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The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to

research and present a topic of interest in Psychology, and to familiarize
themselves with presenting information in PowerPoint or other multimedia
format. (The entire assignment is worth 10 marks and 10% of the final grade
in the course).
PART I: Presentation Overview
The goal of the first part is to have students select and research their
chosen topic. It will allow students to become organized regarding their
assignment and to become familiar with referencing and submitting
the assignment through OWL. It will also allow the students to receive
feedback from the TAs to improve the final assignment.
Students are to submit about 3-4 slides in Powerpoint format to
indicate their selected topic, and outline of their presentation and a
reference section indicating the references and sources they plan to
use for their assignment.
Expectations for Part I:
Include your name, student number, selected topic
Outline of your presentation and how you expect to use your
(Example: Slide 1: Title slide including ..
Slide 2: Introduce my chosen topic
Slide 3: Discuss relevance of my topic to psychology
which includes
the following points.
Slide 4: Summarize research studies related to topic .
And so on for all slides in your presentation
3. Reference section: list the references and sources that you
plan to use in your
Submitting the Assignments:
These Powerpoint assignments must be saved in .pptx format and submitted
through the link on OWL.
Worth 1 mark
Grading Criterion: pass (1 out of 1) or fail (0 out of 1)

Pass: all 3 expectations are submitted for Part I as outlined

above by the specified due date.

Fail: 3 components are not submitted to WebCT by specified due


PART II: Multimedia Presentation
General Guidelines
When preparing your PowerPoint presentation, keep the following points in
1. You will not actually be required to present your presentation in person
but should prepare it as if you were going to do so.
2. Keep your presentation to a maximum of 12 content slides (not including
title page and references).
3. Suggested font size is 44 pts for titles, and 32 pts for on slide text.
4. Ensure good use of your space such that slides do not appear cluttered or
busy. Try to keep to a maximum of 7 key points per slide.
5. All points stated that are not your own ideas must be properly cited.
Failure to cite the original source is considered plagiarism.
6. Refer to the OWL website for APA formatting under Lecture Notes icon.
7. You must use the notes section in your PowerPoint to clarify the key
points stated in your slides. Keep the contents of your notes clear, precise
and to the point; you may use point form in your notes section.
NB. These points must be in the notes section - not in the slide itself and should not exceed 10 lines of text per slide approximately the notes
necessary for 1.5min of verbal elaboration. Overall, your presentation
should be designed so as not to exceed 15 minutes.
8. All graphics (pictures, graphs, charts, etc.) must be labeled using a one
word title. This title should appear just below the graphic in a small but
legible font. Additionally, all graphics must be cited in the reference
section of the project. References for graphics should appear in
alphabetical order with respect to the one word titles assigned.
References for graphics should appear in their own section on the
reference page, not mixed in with the general references. (Please see the
reference section of the good PowerPoint examples provided on the
main PowerPoint Project page for clarification of this point).
Content of the Assignment
Each PowerPoint presentation must include the following:
1. An opening slide with the following information:
o Topic Title
o Student's Name
o Student Number (omit this if you are composing a websites for

your assignment)
Section Number
Professors name
An introduction to the topic (approximately 2-3 slides)
o Introduce topic
o Statement of relevance to psychology
A body (approximately 6 slides)
o Provide evidence of scientific basis by consulting with at least 3
professional psychology journals (these refer to articles retrieved
from psycINFO, see PsycINFO Link under Useful Links) and 2
legitimate websites (these refer to urls ending in .net, .gov,
.edu, .org, .gc)
A conclusion (approximately 2-3 slides)
o State what was learned from this topic
o Summarize key points and provide take home message
o If your topic included a fact or fiction discussion provide your
conclusion based on the evidence in your presentation.
Reference page(s) (approximately 1-2slides)
o All sources must be listed on the reference page entitled
o All pictures, graphs, charts etc. used on slides must be named
with a one word title. Use this title to reference these pictures in
a separate section on the reference page entitled Graphics.




Note: Refer to good PowerPoint example posted on OWL for clarification of

these 5 points.
Project topics are provided in Assignment section on OWL.
Late Penalty: 1 point out of 9 per day.
Plagiarism will result in a grade of zero on the assignment. To avoid
plagiarism, students must quote their sources. All information taken
from a source must either be reworded OR placed in quotation marks.
But, in either case, you must quote the source of the information.
Grading Scheme
______ 1. Introduction of topic
- Clear and concise introduction of topic

- Clear statement of how the topic relevant to psychology

(1.0 mark)
______ 2. References
- Complete and accurate use of APA format with the presentation
and in the
reference section
(1.0 mark)
- Use of 3 professional psychology journals and 2 legitimate
(1.0 mark)
______ 3. Content
- Clear and accurate information
- Complete coverage and discussion of key aspects of the topic
- Clear and accurate summary and conclusion
- Effective use of notes pages
(3.0 marks)
______ 4. Creativity
- Overall creativity in presentation of topic
- Use of relevant visual aids (pictures, figures, graphs, etc.)
- Appropriate use of PowerPoint animation function(s)
(1.0 mark)
______ 5. Overall quality
- Well organized presentation
- Originality of thought related to topic presentation
- Clean presentation style (slides do not appear busy or cluttered)
- spelling and grammar
- Appropriate transition between slides
(2.0 marks)
______ Total grade for assignment
(Out of 9.0)
Note: The grade on this Part II assignment (9%) plus the grade on Part I
(worth 1%) will constitute 10% of your final grade in the course.