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Article appeared Friday, September 11th, 2015 in The News Today, Bangladesh

The Revelation (393)

yousuf mahbubul Islam, PhD

We constantly use different types of products. If a product performs well, we may decide that it
is made by a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. To assess the ability of a manufacturer does
one need to visit or physically see the manufacturer? Or does one insist on a personal letter
from the manufacturer certifying that the product was skillfully made? If not, how does one
decide that the product was intentionally designed and expertly made for a specific purpose?
The matched functionality of a product to a specific purpose stands adequate testimony to the
skill of the manufacturer. One does not need to see the manufacturer making the product nor
does the manufacturer require to personally visit certifying that the product was purposely
Now, let us turn our thoughts to our own functionality. The mere fact that humans are able to
logically work out and decide that a product was purposely made for a desired function is a
proof of the quality of human intelligence. Can the intelligent ability to think be the result of
unintelligent random chance or random selection? As a further example of the quality of our
unique intelligence, we are able to compare this question with another: can any functional
product on earth be the result of random chance?
We are also able to work out that the analytical human intelligence is different from all other
forms of intelligence. We also see that each human is uniquely different from all other humans.
Could this mean that each human is individually and purposely designed? If we look for the
evidence of individual design, can science help us find the unique design blueprint? Individual
design points to the existence of a Designer who has also skillfully engineered each human
together. Why would a Supreme Being want to go to all the individual effort involved? Why
would He create analytical intelligence?
Could it be that He wants to be known and acknowledged through the use of the given
knowledge and analytical intelligence? Could this be the purpose of each beautifully made
human being? What should be an appropriate intelligent response to this Supreme Being?
The Creator has not only created our individual existence, He has also revealed information for
those who have questions about their purpose. The revealed Holy Scriptures contain guidance
for those who seek it. The Holy Quran as the final revelation contains guidance and provides
insight that only a Creator can provide. For example, it warns how disbelievers will prove their
disbelief through their insolence and impudence.

13.27 The unbelievers ask, "Why is not a sign sent down to him from his Lord?"
Reply (O, Muhammad), "Indeed, Allah leaves astray whom He will; but He guides
to Himself those who turn to Him.
Without analyzing the content and quality of Revelation, those who did not wish to believe
insolently asked the Prophet for further miracles. Each of us has the option to turn to the
Creator. How? One way would be to analyze the knowledge given in Revelation human
intelligence allows us to become like researchers who would raise questions regarding their
existence, hypothesize answers and look for evidence to prove or disprove the hypothesis.

13.28 Those who believe are those whose hearts find satisfaction in the
remembrance of Allah; for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts
find satisfaction.

When we find evidence that point to the existence of a complex design and matched fitness to a
purpose, it helps to build conviction and reassurance in our hearts. If we then fill our hearts with
gratitude and adore the Creator we begin to find peace. Allah grants peace and blessings to the
individual who tunes in to the purpose of his/her individual creation.

13.29 For those who believe and work righteousness is (every) blessing and for
them there is a beautiful place of (final) return.
We proudly display the brand name of the products that we purchase. Should we similarly not
be pleased that we have been given analytical intelligence by the Creator? We trust the brand
manufacturer and rely on the information he/she gives for the product. Should we not similarly
trust the Creator and rely on the revelation (information) that He has sent?
13.30 Thus have We sent you (O, Muhammad) amongst a people where many
generations have passed without guidance; so that you may rehearse to them what We
send down to you by inspiration; yet do they reject the Most Gracious (Lord)! Say, "He is
my Lord! There is no god but He! On Him is my trust and to Him do I turn!"
Would we feel privileged and honored to meet the designer of a brand product? If for example,
the painting Mona Lisa had the analytical intelligence to recognize the hand of Leonardo how
should she feel? Similarly, when we discover the reality of the Creator, should we say, My Lord
and Creator, it is an honor and privilege to know YOU through what you have done for us!?

13.31 If there were a Qur'an (a reading/information) with which mountains were

removed or the earth be broken apart or the dead were made to speak (this would
be the one!), but truly to Allah belongs each affair entirely! Do not the Believers
realize that if Allah had wanted He could have (forcefully) guided all mankind (to
the right reaction to Him)? But never will disaster cease to seize the unbelievers
for their (ill) deeds or to settle close to their homes until the Promise of Allah
come to pass for verily Allah will not fail in His promise.
Just imagine: revelation is information directly sent by the Supreme Being who has beautifully
put us together to avail the opportunity to know Him through His Work! What weight should such
information/knowledge have? How would Mona Lisa treat information sent by Leonardo?

13.32 Mocked were (many) Apostles before you: but I granted extra time to the
unbelievers and finally I punished them; then how (terrible) was My Penalty!
If arrogance prevents us from giving appropriate value to the Creator, what should He do? It is
the Creator who has arranged our well being, status and wealth. So, compared to the regular
value that we give to these things, what value should we be giving Him?

13.33 Is then He Who maintains every soul (and knows) all that it does (like any
other)? And yet they equate partners to Allah. Say, "But name them! Is it that you
will inform Him of something He does not know on the earth or is it (just) a show
of words?" Nay! To those who believe not their pretence seems pleasing to them
but they keep away from the Path (that leads to Allah): and those whom Allah
leaves to stray no one can guide.
The Creator has honored us with the opportunity to know and love Him. Can we afford to waste
this opportunity? Should we not avail this opportunity and do what is right by Him? If not,

13.34 For them is a punishment in the life of this world but harder truly is the
Penalty of the Hereafter; and defender have they none against Allah.