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Sobdonsmenee a shoe 4188 wy og Bee aa Fa oe F xB SS poe “ § 2 ee agistres T s220 ‘our -0.0 (GaP egietered vail WD iene GAPS Return Beco # (Saeneasnieiee COVER SHEET ‘To: Honorable Lawrence J. Hogan DBA/ MARYLAND GOVERNOR 1100 STATE CIRCLE ‘ANNAPOLIS, MD 21401 From: Ahanu Wah Bey Statutory Declaration(s) fo ELUAH ANTHONY KWABENA BOADU BORDEN; KENDALL NANA YAA FOSUA BORDE (CHANDLER NANA AKUA SEPA BORDEN; AMIR ELLIOT KWADWO BORDEN Greetings, Tam sending you this egistered mail to inform you that am claiming my childrens indigenous standing {in accord with International law, UN Chatter, International Decade for People of AMfican Descent and LUNDRIP. am sending original copies ofthe Statutory Declaration(s) on behalf of my Son ELUAH ANTHONY KWABENA BOADU BORDEN now known as Btu Kitchi Bey, my Daughter KENDALL NANA YAA FOUSA BORDEN, now known as Moema Nuttah Bey, my Daughter CHANDLER NANA, AKUA SEPA BORDEN, now known as Nayeli Naa Bey and my Son AMIR ELLIOT KWADWO BORDEN now known as Nuka Nootua Bey . Also attached to esch Statutory Declaration are copies of HER. 194 and Pope Francis’s apology for Catholic crimes against indigenous peoples during the colonization ofthe Americas. Please es: The Holy See/The Vatican, Pope Francs I, Elizabeth I and US. President Barack Obama.if ‘you have any questions please feel fee to contact me ‘NOTICE TO AGENT IS NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL, NOTICE TO PRINCIPAL IS NOTICE TO AGENT. hun Wajih Bey” Prepared by Ahanu Wajth Bey Mafinanciali30@malLcom Pope Francis apologises for Catholic crimes against indigenous peoples during the colonis... Page 1 of 2 INDEPENDENT Pope Francis apologises for Catholic crimes against indigenous peoples during the colonisation of the Americas ‘Grave sins were committed against the native peoples of America in the name of God’ Zachary Davies Boren Friday, 10 July 2015 ‘On his first papal visit to his native Latin America, Pope Francis Issued an historic apology to the native peoples of the Americas for sins committed by the Catholic Church during the conquest of the continents, ‘At a social justice summit in Bolivia, at which many indigenous groups and the country's first-ever indigenous president Evo Morales were in attendance, the first-ever Latin ‘American pope “humbly” asked for forgiveness. In his speech, Francis sald that many Latin American Catholic leaders have previously ‘addressed the “grave sins committed against the native peoples of America in the name of God", He also recalled that, during a visit to the Dominican Republic In 1992, Pope John Paul II had apologised for the "pain and suffering" over the hundreds of years since the Church arrived at American shores. ‘But Francis went further. le said: "I humbly ask forgiveness, not only for the offences of the church herself, but also for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America." Going off-script, he continued: "I also want for us to remember the thousands and thousands of priests who strongly opposed the logic of the sword with the power of the cross. There was sin, and it was plentiful. hitp:// 7/26/2015 Pope Francis apologises for Catholic crimes against indigenous peoples during the colons... Page 2 of 2 "But we never apologised, so I now ask for forgiveness. But where there was sin, and there was plenty of sin, there was also an abundant grace increased by the men who defended Indigenous peop." ‘The Indigenous groups burst into applause following his comments, with one leader, Adolfo CChavez, saying: "We accept the apologies. What more can we expect from a man lke: Pope Francs “tes time to turn the page and pitch in to start anew, We Indigenous were never lesser beings.” ‘Sixilion lack to see Pope in Philippines ‘The speech was made at a particularly sensitive moment for Church relations with Native Americans, with Francs’ controversial plans to canonise the 18th Spanish priest Junipero Serra, wh set up missions across California, ‘Where Native American activists daim the priest brutally converted indigenous people to Catholicism, the Vatican says he actually defended them against violent colonists. ‘The affectionate response Francis received was in stark contrast to the furore his predecessor Benedict XVI sparked when he visited the continent in 2007. He sald the Inaigenous people of Latin America had been "slenty langing" to become Christians before ‘ey were forcefully converted and displaced, Mexican Bishop Raul Vera, who said the church was passive in the enslavement of the Continent by the Spanish, said Francs’ apology was especially moving given the setting ang reumstances, (MORE POPE: ope receives unusual. ait from Bolivian President Evolution and Bia Bana theory are eal, says Pope ‘Sawecome things Pope Francis didin 2014 1 was the longest and most significant speech of Francis’ week-long South American pilgrimage. In Keeping with his values, Francis hit out against an unjust global economic System and called for a "iting distribution” of the Earth's resources. Following his climate change encyclical last month, the Pope criticised the "cowardice" ofthe World's governments for fing to protect to Earth, saying that while Its being pillaged, laid waste and harmed with impunity [..] one International summit after another takes place without any significant result." ‘Additional reporting by Assoclated Press bnttp:/<... 7/26/2015 "inaawo Hy RES, 194 _Apologsing forthe enlaveront and rail segregion of Altea Amerienns, IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ‘PamwoaRe 27, 2007 ‘My ComEN (or himaulf, Me- JONSON of Georgia, Me, JLACKDOSLES of ‘Tosa, Mr. BRAGY of Penonania, Me, Waxes, KUAMECK, Me Woatary, air Dagon, Lem, , Moran, Ms. Somaxowe, Mrs. MALONEY of Now Yar, Mr. Coxvias, Mr. Moka of Virgins, Mi CCAPUANO, Mr. Rave, Mr, Pat, Mr. JBUPERSOS, Mr, EIJAG0%, He AL, GREEN of Tesas, Sir. BUTTERPIEED, Ms, WAtsos, Br HINCHEY, Mr. Constr, Ms, Canaox, Mi, Tekan, Me. Acenmoeas, Yr. Davis of AlWbama, Mev RWIS of Georgia, Mr. AweowoMte, di. Hane, Me Kewnupy, Mi, Batzwes, Mrs Hopes, Mrs, Ar. HONDA, end Mr. Kvonsce) submited the follwing resduton, which was refered to {he Commitce on te Jatiary RESOLUTION Apologizing for the enslavement, and racial segregation of African-American ‘Whereas millions of Africans and their deseendants were enslaved in the United States and the 13 American eolo- nies from 1619 through 1865; ‘Whereas slavery in Amoriea resembled no other form of invel- ‘untary servitnde known in history, as Africans were eap- tured and sold at auction like inanimate objects or ani mals; 2 ‘Whereas Africans foreed into slavery were brutalized, hnmmii- fated, ehumanized, and subjected to the indignity of being stripped of their names and heritage; ‘Whereas enslaved families were tom apart after having been sold separately from one another; ‘Whereas the system of slavery and the visceral racism against persons of African descent upon which it depended be- ‘eame entrenched in the Nation’s soeial fabric; ‘Whereas slavery was not oficially abolished until the passage of the 13th Amendment to the United States Constita- tion in 1865 after the end of the Civil War, which was fought over the slavery issue; ‘Whereas after emancipation from 246 years of slavery, Afri- ‘an-Americans soon saw the flocting political, socal, amd economic gains they made during Reconstruction evis- ‘erated by virulent racism, Iynchings, disenfranchisoment, Black Codes, and racial segregation laws that imposed a rigid system of officially sanctioned racial segregation in ‘virtually all ureas of lite; ‘Whereas the system of de jure racial segregation known as “Jim Crow,” which arose in certain parts of the Nation following the Civil War to ereate separate and unequal societies for whites and African-Americans, was a direct result of the racism against persons of African descent, engendered by slaverys ‘Whereas the system of Jim Crow laws offically existod into tho 1960's—a century after the official end of slavery in America—until Congress took action to end it, but the ‘vestiges of Jim Crow continue to this day; ‘Whereas Afvican-Amerieans continue to suffer trom the enn- sequences of slavery and Jim Crow—long alter both sys- 3 tems were formally abolished—throagh enormous damage and loss, both tangible and intangible, including the loss of human dignity and liberty, the frustration of careers and professional lives, and the long-term loss of ineome sand opportamity; Whereas the story of the enslavement and de jure segregation of African-Amerieans and the dehumanizing atrocities ‘committed against them should not be purged from or ‘minimized in the telling of American history; ‘Whereas on July 8, 2008, during a trip to Goree Island, Sen- ‘egal, a former slave port, President George W. Bush ac- Inowledged slavery’s continuing legacy in American life and the need to confront that legacy when he stated that slavery “was . . . one of the greatest erimes of history The racial bigotry fod by slavery aid not end with slavery or with segregation. And many of the issues that still trouble Ameriea have roots in the bitter experience of other times. But however long the journey, our destiny is set: liberty and justice forall”, Whereas President Bill Clinton also acknowledged the doop- seated problems caused by the continuing legacy of race sm aginst African-Americans that began with slavery ‘when he initiated a national dialogue ubont race; ‘Whereas a genuine apology is an important and necessary first step in the process of racial reconciliation; Whereas an apology for centuries of brutal dehumanization ‘and injustices earot erase the past, but eonfession of the wrongs committed ean speed racial healing and ree- onciliation and help Americans eontront the ghosts of their past; 4 ‘Whereas the legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia has ‘Whereas it is important for this country, whi nized slavery through its Constitution and its laws, t0 ‘make a formal apology for slavery and for its suecessor, Fim Crow, so that it eam move forward and sede ree oneiliation, justice, and harmony for all of its citizens: (ow, thavetore, be it recently taken the lead in adopting a resolution officially ‘expressing appropriate remorse for slavery and other State legislatures are considering similar resolutions; and legally recog Resolved, That the House of Representatives— (1) acknowledges the fundamental injustice, ematy, brutality, and inhumanity of slavery and Fim Crow; (2) apologizes to African-Amerieans on behalf of the people of the United States, for the wrongs ‘committed against them and their ancestors who suffered under slavery and Jim Crow; and (3) expresses its commitment to reetify the Tin- ering consequences of the misdeeds committed against African-Americans undor slavery and Jim Crow and to stop the oesurrence of human rights ‘violations in the future. ° STATUTORY DECLARATION In the matter of Amendment to Vital Statistics Registration #2013-00-06693. 1, Ahanu Wajih Bey, (formerly known as: ric Anthony Borden) on Behalf of my daughter, Chandler Nana Alcua Sepa Borden, Now Known as: Nayeli Naira Bey of 8322 Finchleigh Street Laurel, Maryland [20724] do solemnly declare in accord with: the 1931 Statute of Westminster (hitp://, Regina v.Jah (hitp:// - Coronation of Elizabeth Il, who has no sovereignty and no authority due to violating her oath on June 2, 1953); 1778 Articles ‘of Confederation and Perpetual Unicn — Art. X1, 1812 Treaty of Ghent; 1836 Treaty of Marrakesh (Morocco) all recognized and valid treaties, constitation for the united states of America, the 1948 Charter ofthe United Nations {he1975 Inter-American Declaration onthe right of Indigenous peoples and the United Nations 2™ Decade of the World's Indigenous People, that upon discovering thatthe registration of live birth on Febroary 6, 2013, in the STATE OF MARYLAND / Maryland REPUBLIC, was a contract between Mother and STATE OF MARYLAND Corporation)’ Maryland Republie who did not tell her that she was selling my daughter, a flesh and blood ehild, to STATE OF MARYLAND (Corporation) as their Chattel Property/Slave/Issue, which is violation of Human Rights. I as the Father ‘of Nayeli Naira Bey, hereby void the contract ab initia for fraud. My Daughter isa Flesh And Blood Indigenous / ‘Autochthonous / Fomale a living soul, of Algoquin/ Piscataway Conoy Descent, in accord withthe United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenots Peoples, HIR-194: hiips://wnww govtrack.s/eangress/bills/1O/hres194/text, - US Congress apology to Aftican Americans for Slavery, 5.Con.Res26-hup: www. govirack-us/congress/bills/1} I/sconres26vtext ~ US Senate apology to Aftican ‘Americans for Slavery, u.s. Apology to Native Americans (See 8113 HLR.3326 Department of Defense Appropriations ‘Act hitpsi/www govtrack us/congress/bills/L11/3326/text, Regina V. Jah hitp:// (Case Reference Namber:120107746). On May 14, 2011 at SouthWark Crown Court (i English Ground in SouthWatk, London, England) Defendant: John Anthony Hill in the United Kingdom proved before an English jury that Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor-Mount Batten Batenburg was not the rightful monarch and never was: Tie point of argument was that Elizabeth knew both then and now that she was crowned on a fake coronation stone instead of the real Stone of Destiny / Coronation Stone, which meant not enly was she never properly crowned, but she was also knowingly and fraudulently conning the publi as this is why she did not want her coronation televised. I declared as of July, 302015, CHANDLER NANA AKUA SEPA BORDEN on the registration of live Birth Is a corporation and Chandler Nana Akua Sepa Borden, now known as Nayeli Naira Bey, s an Indigenous Flesh and Blood Female. My Daughter is not a corporation, artificial person, natural person oF fictitious erty or vessel of the United States defined under Title 18 USC § 9 and I give notice Internationally, Domestically, Universally and otherwise via this Declaration that T deny corporate existence. Under reservation of All My rights Unalienable, Inalienable and otherwise, I declare that She 1S: Indigenous / Autochthon ofthis Planet and I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing itto be true, and knowing that iti ofthe same force and effect as if made under oath, Surat ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples htip:/iwww.umn.ore/esa/socdev/unpfii/documents/DRIPS_en.pdf UN Convention on Economic, Social & Cultural Rights, United Nations Charter Articles 55 & 56, Presidential Proclamation 7500, HUR 194, S. ConRes 26, HIR-3, ‘Affirmed to and subscribed before me this_R2™ day of July 2015. By: Ge Atty: Lancbe Fortthandlea. Nana Akos Sem. Gorden ‘Affiant O.G.A‘11-1-308 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED indigenous Child ©.€.G.A" 111-308 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED __ Personally Known +-“Produced Identification ‘Type and ID. BLE B3f- ob 7 : L A) LvEvET ONT OMY Public Zp, c30¢D &