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All India PGMEE

Review Questions

All India PGMEE
Review Questions

Arun Kumar


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Science and technology are constantly changing
fields. New research and experience broaden the
scope of information and knowledge. The author
has tried his best in giving information available to
him while preparing the material for this book.
Although all efforts have been made to ensure
optimum accuracy of the material, yet it is quite
possible some errors might have been left
uncorrected. The publisher, the printer and the
author will not be held responsible for any
inadvertent errors or inaccuracies.

All India PGMEE

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my parents and
who gave me values


his book has been written in view of the repeat questions that are frequently asked in subsequent
examinations. This book contains questions in the form of statements from 2002 onwards. Questions from
AIIMS and All India that were asked by AIIMS examination board has been compiled. Questions have been
written in the form of students so that they remember only correct things and no confusion remains in the mind.
This book is extremely valuable for those starting their preparation for PG entrance in internship or before and
for quick revision just before PG entrance examination. Questions asked repeated have been put only once in
the book to make it concise. Around 6000 questions have been included in this book.
While every effort has been made to make this book error free, readers are advised to point out if any they
come across.
Readers are also advised to give their valuable opinions and suggestions which will be appreciated and

Arun Kumar
Contact: 09718161947
e-mail id:

First I would like to thank all my teachers who have encouraged and inspired me for hard work.
I also want to thank Dr Nitish, Dr Aporva, Dr Rajdeep, Dr Puneet who have been very supportive of me to
write this book. My inspiration for writing this book is my teacher Dr Arup Kumar Kundu who has been a
leading writer in this field.
My heartfelt thanks to my wife who contributed significantly in writing this book.
I would also like to thank all my family members who have stood by me through thick and thin.
I would also like to thank CBS Publishers, Mr YN Arjuna, Senior Vice President-Publishing, Editorial and
Publicity and Mrs Ritu Chawla and entire CBS family to help me realize my dream of writing the book and
publishing the book so beautifully.
I would also like to thank my friend Pawan, Bipulji, Dr Pradeep and others for their valuable support. I would
also like to thank Dr Rahul, Dr Abhishek, Dr Anant, Dr Rajeev, Dr Dharvind, Dr Lokesh and others for helping
me recall questions.
I would also like to thank my teacher Dr MP Sharma for his guidance. Finally with all my humbleness and
sincerity, I thank one and all who have helped me directly or indirectly in writing this book.

Arun Kumar

1. Anatomy
2. Biochemistry
3. Physiology
4. Pharmacology
5. Microbiology
6. Pathology
7. FMT
8. PSM
9. Eye
10. ENT
11. Medicine
12. Surgery
13. G and O
14. Pediatrics
15. Skin
16. Anaesthesia
17. Radiology
18. Psychiatry
19. Orthopaedics