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Animal Protocol

Much of the info has been shared with me from other practitioners who work with animals.
Eventually you will develop your personal approach.
Because animals do not come into contact with as many stressful situations or toxins as humans,
their responses to EPFX/SCIO balancing are often seen as miraculous by their human
companions. It is a particularly useful tool to help understand the emotional or physical problems,
which animals are unable to tell us verbally.
Cats are particularly sensitive to energetics and will either demand more or shut down the
computer in disgust so be prepared for anything!
Working in subspace can be more than adequate (or the only option!). One of the advantages is
that the animal will be less likely to act out if it is left to do its own thing. Make sure there is
minimal or no human contact during the calibration and test or you will get significantly more
identifiable owner issues showing up.
NOTE: It is best to use a subtle approach to therapy and not push for high rectification scores with
Demographic, Calibration and Test:
*Enter animal name and gender
*Animal testing-choose appropriate animal type or other
*Patient Data Load New or Old Patient (do not use SOC score or enter info
*Enter birthdate (try to be exact as possible; especially the correct year) and place of birth or
place of residence (if birth area is unknown)
*Save and go to calibration as normal
*Prepare and Test as normal
Good Housekeeping:
1. 3- sec balance of top and bottom 5 reactants (or top 250 or 30 approach)
2. Short Sarcode RX; Inflammation, Lymph, Liver, Lung, Kidney, Small Intestine, Endocrine, Skin,
and others if there is a known specific issue not addressed by above.
3. Risk Profile: Mineral Balancing (single click on top and bottom ones to enter in hold box then
rectify)or double clicking method
4. Risk Profile: Risks Balance (top and bottom therapy in Risk Chart)
5. Therapy Panel: Do suggested yellow therapy; add Hololinguistic information if there is an
obvious issue. This is done in the green panel remember to click Add to Schuman Wave.
6. Spinal and Sarcodes: Spinal energy release
-click Test and Treat vertebrae; mentally note results
-click NEC button just below
-click start test and treat in yellow panel (compare results with physical)
-Keep clicking Test and Treat until all spinal vertebrae say corrected (1st priority) and love index is
at least twice the frustration index (2nd priority)
Cranio Sacral / Animal Panel:
1. Choose Animal
2. The opening panel gives you essential information about the top issues and you can work with
these as you would a human through any of the other EPFX/SCIO therapy panels or test matrix
(i.e. high indication of worms, could be dealt with through Autozap worms, and / or search matrix
for Artemesia, Vermifuge etc.
3. Look at nutritional information box (top right) to see what is needed (i.e. high carbohydrate

score could be worked on through Nutrition and Homeopathy)

4. Go to specific tab for species you are working with (i.e. cat). This will give reaction scores for
specific diseases particular to that species of animal. Double click the highest / lowest reactants.
This will put them into a hold tray on the opening panel. Click 20sec Rx button to treat.
Emotional Therapy:
This is the crucial thing to target in most animals and can be addressed in many of the same ways
as for humans, but animals respond particularly well to FE combos, and simple emotional
1. Load info report with flower essences, imponderables and emotions. (Information Info View /
or Show Info Report. Information- Empty Info to start new, click ok. Now choose top/bottom from
appropriate sub-files, by clicking and dragging them into the info panel. Load Report 2 times until
you get Report Items Loaded in the Purple Hold Tray above. Auto Focus Zap, choose Auto Focus
Zap, the treat key becomes a 3 min zap)
2. NLP Panel : Mental Emotional Factors Chart, Make Emotional Chart, Value of Emotions, Value of
Neurotransmitters, load to tray by double clicking top/bottom, 10-sec zap until rectified or Show
Chart and balance with therapy that is appropriate. Specific therapy (i.e. self worth) depending
on obvious issues; Unconscious Choice on the Therapy drop down list, etc.
Homeopathic Activation Panel:
Cats, in particular, respond very well to homeopathy you may want to make a remedy to
administer long term, but first
1. Click on Load Homeopathic Remedy List
2. Click on Panel Down (lower left hand of pink panel) to reveal Test Matrix items.
3. Click Show By Value (bottom left of green panel)
4. Double click on top 4 items to load them into the lower pink panel.
5. Go through each click Check Potency and then click Zap+Duplicate and/or Treat Till Rectified
6. Go through each check for potency and zap for treatment (sometimes the system cant lock
for potency, so clear it by double clicking on the panel and reload it until it locks on).
7. If appropriate repeat this process with some of the homeopathics (upper panel) as well.
Again the top 4 should be enough.
Continue to Assess and Balance as Normal:
You may find it useful to have an animal reference for Herbal/Homeopathic/Complimentary
Therapy Formulary handy to refer to for specific remedies for issues/ailments for Individual
Reaction Tests/Zaps in the Test Matrix.
Body Scan and Aura:
I always finish up with this feel good therapy because it has always made my cats purr! So it
must be enjoyable for them.
Re-occurring Species Patterns:
Horses muscles, hypertension, emotions, digestion
Cats spine worms, protein digestion, territorial issues
Dogs self worth, joints, respiratory, behavioral problems
Fish bladder, water toxicity
Ferrets spine, eye (prone to blindness)
Reptiles - anger management, hormones, circulation
Young Animals behavioral, love, psychological pattern setting
Old Animals - Kidneys, arthritic joints, spine, skin
Working Animals muscles, spine, stress
Wild/Feral animals fear, calming, pathogens, skin, trauma