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Template Troves, Volume I:
Serpents, Spiders & Godlings
by Sean K Reynolds (PDF)
$6.00, Available exclusively at
Template Troves, Volume I: Serpents, Spiders & Godlings
Silverthorne Games is pleased to announce Serpents, Spiders & Godlings as the rst in our new line of creature
supplements. Twenty new and exclusive templates are featured here by RPG industry veteran Sean K Reynolds from the mighty gullinburstin to the bizarre murmouth to the serpentine lenkag. Template Troves, Volume I features
nearly two dozen new and unique ways to transform monsters for your campaign!
About the Template Troves Series
One of the best and most exible additions to the third edition revised game is the creature template. With a minimum of eort, DMs can
create dozens of new and exotic creatures from monsters he or she already owns. Rather than spending untold amounts of money on each
new $40 monster collection, templates allow for exciting variety at an economical price. To that end, we created Template Troves.
Each volume in this new series will be a loosely-themed collection of creature templates designed by a top professional from the RPG
industry to inspire DMs with new and interesting ways to use existing creatures in their game. Enjoy!
Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition Core Books, published by Wizards of the Coast.

Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition (PDF)

$10.00, Available exclusively at
Build a Better Monster!
Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition is not merely a tome of templates, but a versatile toolkit with which you can
make your imagination, and the nightmares and dreams of heroes, a gaming-table reality. Using the templates
and additional rules content of this tome, any collection of monsters you possess can be revitalized with vigor
and possibility! Creatures encountered and defeated dozens of times before will take on new dimensions through
alterations ranging from simple to complex to the out-and-out bizarre. Youll nd all of this along with new ideas
for building PC races, exploring the cosmology of your world, and introducing never-before-seen options into your game. Book of Templates:
Deluxe Edition includes:

85 templates and nearly 30 more variantsover 100 ways to make an innovative and inimitable monster
Over 120 sample creatures, including dozens of unique characters, from Challenge Rating to 56
Player options counting two dozen PC races, over 50 spells, 9 feats, and 2 fully-detailed domains
Complete monster charts showing everything needed for creature construction
A straightforward ritual magic system and unied construct creation rules
Easy guidelines for stacking templates, allowing innite possibilities
Insights, alternatives, and hints to inspire and inform
New diseases and treasures for your setting
Thorough indices for easy use

With Book of Templates: Deluxe Edition, you can create creatures distinctive to your campaign quickly and easily! Need more options? Then
come to and grab enhancements and special expansions for this book, many of which are free! While youre
there, you can share your creations in our forums.
Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition Core Books, published by Wizards of the Coast.

Races of Evernor Series (PDF)

$4.00 each, Available exclusively at
Go beyond humans, elves and dwarves!
Been yearning to play something a little dierent? Want a PC race that will stand out from the standard fare
that dominates the fantasy role-playing landscape? Then look no further! Races of Evernor is a three-part series
focusing exclusively on player-character races for the d20 System. Fully one dozen PC races are presented in each
volume, with complete details on each: including physical appearance, social structure, racial relations, history in
the Realms of Evernor setting, religion, and much more, complete with new racial feats, spells, and weapons!
Each race is professionally illustrated and comes with a pre-generated example character to use as a template, PC, or NPC. Each example
characters features full game statistics, personal gear, character motivations, notes on personality, diet, and more!
Dont want to run a Realms of Evernor campaign? No problem! Although created for our setting, each race can be easily adapted for use
in any campaign world. For those wanting to run a campaign in the Realms of Evernor, details on how to do this are provided in a special
section in each races write-up, along with a concise primer on the setting itself.
Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Third Edition Core Books, published by Wizards of the Coast.

Mind the Gap (Dungeon Blocks Series) (PDF)

$1.50, Available exclusively at

Mind the Gap is the rst product in Silverthorne Games Dungeon Blocks series. A compendium of pit traps, ranging from the simple and common to the complex and utterly bizarre. All
traps featured in this volume are ready to use out of the box in any location the DM needs a
pit trap. Mind the Gap also includes basic rules on pit trap features, construction, cost, tables to
randomly generate new and utterly devious pit traps, and more!
This 31-page PDF comes in both a screen version and a printer-friendly version. Enjoy!

Feats, Volume I (PDF)

$1.50, Available exclusively at

This book is a collection of feats culled from all three parts of the Races of Evernor series. In addition to these, several brand new feats were added for avor and variety.
Since many of the feats were originally designed specically for the races found in Races of
Evernor, Parts I-III, this collection of feats has been re-edited so that the unique abilities of those
races can be more accessible to almost any character. Most can now be used by almost in race
in virtually any campaign! That said, a few feats are still better suited for unusual PCs or world settings (monstrous
PCs, aquatic campaigns, etc.).
Feats Volume I contains nearly 90 feats and is the perfect product for DMs and players who want a wider variety of
special abilities for their campaigns or characters. It is also a boon for those not necessarily interested in new PC
races that want access to many of the feats in the RoE series of supplements.
This 15-page PDF comes in both graphics and printer-friendly versions.friendly version. Enjoy!