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Training and Pruning

For Grape Vine in pot

For the first 3 months

Fertilize with tsp
urea and tsp npk
16:16:16 every week
and let it grow.

Install and arbor to

support the branches,
it can be 150 cm high
arbor with 60 cm - 45
cm 45 cm distance.

Let only one largest

and strongest branch
to grow, prune all
other smaller and
weaker branches.

Let it grow reach out

the upper plank to get
the strongest trunk.

Prune 1 node above

the first lower wire or
wooden plank.

For the second 3 months

Fertilize with 1 tbs
urea and 1 tbs npk
16:16:16 weekly.

Let 2 branches grow

from the upper 1 or 2
nodes. Let them
grow about 1 - 2
meters before we
prune it back into the
first 4 - 6 nodes.

Prune the two

branches, leave 4 to 6
nodes on each
branch. This is the
primary branches or
the cordon.

Let the branches grow from

the nodes. If some nodes grow
faster, we can pinch the tip of
the branch to slow down the
growth and let the nutrition go
to other branches.
This is to balance the growth.
This is called secondary
Let them grow to the upper
arbor and prune it back to one
node above second arbor so
we can tie them on the second

On the 7 month

Fertilize with 1 tbs

npk 16:16:16 + tbs
Tsp + tbs Kcl
Let the tertiary
branches grow from
the secondary
branches until their
bark turn from green
into brown wooden

After the 8 month


After the tertiary branches bark

changed from green into brown color,
we can step into the fruiting phase.
15 days before pruning, fertilize with
kg of manure.
10 days before pruning, fertilize with 1
tbs Tsp + 1 tbs Kcl.
5 days before pruning, fertilize with 2
tbs Npk 16:16:16, water it and then
stop watering it. Dont let any water or
rain goes into the pot, let the pot dry
1 day before pruning, in the evening,
water the pot again.
On day 0, water it in the morning
before pruning, prune it in the next 1-2
hour, prune all tertiary branches, leave
3-5 nodes in each secondary branch.

In the fruiting
From day 0 to day 14, you can spray foliar fertilizer
for flowering, such as 10-55-10 every 7 days.
The new tertiary branches will grow from the
secondary branches.
These new tertiary branches might have grape
flower clusters grow from the adjacent of the 3 rd
5th leave. If there is no flower, you can keep the
branch for the next fruiting branch.
If the flower comes out but then die, you must
prune the tertiary branch back to 1 or 2 nodes
because it wont produce flower again.
The flowers will start to bloom on the 22 nd 26th
14 days after all flowers bloomed, you can apply
weekly 1 tsb of npk 16:16:16 + foliar fertilizer such
as 6-30-30.
Depends on the grape variety, you can stop
fertilizing 30 days before harvest.
5 days before you pick the grapes, stop watering
the pot, and water it again as usual after picking the
Mark the nodes where the grape produced with red
plastic ribbon for the next fruiting pruning.

The next fruiting

The branches that have no flower will grow along
with the branches that have grape.
After the harvest, apply 30 grams of dolomite to
lower the soil acidity.
Let the branches continue to grow until the bark
change the color from green into brown.
Fertilize weekly as on the 7th month, we can not
increase the fertilizer too much because it is a
potted plant.
For the second fruiting, use again the after 8 th
month fertilizing and pruning rules.
In the second fruiting, prune the branches that
already produced grape that we marked with red
The tertiary branches that already produce
branches become the new secondary branches,
prune branches grow from this new secondary
branches. Leave the new secondary branches with
3 - 5 nodes.
Prune the weakest branch.
Prune the tertiary branch that havent produce
grape back to its secondary branches.
Have Fun!