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A parallel plate capacitor has nineteen

interleaved plates each 75 mm by 75
mm separated by mica sheets 0.2 mm
thick. Assuming the relative permittivity
of the mica is 5, calculate the
capacitance of the capacitor.
Two parallel rectangular plates
measuring 20 cm by 40 cm carry an
electric charge of 0.2 C. Calculate the
electric flux density. If the plates are
spaced 5 mm apart and the voltage
between them is 0.25 kV determine the
electric field strength.
The flux density between two plates
separated by mica of relative
permittivity 5 is 2 C/m2. Find the
voltage gradient between the plates.


Determine the energy stored in a 3 F

capacitor when charged to 400 V.


A magnetizing force of 8000 A/m is

applied to a circular magnetic circuit of
mean diameter 30 cm by passing a
current through a coil wound on the
circuit. If the coil is uniformly wound
around the circuit and has 750 turns,
find the current in the coil.

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11. A Darlington pair amplifier has:
A. high input impedance and high
voltage gain.
B. low input impedance and low
voltage gain.
C. a voltage gain of about 1 and a
low input impedance.
D. a low voltage gain and a high
input impedance.
12. In a PNP circuit, the collector:
A. Has an arrow pointing inward.
B. Is positive with respect to the
C. Is biased at a small fraction of the
base bias.
D. Is negative with respect to the
13. When a transistor is conducting as
much as it possibly can, it is said to be:
A. In cutoff.
B. In saturation.
C. Forward biased.
D. In avalanche.
14. What is the value of VP of an N
channel JFET having IDSS = 12 mA and
gmo = 6500 S?
A. 3.69 V
C. -3.69 V
B. 1.83 V
D. -1.83 V


Determine the reluctance of a piece of

mumetal of length 150 mm and crosssectional area 1800 mm2 when the
relative permeability is 4000.

15. In MOSFET symbol, an arrow pointing

inwards signify
A. an n channel C. both A and B
B. a p substrate D. either A or B


Determine the e.m.f. induced in a coil

of 200 turns when there is a change of
flux of 25 mWb linking with it in 50 ms.


For the periodic waveform shown

below; determine for each: (i)
frequency (ii) average value over half a
cycle (iii) rms value (iv) form factor and
(v) peak factor.

16. Determine the input power of emitterstabilized circuit if RB = 250 k, RC =

100 k, RE = 150 k, beta = 50 and
VCC = +20V.
A. 48.8 W
C. 52.2 W
B. 33.8 mW
D. 77.7 Mw
17. Determine the regulated voltage of a
typical LM 317 IC Adjustable Voltage
Regulator circuit with R1 = 240 and
R2 = 2.4K.
A. 14 V
C. 16 V
B. 15 V
D. 17 V
18. What is the area in circular mil of a 12gauge wire that has a diameter of
80.81 mils?
A. 5,630 CM
C. 6,530 CM
B. 3,630 CM
D. 3,650 CM


In the amplifier circuit below, the

values of R1 and R2 are such that the
transistor is operating at VCE = 3 V and
IC = 1.5 mA when = 150. For a
transistor with of 200, the operating
point (VCE, IC) is:

19. Which of the following list is correct for

listing common materials in order of
descending conductivity?
A. Silver, copper, aluminum, iron,
and lead.
B. Lead, iron, silver, aluminum, and
C. Iron, silver, aluminum, copper, and
D. Silver, aluminum, iron, lead, and
20. An alternating current is given by i = 10
sin 314t. The time taken to generate
two cycles of current is
A. 0.02 s
C. 0.01 s
B. 0.03 s
D. 0.04 s

10. Which of the following is true if the

transistor is at active region?
A. 0 < VCE<Vcc C. Ic = max
B. VCE = Vcc
D. Ic = 0

21. A resistance of 5000 ohms, an

inductance of 6 H and a capacitance of
1 microfarad are all connected in
parallel. At the frequency of 300 Hz,
find the phase angle and absolute
value of impedance.

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22. If the energy used by the motor s

9.5kWh in 10 hours, what is the
efficiency of the 1-hp motor?
23. The resistance of a coil of wire
increases from 40 ohms at 10C to
48.25 ohms at 60C. Find the
temperature coefficient at 0C of the
conductor material.
A. 0.0043
C. 0.043
B. 0.00043
D. 0.43
24. Under the conditions of maximum
power transfer, a voltage source is
delivering a power of 15W to the load.
What is the power generated by the
A. 60W
C. 30W
B. 15W
D. 4W
25. What is the cutoff frequency of an opamp if the unity-gain frequency is 1.5
MHz and the open-loop gain is
26. For an op-amp having a slew rate SR
= 5 V/ms, what is the maximum
closed-loop voltage gain that can be
used when the input signal varies by
0.2 V in 10 ms?
27. Calculate the output impedance of an
inverting op-amp using the 741 opamp (ro = 75 , AOL = 200 V/mV) if R1
= 100 and Rf = 1 k.
28. Determine the voltage gain with
feedback for a voltage-series feedback
having A = 100, R1 = 15 k, Ro = 20
k, and a feedback of = 0.25.
29. Determine the input impedance with
feedback for a voltage-series feedback
having A = 100, R1 = 15 k, Ro = 20
k, and a feedback of = 0.25.
30. Determine the output impedance with
feedback for a voltage-series feedback
having A = 100, R1 = 15 k, Ro = 20
k, and a feedback of = 0.25.
31. Determine the total discharge time for
the capacitor in a clamper having C =
0.01 F and R = 500 k
32. Determine the nominal voltage for the
Zener diode at a temperature of 120
C if the nominal voltage is 5.1 volts at
25 C and the temperature coefficient
is 0.05%/ C.
33. Calculate the voltage regulation of a
power supply having VNL = 50 V and
VFL = 48 V.
34. Calculate the ripple voltage of a fullwave rectifier with a 75-F filter
capacitor connected to a load drawing
40 mA.
35. Calculate the dc voltage across a 2-k
load for an RC filter section (R = 50,
C = 20 F). The dc voltage across the
initial filter capacitor is Vdc = 50 V.
36. What is the value of the transition
capacitance for a silicon diode when
VD = 0?

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37. Calculate the storage time in a
transistor switching network if toff is 56
ns, tf = 14 ns, and tr = 20 ns.
38. Calculate the efficiency of a
transformer-coupled class A amplifier
for a supply of 15 V and an output of
V(p) = 10 V.
39. Calculate the efficiency of a class B
amplifier for a supply voltage of VCC =
20 V with peak output voltage of VL(p) =
18 V.
40. A 10 kW shunt generator having an
armature circuit resistance of 0.75
and a field resistance of 125 ,
generates a terminal voltage of 250 V
at full load. Determine the efficiency of
the generator at full load, assuming the
iron, friction and windage losses
amount to 600 W.
41. Three cells with open circuit voltage
1.45V , 1.5V, 1.55V and the internal
resistance of 0.2, 0.3, 0.4
respectively are joined in parallel.
What is the no load voltage?
42. A carbon-zinc cell with EMF of 1.5V is
connected to an external circuit of
resistance 3.5 and the current is
found to be 0.4 A. What is the internal
resistance of the cell?

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43. When an emergency transmitter uses
350 watts and a receiver uses 50
watts, how many hours can a 12.6 volt,
60 ampere-hour battery supply full
power to both units?
44. The channel in a zero-biased JFET is
A. Pinched off.
B. Somewhat open.
C. All the way open.
D. Of P-type semiconductor material.
45. Which of the following circuits has its
output 180 degrees out of phase with
its input?
A. Common source.
B. Common gate.
C. Common drain.
D. All of them.
46. Where does voltage generated in a DC
generator depends?
1 Field resistance
2 Speed
3 Flux
4 Field current
5 Armature resistance
A. 1,2 and 3 only
B. 2 and 3 only
C. 2,3 and 4 only
D. 1,3 and 5 only

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47. A coil of resistance 5 and inductive

reactance 12 is connected in series
across a supply voltage of 52 30
volts. Determine the current flowing in
the circuit.
48. A coil of resistance 5 and inductive
reactance 12 is connected in series
across a supply voltage of 52 30
volts. What is the power across the
49. A low-pass T-connected symmetrical
filter section has an inductance of
200mH in each of its series arms and a
capacitance of 0.5 F in its shunt arm.
The cut-off frequency of the filter is:
A. 1007 Hz
C. 251.6 Hz
B. 711.8 Hz
D. 177.9 Hz
50. A high-pass -connected symmetrical
filter section has a capacitance of 5000
pF in its series arm and inductances of
500 H in each of its shunt arms. The
cut-off frequency of the filter is:
A. 201.3 kHz C. 50.33 kHz
B. 71.18 kHz D. 284.7 kHz