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Along with the 2015 Dream Convergence in New Orleans, an exhibition will coincide with the
Dream Caravan. The event will be an exploration of dreams and their intersections with a variety of
modalities including art, culture, and other healing practices. Alongside workshops, lectures, and
presenting vendors, artists working in a range of mediums are invited to show dream-inspired
artwork and to share their connection to the dreamworld (and all that might encompass). The
exhibition NightShift will present the theme of using dreams as inspiration. From diving into
personal motifs to representing a larger cultural ideology, the presented work will encourage
discussion about the meeting point of the inner and outer world, and display the limitless access
points that dreams can offer.
Details: The Dream Caravan and the NightShift exhibition will be held on November 8th, 2015
at the New Orleans Healing Center on Saint Claude Ave. From 11am-4pm, two indoor rooms and
an outside deck will showcase the artwork. Pieces can be displayed on the walls inside as well as
easels set up outside. Following the one-day event, artwork will be transferred to Libre Wellness in
New Orleans to be on display for three months.
Requirements: Artists inspired by dreams are invited to show one piece of visual artwork in
any medium. 2-D and 3-D work, such as drawings/paintings, jewelry, sculpture, photography, and
video are all encouraged. 2D work must be no more than 18 x 18. (Contact me if youre
interested in showing sound, video, or writing pieces.) As a first come first serve basis, artists
must RSVP to with possible medium and size by September 15,
Shipping Deadline: Artwork should be shipped to 2642 Banks St., New Orleans,
LA 70119 arrive by October 23, 2015. Shipping, including both ways, will be reimbursed up to
$25 total.
Include: By October 23, 2015, please include both a HARD copy attached to the mailed work
and an EMAIL to including:
- Title
- Medium
- Size
- Price
- Email Image (300 dpi .jpg)
- 200-500 word statement describing the creation of the piece, a dream-inspired artistic
practice, and/or the relationship of the work to dreams
-Preferred install instructions (All paper pieces should be left unframed. Paper pieces will
be displayed with nails and magnets. Depending on the range of work submitted,
placement of the artwork will be decided on the day of install to work best within the space.
If the piece is specifically fragile, needs a pedestal, or other ways of being presented,
please include instructions here.)
- Phone number
- Return address
Feel free to contact me with any questions. If youre interested in attending, doing live drawing at
the opening exhibition day, or selling/vending during the event, please email me at