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Federal Register / Vol. 72, No.

201 / Thursday, October 18, 2007 / Notices 59141

VII. Agency Contacts ACTION: Notice. October 1, 2007. The airport operator
For questions about this has requested that the FAA review this
SUMMARY: The Federal Aviation material and that the noise mitigation
announcement, contact: Branch for the Administration (FAA) announces that it
Study of the United States, ECA/A/E/ measures, to be implemented jointly by
is reviewing a proposed noise the airport and surrounding
USS, Room 314, U.S. Department of compatibility program update that was
State, SA–44, 301 4th Street, SW., communities, be approved as a noise
submitted for Baltimore/Washington compatibility program update under
Washington, DC 20547; tel. (202) 453– International Thurgood Marshall
8540; fax (202) 453–8533. For specific section 47504 of the Act. Preliminary
Airport under the provisions of 49 review of the submitted material
questions on the institutes on American U.S.C. 47504 et. seq (the Aviation Safety
Politics and Political Thought or indicates that it conforms to FAR Part
and Noise Abatement Act, hereinafter 150 requirements for the submittal of
Religious Pluralism in the United States, referred to as ‘‘the Act’’) and 14 CFR
please contact Brendan Walsh, noise compatibility programs, but that
part 150 by the Maryland Aviation further review will be necessary prior to For specific Administration. This program was
questions on the institute on Secondary approval or disapproval of the program.
submitted subsequent to a The formal review period, limited by
Educators, please contact Jennifer determination by FAA that associated
Phillips, For law to a maximum of 180 days, will be
noise exposure maps submitted under completed on or before March 28, 2008.
specific questions on the institute on 14 CFR part 150 for Baltimore/
U.S. Foreign Policy or Contemporary Washington International Thurgood The FAA’s detailed evaluation will be
American Literature, please contact Marshall Airport were in compliance conducted under the provisions of 14
Sanda Chao, All with applicable requirements, effective CFR part 150, section 150.33. The
correspondence with the Bureau April 3, 2006, Federal Register Doc. 06– primary considerations in the
concerning this RFGP should reference 3624. The proposed noise compatibility evaluation process are whether the
the title ‘‘Study of the U.S. Institutes’’ program update will be approved or proposed measures may reduce the level
and number ECA/A/E/USS–08–05. disapproved on or before March 28, of aviation safety or create an undue
Please read the complete Federal 2008. burden on interstate or foreign
Register announcement before sending commerce, and whether they are
DATES: Effective Date: The effective date reasonably consistent with obtaining the
inquiries or submitting proposals. Once
the RFGP deadline has passed, Bureau of the start of FAA’s review of the noise goal of reducing existing non-
staff may not discuss this competition compatibility program update is October compatible land uses and preventing the
with applicants until the proposal 1, 2007. The public comment period introduction of additional non-
review process has been completed. ends November 30, 2007. compatible land uses.
VIII. Other Information Interested persons are invited to
Jennifer Mendelsohn, Eastern Region,
comment on the proposed program with
Notice Washington Airports District Office,
specific reference to these factors. All
Federal Aviation Administration, 23723
The terms and conditions published comments relating to these factors, other
Air Freight Lane, Suite 210, Dulles,
in this RFGP are binding and may not than those properly addressed to local
Virginia 20166, Telephone: 703–661–
be modified by any Bureau land use authorities, will be considered
1362. Comments on the proposed noise
representative. Explanatory information by the FAA to the extent practicable.
compatibility program update should
provided by the Bureau that contradicts Copies of the noise exposure maps and
also be submitted to the above office.
published language will not be binding. the proposed noise compatibility
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This program update are available for
Issuance of the RFGP does not
notice announces that the FAA is examination at the following locations:
constitute an award commitment on the
reviewing a proposed noise
part of the Government. The Bureau Federal Aviation Administration,
compatibility program update for
reserves the right to reduce, revise, or Eastern Region—Airports Division, 1
Baltimore/Washington International
increase proposal budgets in accordance Aviation Plaza, Jamaica, New York
Thurgood Marshall Airport, which will
with the needs of the program and the 11434.
be approved or disapproved on or before
availability of funds. Awards made will
March 28, 2008. This notice also Federal Aviation Administration,
be subject to periodic reporting and
announces the availability of this Washington Airports District Office,
evaluation requirements per section VI.3
program for public review and 23723 Air Freight Lane, Suite 210,
comment. Dulles, Virginia 20166.
Dated: October 9, 2007. An airport operator who has
Maryland Aviation Administration,
C. Miller Crouch, submitted noise exposure maps that are
Division of Noise, Real Estate and
Acting Assistant Secretary for Educational found by FAA to be in compliance with
Land Use Compatibility, 991
and Cultural Affairs, Department of State. the requirements of Federal Aviation
Corporate Boulevard, Linthicum, MD
[FR Doc. E7–20594 Filed 10–17–07; 8:45 am] Regulations (FAR) Part 150,
BILLING CODE 4710–05–P promulgated pursuant to the Act, may
submit a noise compatibility program Questions may be directed to the
for FAA approval which sets forth the individual named above under the
measures the operator has taken or heading, FOR FURTHER INFORMATION
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION proposes to reduce existing non- CONTACT.
compatible uses and prevent the Issued in Dulles, Virginia, on October 1,
Federal Aviation Administration
mstockstill on PROD1PC66 with NOTICES

introduction of additional non- 2007.

Receipt of Noise Compatibility compatible uses.
The FAA has formally received the Terry J. Page,
Program and Request for Review Manager, Washington Airports District Office.
noise compatibility program update for
AGENCY:Federal Aviation Baltimore/Washington International [FR Doc. 07–5151 Filed 10–17–07; 8:45 am]
Administration, DOT. Thurgood Marshall Airport, effective on BILLING CODE 4910–13–M

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