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Hoa Sen Group was established on August 8th 2001 and Mr. Le Phuoc Vu
is chairman of the board of directors. Hoa Sen group produce steel sheet,
purlin, pipe and plastic pipe
Long termdirection
Vision: Become a leading economic group in building material field in
Vietnam and in the region with a sustainable development strategy that
focuses on traditional products such as coated steel sheet, steel, plastic
and is based on building and developing core competitive advantages:
vertically integrated value chain; distribution - retail network; strong,
friendly and community - oriented brand; unique governance system and
corporate culture as well as pioneering in technological innovation
investment in order to maximize added value for shareholders, employees
and society.

Mission: Provide products with international quality and reasonable prices

under the Hoa Sen brand in order to meet customers needs and contribute
to changing the countrys architectural landscape and developing the
In summary, it can be seen clearly that the vision of Hoa Sen group is very
specific because it provide a target in the future and the mission support
for vision of Hoa Sen to help them how to achieve vision through quality
and price of product. Moreover, Mission of HSG also specific because it
provide clearly purpose that demand customer and developing the
community and objective is quality product and suitable price for customer
Short-term direction
Goals of HSG is that produce 1 billion steel, earn 1 billion usd and net
profit after tax 1000 billion VN
Objective of HSG: In next two or three years HSG increase a number
retailer from 150 to 300 or 400 in all country and HSG also increase
number of steel to export a lot of country in the world. Moreover, in 2016 to
2018HSG will build new factory in Nam Can zone industrial in Nghe An
with ability producing steel pipe 100,000 tons / year; PPGI 150,000 tons /
year; Galvanized steel / aluminum alloy 400,000 tons / year, cold rolled
steel 400,000 tons / year to enough supply for domestic and foreign
In summary: Goals of HSG present about the number product and profit
and objective also provide how to help HSG achieve goals thourgt some
activities such as increase a number of sell and build some new factory to

increase profit. Thus, It can be seen clearly that Objective support goals
very closely to help HSG develop strongly.
the author obvious clearly that the short term support for long term
direction because the long term direction show the general objective of
HSG about increase a society and become leader economic group in
building material field in Vietnam and in the region and about short term
direction show the way to help HSG achieve long term direction by giving
some activities with deadline clearly including build new factory or provide
target quality of sell around two years.
in this task I would like to provide two problem of Hoa Sen group
including : decreasing price of steel and interest increase 20%.
HSG is famous and big company in steel market. Thus, they have a
large steel market, however, they also consider price to compete
with the other company as a result it is important problem with HSG
to maintain their company. Therefore, HSG apply the strategy clock
to create their strategy strongly. In detail, HSG have high market but
they also want to keep a lower price to deal with the other
competition so HSG in number 3 in strategy clock. For example, in
2010 to 2011, HSG meet problem about increasing interest rate,
namely, the interest rate increase 20% and exchange rate go up
10% so it effect a lot with production cost of HSG. Hence, The leader
of HSG will use short term capital to invest medium-term to control
the cost of production as a result HSG will maintain price with lower
price to compete with the other company.