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Firestone Kygo ft. Conrad Arranged by Amanda Lee www suo Ymtho |dark in need of light creer ee >) Bm xyou in-pire Feel the | change in me to-night Sotake me} up, take me hig Bm R e x Bm ‘There's a | world not far from here| ‘We can dance| in desire Or weean ae > Be Bm. i ‘burn in love to-night| ‘Our hearts are like Fire stones ‘And when they strike Rr We feel the love Sparks will Ay ‘They ignite our bones e © 2015 by Amanda Lee. All rights reserved. Copying prohibited, te a ata = And when they strike We feel the love Sparks will fy Andwhen they strike |We light up the world Gir to rrp ctor == rt eS \ . And when they strike |We light up — theworld cea are like Fire stones Upbpeespacpe Peden fafa dippag ‘They ignite our bones We light up the world ‘We light up_ the world Fire-stones VmfromX, you're from Y, perfeet|stran-gers in the night come toet| her to the| world well tes - ti-Fy Our hearts are like