit from
superiors, Govt., long journeys or retirement and seclusion. Sorrows through
father and troubles through partners parents. Middle part of life unhappy, non-

religious and unhappy.

Rahu or Ketu. Native achieves honour, credit and high position through merits,
industry and ability. Proud and fearless. Fond of struggle and strife. Does not
have reliable friends. Economical, powerful enemies, happiness from parents is
impaired. He may have a few sons. Worried mind. In male charts, liasion with
Eleventh House
Sun. Short life, harsh temperament, grief from wife and children. Sickness
among friends and family. Hopes to be realised through acquaintances. Interest
in legislature, political or social welfare. Reversal in profession. Troubles and
worries through enemies. Loss of property.
Moon. Great attachment with wife and children, friends through them. Realised
hopes and wishes, friends through speculation, or pleasure among legislators,
ambassadors and sportsman. Happy and good temperament, fond of travels,
comforts and gain from children. Loss of money by grief from wife.
Mars. Gain by friends and accidental fortune. Wealthy respected and famous,
blessed with rank, power and authority. Voyages, gain from foreigners. If
afflicted grief from wife, loss of wealth and sickness and troubles through above.
Mercury. A good mathematician, successful hopes, gain through friends. Many
hopes and wishes attained in old age. Marriage to a widow or windower with
children, but liable to troubles them. Friends become opponents or enemies. Gain
of money through industry. Average wealth.
Jupiter. Honourable fortune gain from friends among legislator, officers in power
or professional positions. Ambitious ideals, Helpful to associates. Much pleasure
in life. Hopes and wishes often attained. If afflicted detriment friends, hopes
often defeated and reverse results of above.
Venus. Friends through journeys and gain from them. Honours and renown
through writings, death among friends. Gain through legacies and friends.
Connection with many women. If afflicted then troubles, grief from brothers and
children. Unsuccessful hopes, less comforts from friends, etc.
Saturn. Many friends and beneficial friends. Well defined hopes and wishes. If
afflicted unfortunate undertakings, unsettled profession, unhappy, non-religious,
middle part of life unhappy. Great disappointment and obstacles, deceitful
friends and losses through them.
Rahu. Wealthy and long lived, meritorious. Friendship. Assistance in realization
of hopes and wishes. Intelligent, few sons, travels, famous, industrious and
courageous. Avaricious, gain through others advice, Good health. Deafness in
old age.
Ketu. Undesirable associations, loss of opportunities and failure of hopes. False
friends. Wealthy, popular good authority, gain and success. Performs good deeds,

commands respect. Few sons and worries from them. He will become licentious.
Disease of stomach and anus are indicated.
Twelfth House
Sun. Imprisonment or private enemies. Work of mysterious nature. Interest in
archaeology or submarine life. May suffer from bronchitis, unhappy in old age,
may be an engineer or connected with land measurements. Many travels.
Moon. Diseased and worried. Children will cause secret sorrows, speculations
may cause ruin. Pleasure through mysterious work of research nature. Worried
and troubled. Loss of ancestral property. Unlucky for the parents.
Mars. Early life troublesome, unhappy and worried. All earned money will be
destroyed through loss. In middle part of life seeks seclusion for study of occult
learnings etc. Long journeys. Difficulties and sorrows through religion, science or
journeys. Gain by affairs of secret nature.
Mercury. Afflicted health, long journeys, loss through treachery. End of life in
seclusion. Devoted to occult science. Unhappy marriage, secret sorrows, jealous
vexation and sickness. Partner or opponents cause imprisonment or fear of it.
Danger of death at the hands of enemies, if Venus afflicts.
Jupiter. Secret unhappiness, generous, charitable, respect in profession in foreign
lands, gain through occult affairs and secret missions, success in middle life. If
afflicted unfortunate environments and conditions. Loss of honour, office of
dignity through secret enemies. Difficulty in employment. Gain from occult
Venus. Great sorrows through brothers, secret sufferings, occult learnings,
seclusion, strained relations with brothers. Danger of enmities and imprisonment
while travelling. Difficulty over inheritance. Great sorrows.
Saturn. Deceitful friends who may cause sufferings. Sorrowful friends. Good
friendship among occults. Pleasure in peaceful, quite harmonious and secluded
place, Occult abilities, powerless enemies, secret investigations, limitations,
affliction and adversities prove to be blessings in disguise by developing growth
and understanding. Worried, greed, spendthrift, non-religious, residence at other
than permanent place, quarrels with brothers and friends. Unsuccessful hopes,
attachment with women, many enemies and adulterous.
Rahu. Gain by secret method or in seclusion, success in occultism; afflicted
health, weak eye sight, windy complaints, heart trouble and such like diseases.
He becomes frustrated at the initial stage but successful at last. Courageous,
unfavourable for pleasures of bed as Rahu is of separative nature.
Ketu. Loss and troubles through secret enemies. Liability of imprisonment and
restrictions, bad health, secretive sinful deeds. More expenditure. Victorious in
disputes. Feet, naval, anus, eye diseases. He will be weak and volumptuous.

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