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Removing Partiality

In this writing I am not speaking of removing partiality as to a persons judgement, though much
of this may be applied to it, I am rather speaking of the religious carnal intellectual mind that is
not subject to the Mind of God, neither indeed can it be, and how that it is because of this mind
being in the people that blocks them, even denies them the possibility of coming to Full
Counsel of God, they cannot arrive at the graduation, they will never obtain to the fullness of
the stature.
As we have spoken before, we have in essence tens of thousands of religious denominations or
groups, just in the Catholic/Protestant Faith that it is almost hard to believe. Then we have
thousands and maybe millions of sects of other religious faiths, from Hindu, to Islam, to so many
others, it is hard to fathom that man may have actually found any truth at all. Add them all up
together and what do you have? Partiality. Men not willing to be patient, to humble
themselves, to seek very Truth itself, and not what they want truth to be, causing a massive influx
of carnal intellectual definings that are mere illusions and lies, that propogate more lies, building
their faith and hope on the sinking sands of their own self. When one is in this state of mind they
will never ever, come to the knowledge of the fullness of the counsel of God. They may very
well obtain to some form of truth, a many a partial truths, however even that will only testify
against them, because they hold those truths in unrighteousness, unbelief, in the carnal mind,
changing the truth of God into a lie, by it simply being in the carnal intellect.
Why are there so many denominations and groups? Because there are so many carnal intellectual
men and women who have not hungered for Godss Truth, but their own truth, to fit and console
their own conscience so they may continue in life seemingly without condemnation. We find
politicians and people of power doing this in other realms of life shaping and forming Laws and
Contracts and Opinions to fit their own mindset of what they believe. See, they are lovers of self
and not of God. Remember, our Lord said, Many their be that go the way of destruction, but their
are Few that find the way to truth and life. He called His Chosen Few, a little flock. I am sure
their have been many over the eons of time who have sought truth, but only found partial truth,
for a number of reasons. The main one being they did not have the hunger and thirst for the
whole truth, they would never receive it in its fullness, so they received what they were able to
according to their own hearts and faith. Another reason is they lacked patience, to wait on God to
reveal His Truth, so they went out by intellectual desire that replaced heart felt faith and begin to
fill in the blanks, with carnal reasoning and going to other mens carnal religious books and
gave them prestige in their own minds as some type of authority, because of popularity, and thus
they just swapped vomit for vomit. So they end up, as all who came before them, Intellectual,
Religious, Carnal Minded men who have only Partial Truths, even causing what truths they
might have to be void and of none effect, simply because it is the dead letter of the law resting
in their carnal mind.
What hope does one have to find pure truth, whole and full and without partiality? Only in
Christ. No one that has not been born again will ever find whole truth. That would be a first step
in discovering whole truth, you must be born again. Then once this happens, you must slay every
thought that is unlike Christ, deny that carnal mind, hunger for truth, be led by the Spirit. Now to
be Led by the Spirit means hunger, with patience. Wait on the Lord, He is not slack, but when

He sees you have drawn close to Him, and dare to believe His Word, regardless of how it goes
against all common sense and sound judgment, then you are truly trusting in Him, and then He
will feed you to the full. He desires it of you, He longs to fill you up, to overflowing. He desires
to take you into His Secret Places and reveal to you the hidden deep dark things never known
before. Things a wayfaring fools would never stumble over. Things princes and Kings and men
of power have longed to know but was denied right to, because they did not approach the Great
God of Heaven according to His Word and His predetermined way.
So men remain as children, with only a very small partial truth in their minds and then go forth
sharing their illusions with their proselytes, making them twofold more a child of hell. God has
suffered to reveal some truths as a light of some degree to mankind so man might have hope to
find his way. However God also knew this partial knowledge would also be a witness against the
masses, for they take what knowledge He has given and they changed it to a lie and held it in
unrighteousness. How does one hold truth in unrighteousness? Well our faith which only comes
from the heart or spirit, is accounted as our righteousness, so we easily see faith is righteousness.
So we also see The Faith of Christ, is The Righteousness of Christ or God. So when one holds
a knowledge of truth in some measure in the carnal intellect and never turning it to faith in the
heart, then they hold Gods Word, His Truth in Unbelief, in Unrighteousness, because it is not of
faith, then it is sin and sin is unbelief. The religious church world as a whole has done this with
the Word of Truth, causing them to have a form of Godliness, but denying the Power thereof,
they also are Satan, the Carnal Mind, illuminated with the light of God by reflection, have
transformed themselves into Angels of Light, they have become Satan or Anti- Christ, sitting in
the Temple of God, showing Himself as God, deceiving and being deceived. Blind leading the
blind so they all fall in the ditch, or the Great Religious Whore who prostitutes herself with the
Merchants of the World for fame and prestige and popularity.
People perish from the lack of knowledge and that knowledge is of the truth. Not that people do
not know truth, for God has given to ever man a conscience, but that the Word of God is itself
crucified in the Carnal Golgothas of intellectual unbelief. They take the anointed alive inspired
Word of the living God, and kill it by crucifying it in the Place of the Skull. Again holding that
truth in unrighteousness, changing truth into a lie by unbelief. See, as long as it is in the carnal
mind, it is not subject to God or truth, neither indeed can it be, neither will it lead to truth, but
only more lying illusions. I remember back as a teenager, searching for God and truth, I came
across the article where this religious Christian scientist, spoke how Moses led the Children of
Israel across the Red Sea during a time when the water was low and at a certain place and how
they all crossed the Red Sea in basically knee deep water. See how foolish the man was and is.
How He dared to belittle the very God and act of God that He so claimed to believe in to such a
mockery. He was mocking the very thing He claimed to believe in. Of course God used another
man to show the formers ignorance by saying what a more incredible feat for God, that He could
drown the entire Egyptian Army in Knee Deep Water. Just like they religious intellectuals got
together and said Jesus on the Cross was not pierced in His Hands, but His wrist, as science tells
us His hands would not have held Him on the cross, see the ever so slight, but ever so
blindedness of the carnal mind? You never hear them even attempt to explain how He also
walked through solid walls, multiplied fish and bread, changed water to wine, rose from the
dead, told people their lives and hearts. See, just partiality. Ever learning but never able to come
to the knowledge of the truth as to a fullness of the stature or the Full Counsel of God.

Churches teaching the trinity, teaching baptism in the trinity titles, using vomit versions of the
books called the Bible. They have not come to the truth, they will never come to it, until they
return to true humility, true hunger, patience and Gods Truth and not their own truth to fit their
own lifestyles, to soothe their own conscience, because real truth they simply could never
conform to to begin with. Die, you must die, their cannot be one single thought of you to remain.
You must be utterly absolved in the Blood of Christ that has burned all you are to ash and cast
into the sea of non existence and forgetfulness to be remembered no more. You must change your
eternal identity from your first birth to be born again as Christ in the 2nd birth. You name must
be blotted out of the First Book of Life to be written down anew in the Lambs Book of Life. So
very much more could be said, and will be said in time, as much has already been said
concerning finding your identity in Christ and what that truly means. It is glorious! Keep striving
to enter in the Great Temple of The Almighty God to seek utter eternal truth, for many do and
will strive, but will not be able to enter in. Why? As we have said, that flaming cherub will not
allow any carnal fleshly intellectual religious element pass through the gate of Calvary, you must
be dead to self and to flesh and become a Quickening Spirit, then you may pass into the great
glory world and find all truth. There is a secret to how all of this can be and happens, but few can
ever grasp it. Yet it is right there in the Holy Scriptures testifying of the way, truth, and life, but
carnal reasoning blinds them to it. Roll that stone away, raise that Faith of Christ from the Dead.
There are some,a few, who have, can and will Obtain to such precious Faith, The Faith, and
will come to the Fullness of The Stature, to the Full Counsel of God. May God Bless You.
Bro Pat
Patrick Henry Nichols I
August 30 2015
Hilton Head Island
South Carolina, USA

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