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Open Campus Procedures

Open Campus (OC) is a privilege that supports the growth of independence in our 12 th grade students. Please note that RHS will be reviewing students’ attendance, grades and behavior in consideration of granting and maintaining OC eligibility. RHS does not bear responsibility to supervise students during the periods that they are permitted to leave campus under the OC policy. The student and his/her parent(s) are responsible for the student’s behavior while he/she is off-campus. Parents are better equipped to assess their child’s driving ability and/or level of independent responsibility than school personnel. Thus, it is essential that RHS and parents work in partnership to determine if Open Campus is an appropriate option for your child.

A. Application. Students, together with their parents, are required to apply for the open campus privilege by completing and signing the application form (see Appendix 1 on the RHS website). Once completed and submitted, this form will remain in effect for the entire school year and applies to the student’s active schedule each day. Should you wish to cancel your son or daughter’s Open Campus privileges, submit a written request to the Attendance Office.

B. Application review. The Deans will be responsible for evaluating applications. To qualify for OC, a student must have:

Minimum GPA of 2.5 for the preceding marking period

Five or fewer tardies (excused or unexcused) during the preceding marking period

No more than two unexcused absences during the preceding marking period

Completed Signature Packet on file

The student’s disciplinary history will also be reviewed. Any student who has been suspended for any offense during their junior year will come under administrative review to determine eligibility for their OC application. Deans will inform students of their status. Students rejected for excessive tardies and/or unexcused absences may reapply the following marking period.

C. Approved applications. A student who is OC-eligible will receive a sticker to attach to his/her ID card that identifies when he/she may leave campus. As is current practice, in order to leave, students will be required to sign in/out and show their ID cards (with sticker) to the Security Guards.

D. Ongoing Review We would like to underscore the concept that OC is a privilege, not a right. It will be incumbent upon students to maintain OC privileges. The following requirements will be reviewed for students participating in Open Campus:

Attendance will be reviewed at the time of Report Cards

GPA will be reviewed at the time of Report Cards

Any senior suspended during the school year will lose OC privileges pending administrative review

If a student does not continue to meet the Open Campus eligibility requirements, his/her OC privileges will be revoked. In that case, the sticker will be removed and replaced with one showing no OC permission. The OC Loss of Privilege letter (Appendix 2 on the RHS website) will be sent home to notify parents. Students will lose their privilege for the remainder of the marking period, after which they may reapply for OC using the standard application. The RHS Administration and/or parents have the right to rescind OC at any time.

Revised 6/19/14