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NO7.“Una voce poco fa.,, Cavatina. A room in the house of Dr.Bartolo, The windows closed with Venetian blinds. Rosina has a letter in her hand. Andan PE Cor. sustain 6D vo - ce po-co fa jinel cor mi Ti - suo - nO, shpige.that I en-shrine my heart, andnone must know; —. = cor_ fe- ri- tas gia, e_ Lin - dor_ che il pla - gd. Si, Lin- dor, that voice is thine, Tis for thee. myheart doth glow, Yes, Lin - mio sa- ra, lo.giu- ra- i, la. vin'- ce - shall be_ mine, , Ihave sworn it, for weal_ or si, Lin - do ro mio m, lo gu Yes, Lin - do ro__. shall_ be____ mine, I have P i vin-ce + rb. Il tu-tor ti-cu-se - for— weal or_ woe. ~ My intent Pil not re - _ — ti> — Cha bag. sustain io Tin-gegnoa-guz -ze - rd, al-la fin saeche-te - ‘Though my guardianshould say no, He my love need not di } a £2 6 oe e contentajo re-ste - Till _myhand 1 may_be-stow. Yes,Lin- do - ro_ shall be_ De—m F etteen £ ts Ses === == 2 SSS Shae Pir? a uu. nee ‘ — F lo- giu- ta- i, Ie vir- co - 1, si, Lin- 1__ have” sworn it, , for weal. or wop, Yes, Lin= ro___mio_sa - ra, lo gin - ra-i, Ja vin-ce-ro! ro__ shall_be " mig, I have sworn it, for ygal or woe! Moderato. Lg cl Fad, ES Rosina. To “so- “no do - ci-le, 1 am__ all gen - tleness, pF NPFS sa, mi la-seio Peg - dere, mi lasclo tion; Tcan be rufa with easé, 1 can be NF NF NF rep = ge- re: mi fo gui- dar, mi fo gui * dar. © Ma se mi ruld “with ease, nor guidance spur _nor_—_ Znce— spurt, But if you G3 toc = ca-no dov'gilmio de - bo-le, saryn-na cross_my will, or what I" do___take ill, Like an-y P Wind sustain e cen - to A thou - sand - ete fa - rd gio - car, fa - ro__ e@ cen-to have _ my way,This all enst learn, this all a thousand ” = — mR trap -"po-le_pri-ma di tricks Tilplay, but I will sa r fee @ tempo = ip $ —. at car, con-to_ trap -"po-le pri- ma dt. Ge a ae thousand tricks Pu play, but_ I a SSS fa = 1, f=" rb gio > ear! play, but _ 1 will___have my. way! trap-po - le tricks Pil lo So-tlo do - ful, ~ . at T_amall gen-tleness, en: Ry ee a SS motion, oo ‘be ease. nor guidance 1 ~~ pis gee eget EEEE icftateters. - Ma se mi toc -no dov'eil mio de - bo-le, sargy-na But if you cross my will, or what T do take ill, like an-y e cen-to trap - po-le pri-ma di Athousand tricks PI play, but I will ce - de-re fa-rogio - car,— fa - ro gid- © cen-to have myway,This all must leara, this all a thousand trap - po-le primadi ce - de-re fa-rogio - car. fa - ro_ gio - tricks Pil play, but Iwill have my way,this all must learn, this_ all must_ ¥ col canto aa "a tempo cen-to_ trap - po-le pri- ma di. ce - de-re, e cen-to — thou-sandtricks Pll play, but_ I_ will have my way, a thow-sand a piacere trap- po -— le fa = rd, fa =" 7rd gio - car, tricks Pi____play, but_____ 1” will___have my____ way, Tait Pitt Allegro. e cen-to a_thousand 2 = ees nds of tricks I'l play, Tee to have my Jobe