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Advanced RBI software for optimising plant inspection

plant-wide risk audit enables
inspection resources to be riskfocused
optimum inspection intervals are
formally obtained based on an implicit
time dimension of risk
risk mitigation measures are signalled
and selected to meet inspection
frequency targets
highly user friendly decision support
tool in accordance with the new API
RP 580

Industry is recognising that benefits may be gained from adopting formal risk-based
inspection (RBI) approaches to plant integrity management through improved targeting and
scheduling of inspection and maintenance effort.

RISKWISE for Process Plant

assesses the likelihood and consequence of failure for fixed equipment and piping and
produces a relative risk ranking for plant equipment
is convenient to use and can be easily learned as the risk model allows qualitative as well
as quantitative input
includes a regular updated database with all relevant damage mechanisms, as well as
guidance on formulating the consequence of failure
allows the user to appraise or focus/defocus the likelihood and consequence attributes for
each component, eg the level of inspection and maintenance and thus mitigate the risk of
loss or optimise the current inspection programme
identifies the most likely damage locations in each component and allows inspection to be
properly targeted
determines the risk of failure with time which provides the rational basis for establishing the
optimum period between major inspections

Benefits in brief
improved safety
increased availability
reduced inspection costs and risk of failure
a true inspection/maintenance planning tool rather than only
a risk analysis tool

RISKWISE is a TWI software product

Key features
user-friendly software, fully
transparent ensures buy-in by
audit team approach
accommodates plant experience
interfaces with existing inspection
data management systems
time-based risk auditing module
equipment ranked by risk and
remaining life
inspection frequency based on
formal reliability rules remaining
life indicator (RLI) module
focus/defocus module facilitates
selection of optimum measure
fully auditable output acceptability
to insurers/regulators

Risk distribution of equipment within a plant

Implementation approach
RISKWISE can be applied to all types of
process plants including oil/gas production
facilities, oil refineries, gas plants,
petrochemical and chemical plants. The
following approach is normally adopted:
1. customise and populate software to
the specified plant
2. install the software
3. training in the implementation and
functionality of the software
4. back-up consultancy support as

Equipment requirement
PC (stand-alone or networked)
MS-Windows operating system
(NT 4.0, or higher)

Impact of mitigation on optimised risk distribution

and remaining life

Please contact or visit our website for up-to-date information on TWIs
complete suite of RISKWISETM products.

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