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SMART Meeting Pro

Meetings run smoothly – from start to save

Whether you’re working with team members in the same room or across the globe,
SMART Meeting Pro software lets you collaborate with ease. SMART Meeting Pro
provides advanced whiteboarding and automated data conferencing capability in
meeting rooms with a computer and one or more interactive whiteboards or displays.
The software’s intuitive menu takes you through simple steps for whiteboarding,
conferencing and file access..

Digital notes made easy

SMART Meeting Pro gives you almost endless space for making digital notes. It’s
easy to add pages and navigate from page to page. You can launch program files
or a Web browser, annotate over any of these applications and capture them in
your meeting notes.

Cutting-edge conferencing
It’s simple to collaborate with colleagues around the world as if you were all in the
same room. Your conference is set up automatically – just walk into the meeting room
and begin. Distributed teams can work and make notes on documents simultaneously.

Multiple displays multiply collaboration

SMART Meeting Pro is ideal for rooms with multiple interactive whiteboards or
displays. Slide notes, documents and windows over multiple screens. Connect laptops
and interactive whiteboards or displays to view or work on several documents at once.

Save time by saving notes

When the meeting is done, you can view and sort all your pages of notes as
thumbnails. Save all of your work – documents, notes, annotations – to your
network, desktop or USB key, or e-mail them to your team. Your days of copying
notes from the whiteboard are over.

SMART Meeting Pro – a versatile, powerful solution for your collaboration needs.
Key features Technical requirements Collaboration requirements
• Simple but robust – Walk up and use it. SMART SMART Meeting Pro requirements Client
Meeting Pro also offers advanced capabilities. 1–2 interactive whiteboards or displays 800 MHz Pentium III processor • 512 MB of RAM
• Automated data conferencing – Regardless of 1 GHz Pentium ® 4 processor • 1 GB of RAM (2 • Broadband Internet connection
their location, participants see what you see GB recommended) • 110 MB of free hard disk
simultaneously on their laptops or interactive space • Windows ® XP SP2 or Windows Vista ® Server
displays operating system • DirectX® 9 Internet Explorer Supported operating systems – Windows
• Integration – Works with interactive displays in internet browser version 6.0 or later • TCP/IP • Windows 2000 operating system • Windows
a variety of meeting room configurations network connection of 10 Mbps or faster (100 XP operating system • Windows Server® 2003
• Multiple interactive whiteboard or display Mbps recommended) • For 2 displays: PCs with operating system • Windows Vista operating system
capability – SMART Meeting Pro is available in dual display built in on motherboard or dual
versions that cater to 1 display, 2 displays, up head add on video card • Video card(s) should A single-processor server with a 100 Mbit network
to 4 displays or up to 16 displays. You can slide support DirectX interface can support up to 250 concurrent
documents between screens and write notes users. To support more users, we recommend
on different displays simultaneously. Up to 4 interactive whiteboards adding multiple processor cores to the server
• Wirelessly connect multiple laptops or displays and allocating more network bandwidth. For
• Organize and sort notes using thumbnail views 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 processor, 2 GB of RAM • specific details, see KB112438. More than the
• Capture notes – When you make notes in 110 MB of free hard disk space • Windows XP SP2 recommended number of users may negatively
digital ink or annotate over another application, or Windows Vista operating system • DirectX 9 • affect performance.
your copy is automatically captured at the Internet Explorer internet browser version 6.0 or
touch of the screen later • TCP/IP network connection of 10 Mbps or In addition, each server must meet the following
• Available in 8 different languages – English, faster (100 Mbps recommended) • Recommended: minimum requirements:
Chinese (simplified or traditional), French, Quad head card (NVIDIA NVS 440 technology or ATI 1 GHz processor • 512 MB RAM • Windows
German, Spanish, Japanese, Norwegian or FireMV™ or ATI FireGL™), or two dual head add on 2000, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003
Portuguese. video cards • Video card(s) should support DirectX operating system • 100 Mbps network interface
• Save notes – When your meeting is over, you card that supports the TCP\IP protocol (1 Gbps
can automatically save all your pages to the Up to 16 interactive whiteboards NIC recommended)
network, desktop, USB key, or e-mail them to or displays
your team. Save them as a jpeg, PDF or SMART Visit for information.
Meeting Pro file.
• Access Internet and network files
• Whiteboarding – Write notes in digital ink
and annotate over any application. Includes
advanced whiteboarding functions like cut,
copy, paste, flip and rotate. Speciality functions
include Screen Shade, Spotlight, Magnifier,
pointer and handwriting conversion to type.

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