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Advocate Anita Shahbaz

With a fast-growing economy and the largest population in Central Asia, Uzbekistan
offers a number of opportunities for small and medium size companies. Uzbekistan
remains an industrial center of the region, with economic policies designed to attract
manufacturing and service companies from around the world.
Interestingly Bihari entrepreneurs are dominated in pharmaceutical sector in all front
ranging from distribution, sales, regulatory consultancy and manufacturing. Most of
them got married with Russian girls and now they confidently doing business and
giving strong completion to original Russian nationals. All time hero is Mr.Surjeet
Singh, CMD of Shreya from Patna. His company remained 3 rd largest company in
Russia sometime. It is easy to do business if you know Bhojpuri, Hindi or Russian
language. I personally visited Uzbekistan many times and met with pharma
distributors, retailers, warehouses and most cities. This country is just like Europe in
terms of cleanliness, dressing sense and food habits.

In Q215, Uzbekistan's Pharmaceuticals RRI (Rental Relocation Inc) score to 37.0

from 34.6 in the previous quarter, out of the maximum 100 points. However,
according to our RRI matrix, Uzbekistan remains the least attractive market to
pharmaceutical investors in the Central and Eastern Europe region. The Uzbek
market score upgrade was driven by higher sector value growth indices.
Uzbekistan's overall score is supported by a robust pharmaceutical market
expansion (sector value growth score 8.4 against the regional average of 4.6) and
population growth (scoring 3.0 versus the regional average of 1.3), but dragged
down by a moderate market size (market expenditure score 4.0 against the regional
average of 8.3) and low spending level (spending per capita score 1.2 against the
regional average of 5.6). Current market size of Uzbekistan pharmaceutical industry
is USD1 billion.
Production unit is in a very nascent stage and few Indians have established
manufacturing unit for few formulations. They generally buy pellets and just fill in
Uzbekistan. If you are strong you can enter into production business and
government is offering good amount of financial support to establish production
units. Name of few pharma companies who are doing well in Uzbekistan are
Novofarma Plus, Nobel Pharmsanoat, Remedy, Jurabek Laboratories and Radiks
Most important is how to enter into Uzbekistan market and what are the formalities. I
will suggest you to visit Uzbekistan first to meet distributors and try to know the

payment terms after registration. Luckily factory visit is not required till this year but
WHO-GMP is minimum requirement for factory.CTD format dossier is required along
with PSUR (periodic safety update report) as per ICH guideline. BA/BE study is also
required in case of few tablet and capsule formulation. Clinical trial is required if your
formulation is not approved with Uzbekistan FDA. Government fee is USD 6500 per
product for registration and registration time ranges from 6 months to 12 months
depending upon your dossier quality and follow ups with FDA people. Registration
will be renewed after every 5 years. Don,t you feel that registration fee is too high, it
is because you are getting 32 million population market.
You can establish your own representative office, distribution center and your own
sales team to get better and faster business. Through this strategy you can manage
well your ROI. There are service providers in India and in Uzbekistan who can assist
you in establishing your office, recruiting staff, arranging visa, liosoning with
government officials.
Margins are good in comparison to African and Asian market. You can overcome
your expenses in very first order, all depends on business strategy, implementation
and control. Your product basket should be need of the hour and valuable in terms of
financial terms so that you can overcome your cost and profit margins. Keep abreast
closely about what is happening into the market place. You cannot leave everything
on team, your visit as an owner is mandatory and it should be regular.