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Fajar Rahmawan Aplicant Motivation Letter

My name is Fajar Rahmawan, i get the information about the Double Degree Scholarship
vacancy for Remote Sensing course from Udayana University Indonesia collaborated with
Yamaguchi University Japan. Im very interested to follow the the scholarship selection process
from Ministry of Education Indonesia to continue my study in Japan. Japan is the one of the most
country with good reputation in technology development and facilities about Remote Sensing
research in the world and Udayana University have a competent scitentist in remote sensing and
have good condition for research and continue study.
I want to get the scholarship, with my work experience in fieldwork natural resources maping at
local, regional, national and global level used methods from the scientists who developed and
with my opinion. I have skill to using and manage data from some remote sensing software
People in Japan, espescially the young people always creating new trend and make people of the
world to smitten with it, included developing satellite observation orbited.
Udayana University is the one of the biggest university in Indonesia located in Bali island and
have good access in information technology and communication such as internet access, online
class learnening by video teleconference, etc.
Yamaguchi University have a ambition to trained and develop in multiple science, for example to
created the structure with high quality and streght international collaborative by universal
research in all of basic and applied science and to developing professional relationship between
industry and university too with programs basic by local community.
Yamaguchi University make researchs too included give mindset about human, people and earth
with deepening of academic education in special field and collaborative research between all of
multiple science.
Two years work experience in conservation with YALI Papua (Papua Environmental Foundation,
is the local NGO in Papua) with support funding by RFN (Rainforest Foundation Norway) who
used remote sensing technology to be a data source to mapping local peoples potential natural
resources from highland to lowwerland. If I be allow the process of this scholarship selection, I
want to choose my thesis research theme about mapping biodiversity in Papua (including land,
water, sea) using Remote Sensing Technology located in 5 districts as Mamberamo Raya,
Mimika, Waropen, Biak Numfor, and Raja Ampat. Understand potential about mangrove, coral,
seagras and other biodiversity from local peoples and find the relationship with Spatial Plan at
regional, national and global level to understand the consequence as deforestation and natural
resources degradation in Papua and analysis impact from development by periodic time from 5,
10, 15, and 20 years with multiple parameter and limiting factor.