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Friday, 25th September 2015

The Christs Chronicles

Issue No. 32

Welcome to the new format

Christs Chronicles, which we will
be issuing weekly. Your feedback
would be most welcome. Please
email me at:

Some important dates for your diary:

Wednesday 30th September
Open Evening 6.30-9pm
Tuesday 6th October

Next Week is Gold

Parents Forum Meeting 7pm

Thursday 8th October
Academic Review Day

Remember to check
the School Bulletin for
more information.

Hannah Beharry
British Boxing Champion
Last week two-time British boxing champion,
Hannah Beharry, visited Christs School to
give a motivational talk and deliver fitness
sessions to over
100 students.
Hannah will be in
school on
Thursday 22nd
October as part
of the Sky Sports
programme. We
are fortunate to
have Hannah as
our sport

The Year 9 and Senior Netball team had a

busy afternoon last week with games
against Greycourt and RPA. They had
convincing 10-0 and 6-4 wins over RPA.
Congratulations to the players of the match:
Florence West, Jemima Venning, Agnes
Brook-Sulman and Ebony Burrell.
There was an outstanding performance last
week by the Year 7 rugby team who have
never played as a team before, and
secured a comfortable victory over Turin
House School. The final score was 30-10
and there was excellent performance from
Bruno Robinson, and great finishing from
Michael Belle. Man of the Match though,
was Jasper Trott.
As always, see our Facebook page for
pictures and fixture list. Just click here.

Christs Parents Forum

Tuesday 6th October
School Library
This is a chance to discuss
school improvement initiatives
with members of the Senior
Leadership Team and other
parents, or to ask questions.
All Welcome

Refugee Crisis in Europe

We would like to thank all parents
and students who have brought in
items for our collection for the
A mini-bus load
was delivered to a
local charity
James & Alfies Rugby World Cup 2015 Column
Game: England vs

Game: South Africa

Game: Tonga vs

Game: Australia vs


vs Japan



Final Score: 35-11

Final Score: 32-34

Final Score: 10-17

Final Score: 28-13

Comment: England

Comment: This match

Comment: The game

Comment: David

won this game but we

had a shocking outcome.

was poor but the

Pocock scored two

didn't play too well

We were particularly

tackling was big! It was

first half tries for the

we just got lucky. Fijis

impressed by the speed

because the tacking

Wallabies at the

defence broke down.

of the Japanese players.

was so good that the

Millennium Stadium

There is some

game was boring and

contention over the final

there were tonnes of

trywere his toes over

penalties! Not a good

the line? South Africa

game to watcheven

were angry!

the crowd got bored.

Game: Ireland vs

Final Score: 50-7

Comment: The Pool
D opening match of
the RWC tournament.

By James Hughes & Alfie Wheeler 8THO

in Cardiff. Australia
made 122 tackles,
but Fiji only
managed 82.

Morning Running Club

up and at em early for
some exercise before

The Year 9 and Senior

Netball Team

Homework Club

Printing in School

The school will be running a Homework Club in the Library

from Monday 14th September.
The club will offer PC access in a quiet, safe environment
where learning resources and adult supervision are available
from 8:00am

until 4:30pm each school day.

Students also have access to printing in

the library as long as there are sufficient
funds in their printing account.

Mark an envelope Printing,

state your childs Name &
Tutor Group and send it to
Mrs Garrett in the School

We look forward to welcoming you.

Forgive us our sins as we

forgive those who sin
against us
For God so loved the world that
he gave us his one and only son,
that whoever believes in him
would not perish but have Eternal
life. John 3 v 16

Students are given 1.00 at

the beginning of Year 7 and
thereafter must bring in
cash to top-up their print
account. Please note colour
can be selected, but is
more expensive and should
be used sparingly.

God our friend,

Thank you for not expecting us to be perfect.
Thank you for not rejecting us when we fall
Thank you for your Wisdom to help us make
our way in the world.
Thank you for your Love to hold and heal us in
all we do.