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Hibernate Search Changelog

Version 5.4.0.Final (3-9-2015)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1960] - TypeMetadata and QueryValidator fail to recognize an Id b
eing encoded as Numeric
* [HSEARCH-1968] - NPE on Faceting queries which represent and empty result
* [HSEARCH-1973] - ConnectedMultiFieldsTermQueryBuilder must unwrap a NullEn
codingTwoWayFieldBridge before checking for NumericFieldBridge
* [HSEARCH-1981] - QueryBuilder should not tokenize the null-token when sear
ching for null
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1949]
* [HSEARCH-1950]
* [HSEARCH-1953]
ate ORM 5.0
* [HSEARCH-1972]
* [HSEARCH-1978]
* [HSEARCH-1979]
* [HSEARCH-1980]

- FSDirectoryTest is leaking file handles when run on Windo

- Integration tests should not hardcode the module slot
- Javadoc should be built by linking to the one from Hibern

Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.0.0.Final

Fix example in projection documentation
Upgrade to WildFly 10.0.0.Beta2
Upgrade to JGroups 3.6.4.Final

** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1952] - ScheduledCommitPolicy might open unnecessary IndexWriter
Version 5.4.0.CR2 (4-8-2015)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1708] - Using DistanceSortField does not verify the field paramet
er passed to the constructor
* [HSEARCH-1918] - Spatial Search with distance projection is not returning
all results
* [HSEARCH-1936] - Avro Serializer does not preserve value of field's term v
ector when it is set to YES
* [HSEARCH-1941] - Passing a null to Search.getFullTextSession causes a conf
using error message
* [HSEARCH-1945] - Resolution of index storage paths with "." creates incons
istent directory trees
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1909]
* [HSEARCH-1932]
* [HSEARCH-1934]
* [HSEARCH-1938]
K methods
* [HSEARCH-1939]
* [HSEARCH-1940]
h artifactId
* [HSEARCH-1944]
* [HSEARCH-1948]
fail on JDK9

- Rename logging category for the FullText-Query category

- Re-enable the performance tests
- Replace the Infinispan integration module with a Maven Re
- Integrate build tool to verify against usage of tricky JD
- Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.0.0.CR3
- Use Maven Relocation to deprecate the old hibernate-searc
- Enable profiles for testing on MariaDB and PostgreSQL
- Missing tools.jar make the performance integration tests

Version 5.4.0.CR1 (13-7-2015)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1681] - Index optimisation should commit to publish the performed
* [HSEARCH-1868] - References to getSearchFactory in AbstractJMSHibernateSea
rchController documentation are outdated
* [HSEARCH-1896] - Documentation: duplicate <dependency> tag in example
* [HSEARCH-1897] - Download URLs for Hibernate 5 needs using a new pattern
* [HSEARCH-1913] - Integration test helper ConcertManager#saveConcerts will
need a larger timeout
* [HSEARCH-1924] - JBoss Logging upgrade needs explicit dependencies in our
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-1914] - Deprecate the @CacheFromIndex annotation and FieldCache b
ased projections
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1474] - MassIndexer needs to avoid being timed out by the Transac
* [HSEARCH-1812] - Documentation doesn't clearly explain how one obtains the
existing SearchIntegrator
* [HSEARCH-1882] - Log Hibernate Search queries in a specific category
* [HSEARCH-1891] - Span transaction per id list in batch indexing engine
* [HSEARCH-1901] - Built-in TikaBridge repeatedly initializes the default pa
* [HSEARCH-1919] - Don't use FieldCache in SortTest
* [HSEARCH-1922] - JMS backend should set the JMS message header JMSXGroupID
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-668] - Provide a setting to bring under the same transaction the
DB operation and the JMS queue
* [HSEARCH-1878] - Add google analytics to the HTML documentation
* [HSEARCH-1907] - Include the JGroups backend in the modules distribution
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1783] - Reproduce transaction timeouts during mass indexing
* [HSEARCH-1815] - Clarify the need to depend on an implementation of Serial
* [HSEARCH-1854] - ScheduledCommitPolicyTest fails on JDK9
* [HSEARCH-1875] - Upgrade to JBoss Byteman 3.0.0
* [HSEARCH-1893] - Enable again the distribution of custom JBoss Modules
* [HSEARCH-1903] - Avoid starting multiple unnecessary WildFly servers to ru
n integration tests
* [HSEARCH-1904] - Include the jdeps Maven plugin in the build to allow crea
ting JRE9 profile reports
* [HSEARCH-1905] - Disable the WildFly integration tests when running on JDK
* [HSEARCH-1906] - Enable the WildFly integration tests even on Java 9
* [HSEARCH-1908] - Avoid the need to dynamically override the Analyzer to fi
eldname mapping
* [HSEARCH-1910] - Upgrade Spatial Query related implementations to avoid us
ing Lucene's deprecated FieldCache
* [HSEARCH-1912] - Excluding superfluous dependencies from shrinkwrapped int
egration tests
* [HSEARCH-1916] - Use Path instead of File in the various test helpers
* [HSEARCH-1920] - Document the new 'enlist_in_transaction' setting



Upgrade to
Upgrade to
Upgrade to

Hibernate Commons Annotations 5.0.0.Final

not running on the OSGi test modules
Hibernate ORM 5.0.0.CR2
WildFly 9.0.0.Final and align configuration fi

* [HSEARCH-1931] - Upgrade integration tests to WildFly 10.0.0.Alpha5 to use
provided Hibernate 5 modules
Version 5.4.0.Alpha1 (5-6-2015)
-----------------------** Task
* [HSEARCH-1874] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 5.0.0.CR1
Version 5.3.0.CR1 (1-6-2015)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1880] - Unresolved slot for Infinispan in hibernate-search-engine
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1877] - Gracefully handle null values in TikaBridge
* [HSEARCH-1883] - Allow an optional dependency of the JBoss Modules to Apac
he Tika
* [HSEARCH-1884] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.10.Final
Version 5.3.0.Beta2 (19-5-2015)
-----------------------** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1866] - Revert changes to signatures of methods in TypeMetadata a
nd PropertyMetadata
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1864] - Module slot not following version name
* [HSEARCH-1873] - Upgrade integration tests and modules to target WildFly 9
Version 5.3.0.Beta1 (6-5-2015)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-900] - Faceting with manytoone relationship give wrong faceting c
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-812] - Possibiltiy to set boolean type (SHOULD/MUST) when selecti
ng multiple facets
* [HSEARCH-1848] - Replace the Infinispan Directory provider with the one di
stributed by the Infinispan project
** Task
* [HSEARCH-809] - Make use of the new faceting API offered by Lucene
Version 5.2.0.Final (6-5-2015)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1855] - Javadoc on MassIndexer mentioning that cancel is not supp
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1600] - Re-enable disabled test HibernateSearchSessionFactoryObse
* [HSEARCH-1856] - Missing paragraph separation in the multi-tenancy chapter
of reference documentation
* [HSEARCH-1858] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.9.Final
* [HSEARCH-1863] - Upgrade to Infinispan 7.2.0.Final
Version 5.2.0.Beta1 (16-4-2015)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1684] - ResultTransformer ignores transformList on tuples
* [HSEARCH-1793] - CriteriaObjectInitializer causes too many object loads in
cross hierarchy queries
* [HSEARCH-1804] - Boost on IndexedEmbedded properties
* [HSEARCH-1811] - Wildcard with multiple fields
* [HSEARCH-1824] - Hot-restarting a mutable SearchFactory has it "forget" th
e previously defined FilterDef and Analyzers
* [HSEARCH-1825] - NullEncodingTwoWayFieldBridge doesn't set the null marker
when used as a FieldBridge
* [HSEARCH-1836] - Avoid NPE in NullEncodingTwoWayFieldBridge for non existi
ng fields
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-655] - Implements the FuturTask.cancel function in the MassIndexe
* [HSEARCH-1356] - Refactor WorkVisitor to match more the expectations on a
Visitor pattern
* [HSEARCH-1762] - Improve javadocs of builtin bridges
* [HSEARCH-1831] - Correcting various typos in the documentation
* [HSEARCH-1850] - Avoid extending Startable and Stoppable interfaces as par
t of a Service contract
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1765] - Add support for deleting by Query
* [HSEARCH-1792] - Support multi-tenancy
* [HSEARCH-1837] - Allow Integrators to customize default directory provider
s for shortcuts
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1773] - not exporte
d by engine osgi bundle
* [HSEARCH-1835] - Fix typo in javadoc of @Spatial
* [HSEARCH-1841] - Refactor DeleteByQuerySupport
* [HSEARCH-1843] - Bump hibernate search module slot name to "5.2"
* [HSEARCH-1845] - Upgrade to Pax Exam 4.4.0 to improve port allocation duri
ng tests
Version 5.1.0.Final (3-3-2015)

** Bug
* [HSEARCH-818] - Cacheable instance filters are created multiple times befo
re being cached
* [HSEARCH-1649] - MassIndexer not compatible with ORM multitenancy
* [HSEARCH-1774] - Osgi Paxexam tests passing even if bundle not resolved
* [HSEARCH-1775] - Osgi resolution error on hibernate-search-infinispan bund
* [HSEARCH-1786] - Projection on properties from embedded types returns Stri
ng rather than the mapped type
* [HSEARCH-1791] - QueryBuilder produces a NumericRange query for id fields
* [HSEARCH-1796] - SearchNewEntityJmsMasterSlaveUsingInfinispanAs2ndCacheAnd
ModulesIT fails on OS X
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-1785] - Deprecate annotation
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-633] - Allow definition of annotations at package-level in packag
* [HSEARCH-997] - Add short and byte numeric bridges
* [HSEARCH-1663] - Packages not exported from osgi bundles
* [HSEARCH-1763] - Inherit @FullTextFilterDef from superclass
* [HSEARCH-1767] - Multiple entity types sharing the index shouldn't necessa
rily prevent single-term deletions
* [HSEARCH-1778] - Add reference to migration notes to reference guide
* [HSEARCH-1780] - Update link to Luke in documentation
* [HSEARCH-1801] - Rename Asciidoc files from chxx to topic name for more do
cumentation flexibility
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-295] - Generate the "right" FilterKey instance even on parameteri
zed filters
* [HSEARCH-1624] - Injection of an instance of ErrorHandler
* [HSEARCH-1698] - Async backends using Infinispan should enable Directory o
ption writeFileListAsynchronously
* [HSEARCH-1764] - Programmatically defining includeEmbeddedObjectId for emb
edded entities
* [HSEARCH-1795] - Allow for the serialization of DocValues as part of the L
uceneWork serialization
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1324] - Create integration tests using a combination of JBoss Mo
dules, Infinispan and JMS
* [HSEARCH-1784] - Introduce CheckStyle rule to ban usage of java.lang.Asser
* [HSEARCH-1798] - Create integration test with WildFly that deploys an EAR
with Hibernate Search
* [HSEARCH-1805] - Removing Serializable from LuceneWork
* [HSEARCH-1806] - Deleting implementation of serialization protocol using n
ative Java serialization
* [HSEARCH-1819] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 4.10.4
* [HSEARCH-1820] - Upgrade to Infinispan 7.1.1.Final and JGroups 3.6.2.Final
* [HSEARCH-1821] - Require Maven 3.2.3 minimum to run the builds
* [HSEARCH-1822] - The OSGi example features.xml is missing exports for org.
tartarus to enable snowball analyzers
Version 5.0.1.Final (9-1-2015)

** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1769] - SyncWorkProcessor leads to NoSuchElementException on empt
y WorkList
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1770] - Make it possible for an integrator to the Engine module t
o enforce using single-term delete operations
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1771] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 4.10.3
* [HSEARCH-1772] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.8.Final
Version 5.0.0.Final (16-12-2014)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1759] - Ambiguous mapping on Id field should be disallowed
* [HSEARCH-1760] - Projection on the "Id" keyword should not be repeated aga
in as a normal field when an "id" field exists as well
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1757] - Allow usage of Factory annotation to create FieldBridge i
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1682] - Document the need to optionally download
s from Infinispan
* [HSEARCH-1755] - Constructor of DefaultStringBridge needs
order to be used via @FieldBridge
* [HSEARCH-1756] - Make sure documentation gets included in
* [HSEARCH-1758] - Fallback strategy for RangeQuery builder
sarily pick a keyword based range query

the JBoss Module

to be public in
dist bundles
should not neces

Version 5.0.0.CR2 (11-12-2014)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1744] - NumericFieldBridge#objectToString does not check for null
* [HSEARCH-1751] - Extend NumericFieldSettingsDescriptor to expose the numer
ic encoding type
* [HSEARCH-1752] - StringEncodingDateBridge does not comply with the TwoWayF
ieldBridge contract
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-642] - Support for only manual indexing of particular entity type
* [HSEARCH-1747] - Reduce verbosity of logging message for start/stop of bac
kend threads
* [HSEARCH-1749] - Separate the Avro Serialization module into its own isola
ted JBoss Module
* [HSEARCH-1750] - Rename SearchMappingBuilder to SearchMappingHelper
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1743] - Rename SearchFactoryImplementor to ExtendedSearchIntegrat
* [HSEARCH-1746] - Update Infinispan to 7.0.2.Final and JGroups to 3.6.1.Fin
* [HSEARCH-1754] - Speedup execution of InfinispanNativeLockFactoryTest: no

need for a cluster

Version 5.0.0.CR1 (8-12-2014)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-968] - Index dates as numeric fields
* [HSEARCH-1734] - The locking_strategy property is ignored when using the I
nfinispan Directory
* [HSEARCH-1735] - Background threads should not be started when not require
* [HSEARCH-1737] - Locking strategy "native" ignoring "index base" on Infini
span Directory
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-763] - Index numeric properties by using @NumericField by default
* [HSEARCH-1738] - Can prevent some I/O by aggressively exiting the FieldSel
ector visitor
* [HSEARCH-1741] - Various documentation improvements
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1673]
* [HSEARCH-1730]
* [HSEARCH-1733]
* [HSEARCH-1739]
* [HSEARCH-1740]

- Define and verify a clearly limited SPI for Infinispan Qu

- Move all .impl classes in hibernate-search-engine into en
- Upgrade to WildFly 8.2.0.Final
- Rename SearchFactoryBuilder to SearchIntegrationBuilder
- Move SearchFactoryImplementor out of the SPI package

Version 5.0.0.Beta3 (20-11-2014)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1731] - Should not have a transitive dependency to jboss-loggingannotations
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1725] - Improve allocation rate of the new Lucene synchronous bat
ching backend
* [HSEARCH-1732] - Update links to javadoc external sites
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1728] - Create a configuration attribute to allow usage of the In
finispan Directory option writeFileListAsynchronously
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1719] - Performance tests are not able to run
* [HSEARCH-1720] - Switch the performance tests to use the Hikari connection
* [HSEARCH-1721] - Reconfigure build to make it possible to test the main mo
dules on JDK9
* [HSEARCH-1722] - Fix race condition in OptimizerPerformanceTest
* [HSEARCH-1723] - Allow BackendStressTest to test clustered Infinispan conf
* [HSEARCH-1726] - Allow performance validation tests to run on MariaDB
* [HSEARCH-1727] - Restore original package name for SearchFactory, break in
heritance link with SearchFactoryIntegrator

Version 5.0.0.Beta2 (13-11-2014)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1592] - DefaultStringBridge cannot be used with programmatic conf
iguration API
* [HSEARCH-1655] - Avro's ConcurrentServiceTest fails occasionally
* [HSEARCH-1713] - Remove the DefaultEntityInterceptor implementation of Ent
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1173] - JPA FullTextQuery toString() with query information
* [HSEARCH-1273] - Improve usability and consistency of spatial API
* [HSEARCH-1368] - FullTextIndexEventListener becomes final
* [HSEARCH-1469] - Consider the term 'geospatial' instead of 'spatial'
* [HSEARCH-1470] - Provide better error message when the user writes a geosp
atial query against a non spatial field
* [HSEARCH-1699] - Batching IndexWriter commits for multiple synchronous wor
* [HSEARCH-1718] - Avoid array resize overhead in the ErrorContextBuilder
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1500] - Review Serialization strategies
* [HSEARCH-1579] - Consider removing direct references to FieldBridges from
* [HSEARCH-1705] - Mark the MoreLikeThis feature as experimental
* [HSEARCH-1707] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 4.10.2
* [HSEARCH-1712] - Remove dependency to ParaNamer
* [HSEARCH-1716] - Simplify the Lucene writing backend by dropping the paral
lel execution of writer tasks
* [HSEARCH-1717] - Update Infinispan to 7.0.0.Final
Version 5.0.0.Beta1 (31-10-2014)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1683]
ses wrong slot name
* [HSEARCH-1694]
* [HSEARCH-1702]
* [HSEARCH-1703]

- Bundled JBoss Modules being generated for Apache Lucene u

- AsyncBackendLongWorkListStressTest is sync
- Misrendered internal links in documentation
- Infinispan module compatibility

** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1680] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 4.10.1
* [HSEARCH-1621] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 4.9
* [HSEARCH-1693] - Time based commit for async indexing
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1697] - Enable async deleteFile operations on Infinispan Director
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1595]
* [HSEARCH-1596]
* [HSEARCH-1678]
* [HSEARCH-1687]
ld not be hardcoded

- Update services section on online documentation

- Removal of method LuceneWorksBuilder.addFieldWithBinaryDa
- Remove workaround for ISPN-4754 when it is fixed
- Dependency versions in Arquillian integration tests shou


[HSEARCH-1688] - Upgrade to Infinispan 7.0.0.CR1

[HSEARCH-1696] - Infinispan integration on WildFly should depend on a dedi
module (Port HSEARCH-1692 from branch 4.4)
[HSEARCH-1700] - Update Infinispan to 7.0.0.CR2 and JGroups to 3.6.0.Final
[HSEARCH-1704] - Update to Hibernate ORM 4.3.7.Final

Version 5.0.0.Alpha7 (26-09-2014)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1665] - Race condition in DirectoryProviderHelper.initializeIndex
IfNeeded leads to failure in concurrent bootstrap
* [HSEARCH-1576] - Support Infinispan as the Hibernate Search directory prov
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1616]
* [HSEARCH-1657]
* [HSEARCH-1658]
* [HSEARCH-1670]
lic contructor
* [HSEARCH-1671]
* [HSEARCH-1676]
t name [major.minor]
* [HSEARCH-1677]

BooleanJunction isEmpty function

Improve logging for inconsistent field configuration
Expose configuration to enable Lucene Infostream
Clarify warning message on extension points needing a pub

- Upgrade asciidoctor-maven-plugin to version 1.5.0

- Distributed JBoss modules for WildFly should expose a slo
rather than exact version
- Upgrade to Infinispan 7.0.0.Beta2

** Task
* [HSEARCH-1580] - Decide how to support the "dependency graph" feature
* [HSEARCH-1660] - Upgrade JGroups to 3.5.0.Final
* [HSEARCH-1674] - OSGi integration tests shouldn't be deployed to Maven rep
ositories during release
Version 5.0.0.Alpha6 (18-08-2014)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1637] - Non-Threadsafe usage of SerializationService implementati
* [HSEARCH-1650] - LuceneWorkSerializerImpl ignores FlushLuceneWork
* [HSEARCH-1651] - Backend configuration property name is documented incorre
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1638] - Some tests leak resources, do some cleanup and review
* [HSEARCH-1644] - Improve the quickstart and WildFly modules section of the
* [HSEARCH-1646] - Remove dependency on AssertionFailure from HCANN
* [HSEARCH-1648] - Upgrade to Infinispan 7.0.0.Beta1
* [HSEARCH-1652] - Introduce tests for backwards serialization compatibility
for Avro
* [HSEARCH-1653] - Revision Avro based serialization Protocol to v1.1 to all
ow for protocol changes
Version 5.0.0.Alpha5 (23-07-2014)
-----------------------** Sub-task

* [HSEARCH-1633] - Remove usage of Generics from DocumentBuilder and Work

** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1092] - @IndexedEmbedded still includes id of embedded entity eve
n when not in includePaths
* [HSEARCH-1448] - Missing result when using polymorphism and second level c
* [HSEARCH-1614] - More like this query throws NullPointerException when com
paringField() is set to an unkown field
* [HSEARCH-1615] - WildFly modules are missing support for the JMS indexing
* [HSEARCH-1619] - Testsuite failing on Windows: temporary directory for ind
exes is illegal
* [HSEARCH-1622] - Improve exception when Hibernate Search finds a @IndexedE
mbedded type loop
* [HSEARCH-1623] - Concurrency problem with WeakIdentityHashMap in FullTextI
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-704] - Loading objects leads to 1+n queries when JPA's @Id != @Do
cumentId property
* [HSEARCH-1494] - Metadata creation tries to process @Id property even thou
gh the entity is not indexed
* [HSEARCH-1608] - Improve documentation build via asciidoctor
* [HSEARCH-1617] - Clarify error cause in case of JMS backend misconfigurati
* [HSEARCH-1618] - AbstractJMSHibernateSearchController should not be limite
d to ORM users
* [HSEARCH-1629] - Register the SearchFactory as a Hibernate Service
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1119] - Provide a global property to define the default ObjectLoo
kupMethod and DatabaseRetrievalMethod
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1440] - Re-enable JMS / WildFly disabled tests
* [HSEARCH-1609] - Resolve deprecation warnings for usage of JBoss Logger an
* [HSEARCH-1610] - Automatically enable JDT Annotation Processor support in
* [HSEARCH-1612] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.5.0.Beta7
* [HSEARCH-1613] - Upgrade to WildFly 8.1.0.Final
* [HSEARCH-1620] - Make it easier to develop the project on Windows
* [HSEARCH-1625] - Upgrade H2 version to 1.4.178
* [HSEARCH-1626] - Upgrade JGroups to 3.5.0.Beta9
* [HSEARCH-1627] - Improve debugging options of Karaf features file
* [HSEARCH-1628] - Make sure all Maven plugins specify a versions and update
* [HSEARCH-1630] - Update to Hibernate Commons Annotations 4.0.5.Final
* [HSEARCH-1632] - Update to Hibernate ORM 4.3.6.Final
* [HSEARCH-1634] - Upgrade to Infinispan 7.0.0.Alpha5
* [HSEARCH-1635] - Avoid using the AttributeFactory, dropped in Lucene 4.9
* [HSEARCH-1636] - Different IndexWriterConfig instances are required for ea
ch IndexWriter in Lucene 4.9
Version 5.0.0.Alpha4 (20-05-2014)
-----------------------** Sub-task

* [HSEARCH-1556] - Configure maven-bundle-plugin to add OSGi metadata to man

* [HSEARCH-1557] - Write Karaf integration test
* [HSEARCH-1560] - Refactor packages to avoid split packages
** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1312] - Conflicting warning and error on abstract class @Indexed
* [HSEARCH-1583] - Collection fields in @MappedSuperclasses are ignored on u
* [HSEARCH-1601] - The WildFly modules should not reuse the Infinispan core
version provided by WildFly
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1002] - Consolidate SearchTestCase with Hibernate's Core CustomRu
* [HSEARCH-1594] - Support Apache Lucene 4.8
* [HSEARCH-1607] - Depend on a version range as OSGi dependency to Apache Lu
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1465] - Support running in OSGi containers
* [HSEARCH-1552] - Allow loading of additional "built-in bridges" via autodi
** Remove Feature
* [HSEARCH-1564] - Drop support for Java 6 and move builds to Java 7
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1455] - Remove deprecated method and classes
* [HSEARCH-1471] - Migrate documentation to asciidoc
* [HSEARCH-1553] - Remove SearchConfiguration#getIndexManagerFactory and mak
e index manager factory a service
* [HSEARCH-1555] - Update HibernateSearchResourceLoader to use the new Class
* [HSEARCH-1593] - Update README in root with new build instructions
* [HSEARCH-1598] - Upgrade to JGroups 3.5.0.Beta5
* [HSEARCH-1599] - Upgrade to Infinispan 7.0.0.Alpha4
* [HSEARCH-1602] - Change license headers
* [HSEARCH-1603] - Improve importing of project in Eclipse
* [HSEARCH-1604] - Make sure all modules are at least always compiled
* [HSEARCH-1605] - Upgrade to WildFly 8.1.0.CR2
* [HSEARCH-1606] - Upgrade to Apache Lucene 4.8.1
Version 5.0.0.Alpha3 (03-04-2014)
-----------------------** Sub-task
* [HSEARCH-1533] - MoreLikeThis QueryBuilder is not including fields from in
dexedembedded components
* [HSEARCH-1545] - Support compressed fields in MoreLikeThis
** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1278] - Spodaric test failure:
* [HSEARCH-1456] - Review classloader usage
* [HSEARCH-1525] - Performance tests creating reports in a directory not com
patible with Windows
* [HSEARCH-1562] - Race condition in error reporting during MassIndexer
* [HSEARCH-1572] - SerializationHelper not closing object streams

** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1121] - Work on a proper classloader strategy
* [HSEARCH-1499] - Avoid eager iteration on values read from AtomicReader in
DistanceCollector until an explicit collect()
* [HSEARCH-1508] - Tune IndexWriter options to allow for highly concurrent u
* [HSEARCH-1510] - Minimize distributed dependencies related to Apache Tika
* [HSEARCH-1547] - Define the exact behaviour of ServiceManager#releaseAllSe
* [HSEARCH-1549] - Reorganize classes under
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1575] - Allow to override the JGroups configuration defined by th
e Infinispan configuration files
** Patch
* [HSEARCH-1551] - Test in SerializationHelperTest is ineffective
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1516]
* [HSEARCH-1527]
* [HSEARCH-1558]
* [HSEARCH-1559]
* [HSEARCH-1566]
* [HSEARCH-1567]
* [HSEARCH-1568]
* [HSEARCH-1569]
* [HSEARCH-1570]
ency versions
* [HSEARCH-1571]
* [HSEARCH-1584]
* [HSEARCH-1585]
* [HSEARCH-1586]

- FetchSizeConfigurationTest occasionally fails: race condi


Upgrade to Apache Lucene 4.7

Upgrade JGroups to 3.5.0.Beta2
Upgrade Apache Avro to 1.7.6
Update to JUnit 4.11
Minor dependency updates and Maven plugin versions update

- Exclude dependency to lucene-sandbox

- Update used JavaEE APIs to JavaEE 7 definitions
- Reorganize distribution assembly and management of depend

Upgrade to Infinispan 7.0.0.Alpha2

Upgrade to Apache Lucene 4.7.1
Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.5.Final
Remove redundant Surefire configurations

Version 5.0.0.Alpha2 (05-03-2014)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-726] - Facetted search on embedded collections takes only first e
lement from collection
* [HSEARCH-1513] - CachingWrapperFilter attempts to cache null docIdSets
* [HSEARCH-1515] - NPE because of inverted boolean check in IdentifierConsum
* [HSEARCH-1522] - Javadoc generation is not linking correctly to the Lucene
* [HSEARCH-1523] - Depending on both javax.transaction:jta and org.jboss.spe
c.javax.transaction specs
* [HSEARCH-1524] - JGroups tests failing on Windows
* [HSEARCH-1532] - JGroups backend buffer handling is not considering the of
fset on message delivery
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1505]
* [HSEARCH-1509]
* [HSEARCH-1511]
* [HSEARCH-1514]

Reuse the JBoss Modules already included in WildFly 8

Minor cleanups in the Query DSL
Provide new FuzzyQuery options to the DSL
A Service should be flagged Startable or Stoppable as an

implementation detail
* [HSEARCH-1517] * [HSEARCH-1518] * [HSEARCH-1519] * [HSEARCH-1520] -

Upgrade to WildFly 8.0.0.Final

Upgrade to JTA spec 1.2
Upgrade to ShrinkWrap stable 2.0
Remove hibernate-search-analyzers module

** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1492] - Provide a "More Like This" feature to find similar entiti
** Patch
* [HSEARCH-1534] - Avoid usage of SLF4J in our testsuite
** Remove Feature
* [HSEARCH-1521] - Stop including lucene-regex in the provided modules
** Task
* [HSEARCH-789] - Polish or remove topDocs being exposed on Query SPI
* [HSEARCH-1529] - Remove double InstanceInitializer call in DocumentBuilder
* [HSEARCH-1530] - Upgrade to Infinispan 7.0.0.Alpha1 and JGroups 3.5.0.Alph
* [HSEARCH-1531] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.4.Final
* [HSEARCH-1535] - Revert removal of DocumentExtractor#getTopDocs
Version 5.0.0.Alpha1 (08-02-2014)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1260] - LazyInitializationException while indexing
* [HSEARCH-1365] - Extract Lucene serialization support as well as remote ba
ckends into a dedicated modules
* [HSEARCH-1442] - IndexedEmbedded field not found
* [HSEARCH-1447] - Failure to boot if a non-indexed entity is having a compl
ex ID for which no appropriate TwoWayFieldBridge can be guessed
* [HSEARCH-1451] - Nested @IndexedEmbedded is not recognized anymore
* [HSEARCH-1459] - Refactor ServiceManager and ServiceProvider
* [HSEARCH-1462] - Search should not use EntityKey constructor
* [HSEARCH-1476] - Configuration property 'merge_calibrate_by_deletes' not p
arsed correctly
* [HSEARCH-1490] - Wrong classloader used to load configuration files for a
managed Infinispan cache
* [HSEARCH-1495] - Using MassIndexer leads to logged messages about unreleas
ed service MassIndexerFactoryProvider
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-1484] - Configuration property 'use_compound_file' is going to be
ignored (deprecated)
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1191]
* [HSEARCH-1468]
* [HSEARCH-1477]
* [HSEARCH-1480]
* [HSEARCH-1486]
* [HSEARCH-1488]
* [HSEARCH-1501]
* [HSEARCH-1503]
* [HSEARCH-1506]

Update to Lucene 4.x

Reduce amount of objects created by the FacetCollector
Trivial optimization for empty results
Helper newArrayList should mandate a size hint
Minimize allocation cost of iterating on metadata fields
Improve release plugin configuration
Remove dependency to Apache Solr
Explain in what each module is about
Exclude transitive dependencies to jboss-logging-annotati

** Task
* [HSEARCH-1327] - Reword reference for Quad Tree for Spatial Hash in spatia
l module
* [HSEARCH-1437] - Re-enable DependencyConvergence from Maven Enforcer plugi
* [HSEARCH-1444] - Disable usage of shadow services from ORM in our testsuit
* [HSEARCH-1458] - Disallow mistaken import statements, like using JGroups h
elpers instead of JUnit
* [HSEARCH-1460] - Migrate WFK performance test suite to Hibernate Search
* [HSEARCH-1463] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.0.CR2
* [HSEARCH-1466] - Enforce consistent order of test execution
* [HSEARCH-1479] - Speedup release operations by skipping second tests and r
emote checkout
* [HSEARCH-1481] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.0.Final
* [HSEARCH-1482] - Upgrade to Infinispan 6.0.1.Final and JGroups 3.4.2.Final
* [HSEARCH-1483] - Upgrade to WildFly 8.0.0.CR1
* [HSEARCH-1485] - Update H2 testing database to avoid some issues under loa
* [HSEARCH-1487] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.3.1.Final
* [HSEARCH-1489] - The performance module should use the same versions as us
ed by other modules
* [HSEARCH-1496] - EntityManagerSerializationTest was unintentionally disabl
* [HSEARCH-1504] - Update links to javadocs of related projects
Version 4.5.0.Alpha1 (14-10-2013)
-----------------------** Task
* [HSEARCH-1370]
* [HSEARCH-1373]
* [HSEARCH-1435]
* [HSEARCH-1436]


integration tests with WildFly

Hibernate ORM to 4.3
to Infinispan 6.0.0.CR2
build to use JDK7 but keep Java6 compatibility

Version 4.4.0.Final (14-10-2013)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1340] - Add proper documentation for facet sort ordering
* [HSEARCH-1431] - PurgeTest uses reserved MySQL keywords
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1341] - Clarify relationship between @NumericField and NumericFie
ldBridge in the documentation
* [HSEARCH-1342] - Add section on how to read facet data from the API after
a query
* [HSEARCH-1395] - Improve MassIndexer documentation around threadsToLoadObj
ects and threadsForSubsequentFetching
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1432] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.2.6.Final
* [HSEARCH-1433] - Minor upgrade to other components: JGroups, Logger, Naray
* [HSEARCH-1434] - All test entities should have a public no-args constructo

Version 4.4.0.CR1 (08-10-2013)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1271]
* [HSEARCH-1358]
* [HSEARCH-1423]
* [HSEARCH-1424]

- FullTextSession purge fails on entities annoted with @Con

- Index not updated on Embedded ElementCollection (with Fie
- Log message about event listeners being enabled is wrong
- WorkerTestCase was (erroneously) disabled

** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1427] - Provide base class with default implementation of ShardId
* [HSEARCH-1428] - Specify session factory type more precisely in MassIndexe
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1418] - Checkstyle enable: EqualsAvoidNull, RedundantThrows, Hide
* [HSEARCH-1419] - Introduce checkstyle rules to verify logged methods are i
18 friendly
* [HSEARCH-1420] - More Checkstyle rules to can usage of legacy code
* [HSEARCH-1421] - BoostStrategy, FilterDef and Discriminator instance creat
ion not using the user friendly helpers
* [HSEARCH-1422] - Redundant null check in JGroupsChannel initialization
* [HSEARCH-1430] - Document ShardIdentifierProvider is experimental
Version 4.4.0.Beta1 (27-09-2013)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1400] - AppliedOnTypeAwareBridge is not applied to class bridges
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-1414] - Deprecate usage of @Similarity annotation
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1392] - Assorted fixes to the pom files for 4.4.0
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-472] - Support for dynamic sharding
* [HSEARCH-1409] - Provide non-public extension to query DSL for passing fie
ld bridges
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1415] - Remove deprecated method DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity#get
Version 4.4.0.Alpha2 (18-09-2013)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1386] - NoClassDefFoundError when using Hibernate ORM 4.3.0
* [HSEARCH-1390] - Avoid force unlock operations on unlocked directories
* [HSEARCH-1393] - new getIndexBindingForEntity(Class) implementation doesn'
t deal with non-indexed entities

* [HSEARCH-1406] - Some unnecessary jars are added in the packaged JBoss Mod
* [HSEARCH-1412] - IndexedClassBridgeMapping is missing norms and analyze me
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1384]
indexed in parallel
* [HSEARCH-1388]
uration files
* [HSEARCH-1389]
* [HSEARCH-1391]
* [HSEARCH-1405]
* [HSEARCH-1407]
* [HSEARCH-1410]
* [HSEARCH-1411]

- Add the ability to set the number of different root types

- Upgrade to JGroups 3.3.4.Final and refresh default config
- Avoid context switching on single-task indexing transacti
- ErrorContextBuilder should build error placeholders lazil

Remove dependency to org.xerial.snappy

Update Apache Avro to version 1.7.5
Upgrade Hibernate Commons Annotations to 4.0.4.Final
Upgrade Apache Tika to 1.4

** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1396] - A FieldBridge should be able to easily acquire services/r
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1387] - Add @Override annotation on the methods inherited from in
* [HSEARCH-1399] - MassIndexer service registration should not depend on ORM
services registry
* [HSEARCH-1408] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.2.5.Final
Version 4.4.0.Alpha1 (02-08-2013)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-703] - QueryBuilder should support specialization by superclasses
of indexed entities
* [HSEARCH-1374] - IDE project import error on Windows: com.sun:tools depend
ency missing
* [HSEARCH-1377] - Polish some minor concurrency mistakes
* [HSEARCH-1378] - Inclusive flags swapped for numeric range queries
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1352] - Clarify limitations of programmatic mapping not recognizi
ng inherited properties
* [HSEARCH-1354] - Document parse failures need graceful recovery
* [HSEARCH-1355] - Rename EntityIndexBinder to EntityIndexBinding
* [HSEARCH-1361] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.2.3.Final
* [HSEARCH-1362] - Upgrade to Infinispan 5.3.0.Final and JGroups 3.3.2
* [HSEARCH-1363] - Formatting and style improvements in the documentation
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-436] - Expose a metadata API
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1293] - Verify Hibernate Envers integration
* [HSEARCH-1326] - Checkstyle Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1360] - UpdateIndexedEmbeddedCollectionTest failing on Oracle, DB
2 and MySQL of too long table names
* [HSEARCH-1366] - Allow ORM SessionFactory to be completely created prior t

o bootstrapping the Search factory

* [HSEARCH-1371] - Update Maven plugin versions
Version 4.3.0.Final (08-06-2013)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1338] - excludeLimit with repeated from().to() fail on facet DSL
* [HSEARCH-1339] - Fix typo in FacetSortOrder.RANGE_DEFINITION_ODER (depreca
* [HSEARCH-1346] - Selected Facet object not equal to computed Facet object
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1345] - Document type limitation of DSL generated Queries
Version 4.3.0.CR1 (28-05-2013)
-----------------------** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1337] - Make the message clearer and provide a hint when no match
ing @Latitude/@Longitude is found for a @Spatial index
Version 4.3.0.Beta1 (24-05-2013)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1307] - NRT backend could hit AlreadyClosedException: this IndexR
eader is closed
* [HSEARCH-1314] - Allow @Latitude and @Longitude annotations on methods (ge
tters) too
* [HSEARCH-1319] - AS7 kit does not include JMS dependency
* [HSEARCH-1320] - SharedIndexWorkspaceImpl holding index lock indefinitely
* [HSEARCH-1323] - A full build creates indextemp and simpleJndi test direct
ory which don't get cleaned up
* [HSEARCH-1330] - Performance tests create a test directory outside the tar
get directory
* [HSEARCH-1332] - The Solr JBoss Module should include the specific version
of Lucene it requires
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1311]
* [HSEARCH-1315]
* [HSEARCH-1317]
eaders refresh
* [HSEARCH-1334]
* [HSEARCH-1336]

- Create a dedicated distribution module

- Spatial API polishing
- NRT backend flush operation could work in parallel with R
- Remove dependency to Guava
- Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.2.2.Final

** Task
* [HSEARCH-735] - Create a test for HSEARCH-734
* [HSEARCH-1259] - Remove archetype module
* [HSEARCH-1292] - Add more rules to checkstyle
* [HSEARCH-1308] - Upgrade from JBoss Transactions 4.16.4 to Narayana 4.17.4
* [HSEARCH-1309] - Split integration tests in isolated sub modules
* [HSEARCH-1310] - Drop the hibernate-search prefix from the module director
* [HSEARCH-1322] - Upgrade to Hibernate Commons Annotations 4.0.2.Final
* [HSEARCH-1325] - Control line endings with an appropriate .gitattributes f

* [HSEARCH-1329] - The two variants of ReaderPerformanceTestCase are failing
* [HSEARCH-1335] - The hibernate-search-modules project should be built befo
re the integration test one
Version 4.3.0.Alpha1 (19-04-2013)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1261] - Array Index Out Of Bound in JGroups Backend AutoNodeSelec
* [HSEARCH-1267] - Spatial search with sort by distance and paging orders en
tities incorrectly and repeats them
* [HSEARCH-1281] - Invalid code in search example - Getting Start section of
* [HSEARCH-1289] - Infinispan module can't parse Infinispan configuration fi
les in a modular environment
* [HSEARCH-1297] - The Solr module from the AS7 kit contains a set of incorr
ect dependencies
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1304] - Allow configuration of JGroups message timeout
* [HSEARCH-1305] - JGroups backends should be able to delegate also to the n
on-default one
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1268] - Make it possible to plug in a custom MassIndexer implemen
* [HSEARCH-1287] - Include Infinispan Directory in published JBoss Module
* [HSEARCH-1296] - Provide an option on the JGroups backend for synchronous
** Patch
* [HSEARCH-1277] - Apply minor style and typo fixes to documentation
* [HSEARCH-1285] - Disable annotation processors of test classes
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1262]
* [HSEARCH-1264]
* [HSEARCH-1272]
* [HSEARCH-1274]
* [HSEARCH-1280]
* [HSEARCH-1283]
* [HSEARCH-1284]
* [HSEARCH-1286]
* [HSEARCH-1288]
* [HSEARCH-1299]
* [HSEARCH-1300]

Upgrade to Infinispan 5.2.CR2

Document usage of JBoss AS 7 module
Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.2.0.CR1
Update to Infinispan 5.2.1.Final and related JGroups 3.2.

Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.2.0.CR2

Update to Hibernate ORM 4.2.0.Final
Add an executable example of a sort on a date field
Update integration tests to JBoss AS 7.2 alpha1
Upgrade to Infinispan 5.2.5.Final
Upgrade to JGroups 3.2.8.Final
Reference Infinispan configuration no longer requires bat

Version 4.2.0.Final (15-01-2013)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1256] - Improve error handling and error message in ConnectedMult
* [HSEARCH-1258] - Document faceting limitation for @NumericField

** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1168]
* [HSEARCH-1225]
ex() method
* [HSEARCH-1242]
* [HSEARCH-1255]

- Improve documentation on Spatial integrations

- Clarify effect of conditional indexing interceptor on ind
- Improve details on the spatial feature
- Warn about skipping field bridges when querying a Tika fi

** Task
* [HSEARCH-943] - Consolidate tests against more database dialects
* [HSEARCH-1224] - Modernize recommendations about optimizing in the documen
* [HSEARCH-1249] - Serialization protocol version being logged without enoug
h context
Version 4.2.0.CR1 (03-01-2013)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1048] - More than one DocumentId found while only one is declared
* [HSEARCH-1219] - new DistanceSortField doesn't work with FullTextQuery#set
* [HSEARCH-1220] - Search Distance Projection doesn't work as expected with
some sets of coordinates
* [HSEARCH-1221] - Change in SearchConfiguration SPI broke integrators
* [HSEARCH-1228] - Build fails on mac: jdk tools.jar not properly detected
* [HSEARCH-1238] - Checkstyle integration haves Eclipse fail the project imp
* [HSEARCH-1240] - Regression in the Mass indexer due to the fix for HSEARCH
* [HSEARCH-1241] - Polymorphism, lazy initialization and @ContainedIn don't
work well together
* [HSEARCH-1252] - Documentation of spatial sort and projection feature cont
ains old api
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1222] - Readability of @Latitude and @Longitude
* [HSEARCH-1223] - Coaleshing of refresh operations can save some disk reads
on SharingBufferReaderProvider.PerDirectoryLatestReader.refreshAndGet()
* [HSEARCH-1226] - Apply JDBC fetch size hinting in the MassIndexer
* [HSEARCH-1246] - NRT performance: avoid flushing unnecessary delete operat
* [HSEARCH-1247] - NRT performance: avoid refreshing an IndexReader aggressi
* [HSEARCH-1248] - WorkQueuePerIndexSplitter doesn't need to use IdentityHas
* [HSEARCH-1251] - Update to Apache Lucene 3.6.2
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1178] - Integrate checkstyle into the build process
* [HSEARCH-1218] - Assemble as a JBoss Module during releases
* [HSEARCH-1229] - Update to Hibernate ORM 4.1.8.Final
* [HSEARCH-1230] - Better tests for IndexReader passed to Filter to be consi
stent with latest writes
* [HSEARCH-1250] - Update to Hibernate ORM 4.1.9.Final
Version 4.2.0.Beta2 (18-10-2012)

** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1025] - StatisticsInfoMBean is never unregistered
* [HSEARCH-1026] - It's impossible to expose statistics via JMX from more th
an one application
* [HSEARCH-1179] - SearchBeforeIndexSynchronizationJmsMasterSlaveIT makes wr
ong test assumptions
* [HSEARCH-1183] - Documentation does not build in JDK 7
* [HSEARCH-1184] - JMS Master/Slave index replication mechanism doesn't pass
user/password to remote server
* [HSEARCH-1190] - IndexingInterceptors not applied to MassIndexer
* [HSEARCH-1193] - Projection on Numeric fields should return Numbers
* [HSEARCH-1201] - MassIndexer: @IndexEmbedded, lazy field and FieldBridge p
* [HSEARCH-1204] - New Spatial methods on FullTextQuery are not exposed on t
he JPA FullTextQuery
* [HSEARCH-1212] - Docbook maven plugin hangs
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1100] - Serialization protocol version is logged twice
* [HSEARCH-1169] - Should expose the FullTextSessionBuilder on public API
* [HSEARCH-1170] - Mark API deprecated consistently to Hibernate ORM
* [HSEARCH-1175] - Return distance to search center in spatial queries
* [HSEARCH-1180] - Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.1.6.Final
* [HSEARCH-1181] - Upgrade to Infinispan 5.1.6.FINAL and JGroups 3.0.13.Fina
* [HSEARCH-1186] - Document safety of refresh period on wrong estimate
* [HSEARCH-1196] - JMS connections should be reused
* [HSEARCH-1198] - MessageSender should be stopped when provider is stopped
* [HSEARCH-1199] - Convert the Serializer components into a managed Service
* [HSEARCH-1200] - BuildContext should be dereferenced after the SearchFacto
ry has been initialized
* [HSEARCH-1207] - LuceneWorkSerializer service should be lazily initialized
* [HSEARCH-1208] - Avoid creating multiple instances of DefaultBoostStrategy
* [HSEARCH-1211] - Allow override of IndexManager aliases and factory method
s as an extension point
* [HSEARCH-1215] - Update to Infinispan 5.1.8.Final and JGroups 3.0.14.Final
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1130] - Support @Spatial without depending on the Coordinates cla
* [HSEARCH-1171] - Tika StringBrigde
* [HSEARCH-1174] - Sorting by distance on spatial queries
** Task
* [HSEARCH-970] - log4j version must be explicitly specified in all sub modu
* [HSEARCH-1000] - Update to Byteman 2.1
* [HSEARCH-1177] - Update to Apache Lucene 3.6.1
* [HSEARCH-1187] - Remove classloader helper which breaks in modular environ
* [HSEARCH-1192] - Update Maven build plugins and require explicit Maven ver
* [HSEARCH-1194] - Some tests use a too long identifier
* [HSEARCH-1197] - Timing failures in test SearchBeforeIndexSynchronizationJ
* [HSEARCH-1202] - Document @Latitude and @Longitude features of Spatial
* [HSEARCH-1203] - SpatialQueryBuilder assumes usage of "km" units
* [HSEARCH-1206] - Fix some javadocs and coding consistency
* [HSEARCH-1209] - Integration test might fail to download dependencies

* [HSEARCH-1210] - Spatial test is using reserved table name in tests

* [HSEARCH-1216] - Minor cleanup in the Infinispan integration
Version 4.2.0.Beta1 (21-6-2012)
-----------------------** Sub-task
* [HSEARCH-1008] - Point (an impl class) is used in a public API SpatialQuer
* [HSEARCH-1009] - buildSpatialQuery vs buildGridQuery is still a bit confus
* [HSEARCH-1010] - Move from HSSI_xx_fieldname to fieldname_HSSI_xx for read
* [HSEARCH-1012] - Add @Spatial as a marker annotation for the spatial bridg
* [HSEARCH-1013] - Support entities implementing Coordinates (instead of a p
roperty returning Coordinates)
* [HSEARCH-1014] - Write documentation for spatial indexing and queries
* [HSEARCH-1016] - Move spatial code to JBoss Logging
* [HSEARCH-1018] - Implement bridge that supports indexing for boolean queri
es based on lat and long instead of the whole grid
* [HSEARCH-1155] - Test @Embeddable nesting
* [HSEARCH-1156] - Add more tests to cover Range/Grid and Class/Member level
** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1088] - Specifying an analyzer on an entity class bridge using th
e programmatic API is broken
* [HSEARCH-1090] - IndexReader leaks file handles on close
* [HSEARCH-1095] - Near Real Time produces NPEs in worker thread on first fl
* [HSEARCH-1096] - @Transient Fields are never marked dirty
* [HSEARCH-1106] - Compile error on MappingModelMetadataProvider on some JVM
s only
* [HSEARCH-1115] - Failure to load Analyzer class when deployed into AS7
* [HSEARCH-1118] - Wrong property name to configure worker scope
* [HSEARCH-1164] - QueryBuilder example in chapter 1.5 "Searching" uses an u
nsupported keyword query
* [HSEARCH-1165] - Wrong name in documentation for Infinispan configuration
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-1102] - Avoid forceful generation of loggers compatible with olde
r JBoss Logger
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-852] - Locks to manage IndexWriter instances should not prevent a
concurrent get and a commit operation
* [HSEARCH-1098] - Update to Apache Lucene 3.6
* [HSEARCH-1122] - Update Avro dependency to 1.6.3
* [HSEARCH-1124] - Log level for Log#indexDirectoryNotFoundCreatingNewOne sh
ould be INFO and not WARN
* [HSEARCH-1125] - archetype improvement
* [HSEARCH-1158] - Make NRT ReaderProvider lockless on the hot path
* [HSEARCH-1159] - Avoid cloning of IndexReader instances for concurrent sea
* [HSEARCH-1161] - Throw a more specific exception type on searching on mean
ingless input
* [HSEARCH-1162] - Shutdown services in dependency order

* [HSEARCH-1163] - Have JGroups optionally use a MUX channel

** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-923] - Add support for geospatial queries
* [HSEARCH-1157] - Create an option to assume @ProvidedId by default
** Patch
* [HSEARCH-1114] - javadoc typo: changed StoreNorm -> Norms (Andrej Golovnin
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1001]
* [HSEARCH-1094]
* [HSEARCH-1103]
* [HSEARCH-1104]
longer experimental
* [HSEARCH-1110]
* [HSEARCH-1117]
* [HSEARCH-1129]
e project import
* [HSEARCH-1160]

Create a testcase using HornetQ on JBoss7 for the backend

Typo method name SearchMapping#getFullTextFilerDefs
Fix CustomLockProviderTest to pass on Java7 as well
Remove warnings about experimental features which are no

- Add a test to verify stored indexes in Infinispan's cache

- Minor version upgrade of core dependencies
- Enable automatic setup of annotation processors on Eclips
- PassThroughAnalyzer requires the Lucene Version option

Version 4.1.0.Final (4-4-2012)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-959] - Create copyright.txt as mentioned by the license headers
* [HSEARCH-979] - Programmatic API: mapping a composite primary key
* [HSEARCH-1083] - Programmatic Mapping examples in documentation not compil
* [HSEARCH-1084] - Annotation proxies created by Programmatic Mapping use th
e context classloader
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1081] - Upgrade to Infinispan 5.1.3.FINAL
* [HSEARCH-1082] - Upgrade to JBoss JTA 4.16.3.Final
Version 4.1.0.CR3 (29-3-2012)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1049] - includePaths bombs on inclusion of id members
* [HSEARCH-1063] - maven-release-plugin 2.2.2 causes exception during releas
e process
* [HSEARCH-1064] - Shrinkwrap tests need not be set in offline mode
* [HSEARCH-1067] - Path used in tests on Windows is illegal in certain test
order executions
* [HSEARCH-1069] - Fix integration tests on Oracle 11gR1
* [HSEARCH-1070] - JGroups channels need to be shared across multiple backen
* [HSEARCH-1079] - Programmatic API, ClassBridgeMapping: missing analyze() n
orms() from @ClassBridge (Manthos)
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1072] - ServiceManager should initialize classes lazily
* [HSEARCH-1074] - DSL phrase query should not throw an exception in case al
l specified terms are stop words

* [HSEARCH-1075] - Clarify documentation of JMS configuration parameter refr

** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1071] - Allow usage of existing injected JGroups channel
** Remove Feature
* [HSEARCH-1080] - Simplify JGroups configuration by removing options of inl
ining configuration in Hibernate configuration
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1057]
* [HSEARCH-1066]
* [HSEARCH-1068]
* [HSEARCH-1073]

Upgrade to Hibernate ORM 4.1.1.Final

Exclude maven-jdocbook-plugin from Eclipse m2
Have version numbers injected in docbook entities
Minor version upgrade of Infinispan, JBoss Logging, JGrou

Version 4.1.0.CR2 (15-3-2012)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1055] - Configuration setting isTransactionManagerExpected() is n
ot applied
* [HSEARCH-1059] - JGroups backend should not serialize custom objects
* [HSEARCH-1060] - ClassLoaderHelper should look in both classloaders when e
numerating multiple matches for a resource name
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1028] - Use index update operations when possible
* [HSEARCH-1053] - Hibernate Search Maven should compile out of the box
* [HSEARCH-1062] - Add missing FuzzyContext.onFields(String... fields) metho
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1052]
* [HSEARCH-1054]
* [HSEARCH-1056]
* [HSEARCH-1058]
* [HSEARCH-1061]

Maven plugins need an update

Create a base SearchConfiguration implementation
Wrong timing assumption in JGroupsCommonTest
Upgrade to Infinispan 5.1.2.FINAL and JGroups 3.0.6.Final
Upgrade integration test to use JBoss AS 7.1.1

Version 4.1.0.CR1 (29-2-2012)

-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1030] - Reindexing embedded Collection FieldBridge throws a LazyI
nitializationException and stop reindexation
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1045] - Avoid frequent construction of a ContextualException2WayB
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-471] - Ability to selectively index an entity based on its state
Version 4.1.0.Beta2 (13-2-2012)

** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1038] - MassIndexer doesn't release Write Lock after completion
* [HSEARCH-1047] - Inconsistent field name interning
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-1046] - Remove threadsForIndexWriter option in MassIndexer
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-1041] - Update Infinispan suggested configuration to match requir
ements of Infinispan 5.1.1
* [HSEARCH-1042] - Use generics in ParameterizedBridge
* [HSEARCH-1043] - Avoid frequent checking for index existance in backend
* [HSEARCH-1044] - Avoid multiple flush and optimize events on the same back
end after MassIndexing shutdown
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-886] - Provide the ability to configure specific paths to index w
ithin @IndexEmbedded as an alternative to depth
* [HSEARCH-972] - Make it possible to plug in custom OptimizerStrategy imple
** Task
* [HSEARCH-682] - Add tests for DSL handling fieldBridge for @IndexEmbedded
* [HSEARCH-1033] - Verify compatibility with Jackson 1.9.2
* [HSEARCH-1039] - Upgrade JBoss Logging and Infinispan dependencies to Fina
l versions of AS7.1
* [HSEARCH-1040] - Upgrade integration test to use JBoss AS 7.1
Version 4.1.0.Beta1 (3-2-2012)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1034] - Mutable SearchFactory should not drop programmatic Search
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1035] - Update to Hibernate Core version 4.0.1
* [HSEARCH-1036] - Update JBoss TransactionManager to 4.16.2.Final
* [HSEARCH-1037] - Update Infinispan to 5.1.1 and JGroups to 3.0.4.Final
4.1.0.Alpha1 (9-1-2012)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-1004] - Updating a collection does not reindex (Guillaume Smet)
* [HSEARCH-1020] - Regression in 3.4: index not updated after updating a col
lection (Guillaume Smet)
* [HSEARCH-1024] - Using timeouts on queries creates a background thread whi
ch is never shutdown
* [HSEARCH-1027] - Analyzer delegates fail to delegate all methods
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-638] - Limit graph traversal by @ContainedIn to the minimum requi
red path
* [HSEARCH-925] - Upgrade to JGroups 3 and Infinispan 5.1
* [HSEARCH-981] - Upgrade to Lucene 3.5
* [HSEARCH-1007] - Make FullTextIndexEventListener extensible

* [HSEARCH-1019] - Profile mass indexer to reduce number of index commits

* [HSEARCH-1022] - Default to "native" Lucene LockFactory instead of simple
** Patch
* [HSEARCH-1031] - Typos in the "Boosting" section of the documentation
** Task
* [HSEARCH-1021] - Typos and errors in documentation (Guillaume Smet)
* [HSEARCH-1029] - FullTextSessionBuilder not cleaning up test indexes
4.0.0.Final (15-12-2011)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-678] - Document type limitations of @NumericField
* [HSEARCH-955] - Property name for index manager selection should be define
d in Environment
* [HSEARCH-980] - Byteman dependency is not properly scoped
* [HSEARCH-984] - Hibernate Search 4 violates javax.jms.Message contract, in
compatible with HornetQ
* [HSEARCH-986] - DB matrix test failures against Oracle
* [HSEARCH-988] - DB matrix test failures against DB2
* [HSEARCH-989] - DB matrix test
against Sybase
* [HSEARCH-990] - DB matrix test failures against SQLServer
* [HSEARCH-992] - DB matrix test
fails against DB2
* [HSEARCH-999] - TimeoutTest and JPATimeoutTest fail against Sybase
* [HSEARCH-1005] - Create properly aggregated javadocs
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-983] - Improve compatibility of the MassIndexer with MySQL
* [HSEARCH-987] - Expose option to set JDBC FetchSize in MassIndexer
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-749] - Add AnalyzerUtils to src/main/java and distribute it in th
e main jar
** Task
* [HSEARCH-947]
* [HSEARCH-991]
* [HSEARCH-993]
* [HSEARCH-994]
* [HSEARCH-995]
* [HSEARCH-996]

Update to Hibernate Core 4.0.0.Final

Upgrade to Hibernate Commons Annotations 4.0.1
Create a test for @Lob fields
Update JBoss Logger to 3.1.0.CR2
Eclipse import fails as maven-dependency-plugin needs m2 e

- Upgrade to Hibernate Core 4.0.0.CR7

4.0.0.CR2 (16-11-2011)
---------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-745] ception
* [HSEARCH-784] * [HSEARCH-832] ialization layer
* [HSEARCH-835] id in Avro serializer

Empty Index and FacetManagerImpl.getFacets() NullPointerEx

Ensure all Analyzers are closed at shutdown
Use Log constant for logs and exceptions raised in the Ser
Use more efficient serialization for simple types used as

* [HSEARCH-932] - Line numbers of debug log statements are wrong

* [HSEARCH-951] - excludeLimit() has no effect on QueryBuilder.range().above
() queries
* [HSEARCH-953] - Remove unused type variable in EntityIndexBinder
* [HSEARCH-954] - BackendQueueProcessor should specify behaviour for the cas
e of null passed to applyWork and applyStream work
* [HSEARCH-956] - Avro resources loaded via the wrong ClassLoader
* [HSEARCH-960] - Index.UN_TOKENIZED overrides other tokenized fields that s
hare the same name
* [HSEARCH-961] - ObjectNotFoundException not caught in FullTextSession for
deleted objects
* [HSEARCH-966] - logWorkDone is not called anymore from Add- or UpdateWorkD
* [HSEARCH-967] - Hibernate Search archetype resolver generated ${
rsion} as org.hibernate:hibernate-search-analyzers version
* [HSEARCH-969] - Logging events are split across multiple lines
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-571] - MassIndexer eats lock Exception
* [HSEARCH-831] - Better serialize AttributeImpl
* [HSEARCH-853] - Review OptimizerStrategy API and Workspace interface
* [HSEARCH-884] - Revisit the architecture section to make it clearer for an
Hibernate Search user
* [HSEARCH-957] - Rename default index manager name from 'transactional' to
* [HSEARCH-963] - Add authorgroup to docbook sources
* [HSEARCH-971] - Make OptimizerStrategy threadsafe and skip excessive optim
isation triggers
* [HSEARCH-974] - Rename ClassNavigator to InstanceInitalizer
** Task
* [HSEARCH-680] - Clarify the documentation around date bridges and that the
y are using DateTools
* [HSEARCH-732] - Add hibernate-entitymanager and javassist as optional depe
ndencies in the distribution
* [HSEARCH-829] - Example IdHashShardingStrategy doesn't handle PurgeAll pro
* [HSEARCH-854] - OptimizerStrategy should be invoked by the backend
* [HSEARCH-949] - Update online documentation
* [HSEARCH-958] - Move slf4j dependecies out of the root project
* [HSEARCH-964] - Upgrade to Hibernate Commons Annotations 4.0.0.Final
* [HSEARCH-965] - Upgrade JBoss Logging dependencies to 3.1.0.CR1
* [HSEARCH-973] - Make sure Hibernate Search builds against JDK 7
* [HSEARCH-978] - Upgrade to Hibernate Core 4.0.0.CR6 and Logging processor
4.0.0.CR1 (13-10-2011)
---------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-887] - Version conflict of dependency jackson-mapper-asl with the
one included in JBoss AS7
* [HSEARCH-926] - Duplicate InfinispanDirectoryProviders created when multip
le sub-classes share the same index directory (Zach Kurey)
* [HSEARCH-928] - Move documentation into its own maven module using the jdo
cbook packaging
* [HSEARCH-936] - Move service locator file to hibernate-search-orm (from hi
* [HSEARCH-945] - Arquillian integration test fails due to bug in Shrinkwrap

** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-938] - Failure to delete a file should not be logged at error lev
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-944] - default two way String bridge for type java.util.UUID (Gre
gory Beachy)
** Task
* [HSEARCH-778]
* [HSEARCH-930]
* [HSEARCH-933]
* [HSEARCH-934]
* [HSEARCH-935]
* [HSEARCH-940]
* [HSEARCH-941]

- Move Hibernate Search to new artifactId

- Follow up Jenkins feedback on Hibernate Search build on Wi

update DB profiles used for testing

Upgrade to Hibernate Core 4.0.0.CR4
Upgrade to Infinispan 5.0.1.FINAL
Add an integration test with JBoss AS7 (Davide D'Alto)
Update JBoss Logger to 3.0.1.GA

4.0.0.Beta2 (29-09-2011)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-871]
ple FullTextFilters
* [HSEARCH-916]
* [HSEARCH-921]
rong resource path
* [HSEARCH-922]

- Only the last enabled FullTextFilter is in effect if multi

of the same type, different parameters are enabled
- Fix query DSL documentation errors
- NullPointerException in AvroSerializationProvider due to w
- Remove interface DocumentBuilder

** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-849] - Simplify ErrorHandler interface
* [HSEARCH-905] - Upgrade to Lucene 3.4
* [HSEARCH-919] - Index Merging thread names should contain the index name
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-643] - Have the MassIndexer use the error handler to report excep
* [HSEARCH-677] - Isolate Hibernate Core dependency to make Hibernate Search
fully standalone
** Task
* [HSEARCH-666]
* [HSEARCH-920]
* [HSEARCH-927]
* [HSEARCH-929]
ts more reliable

Get documentation onto

Upgrade to Hibernate core 4.0.0.CR3
Improve timeouts of JGroupsMasterTest
Introduce SHARED_LOOPBACK JGroups protocol to make the tes

4.0.0.Beta1 (14-09-2011)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-620] missing pom fields
* [HSEARCH-876] * [HSEARCH-901] arch) assumes varchar
* [HSEARCH-912] -

Archetype does not deploy on JBoss Nexus repository due to

Extracted archetype does not compile
ClassCastException during creation of index: Hibernate (Se
entity field called "id" is an Integer but it isn't
JBoss Logger processor and generator is marked as a compil

e scope dependency
* [HSEARCH-913] -
edToManyInSuperslass fails against MySQL with a constraint violation
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-711] - Review of paramete
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-881]
* [HSEARCH-895]
* [HSEARCH-902]
lock release
* [HSEARCH-903]
* [HSEARCH-911]
* [HSEARCH-914]
* [HSEARCH-915]

- @Fields annotation calling getter multiple times (Adam Bri

- Shorten documentation about configuring the JBoss Maven re
- Shutdown should not log a warning about forcing the index
- expose an IndexReader created by IndexManager names
- Workspace implementors have to release IndexWriter on IO e
- Migrate Byteman tests to BMUnit tests
- Use maven profiles to include tools.jar for BMUnit

** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-710] - Add option to index fields using ANALYZED_NO_NORMS
* [HSEARCH-890] - Enable projection on unknown fields
** Task
* [HSEARCH-898] - Introduce Nexus plugin and update some more build plugins
* [HSEARCH-906] - Revise warning about Java7 as the bugs where fixed in b2
* [HSEARCH-909] - Document Maven archetype usage
4.0.0.Alpha2 (01-09-2011)
------------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-753] - Raise exception when there is a risk of having fullTextQue
ry.getResultList().size() != fullTextQuery.getResultSize()
* [HSEARCH-833] - Make sure that we wrap exceptions from the serialization l
ayer into a SearchException (unless it's already a SearchException)
* [HSEARCH-834] - Field level Boost is not (de)serialized on NumericField an
d should
* [HSEARCH-861] - Documentation section "Using filters in a sharded environm
ent" uses the old ShardingStrategy interface as example
* [HSEARCH-862] - CollectionUpdateEventTest2 is never run
* [HSEARCH-864] - Avro serializer improperly converts termVector as byte[]
* [HSEARCH-866] - Deserialization layer build TermVector off Field.isStore i
nstead of Field.isTermVectorStored
* [HSEARCH-874] - Javadocs of IndexShardingStrategy are incorrect
* [HSEARCH-883] - Index out of bound exception on range facets when IncludeZ
eroCount = false, maxCount > actual count (Elmer van Chastelet)
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-758] - Have DirectoryManager handle different I/O aspects of an i
* [HSEARCH-759] - Provide Near-Real-Time Lucene updates
* [HSEARCH-837] - Write a test for TokenStream based Field serialization
* [HSEARCH-855] - Classes extending BackendQueueProcessor are misleadingly n
amed XYZBackendQueueProcessorFactory
* [HSEARCH-865] - Make i18n log parameter safe for right to left languages o
r languages requiring different parameter ordering


[HSEARCH-869] - Make avro files in subpackages to clarify structure

[HSEARCH-872] - Reorganize serialization module packages
[HSEARCH-875] - Bad variable names in HSQueryImpl
[HSEARCH-879] - Better serialize class fields in Avro
[HSEARCH-888] - Depend on Hibernate Commons Annotations 4
[HSEARCH-892] - Avoid initializing ContextualException2WayBridge instances
for non-requested fields during projection
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-539] s, Like Set<Integer>
* [HSEARCH-566] * [HSEARCH-670] * [HSEARCH-823] tions
* [HSEARCH-860] -

Add Indexing Support(out of the box) For Simple Collection

Support mapping of @javax.persistence.ElementCollection
Add indexNullAs to @IndexedEmbedded
Make it possible to plug in custom IndexManager implementa
Allow JGroups to use IPV6

** Remove Feature
* [HSEARCH-877] - Remove option to override the BatchBackend to customize Ma
* [HSEARCH-878] - Remove option to change the number of backend threads when
starting a MassIndexer
** Task
* [HSEARCH-820]
Lucene users
* [HSEARCH-889]
* [HSEARCH-891]
* [HSEARCH-894]

- Document limitations and workarounds for JVM bug affecting

- Remove compile (direct) dependency to slf4j
- Upgrade components: JBossTS at same version as AS7
- Depend on Hibernate Core 4.0.0.CR2

4.0.0.Alpha1 (18-08-2011)
------------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-597] - Inconsistent treatment of extended FullTextIndexEventListe
* [HSEARCH-662] - Re-indexing failure in @IndexedEmbedded entities in @ManyT
oOne relationship
* [HSEARCH-681] - NotSerializableException when NumericField gets serialized
in JMSBackendQueueProcessor
* [HSEARCH-740] - TimeoutTest and ClasstypeFieldCacheExtractionTest
* [HSEARCH-741] - NPE using two fulltext filters, one of them matching nothi
ng (some filters only)
* [HSEARCH-742] - Failure to open IndexWriter is hidden as NullPointerExcept
ion in backend
* [HSEARCH-744] - NullPointerException when using a range query on a numeric
field and searching for values below a given boundary (Mathieu Perez)
* [HSEARCH-747] - Add documentation on ability to add programmatic mapping v
ia a @Factory class
* [HSEARCH-770] - Range facets: .below on numeric null values (AssertionFail
ure: Unsupported range type)
* [HSEARCH-776] - maxFacetCount returns incorrect results when ordering a fa
ceted query
* [HSEARCH-779] - classBridge not applicable in indexed() entities in the pr
ogrammatic mapping API
* [HSEARCH-780] - Dirty analysis of @IndexedEmbedded on a superclass collect
ion fails (Samppa Saarela)
* [HSEARCH-782] - Unnecessary loading of @ContainedIn entities causes big pe
rformance hit

* [HSEARCH-802] - IndexControlMBeanTest fails with NPE because Hibernate Cor

e closes the JNDI context
* [HSEARCH-803] - JGroups configuration error leading to parsing exception i
n JGroupsSlaveTest
* [HSEARCH-815] - IncrementalOptimizer uses wrong logging statements
* [HSEARCH-819] - Performance and Integration tests still using HSQLDB (proj
ect uses H2)
* [HSEARCH-822] - SearchFactoryState should use concurrent Maps for incremen
tally updated metadata
* [HSEARCH-850] - Some InterruptedExceptions don't restore the interrupted t
hread state
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-723] * [HSEARCH-748] t
* [HSEARCH-750] rs and backend
* [HSEARCH-757] backend
* [HSEARCH-762] * [HSEARCH-773] l Ali Memon and Juraj
* [HSEARCH-783] * [HSEARCH-785] Serializable
* [HSEARCH-792] r
* [HSEARCH-796] 4
* [HSEARCH-806] figuration
* [HSEARCH-814] * [HSEARCH-830] * [HSEARCH-848] subsequent operations
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-626] rying
* [HSEARCH-675] * [HSEARCH-746] * [HSEARCH-754] nts
* [HSEARCH-756] * [HSEARCH-761] * [HSEARCH-799] to Hibernate Search

Upgrade to Infinispan 5
Point out that defining an Analyzer is not enough to use i
Have an IndexManager concept to manage IndexWriters, Reade
Explicitly control binary format of communication with the
enable exclusive_index_use=true by default
Example in documentation contains compilation erros (Nabee
Upgrade to Lucene 3.3
Expose topDocs to integration layer, and make HSQueryImpl
Consider renaming LockFactoryFactory to LockFactoryProvide
Remove EventListenerRegister after move to Hibernate Core
Recommend specifying a Lucene compatibility version in con
Avoid optimizing more than once the same index
Make LuceneWork use Class<?> instead of the raw type
Isolated failures in backend work operations don't affect
in same workQueue
Allow MassIndexer to work alongside regular indexing / que
Move to i18n logs and exception via JBoss Logging
Split API, SPI and private classes into separate packages
Add configuration options to control maximum size of segme
send "Update" operations to the backend
Have a backend instance for each index
Move Hibernate Search Integrator class from Hibernate Core

** Remove Feature
* [HSEARCH-743] - Unify configuration settings for batch and transaction ind
exwriter settings
* [HSEARCH-751] - Remove SharedReaderProvider
* [HSEARCH-752] - Remove deprecated methods and constants
** Task
* [HSEARCH-660] - Remove DirtyStrategy when we start depending on Core 4.x
* [HSEARCH-676] - Split contracts between public APIs, SPIs and internal cla
* [HSEARCH-738] - Add tests using Infinispan while scaling the cluster size

* [HSEARCH-739] - Define an M2Eclipse configuration section in the parent po

* [HSEARCH-755] - Upgrade to Hibernate Core 4
* [HSEARCH-760] - ReaderProvider to not provide MultiSearchers
* [HSEARCH-769] - dummy is a reserved keyword on sybase
* [HSEARCH-771] - ProgrammaticMappingTest should pass when executing tests i
n any order
* [HSEARCH-772] - Isolate JGroups tests to be able to run different test pro
files in parallel
* [HSEARCH-774] - build using Java6 as target
* [HSEARCH-775] - Have all tests close the SessionFactory and other resource
* [HSEARCH-788] - Several components minor versions upgrades
* [HSEARCH-801] - Move Version.touch() to an appropriate position
* [HSEARCH-805] - Cleanup dependencies, reorganize jars in distribution
* [HSEARCH-807] - Document dependency to Hibernate 4
* [HSEARCH-808] - Add an option to SearchConfiguration to disable warnings a
bout missing transactions
* [HSEARCH-825] - Align documentation with the IndexManager approach
* [HSEARCH-838] - Upgrade do Hibernate Core 4.0.0.Beta5
* [HSEARCH-839] - Upgrade to Infinispan 5.0.0.FINAL and JGroups
* [HSEARCH-844] - Update Byteman to version 1.5.2
* [HSEARCH-845] - Update JBoss Logger to 3.0.0.GA
* [HSEARCH-857] - Upgrade to Hibernate Core 4.0.0.CR1
3.4.0.Final (18-04-2011)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-727] - Non initialized entities are returned in the list when usi
ng initializeObjectsWith( ObjectLookupMethod.SKIP, DatabaseRetrievalMethod.FIND_
* [HSEARCH-734] - NPE when deleting a collection which triggers @IndexedEmbe
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-720] - Add a screenshot of and the related concepts po
inted via arrow for faceting
* [HSEARCH-730] - Proper error messages when preferIPv4Stack JVM option was
not defined
** Task
* [HSEARCH-729] - Add a test on dynamic cluster formation for Infinispan Dir
* [HSEARCH-731] - Upgrade Hibernate Core to 3.6.3.Final
* [HSEARCH-733] - prevent JBoss transactions in integration tests module fro
m creating log files
3.4.0.CR2 (06-04-2011)
---------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-679] - Entity whose related entity collection is updated causes l
oading of @ContainedIn entities
* [HSEARCH-721] - When using DatabaseRetrievalMethod.FIND_BY_ID, HSearch sti
ll constructs a Criteria query (though it does not use it)

** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-705] - Migrate to Lucene 3.1
** Task
* [HSEARCH-722] - Speedup JGroups tests
* [HSEARCH-724] - Fix build assembly - jars in release distribution are misp
* [HSEARCH-725] - Archetype not deploying because of incomplete metadata
3.4.0.CR1 (28-03-2011)
---------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-719] - MutableSearchFactory might skip copying properties from pr
evious SearchFactory during incrementalRebuild
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-718] - Expose "isStopped" method on SearchFactoryIntegrator inter
3.4.0.Beta1 (21-03-2011)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-620] - Archetype does not deploy on JBoss Nexus repository due to
missing pom fields
* [HSEARCH-689] - MassIndexer throwing LazyInitializationException on associ
ated collections
* [HSEARCH-706] - Use FieldCacheCollector for faceting and introduce FacetMa
nager interface to collect all facet related methods
* [HSEARCH-709] - Minor typos in documentation
* [HSEARCH-716] - Lucene FieldCache might not load all required values
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-323]
* [HSEARCH-520]
* [HSEARCH-701]
results processing
* [HSEARCH-712]
* [HSEARCH-715]

- Fault tolerant FSSlaveDirectoryProvider (Oliver Siegmar)

- Make work queue size configurable in Lucene backend
- Avoid reflection used for debugging purposes during query
- Add below / above support in faceting DSL
- Update JUnit to v.4

** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-708] - Allow date range faceting
** Task
* [HSEARCH-543]
te (~40s)
* [HSEARCH-695]
* [HSEARCH-714]
* [HSEARCH-717]

- SyncBackendLongWorklistsStressTest takes too long to execu

- Remove deprecated constructor form DocumentExtractor
- Upgrade to Hibernate Core 3.6.2
- Write documentation for faceting

3.4.0.Alpha1 (07-03-2011)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-650] - Regression in 3.3.0: Using hibernate.use_identifier_rollba
ck property causes exceptions on deletes

* [HSEARCH-669] - String2FieldBridgeAdaptor does not implement StringBridge

causing DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity to not recognize it as a StringBridge
* [HSEARCH-672] - Incorrect chapter sections on query's module (Limiting the
time of a query)
* [HSEARCH-683] - NullPointerException while using DocumentExtract on entiti
es using @ProvidedId
* [HSEARCH-685] - Deletion of Document having a NumericField ID might fail w
hen the identifier field name is overriden
* [HSEARCH-686] - Failing tests hide the assertion failure message by conseq
uently failing cleanup methods
* [HSEARCH-688] - Exclude indirect dependency on JBoss WS Native
* [HSEARCH-690] - FieldSelectors are never used
* [HSEARCH-696] - QueryTimeoutException thrown even if there's plenty of tim
e left
* [HSEARCH-698] - NPE when loading invalid stopwords file
* [HSEARCH-699] - SecondLCAndPCLookupTest does not run against MySQL or Post
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-531] - Use Lucene fieldcache
* [HSEARCH-651] - Improve error reporting on null values in querybuilder DSL
* [HSEARCH-652] - Cache NumericField usage in Delete operation for single en
tity-per-index case
* [HSEARCH-657] - Update dependencies for Infinispan module to Infinispan 4.
2.0.FINAL and JGroups 2.11.0.GA
* [HSEARCH-674] - Improve error messages on incorrectly defined Solr Analyze
* [HSEARCH-691] - Automatically figure out the minimum set of fields needed
to be loaded via a FieldSelector
* [HSEARCH-693] - Avoid reflection when associating query matches to their D
* [HSEARCH-700] - Cache value of DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity.getIdentifierN
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-361] - Only index an entity if an indexed property has changed
* [HSEARCH-370] - Monitoring of mass indexer state and progress
* [HSEARCH-430] - Use multiple threads for text analysis in MassIndexer
* [HSEARCH-645] - Ability to load objects from the second level cache and if
unavailable from the database
* [HSEARCH-667] - Implement a facenting API and implementation
* [HSEARCH-687] - Expose core of query engine as SPI for use by alternative
object sources (independent of Hibernate Core)
** Task
* [HSEARCH-654] - Remove usage of deprecated org.hibernate.cfg.AnnotationCon
* [HSEARCH-656] - Add unit tests for different analyzers on @Fields
* [HSEARCH-658] - Create test to check dirtyness of mutable properties
* [HSEARCH-671] - Add EasyTesting's FEST-Assert as a dependency for nicer te
st assertions
* [HSEARCH-673] - Update Infinispan and JGroups components
* [HSEARCH-684] - Upgrade to Infinispan 4.2.1.CR1 and make IndexSearcherWith
Payload public
* [HSEARCH-694] - Keep legacy constructor of DocumentExtractor for people us
ing Infinispan Query 5.0.0.Alpha3
* [HSEARCH-702] - Make sure testsuite of hibernate-search module compiles wi
th Java5

3.3.0.Final (15-12-2010)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-629] - Mark the NumericField feature as experimental (Lucene mark
it as such)
* [HSEARCH-646] - Unable to run tests against non in memory db
* [HSEARCH-647] - WorkPlan causes ConcurrentModificationException on finding
new entity types during processContainedInAndPrepareExecution
* [HSEARCH-649] - Fix assembly not containing Infinispan dependencies
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-648] - Apply suggestions from Infinispan team to Infinispan defau
lt configuration
3.3.0.CR2 (09-12-2010)
---------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-513] - Experiencing long delays when indexing entities saved in d
ifferent transactions
* [HSEARCH-577] - IllegalArgumentException when using @Proxy and trying to d
elete a loaded but proxied class
* [HSEARCH-625] - Some errors triggered by Lucene are not catched by the Err
* [HSEARCH-635] - Remove build cycle and duplicate classes from hibernate-se
arch-testing module
* [HSEARCH-640] - MassIndexer/JBoss 6: Could not register synchronization fo
r container transaction
* [HSEARCH-641] - idProvided flag in DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity is always
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-511] * [HSEARCH-570] orkToQueue
* [HSEARCH-630] imitExecutionTimeTo()
* [HSEARCH-631] * [HSEARCH-632] ther
* [HSEARCH-639] ** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-307]
* [HSEARCH-416]
class in the index
* [HSEARCH-644]

Clean up orphaned lock files on startup

Optimize the o^2 loop in DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity.addW
Rename limitFetchTime() to query.limitTimeAllowedTo() or l
in Query API
Protect against excessive proxying (in particular in Seam)
Make sure indexAsNull and Query DSL work like a charm toge
Update dependency to Lucene 3.0.3

- Implement clustering with Infinispan

- Analyze Payload and how this could be used to store id and
and not the document
- Enable Byteman for unit tests

** Task
* [HSEARCH-579] - Ensure compatibility with latest Hibernate Core 3.6
* [HSEARCH-602] - Create new hibernate-search-infinispan skeleton module
* [HSEARCH-637] - Review documentation

3.3.0.CR1 (08-11-2010)
---------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-513] - Experiencing long delays when indexing entities saved in d
ifferent transactions
* [HSEARCH-532] - FSSlaveDirectoryProvider could retry several times when th
e current marker file is not found
* [HSEARCH-573] - PerDPQueueProcessor forces release of lock even if not hel
d - causes corrupt index
* [HSEARCH-610] - AndDocIdSet makeDocIdSetOnAgreedBits() returns wrong value
* [HSEARCH-621] - Some dependencies have the wrong scope
* [HSEARCH-624] - NumericField is not working properly with id fields
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-115] - Add a default value for indexing null value
* [HSEARCH-275] - support NIOFSDirectory and others as optimized FSDirectory
* [HSEARCH-618] - BridgeFactory should pass along the field type to the fiel
d bridge constructor (if an appropriate constructor exists)
* [HSEARCH-627] - Use System.nanoTime() instead of currentTimeMillis() when
measuring elapsed time (better precision)
* [HSEARCH-628] - Provide shortcut names for the major DirectoryProviders
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-390] - Allow customization of the charset used by analyzer compon
* [HSEARCH-434] - Make use of NumericField
* [HSEARCH-615] - Support for queries limited in time: return the first nth
elements within a given time
** Task
* [HSEARCH-622] - Remove <remoteTagging>true</remoteTagging> in the maven-re
lease-plugin configuration (no longer needed)
3.3.0.Beta3 (1-11-2010)
----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-608] - Index not created if path contains tilde like ~/.lucene/
* [HSEARCH-616] - Factory method invocation in FullTextQueryImpl swallows ex
* [HSEARCH-619] - Update documentation about hibernate-search-analyzers modu
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-405] - Be able to set Similarity per index in configuration prope
* [HSEARCH-424] - Update to Lucene 3.0
* [HSEARCH-569] - duplicate identifiers on @AnalyzerDef are accepted and don
't warn about the inconsistent configuration
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-374] - Timeout support for full-text searches
* [HSEARCH-603] - Support pluggable services and expose them to pluggable co

mponents like DirectoryProviders and ReaderProviders

** Task
* [HSEARCH-524] in the Hudson train
* [HSEARCH-607] * [HSEARCH-613] * [HSEARCH-617] -

Migrate unit tests to H2 (instead of HSQLDB) for inclusion

Consider creating a distribution project
Automatic archetype install and deploy
Move monitoring section as top level chapter

3.3.0.Beta2 (15-10-2010)
-----------------------** Sub-task
* [HSEARCH-435]
* [HSEARCH-449]
* [HSEARCH-457]
* [HSEARCH-593]
* [HSEARCH-596]

- New token stream API, is there a benefit, work on our part


Consider LUCENE-1575 carefully: not scoring by default?

Analyzers in Lucene 3.0 don't have a default constructor
Upgrade/Update Solr analyzer framework
Add isCompressed() to LuceneOptions

** Bug
* [HSEARCH-528] - MassIndexer attempts to index non-indexed subclasses of in
dexed types
* [HSEARCH-545] - Unable to project FullTextQuery.SCORE when using a custom
* [HSEARCH-546] - ProjectionLoader ignores FetchMode.JOIN set via a Criteria
* [HSEARCH-554] - Documentation about worker configuration is not up to date
* [HSEARCH-587] - Maven release:perform fails
* [HSEARCH-588] - Query DSL documentation has incorrect queries
* [HSEARCH-589] - fails under Post
greSQL 8.4
* [HSEARCH-591] - Programmatic mapping raises exception when a non getter me
thod is parsed by the metadata binder
* [HSEARCH-594] - Typos in Hibernate Search documentation
* [HSEARCH-600] - Sync Hibernate Search with Hibernate Core 3.6.0.Final
* [HSEARCH-604] - Add better exception handling for FulltextQueryImpl.calcul
* [HSEARCH-606] - Exceptions during indexing are logged but swallowed when u
sing local transactions (not JTA)
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-572] - Reconsider deprecating luceneOptions.getStore(), luceneOpt
ions.getIndex() etc
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-556] - Throw meaningful error on Search static helper methods use
d with null argument
* [HSEARCH-575] - More useful error message on bridge indexing failure
* [HSEARCH-586] - Rework the JMX chapter as a monitoring chapter describing
the programmatic API and then how to expose it via JMX
* [HSEARCH-592] - Make sure that all tests can be run from within the IDE
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-555] - Properly expose as public API the SearchFactoryBuilder
* [HSEARCH-574] - Allow @DocumentId and @Id to be put on different members
** Task

* [HSEARCH-371]
* [HSEARCH-590]
update jdbc driver
* [HSEARCH-602]

- Refactor DocumentBuilder and introduce abstract base class

- update test db profile id against dballocator's schema and
- Create new hibernate-search-infinispan skeleton module

3.3.0.Beta1 (25-08-2010)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-585] - ClassBridgeAndProjectionTest and NestedContainedInTest han
g when run against PostgreSQL due to missing transactions
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-580] - Copy SoftLimitMRUCache into Hibernate Search codebase to n
o longer depend on Hibernate Core internals
* [HSEARCH-581] - No longer use Hibernate Core's Helper classes: use Commons
Annotations Helpers instead
* [HSEARCH-582] - Move Query DSL package to
* [HSEARCH-583] - Add enforcer plugin to Search master pom to enforce JDK 6
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-135] - Create a RAMDirectoryProvider from an existing Lucene FSDi
* [HSEARCH-278] - Create a Search Statistic JMX Bean
** Task
* [HSEARCH-562]
* [HSEARCH-563]
* [HSEARCH-564]
* [HSEARCH-584]

Convert or add JBossTS usage to the integrationtest module

Document the DSL query language
Document the API changes of the semi public APIs
Upgrade to Hibernate Core 3.6.0.Beta3

3.3.0.Alpha1 (26-07-2010)
------------------------** Sub-task
* [HSEARCH-507] - Rename exact() to keywords() and move fuzzy() and wildcard
() back as suboperations of keywords()
* [HSEARCH-508] - Support query on multiple fields
* [HSEARCH-509] - Add support for all() query and all except ones
* [HSEARCH-533] - Use Hibernate Search bridge system to convert input
* [HSEARCH-541] - Restructure various initialize contracts to allow SearchFa
ctory implementors to be immutable
* [HSEARCH-544] - Provide an immutable SearchFactory implementation
** Bug
* [HSEARCH-487] - Find why the zh-CN translation fails
* [HSEARCH-530] - Entity analyzers (aka scoped analyzers) improperly return
random analyzers on field not marked as TOKENIZED
* [HSEARCH-534] - circular graphs of IndexedEmbedded might break MassIndexer
* [HSEARCH-536] - IndexingGeneratedCorpusTest raises OOME and hangs
* [HSEARCH-537] - SearchIndexerTest fails
* [HSEARCH-540] - JTA transaction commit causes AssertionFailure: Access a S
ealed WorkQueue which has not been sealed
* [HSEARCH-548] - Specify explicit version for deploy and artifact plugins i
n partent pom
* [HSEARCH-560] - Version is displayed after the SearchFactory metadata crea

* [HSEARCH-568] - Unable to push stagged releases because hibernate-search-t
esting does not deploy the sources artifacts
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-535] - Always setAccessible to true as it makes property access f
aster (bypass repetitive security checkings)
* [HSEARCH-549] - Isolate Hibernate.initialize / Hibernate.getClass calls in
to HibernateHelper
* [HSEARCH-552] - Raise an exception when the object passed to the worker is
not of an unindexed or contained type
* [HSEARCH-553] - Mutualize class extraction logic from a Work object
* [HSEARCH-559] - Migrate to SLF4J 1.6 for graceful degradation when no slf4
j implementation is provided
* [HSEARCH-561] - Add tests making use of JTA and Spring in a new module
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-397] - Allow classes to be lazily added to the SearchFactory
* [HSEARCH-414] - Add support for a Lucene query builder using a fluent API
* [HSEARCH-538] - Allow Hibernate Search to use the @FailureExpected test fr
** Task
* [HSEARCH-523] - Build the distribution package with the docs in the same d
irectory structure as on the docs server
* [HSEARCH-558] - Align Search with Core 3.6
3.2.0.Final (05-05-2010)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-333] - Remove or improve log warning in DocumentBuilderContainedE
* [HSEARCH-396] - disableFullTextFilter(String name) in FullTextQueryImpl do
es not disable the filter.
* [HSEARCH-485] - mvn site is currently not working (in ./hibernate-search)
* [HSEARCH-512] - MassIndexer might associate proxies to two open session
* [HSEARCH-515] - Lucene AlreadyClosedExceptions During Batch Processing Wit
h ASYNC Workers
* [HSEARCH-516] - Lucene Directories might be closed before the backend fini
shed all tasks on shutdown
* [HSEARCH-517] - ThreadLocal in ContextHolder causes memory leak when deplo
yed in a web container
* [HSEARCH-518] - pom.xml misses pluginrepository
* [HSEARCH-522] - Search only compiles against JDK 6 with the current versio
n of JGroups
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-506] - Bump dependency to core 3.5.1-Final
* [HSEARCH-519] - Update JGroups dependencies
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-467] - publish Maven artifacts containing the testsuite
** Patch
* [HSEARCH-503] - Generated archetype broken for any package name with dot (

* [HSEARCH-514] - logging and typo improvements in JGroups backend
** Task
* [HSEARCH-486] - Review the getting started section's pom and archetype cre
* [HSEARCH-510] - Update pom to use the new distributationManagement informa
3.2.0.CR1 (12-04-2010)
---------------------** Sub-task
* [HSEARCH-411] - Get a feature complete programmatic mapping (Amin Mohammed
* [HSEARCH-459] - Update quickstart archetype
* [HSEARCH-480] - Some add/delete operations have null primary keys
* [HSEARCH-481] - In a given sealed queue, only apply the same add/delete op
eration once
* [HSEARCH-493] - Continuous integration builds fail some tests on Oracle da
* [HSEARCH-496] - Some hudson configurations need more time to run the tests
* [HSEARCH-497] - sybase15 Hudson configuration fails because of
nnectException: Connection refused
* [HSEARCH-498] - Postgres Hudson configurations fail by SQLGrammarException
** Bug
* [HSEARCH-305] - Hibernate search doesn't work with criteria when it is not
initialized laziily
* [HSEARCH-321] - FSSlaveDirectoryProvider incorrectly creates a subdirector
y named 0
* [HSEARCH-346] - Setup hudson job testing Search against several databases
* [HSEARCH-382] - Indexing fails silently in case the file based index is mo
unted read only
* [HSEARCH-385] - Lazy ManyToOne association with @containedIn annotation ca
use HSearch create entity index with documentId = 0
* [HSEARCH-386] - In a Transaction, Delete on unindexed entities referenced
by indexed entities with ContainedIn throw LazyInitializationException
* [HSEARCH-393] - unit test of the NotSharedReaderPerfTest hangs on with som
e database
* [HSEARCH-399] - NPE in
* [HSEARCH-422] - Properly implement delegation for FullTextEntityManager, F
ullTextSession and FullTextQuery methods of the new Hibernate version
* [HSEARCH-440] - FSSlaveDirectoryProvider creates a wrong index directory i
n case the current marker file does not exist
* [HSEARCH-443] - Using a Field extending AbstractField causes a ClassCastEx
ception in DocumentBuilderIndexedEntity when using @AnalyzerDiscriminator
* [HSEARCH-448] - Update JPATestCase after renaming of HibernatePersistence
to AvailableSettings in Core
* [HSEARCH-450] - Example 1.9. superfluous hibernate word
* [HSEARCH-452] - FSMasterDirectoryProvider: typo in marker file name (Steph
an Bublava)
* [HSEARCH-456] - CalendarBridge ignoring setParameterValues
* [HSEARCH-473] - Fields for _hibernate_class and the document ID are hard-c
oded to be analyzed and have "norms" enabled (Dobes Vandermeer)
* [HSEARCH-474] - Ensure IndexWriter is closed on errors in backend
* [HSEARCH-476] - Work queue contains the same operation multiple times and
some add/delete operations have null primary keys

* [HSEARCH-478] - Entities with composite PK lead to query exceptions on MyS

* [HSEARCH-479] - Return empty result list - Composed primary key - lucene s
earch ok - primary key bridge ok
* [HSEARCH-484] - Building documentation fails
* [HSEARCH-488] - Nested use of @ContainedIn: changes not propagated to Luce
ne index
* [HSEARCH-490] - MassIndexer needs to use distinct on primary key selection
* [HSEARCH-492] - FSMasterDirectoryProvider and FSSlaveDirectoryProvider don
't shutdown the Executor
* [HSEARCH-495] - IdentifierProducer: ClassCastException
* [HSEARCH-500] - Some tests don't close the SessionFactory and SearchFactor
* [HSEARCH-505] - JGroupsMasterTest uses native SQL failing on DB2 and sybas
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-437] - When using Thread bound sessions, Hibernate Search FTSessi
on creation fails if out of transaction
* [HSEARCH-441] - Custom LockFactory loading should use PluginLoader
* [HSEARCH-447] - The build should use the maven-injection-plugin in order t
o dynamically inject the version string into
* [HSEARCH-464] - Upgrade Lucene to 2.9.2
* [HSEARCH-475] - Improve error message on wrong type as filter parameter
* [HSEARCH-477] - Support for the new Solr's character filters (Gustavo Fern
* [HSEARCH-489] - Remove the code avoiding the use of in restrictions when a
composite id is used: Core does it automatically
* [HSEARCH-491] - Make some optional dependencies mandatory
* [HSEARCH-501] - Make use of BeforeTransactionCompletionProcess and AfterTr
ansactionCompletionProcess instead of Synchronization
* [HSEARCH-502] - update MassIndexer to use new core features
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-352] - Introduce a programmatic mapping API
* [HSEARCH-372] - Support projection for ClassBridges that pass and use the
field name passed in
* [HSEARCH-379] - Properly implement new JPA 2 methods (Query and EntityMana
* [HSEARCH-415] - Consider moving to Lucene 2.9
* [HSEARCH-421] - Provide a callback on indexing exception (Amin Mohammed-Co
* [HSEARCH-429] - Add a configuration property to declaratively use a factor
y for the programmatic mapping API (Amin Mohammed-Coleman)
** Task
* [HSEARCH-322]
* [HSEARCH-408]
* [HSEARCH-425]
in Lucene3)
* [HSEARCH-427]
n module
* [HSEARCH-428]
* [HSEARCH-432]
* [HSEARCH-439]
* [HSEARCH-442]
* [HSEARCH-454]
* [HSEARCH-455]

- Review MultiClassesQueryLoader
- Improve execution speed of functional tests
- Reimplement support for compressed fields (support removed
- Make the hibernate-search-artifact directory a proper mave

Update the Getting Started section of the documentation

Add logging to trace the WorkQueue before being processed
Merge fixes from JBAPP (v3_1_1_GA_CP) branch to trunk
Upgrade existing code to Lucene 2.9.1
Upgrade Solr dependencies (Gustavo Fernandes)
Keep Search compatible with latest Hibernate Core

* [HSEARCH-458] - Remove all deprecations from Lucene's 2.9 API usage

* [HSEARCH-463] - Change the master docbook document to use the version numb
er provided by the docbook plugin
* [HSEARCH-465] - Move to commons-annotations 3.2.0.Final
* [HSEARCH-468] - Refactor build to have a module setup
* [HSEARCH-482] - Update dependencies to Hibernate Core 3.5.0-Final
* [HSEARCH-483] - update readme.txt
* [HSEARCH-494] - Fix hudson failures
* [HSEARCH-504] - Fix ContainedIn tests which break on Oracle as they use a
reserved keyword as column name
3.2.0.Beta1 (30-11-2009)
-----------------------** Sub-task
* [HSEARCH-410] - Write documentation for what's available of the programmat
ic mapping API (Amin Mohammed-Coleman)
* [HSEARCH-412] - Provide the main mapping artifacts programmatically
** Bug
* [HSEARCH-178] - Out of transaction work causes collection lazy loading to
throw AssertionFailure
* [HSEARCH-332] - documentation errors: org.hibernate.Query should be java
* [HSEARCH-353] - removing an entity and adding another with same PK (in sa
me TX) will not add second entity to index
* [HSEARCH-355] - FilterOptimizationHelper was improperly using method overl
* [HSEARCH-357] - IdBridge being applied on null entity during purgeAll()
* [HSEARCH-366] - typo in Discriminator.getAnanyzerDefinitionName()
* [HSEARCH-367] - Support only one kind of Similarity per index
* [HSEARCH-380] - Duplicate classes from Maven transitive dependencies (inco
mpatible version of solr-lucene-core)
* [HSEARCH-391] - Two-Level embedded objects don't get an index update
* [HSEARCH-394] - @ProvidedId gets ignored
* [HSEARCH-398] - NPE when named FullTextFilter is disabled without being en
abled first
* [HSEARCH-418] - ProvidedIdTest fails
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-201] - IndexWriter settings meant for transactional operations wo
n't be inherited by the settings meant for batch operations
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-246] Indexes() is used
* [HSEARCH-284] * [HSEARCH-301] * [HSEARCH-327] ons
* [HSEARCH-328] * [HSEARCH-358] * [HSEARCH-365] * [HSEARCH-369] * [HSEARCH-384] ency to the performed
* [HSEARCH-404] ** New Feature

Run optimize at the end of the transaction even if flushTo

Be able to configure a LockFactory
Refactor JMSMasterTest and JMSSlaveTest
Capability to reuse IndexWriter instances across transacti
Add a builtin bridge for Calendar (Amin Mohammed-Coleman)
@ClassBridge.impl is no longer defaulted
Update pom.xml to include database profiles for QA Lab
typos in documentation
improve error messages for loading plugins and add consist
Update database profiles in pom.xml

* [HSEARCH-218] - add indexAll( Class type ) to rebuild indexes from all dat
* [HSEARCH-251]
e Seibert)
* [HSEARCH-324]
* [HSEARCH-334]
* [HSEARCH-345]
* [HSEARCH-347]
* [HSEARCH-392]

- Query on a shard subset based on a filter activation (Chas


Create a builtin bridge for Character
Use any custom LockFactory
Adding a blackhole backend
Provide a JGroups based backend

** Task
* [HSEARCH-82] - Migrate from ant to maven2
* [HSEARCH-326] - Drop support for IndexReader usage to update indexes.
* [HSEARCH-348] - Upgrade to Lucene 2.4.1
* [HSEARCH-359] - Fix usage of deprecated Hibernate commons-annotations meth
* [HSEARCH-375] - Create pot files in order to allow translation of document
* [HSEARCH-403] - Fix copyright notice and end-of-line terminators in source
* [HSEARCH-409] - Write documentation for JGroups based configuration (Lukas
z Moren)
* [HSEARCH-413] - Document all new features
* [HSEARCH-419] - Create a proper @ProvidedId test
* [HSEARCH-423] - Migrate to Hibernate Core 3.5 beta2 and JPA 2.0 CR1
* [HSEARCH-426] - Update archetype sources
3.1.1.GA (28-05-2009)
--------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-178] - Out of transaction work causes collection lazy loading to
throw AssertionFailure
* [HSEARCH-310] - Out of Memory on ScrollableResults
* [HSEARCH-325] - FullTextQuery.iterate() skips last result.
* [HSEARCH-330] - NegativeArraySizeException if you use FullTextQuery.setMax
* [HSEARCH-338] - ScrollableResults initial position not coherent to core Hi
* [HSEARCH-339] - ScrollableResults may return unmanaged entities from it's
own cache
* [HSEARCH-342] - Delete on unindexed entities referenced by indexed entitie
s with ContainedIn annotation failed
* [HSEARCH-355] - FilterOptimizationHelper was improperly using method overl
* [HSEARCH-357] - IdBridge being applied on null entity during purgeAll()
* [HSEARCH-360] - Hibernate Search 3.1.0GA Bugs after HSEARCH-160
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-340] - ScrollableResults exploits batch loading for backwards and
random order scrolling
* [HSEARCH-369] - typos in documentation
** Task
* [HSEARCH-348] - Upgrade to Lucene 2.4.1

3.1.0.GA (4-12-2008)
-------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-233]
* [HSEARCH-280]
* [HSEARCH-297]
* [HSEARCH-309]

EntityNotFoundException during indexing

Make FSSlaveAndMasterDPTest pass against postgresql
Allow PatternTokenizerFactory to be used
PurgeAllLuceneWork duplicates in work queue

** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-221] - Get Lucene Analyzer runtime (indexing)
* [HSEARCH-265] - Raise warnings when an abstract class is marked @Indexed
* [HSEARCH-285] - Refactor DocumentBuilder to support containedIn only and r
egular Indexed entities
* [HSEARCH-298] - Warn for dangerous IndexWriter settings
* [HSEARCH-299] - Use of faster Bit operations when possible to chain Filter
* [HSEARCH-302] - Utilize pagination settings when retrieving TopDocs from t
he Lucene query to only retrieve required TopDocs
* [HSEARCH-308] - getResultSize() implementation should not load documents
* [HSEARCH-311] - Add a close() method to BackendQueueProcessorFactory
* [HSEARCH-312] - Rename to h
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-160] - Truly polymorphic queries
* [HSEARCH-268] - Apply changes to different indexes in parallel
* [HSEARCH-296] - Expose managed entity class via a Projection constant
** Task
* [HSEARCH-303] - Review reference documentation
3.1.0.CR1 (17-10-2008)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-250] - In ReaderStrategies, ensure that the reader is current AND
that the directory returned by the DirectoryProvider are the same
* [HSEARCH-293] - AddLuceneWork is not being removed from the queue when Del
eteLuceneWork is added for the same entity
* [HSEARCH-300] - Fix documentation on use_compound_file
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-213] - Use FieldSelector and doc(int, fieldSelector) to only sele
ct the necessary fields
* [HSEARCH-224] - Use MultiClassesQueryLoader in ProjectionLoader
* [HSEARCH-255] - Create a extensive Analyzer testing suite
* [HSEARCH-266] - Do not switch to the current directory in FSSlaveDirectory
Provider if no file has been copied
* [HSEARCH-274] - Use Lucene's new readonly IndexReader
* [HSEARCH-281] - Work should be Work<T>
* [HSEARCH-283] - Replace deprecated Classes and methods calls to Lucene 2.4
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-104] - Make @DocumentId optional and rely on @Id
* [HSEARCH-290] - Use IndexReader = readonly on Reader strategies (see Lucen
e 2.4)

** Task
* [HSEARCH-288] - Evaluate changes in Lucene 2.4.0
* [HSEARCH-289] - Move to new Lucene Filter DocIdSet
* [HSEARCH-291] - improve documentation about thread safety requirements of
3.1.0.Beta2 (27-10-2008)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-142] - Modifications on objects indexed via @IndexedEmbedded not
updated when not annotated @Indexed
* [HSEARCH-162] - NPE on queries when no entity is marked as @Indexed
* [HSEARCH-222] - Entities not found during concurrent update
* [HSEARCH-225] - Avoid using IndexReader.deleteDocument when index is not s
hared amongst several entity types
* [HSEARCH-232] - Using SnowballPorterFilterFactory throws NoClassDefFoundEr
* [HSEARCH-237] - IdHashShardingStrategy fails on IDs having negative hashco
* [HSEARCH-241] - initialize methods taking Properties cannot list available
* [HSEARCH-247] - Hibernate Search cannot run without apache-solr-analyzer.j
* [HSEARCH-253] - Inconsistent detection of EventListeners during autoregist
ration into Hibernate listeners
* [HSEARCH-257] - Ignore delete operation when Core does update then delete
on the same entity
* [HSEARCH-259] - Filter were not isolated by name in the cache
* [HSEARCH-262] - fullTextSession.purgeAll(Class<?>) does not consider subcl
* [HSEARCH-263] - Wrong analyzers used in IndexWriter
* [HSEARCH-267] - Inheritance of annotations and analyzer
* [HSEARCH-271] - wrong Similarity used when sharing index among entities
* [HSEARCH-287] - master.xml is mistakenly copied to the distribution
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-279] - deprecate SharedReaderProvider replaced by SharingBufferRe
aderProvider as default ReaderProvider
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-145]
* [HSEARCH-226]
* [HSEARCH-240]
* [HSEARCH-245]
* [HSEARCH-256]
* [HSEARCH-260]
* [HSEARCH-272]
* [HSEARCH-273]
* [HSEARCH-282]
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-170]
* [HSEARCH-235]
* [HSEARCH-252]
* [HSEARCH-258]

Document a configuration property

Use Lucene ability to delete by query in IndexWriter
Generify the IndexShardingStrategy
Add ReaderStratregy.destroy() method
Remove CacheBitResults.YES
Simplify the Filter Caching definition: cache=FilterCacheM

- Improve contention on DirectoryProviders in lucene backend

- Make LuceneOptions an interface
- Make the API more Generics friendly

Support @Boost in @Field

provide a destroy() method in ReaderProvider
Document Solr integration
Add configuration option for Lucene's UseCompoundFile

** Patch
* [HSEARCH-20] - Lucene extensions
** Task
* [HSEARCH-231]
* [HSEARCH-236]
ex lock
* [HSEARCH-244]
given class
* [HSEARCH-254]
* [HSEARCH-276]
* [HSEARCH-286]
* [HSEARCH-292]

- Update the getting started guide with Solr analyzers

- Find whether or not indexWriter.optimize() requires an ind
- Abiltiy to ask SearchFactory for the scoped analyzer of a

Migrate to Solr 1.3

upgrade to Lucene 2.4
Align to GA versions of all dependencies
Document the new Filter caching approach

3.1.0.Beta1 (17-07-2008)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-166] - documentation error : v
s hibernate.worker.batch_size
* [HSEARCH-171] - Do not log missing objects when using QueryLoader
* [HSEARCH-173] - CachingWrapperFilter loses its WeakReference making filter
caching inefficient
* [HSEARCH-194] - Inconsistent performance between hibernate search and pure
lucene access
* [HSEARCH-196] - ObjectNotFoundException not caught in FullTextSession
* [HSEARCH-198] - Documentation out of sync with implemented/released featur
* [HSEARCH-203] - Counter of index modification operations not always increm
* [HSEARCH-204] - Improper calls to Session during a projection not involvin
* [HSEARCH-205] - Out of Memory on copy of large indexes
* [HSEARCH-217] - Proper errors on parsing of all numeric configuration para
* [HSEARCH-227] - Criteria based fetching is not used when objects are loade
d one by one (iterate())
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-19] - Do not filter classes on queries when we know that all Dire
ctories only contains the targeted classes
* [HSEARCH-156] - Retrofit FieldBridge.set lucene parameters into a LuceneOp
tions class
* [HSEARCH-157] - Make explicit in FAQ and doc that query.list() followed by
query.getResultSize() triggers only one query
* [HSEARCH-163] - Enhance error messages when @FieldBridge is wrongly used (
no impl or impl not implementing the right interfaces)
* [HSEARCH-176] - Permits alignment properties to lucene default (Sanne Grin
* [HSEARCH-179] - Documentation should be explicit that @FulltextFilter filt
ers every object, regardless which object is annotated
* [HSEARCH-181] - Better management of file-based index directories (Sanne G
* [HSEARCH-189] - Thread management improvements for Master/Slave DirectoryP
* [HSEARCH-197] - Move to slf4j
* [HSEARCH-199] - Property close Search resources on SessionFactory.close()
* [HSEARCH-202] - Avoid many maps lookup in Workspace

* [HSEARCH-207]
* [HSEARCH-208]
an indexed entity
* [HSEARCH-209]
* [HSEARCH-215]
ld method
* [HSEARCH-223]
most cases
* [HSEARCH-230]

- Make DateBridge TwoWay to facilitate projection

- Raise exception on index and purge when the entity is not
- merge FullTextIndexCollectionEventListener into FullTextIn
- Rename Search.createFTS to Search.getFTS deprecating the o
- Use multiple criteria queries rather than ObjectLoader in
- Ensure initialization safety in a multi-core machine

** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-133] - Allow overriding DefaultSimilarity for indexing and search
ing (Nick Vincent)
* [HSEARCH-141] - Allow term position information to be stored in an index
* [HSEARCH-153] - Provide the possibility to configure writer.setRAMBufferSi
zeMB() (Lucene 2.3)
* [HSEARCH-154] - Provide a facility to access Lucene query explanations
* [HSEARCH-164] - Built-in bridge to index java.lang.Class
* [HSEARCH-165] - URI and URL built-in bridges
* [HSEARCH-174] - Improve transparent filter caching by wrapping filters int
o our own CachingWrapperFilter
* [HSEARCH-186] - Enhance analyzer to support the Solr model
* [HSEARCH-190] - Add pom
* [HSEARCH-191] - Make build independent of Hibernate Core structure
* [HSEARCH-192] - Move to Hibernate Core 3.3
* [HSEARCH-193] - Use dependency on Solr-analyzer JAR rather than the full S
olr JAR
* [HSEARCH-195] - Expose Analyzers instance by name: searchFactory.getAnalyz
* [HSEARCH-200] - Expose IndexWriter setting MAX_FIELD_LENGTH via IndexWrite
* [HSEARCH-212] - Added ReaderProvider strategy reusing unchanged segments (
using reader.reopen())
* [HSEARCH-220] - introduce session.flushToIndexes API and deprecate batch_s
** Task
* [HSEARCH-169] - Migrate to Lucene 2.3.1 (index corruption possiblity in 2.
* [HSEARCH-187] - Clarify which directories need read-write access, verify r
eadonly behaviour on others.
* [HSEARCH-214] - Upgrade Lucene to 2.3.2
* [HSEARCH-229] - Deprecate FullTextQuery.BOOST
3.0.1.GA (20-02-2008)
--------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-56] - Updating a collection does not reindex
* [HSEARCH-123] - Use mkdirs instead of mkdir to create necessary parent dir
ectory in the DirectoryProviderHelper
* [HSEARCH-128] - Indexing embedded children's child
* [HSEARCH-136] - CachingWrapperFilter does not cache
* [HSEARCH-137] - Wrong class name in Exception when a FieldBridge does not
implement TwoWayFieldBridge for a document id property
* [HSEARCH-138] - JNDI Property names have first character cut off
* [HSEARCH-140] - @IndexedEmbedded default depth is effectively 1 due to int
eger overflow

* [HSEARCH-146] - ObjectLoader doesn't catch javax.persistence.EntityNotFoun

* [HSEARCH-149] - Default FieldBridge for enums passing wrong class to EnumB
ridge constructor
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-125] - Add support for fields declared by interface or unmapped s
* [HSEARCH-127] - Wrong prefix for worker configurations
* [HSEARCH-129] - IndexedEmbedded for Collections Documentation
* [HSEARCH-130] - Should provide better log infos (on the indexBase paramete
r for the FSDirectoryProvider)
* [HSEARCH-144] - Keep indexer running till finished on VM shutdown
* [HSEARCH-147] - Allow projection of Lucene DocId
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-114] - Introduce ResultTransformer to the query API
* [HSEARCH-150] - Migrate to Lucene 2.3
** Patch
* [HSEARCH-126] - Better diagnostic when Search index directory cannot be op
ened (Ian)
3.0.0.GA (23-09-2007)
--------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-116] - FullTextEntityManager acessing getDelegate() in the constr
uctor leads to NPE in JBoss AS + Seam
* [HSEARCH-117] - FullTextEntityManagerImpl and others should implement Seri
** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-122] - Remove query.setIndexProjection (replaced by query.setProj
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-118] - Add ClassBridges (plural) functionality
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-81] - Create a @ClassBridge Annotation (John Griffin)
** Task
* [HSEARCH-98] - Add a Getting started section to the reference documentatio
3.0.0.CR1 (4-09-2007)
--------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-108]
* [HSEARCH-109]
* [HSEARCH-110]
* [HSEARCH-112]

- id of embedded object is not indexed when using @IndexedEm

- Lazy loaded entity could not be indexed
- ScrollableResults does not obey out of bounds rules (John
- Unkown @FullTextFilter when attempting to associate a fil

** Deprecation
* [HSEARCH-113] - Remove @Text, @Keyword and @Unstored (old mapping annotati
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-107] - DirectoryProvider should have a start() method
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-14] - introduce fetch_size for Hibernate Search scrollable result
sets (John Griffin)
* [HSEARCH-69] - Ability to purge an index by class (John Griffin)
* [HSEARCH-111] - Ability to disable event based indexing (for read only or
batch based indexing)
3.0.0.Beta4 (1-08-2007)
----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-88] - Unable to update 2 entity types in the same transaction if
they share the same index
* [HSEARCH-90] - Use of setFirstResult / setMaxResults can lead to a list wi
th negative capacity (John Griffin)
* [HSEARCH-92] - NPE for null fields on projection
* [HSEARCH-99] - Avoid returning non initialized proxies in scroll() and ite
rate() (loader.load(EntityInfo))
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-79] - Recommend to use FlushMode.APPLICATION on massive indexing
* [HSEARCH-84] - Migrate to Lucene 2.2
* [HSEARCH-91] - Avoid wrapping a Session object if the Session is already F
* [HSEARCH-100] - Rename fullTextSession.setIndexProjection() to fullTextSes
* [HSEARCH-102] - Default index operation in @Field to TOKENIZED
* [HSEARCH-106] - Use the shared reader strategy as the default strategy
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-6] - Provide access to the Hit.getScore() and potentially the Doc
ument on a query
* [HSEARCH-15] - Notion of Filtered Lucene queries (Hardy Ferentschik)
* [HSEARCH-41] - Allow fine grained analyzers (Entity, attribute, @Field)
* [HSEARCH-45] - Support @Fields() for multiple indexing per property (usefu
l for sorting)
* [HSEARCH-58] - Support named Filters (and caching)
* [HSEARCH-67] - Expose mergeFactor, maxMergeDocs and minMergeDocs (Hardy Fe
* [HSEARCH-73] - IncrementalOptimizerStrategy triggered on transactions or o
perations limits
* [HSEARCH-74] - Ability to project Lucene meta information (Score, Boost, D
ocument, Id, This) (John Griffin)
* [HSEARCH-83] - Introduce OptimizerStrategy
* [HSEARCH-86] - Index sharding: multiple Lucene indexes per entity type
* [HSEARCH-89] - FullText wrapper for JPA APIs
* [HSEARCH-103] - Ability to override the indexName in the FSDirectoryProvid
ers family
** Task

* [HSEARCH-94] - Deprecate ContextHelper

3.0.0.Beta3 (6-06-2007)
----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-64] - Exception Thrown If Index Directory Does Not Exist
* [HSEARCH-66] - Some results not returned in some circumstances (Brandon Mu
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-60] - Introduce SearchFactory / SearchFactoryImpl
* [HSEARCH-68] - Set index copy threads as daemon
* [HSEARCH-70] - Create the index base directory if it does not exists
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-11] - Provide access to IndexWriter.optimize()
* [HSEARCH-33] - to prevent OutOfMemoryEx
ception while inserting many objects
* [HSEARCH-71] - Provide fullTextSession.getSearchFactory()
* [HSEARCH-72] - searchFactory.optimize() and searchFactory.optimize(Class)
(Andrew Hahn)
3.0.0.Beta2 (31-05-2007)
-----------------------** Bug
* [HSEARCH-37] - Verify that Serializable return type are not resolved by St
ringBridge built in type
* [HSEARCH-39] - event listener declaration example is wrong
* [HSEARCH-44] - Build the Lucene Document in the beforeComplete transaction
* [HSEARCH-50] - Null Booleans lead to NPE
* [HSEARCH-59] - Unable to index @indexEmbedded object through session.index
when object is lazy and field access is used in object
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-36] - Meaningful exception message when Search Listeners are not
* [HSEARCH-38] - Make the @IndexedEmbedded documentation example easier to u
* [HSEARCH-51] - Optimization: Use a query rather than batch-size to load ob
jects when a single entity (hierarchy) is expected
* [HSEARCH-63] - rename query.resultSize() to getResultSize()
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-4] - Be able to use a Lucene Sort on queries (Hardy Ferentschik)
* [HSEARCH-13] - Cache IndexReaders per SearchFactory
* [HSEARCH-40] - Be able to embed collections in lucene index (@IndexedEmbed
dable in collections)
* [HSEARCH-43] - Expose resultSize and do not load object when only resultSi
ze is retrieved
* [HSEARCH-52] - Ability to load more efficiently an object graph from a luc
ene query by customizing the fetch modes
* [HSEARCH-53] - Add support for projection (ie read the data from the index

* [HSEARCH-61] - Move from MultiSearcher to MultiReader

* [HSEARCH-62] - Support pluggable ReaderProvider strategies
** Task
* [HSEARCH-65] - Update to JBoss Embedded beta2
3.0.0.Beta1 (19-03-2007)
-----------------------Initial release as a standalone product (see Hibernate Annotations changelog for
previous informations)
Release Notes - Hibernate Search - Version 3.0.0.beta1
** Bug
* [HSEARCH-7] - Ignore object found in the index but no longer present in th
e database (for out of date indexes)
* [HSEARCH-21] - NPE in SearchFactory while using different threads
* [HSEARCH-22] - Enum value Index.UN_TOKENISED is misspelled
* [HSEARCH-24] - Potential deadlock when using multiple DirectoryProviders i
n a highly concurrent index update
* [HSEARCH-25] - Class cast exception in
* [HSEARCH-28] - Wrong indexDir property in Apache Lucene Integration
** Improvement
* [HSEARCH-29] - Share the initialization state across all Search event list
eners instance
* [HSEARCH-30] - @FieldBridge now use o.h.s.a.Parameter rather than o.h.a.Pa
* [HSEARCH-31] - Move to Lucene 2.1.0
** New Feature
* [HSEARCH-1] - Give access to Directory providers
* [HSEARCH-2] - Default FieldBridge for enums (Sylvain Vieujot)
* [HSEARCH-3] - Default FieldBridge for booleans (Sylvain Vieujot)
* [HSEARCH-9] - Introduce a worker factory and its configuration
* [HSEARCH-16] - Cluster capability through JMS
* [HSEARCH-23] - Support asynchronous batch worker queue
* [HSEARCH-27] - Ability to index associated / embedded objects