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Advertising and Sales Management

Subject Code: BBA

Edition: Fall 2011


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Sikkim Manipal University

Directorate of Distance Education
Department of Management and Commerce
Board of Studies
HOD Management and Commerce

Mr. Pankaj Khanna

HR, Fidelity Mutual Fund

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Mr. Shankar Jagannathan

Former Group Treasurer
Wipro Technologies Limited

Dr. T. V. Narasimha Rao

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Mr. Abraham Mathew

Chief Financial Officer
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Prof. K. V. Varambally
Manipal Institute of Management, Manipal
Edition: Fall 2011
Printed: April 2012
This book is a distance education module comprising a collection of learning
materials for our students. All rights reserved. No part of this work may be
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Authors Profile
Dr. Bedanta Bora, MBA, PhD is Associate Professor, Department of Management
Studies at Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT), East Sikkim. Dr. Bora has
been regularly contributing research articles and has published more than 25
research papers in several reputed National and International Journals.
Dr. Neeta Dhusia Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Management
Studies, SMIT had completed MBA (Finance) and PhD from Deen Dayal Upadhyay
Gorakhpur University. She has also completed PG Diploma in Export Management
from Indian Institute of Export Management, Bangalore. She served as Assistant
Registrar, SMU for more than 3 years.
Prof. Bibeth Sharma, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies,
SMIT, has completed his MBA (Marketing and Finance) and is presently pursuing
his PhD in Marketing. He has an academic experience of 6.5 years.
Peer Reviewers Profile
Prof. Vimala Parthasarathy holds MS in Advertising and Marketing from the
University of Texas, USA and Master of Arts from McMaster University, Hamilton,
Ontario, Canada. She has wide experience both in industry as well as academics.
She has held various positions in industry like Marketing Executive, Consultant and
Assistant Director of Marketing in companies like Butterworth Legal Publishers,
Ogilvy and Mather, Image Ads and Communications and Kamerad-News
Advertising Ltd. She has served in academics as Head of the Department,
Academic Head, Assistant Dean and Associate Professor in various Management
institutions like Ohio-Manipal School of Business, ICFAI Business School, NIILM
School of Business, Magnus School of Business and Sikkim Manipal University.
In House Content Review Team
Dr. Sudhakar G. P.
Management & Commerce
SMU DDE, Bangalore

Mr. Girish V. Gurjar

Assistant Professor

Unit 1
Introduction to Advertising

Unit 2
Integrated Marketing Communications


Unit 3
Advertising Design: Appeals, Message
Strategies & Executional Framework


Unit 4


Unit 5
Media Planning and Strategies


Unit 6
Print Media and Outdoor Media


Unit 7
Broadcast and Internet Media


Unit 8
Public Relations and Publicity


Unit 9
Sales Management


Unit 10
Sales Promotion


Unit 11
Personal Selling


Unit 12
Management of Sales Territories and Quotas


Unit 13
Staffing, Training and Motivating the Sales Force


Unit 14
Effectiveness and Performance of Sales Force


BBA 304
Advertising and Sales Management
Course Description
Advertising is an integral part of our social and economic systems. In our
complex society, advertising has evolved into a vital communications
system for both consumers and businesses. The ability of the advertising
and other promotional methods to deliver carefully prepared messages to
target audiences has given them a major role in the marketing programmes
of most organisations. Advertising has become a part of our lives.
Companies ranging from large multi-national corporations to small retailers
increasingly rely on advertising and promotion to help them market products
and services in todays highly competitive market.
Advertising performs a crucial role in buyers knowledge of products and
brands available in the market and helps them to select the best suited
product for their needs and budget. Thus, consumers have learned to rely
on advertising and other forms of promotion for information which they can
use in making purchase decisions.
Thus, advertising activities are of acute interest to everybody involved the
manufacturer, marketer, advertising agencies, media and ofcourse the
buyer. Directly or indirectly, every person is now exposed to some form of
advertising whether he/she wants it or not.
Advertising is an all-pervasive facet of most growing communities. It has
important consequences for the companies, for the advertisers who create
and use it, and also for individuals who are exposed to it. Therefore, it is
essential that students planning a career in business activities understand
the deep, complex and long term role advertising and sales promotion play
in todays economy.

Course Objectives
The objectives of this course are to provide access to broad base of
knowledge in advertising and sales management, to equip students with
latest trends in advertising and sales management. These are aimed
towards developing skills in advertising and sales management, which are
essential in todays business environment.
After studying this subject, student should be able to:
explain the meaning and concept of advertising, its features and
explain the role of integrated marketing communication
describe advertising theory
define advertising copy and discuss the creative aspects involved in
advertising copy and design
review the median planning strategies involved in advertising
describe the significance of print and outdoor media
describe in detail about copywriting for print media, radio advertisement,
TV advertisement and for web advertisements
define sales management and explain the significance of sales
explain the scope, significance and objectives of personal selling
describe various sales promotion techniques
define sales territory and sales quota and explain the types of sales
explain the importance of staffing, training and motivating the salesforce
describe the evaluation of effectiveness and performance of sales force
The Self Learning Material (SLM) for this subject is divided into 14 units. A
brief description of all the 14 units is given below:

Unit 1: Introduction to Advertising

The concept of advertising is introduced in this Unit. This unit describes the
history of advertising, roles of advertising, functions of advertising and key
players in advertising.
Unit 2: Integrated Marketing Communications
This unit explains the role of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC),
consumer behaviour, communication process, the tools of IMC and the IMC
planning process.
Unit 3: Advertising Design: Appeals, Message Strategies & Executional
This unit gives the definition of advertising design and explains the
advertising theory, types of advertising appeals and structure of an
advertisement. The unit also describes the message strategies, executional
strategies and advertising effectiveness.
Unit 4: Copywriting
This unit gives the meaning of copywriting and explains the copywriting for
print, radio copywriting, TV copywriting and copywriting for web.
Unit 5: Media Planning and Strategies
This unit explains the importance of media, the meaning and role of media
planning, media objectives and media strategies. The unit describes in detail
how to develop and implement media strategies and evaluating the
Unit 6: Print Media and Outdoor Media
This unit explains the characteristics of press, the advertisements in
newspapers and magazines and the advantages of print media. The unit
also describes the packaging, out-of-home advertising and directory
Unit 7: Broadcast and Internet Media
This unit explains the meaning and importance of broadcast media, radio as
medium, advantages and disadvantages of radio as a medium, internet
advertising and email advertising.

Unit 8: Public Relations and Publicity

This unit explains about public relations (PR), the difference between public
relations and advertising, the role of PR, the process of PR and the
advantages and disadvantages of PR. The unit also describes the concept
of publicity, the advantages and disadvantages of publicity and the
difference between PR and publicity.
Unit 9: Sales Management
This unit defines sales management, the objectives of sales management,
sales management strategies, functions of sales executive, qualities and
skills of sales executive, sales presentation techniques and emerging trends
in sales management.
Unit 10: Sales Promotion
This unit explains the scope and role of sales promotion, the growth of sales
promotion, the consumer oriented sales promotion, trade-oriented sales
promotion and techniques in sales promotion.
Unit 11: Personal Selling
This unit explains the scope and significance of personal selling, objectives
of personal selling, AIDAS principle, the personal selling process and the
concept of customer delight.
Unit 12: Management of Sales Territories and Quotas
This unit explains the meaning of sales territory, how to design sales
territory, the reasons for establishing sales territories, the meaning of sales
quota and the types of sales quota.
Unit 13: Staffing, Training and Motivating the Sales Force
This unit explains the sales organisation and its types, the meaning and role
of sales force, the process of recruiting and selecting the sales force,
motivating the sales force and finally explains about the leadership.
Unit 14: Effectiveness and Performance of Sales Force
This unit explains the concept of sales audit, effectiveness evaluation,
ethical issues in sales management, salesperson performance evaluation
process, key issues in evaluating and controlling salesperson performance
and finally about sales person job satisfaction.