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Wekiva Whispers

Wekiva Elementary School

1450 East Wekiva Trail
Longwood, Florida 32779
Phone: 746-3150 Fax: 746-3163
March 2010
Principal: Michael Pfeiffer Assistant Principal: Michelle Robinson

Science Expo 5th Grade Important Information

Divi den d V acati on a n d FC AT
On February 2nd, Wekiva students in Parents of 5th grade students who will
F CAT is just around the corner! K-5th grade showcased many be attending Teague Middle School
Please help us again this year by wonderful science projects! In fact, next year are asked to mark their
rescheduling your volunteer work over 200 students participated and calendars for “Incoming 6th Grade
during the FCAT testing window of were the scientist teachers, while Night” on March 31st from 5:30-7:00
March 9-19. We thank you for your parents and visitors were the students p.m. This event will be held at
support. Dividends volunteering Teague Middle School.
before school for our Cross Country and learned much about science. A
program may continue to volunteer; thank you goes out to Mrs. Gabrovic,
however, must sign out at the the Science Committee, and all the Koala MusicKidz Musical!
beginning of the school day. Wekiva staff who came out and Koala MusicKidz have started their
supported this tremendous hands-on preparations for their spring musical,
learning event. The Jungle Book. Rehearsals are held
on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
Cross Country There will be one speaking cast with a
Congratulations to Wekiva’s Cross full chorus, including singing,
Country athletes who participated in costuming, and choreography.
the Keeth and Lawton Cross Country Rehearsals for the speaking cast will
Meets. be on Tuesdays, while rehearsals for
FCAT Keeth Cross Country Meet: the full chorus will be on Thursdays,
Please mark your calendars Girls 6 and under: Delaney Johnson, until the week prior to the
accordingly regarding the FCAT 1st, Lauren Kraus 4th performance. The performance is
schedule. It is essential that your Boys 7 year old: Carson Crenshaw 8th scheduled for Tuesday, May 11, at our
children are in attendance on: Boys 8 year old: Clay Ulmer 3rd, final PTA meeting of the year. This is
FCAT SSS Jonathan DePaolo 4th a very exciting time of year in the
Test Grade Test Type Girls 8 year old: Megan Manlove 14th music room!
Date Boys 9 year old: Danny Raynor 11th
3/9- 3, 4 SSS Reading Girls 9 year old: Kaley Oliver 7th, KOALA Student Council Club
10 5 SSS Math Sarah Pfeiffer 11th Gives Back!
3/11 3,4 SSS Math Girls 11 year old: Alyssa Graham 5th The members of the KOALA Student
5 SSS Reading Boys 11 year old: Colin Graham 1st Council Club have been busy making
3/12- 3, 4, 5 Make-Ups Lawton Top 15 Places: a difference in their local community.
15 Boys 8 year old: Clay Ulmer 3rd The students held a collection in
3/16- 5 SSS Science Girls 8 year old: Megan Manlove 4th February for the homeless in
17 3-5 Make-Ups Girls 9 year old: Kaley Oliver 11th, collaboration with the “Bags of Hope”
3/18- 3, 4, 5 Make-Ups Sarah Pfeiffer 12th organization. They collected dozens
19 Boys 11 year old: Colin Graham 1st of full size toiletries and ready to eat
Remaining Cross Country Meets: canned food items in just two weeks.
Wekiva Family Dinner Sock Hop • Crystal Lake @ Lake Mary High The students sorted the items and
Get ready to shake, rattle & roll at our School – February 27 delivered them to the “Bags of Hope”
exciting Sock Hop Family Dinner • Forest City Elementary – March 6 program leader who in turn delivered
Night, April 20th, 5:00-8:00 p.m. This • Hamilton Elementary – March 13 the much needed items. Thank you to
fun family night has the Book Fair, all who donated items and helped
Art Show, Student Performances and Please visit our website to view make a difference in our community!
exciting free games for all ages. The slideshows from previous Cross
Koala Diner will be serving Country Meets.
hamburgers & hot dogs from O'Boys.

Seminole County Public Schools or
Author and Illustrator Visits Tech Nights at Bruster’s Ice Cream futuristic space station which would
On Tuesday, Feb. 2nd and Friday, Feb. Help support TECHNOLOGY at serve many purposes including
5th, Kindergarten, First and Second Wekiva by enjoying some Bruster’s interplanetary travel, scientific interns,
graders were treated to a wonderful Ice Cream (Sand Lake Rd. & SR 434) and tourists. The project was well-
visit by author Bobbie Hinmon and from 6:00-8:00 pm on the following received and showcased the intense
illustrator Mark Wayne Adams! Thursday nights: Mar. 25, Apr. 15 & work that was done. In addition,
Students experienced stories, sang May 20. Bring your family, friends students came away with first, second
songs and witnessed illustrations as and neighbors for some delicious ice and several third place ribbons for the
they happened in small group settings. cream treats served to you by some of paper airplane, egg drop and bridge
All children had a fun and educational your favorite teachers. That’s right, building competitions.
experience! teachers will be scooping out your
On Thursday, Feb. 18th, all Third, orders. We’re looking forward to Kindergarten Round-Up
Fourth and Fifth graders were treated seeing you all there! Also, you’ll also On April 26-27 from 7:00 a.m. – 6:00
to an author presentation as well! be able to purchase Bruster’s Real Ice p.m., Wekiva will hold its
Well-known author Patrick Carman is Cream at our PTA Family Dinner Kindergarten Round-up for all
known for his popular Elliot’s Park Night Apr. 20th and all proceeds will incoming Kindergarten students for
series, The Land of Elyon series, and support technology at Wekiva. What a the 2010-2011 school year. At this
the Skeleton Creek series (for older yummy way to help out our school! time, parents will also be able to sign
readers). Mr. Carman has also up for Kindergarten Tours, which are
participated in the popular 39 Clues scheduled on May 3-4. To enter
books. He authored book #5 in that Kindergarten, students must be FIVE
series. His presentation was both years of age on or before September 1,
entertaining and informative for our 2010. Required documentation
intermediate students. Thank you to needed to register includes 3 forms of
Mrs. Curtis and our media services for proof of residence (Warranty
supporting this wonderful learning Deed/Homestead Exemption/Lease, a
opportunity! utility bill and an auto registration/
driver’s license/ voter registration),
Wekiva Supports Haiti birth certificate (original), current
Wekiva collected a grand total of 3rd Grade Checker Day physical (original, dated within the
$1,551.91 that was donated to the Wekiva’s 3rd Grade is proud to host its last year), DH 680 Immunization
American Red Cross to use towards time-honored Checker Day on Form, and social security card if
Haiti relief. Thank you to all the Wednesday, March 26th, from 9:00- available. If you have any questions,
Wekiva students, families, and staff 10:15 a.m. In the weeks before the please call 407-746-3150.
who supported this generous and event, students will compete in a
much needed cause. Please know that round robin competition. The Memories for Sale!!!!
Mr. Pierre’s family members who live culminating championship game will Yes, that’s right; memories of your
in Haiti are ok. Mr. Pierre is a 2nd be an extended family event, inviting child’s year are for sale in the form of
grade teacher who coordinated this family members over 55 years of age. our 2009-10 Wekiva Elementary
humanitarian fund-raising drive. He With students acting as playing pieces, yearbook! This year’s theme is CSI,
thanks all those who lent support and the 3rd grade champions will play for which stands for “Cool Student
prayers during this crisis. He truly the ultimate championship. Along Information”. There will be individual
thanks everyone for allowing Wekiva with fostering sportsmanship and photos, class photos, candid photos
to make a difference. friendship, the primary goal of this and lots of special events memories
activity is to develop students’ critical like the Alice in Wonderland play,
Outstanding Teachers Win Grants thinking skills. Science Expo, Veterans Day
Congratulations to Mrs. Lindsey, Mrs. performance, Fall Festival, Ice Cream
Castro, Mrs. Chase, and Ms. Wekiva Attends Project Create Social, Honor Roll, and community
Freyvogel of the 4th grade team for On February 19th, the students in Mrs. service projects. In addition, all of the
their $1500 “Circus Science, the Leidner’s 4th grade gifted class clubs at Wekiva will be featured. So
Greatest Show on Earth” grant. We participated in Project Create, an don’t hesitate, buy your yearbook now
also congratulate Mrs. Leidner, Mrs. annual event sponsored by the Central for $17.00. The final day to purchase
Ashcraft, and Mrs. Roffe for their Florida Chapter of the Engineering is March 22nd. After this date, extra
$350 “Serious Play at Wekiva” grant. Society. The event was held at the yearbooks will be sold for $20 until
Way to go and thanks for supporting Amway Arena. Throughout the year, they are gone. After that, there are no
outstanding education at Wekiva! students researched and designed a reorders. Send your check made
payable to Lifetouch and send it in

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Wekiva Whispers
Wekiva Elementary School
1450 East Wekiva Trail
Longwood, Florida 32779
Phone: 746-3150 Fax: 746-3163
March 2010
Principal: Michael Pfeiffer Assistant Principal: Michelle Robinson

School Store Sale 3/29 “A” Honor Roll: 2nd Grade

The school store is having a mid year 7:45-8:30 a.m.
sale! Stop on by Monday, 3/30 “A” Honor Roll: 3rd Grade
Wednesday, or Friday before school to 7:45-8:30 a.m.
check out our special prices. Pencils 3/31 “A” Honor Roll: 4th Grade
6 for $1.00, yellow one subject 7:45-8:30 a.m.
notebooks for just .50, and more. Teague Incoming 6th Grade
Supplies are limited so be sure to shop Night for Current 5th Grade
early. Students @ Teague
ABCS Lunch
4-Legged Food Drive Ends
4/1 “A” Honor Roll: 5th Grade
Important Dates 7:45-8:30 a.m.
3/2 School Related Employee of Field Day
the Year Night Teacher of Year Night
Papa John’s Pizza Night 4/2 Teacher Work Day
3/3 SAC, 5:00 p.m. 4/5-9 Spring Break
PTA Board, 6:15 p.m. 4/12 Classes Resume
3/4 Field Trip: 2nd Gr. to Orlando 4/13 Papa John’s Pizza Night
Rep. Theater Field Trip: Pre-K to Orlando
Hearing & Vision Screening Science Center
(K, 1st, 3rd, new to Florida) Parent Preview for Growing
Field Day 2010 Last Day ESE FCAT Up Video – 5th Grade (front
Mark you calendars for Field Day, to Tutoring office)
be held on April 1st and P.E. needs 3/5 End of Trimester 2 4/14 Field Trip: 5th Gr. to School
Dividends to help out! Look for 3/9-19 FCAT and FCAT Make-Ups House Rock Live
information in the near future coming 3/11 Last Day ESOL Tutoring SAC, 5:00 p.m.
home with your child. 3/15 Field Trip: K to Orange Co. PTA Board, 6:15 p.m
History Center 4/14-15 Book Fair Preview
Lost and Found 3/19 Report Cards Go Home 4/15 Tech Night at Bruster’s Ice
As the winter comes to a close, we 3/22 4–Legged Food Drive Begins Cream, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
remind all parents and students to National Volunteer Week 4/16 5th Gr. Growing Up Video
check the Lost and Found (located in 3/23 “A” Honor Roll Photo Day 4/19-23 Book Fair
the cafeteria) for lost clothing, coats, Parent Preview for Growing 4/20 PTA Family Dinner Night
backpacks, and lunch boxes. All Up Video – 4th Grade (front and Book Fair, 5:00 p.m.
unclaimed items will be donated to a office) 4/22 Field Trip: 4th Gr. to St.
local charity. 3/24 Hearing and Vision Re- Augustine
Screening 4/23 Progress Reports Go Home
3/25 Tech Night at Bruster’s Ice 4/26 Kindergarten Round Up
Cream, 6:00-8:00 p.m. 4/27 Kindergarten Round Up
3/26 3rd Grade Checker Day 4/28 ABCS Lunch
4th Gr. Growing Up Video 4/29 Chick-Fil-A Night, 5-8 p.m.

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