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1. A teen age boy wrote his own age after his father’s.

From this
new four digit number he subtracted the absolute value of the
difference of their ages to get 4289. What was the sum of their

2. When Sam shoots a basketball he makes 75% of his shots when

he is 15 feet away from the basket and 25% of his shots when he is
20 feet away from the basket. He tries a new game: when he makes
a shot he moves to the other distance and when he misses a shot he
keeps shooting from that same distance. He starts shooting from
the 15-foot distance. What is the probability of the most likely
scenario in which he makes exactly one shot from each distance in
his first four shots? Express your answer as a common fraction.

3. If each letter in the expression is replaced by a

different digit from through inclusive, what is the smallest
positive integer value of the expression?

4.The sum of an infinite geometric series with common ratio r

such that |r| < 1 is 15, and the sum of the squares of the terms of
this series is 45. What is the first term of the series?

5. In this diagram semi-circles are constructed on diameters AB,

AC and CB, so that they are mutually tangent. If CD is
perpendicular to AB then what is the ratio of the shaded area to the
area of a circle with CD as radius.

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6. Four boys(Bs) and three girls (Gs) will be seated in a row.
When a boy is next to a girl, we will call this a “meeting point.”
When the seven kids are seated, there may be only one meeting
point, as in BBBBGGG, or there may be as many as six meeting
points, as in BGBGBGB shown here. Given all of the possible
seating arrangements for these seven kids, what is the average
number of meeting points per seating arrangement? Express your
answer as a common fraction.

7. Three men, Alpha, Beta and Gamma, working together do a job

in 6 hours less time than Alpha alone, in 1 hour less time than Beta
alone, and in one-half the time needed by Gamma when working
alone. Let h be the number of hours needed by Alpha and Beta,
working together, to do the job. Then what is the value of h?
Express your answer as a fraction.

8. Chords AB and CD in the circle ( see figure) intersect at E and

are perpendicular to each other. If segments AE, EB and ED have
measures 2, 6 and 3 respectively, then what is the length of the
diameter of the circle ? Express your answer in radical form

9. Given the sets of consecutive integers {1}, {2,3}, {4,5,6},

{7,8,9,10}, …, where each set contains one more element than the
preceding one, and where the first element of each set is one more
than the last element of the preceding set. Let Sn be the sum of the
elements in the nth set. Then what is the value of S21 ?

10. In triangle ABC, angle A = 90 degrees, angle B = 75 degrees

and BC = units. What is the area of triangle ABC? Express
your answer as a common fraction.

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11. In a trapezoid ABCD with AB parallel to CD, the diagonals
AC and BD intersect at E. If the area of triangle ABE is 50 square
units, and the area of triangle ADE is 20 square units, what is the
area of trapezoid ABCD?

12. A sphere is inscribed in a cube with edge length 9 inches.

Then, a smaller cube is inscribed in the sphere. How many cubic
inches are in the volume of the inscribed cube? Express your
answer in simplest radical form.

13. Two circles and three straight lines lie in the same plane. If
neither the circles nor the lines are coincident, what is the
maximum possible number of points of intersection?

14. A gecko is in a room that is 12 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 8

feet tall. The gecko is currently on a side wall (10' by 8'), one foot
from the ceiling and one foot from the back wall (12' by 8'). The
gecko spots a fly on the opposite side wall, one foot from the floor
and one foot from the front wall. What is the length of the shortest
path the gecko can take to reach the fly assuming it does not jump
and can only walk across the ceiling and the walls? Express your
answer in simplest radical form.

15. Consider an ordered set of six consecutive integers in

increasing order. To create a new set of six integers, the first, third,
and fifth elements are each multiplied by two, and the second,
fourth, and sixth elements are each increased by two. The median
of this new set is four more than the median of the first set. What is
the sum of the median of the first set and the median of the second

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