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Power Motor Rewinding Shop is engaged in repairing and rewinding motors with a unique
capabilities and quality of the motor at reasonable price. It is founded on the idea that living in industrial
modern world will use machine and motor as part of daily living. This will sustain competitive advantage
as well as trend in an intense competition in the market.

Power Motor Rewinding Shop is a business enterprise which provides a place with good service
to meet the demands and satisfy the life of Filipino people.

The Power Motor Rewinding Shop will be built at the Antipolo del Norte, Lipa City in front of
Batangas Electric Cooperative Inc. The Power Motor Rewinding Shop will be established to maintain
harmonious relationship with suppliers, customers, and competitors. The company wants to acquire and
utilize facilities by providing a comfortable place and good service. It is establish to promote a reputable
company image through various marketing techniques and effective public relations.

The nature of industry of the shop is Motor Rewinding. The industry is good in terms of business.
The demand is high to establish a motor rewinding shop.

The shop will hire two friendly and approachable staff with a salary of P 8,000.00 monthly each.
They are skilled in rewinding motors.


The market is along the national road. The market has as wide parking area for the customers.
The market is at the front of Batangas Electric Cooperative Inc. and near at the Our Lady of Mount
Carmel Cathedral.

The only method of transportation to go to the market is Land transportation. The common land
transportation is by riding on tricycle and riding in passenger jeepney.

The distribution of the product is usually after one day of delivering the damage motor in the
shop. The consumption for part ten years of the service offered is defends upon the request and needs of
the consumer. The higher the demand the higher the service offered.
The major consumers of the products are from the City of Lipa and near town in the location area.
Some businessman is encouraged to buy the products to enhance the quality of their machine by the help
of motor rewinding shop.

The projected consumption for the next five years will increase because of being industrialized of
our country. Many businessmen will establish business. They need our shop to enhance the quality of
their service to the consumer.

The supply for the past ten years is from the Olympus Hardware. Their product is magnetic wire
that is use in rewinding of motors. The price of the magnetic wise is P 750 per kilo. This kind of magnetic
wire is use in one horse power motors and other types of motors.

The factors affecting trends in part and future supply is the demand that needed to do a service. It
is base on the consumer needs.

The selling price of a rewind motor is about P 2,000.00.

The effectiveness of the rewind motor will be determined on the quality of service offered by the
motor to the consumer. There is no competition in the market area.

The Power Motor Rewinding Shop is only in the market area. The shop offers repair and
rewinding of motors.

The shop rate of service is one per day. The price of magnetic wire use is P 1120.00 per one
horse power motor. The actual price per one horse power motor is P 2,000.00.

The power motor rewinding shop has post advertisements ads to attract customers to have their
good quality of service offered.

The expected annual amount of earned is P 112,992.

P 10,700/Month (Monthly Sales)

Taxes Paid by the company is P 15,408.

In local government of Lipa City, the tax paid for the business permit is worth P 5,000.00 per year.

The rewinding of motors is the main service offered by the Power Motor Rewinding Shop. The
quality of service is best because the employees are skilled in terms of rewinding motors. The shop offers
repair and rewinding of motors of any appliances and equipments.

The quality of service is enough to please the customers.

The shop offers technical assistance to the consumer by determining the true problem of their
motors. The quantity of the units of motors that will be rewind is one per day. It is because the process of
rewinding is manually procedure.

The common used tools in rewinding are pliers, multi testers, and soldering iron. Plant Location
The location is good because it is near in the city of Lipa. The city of Lipa has many establishments that
need motors. They can easily deliver their damage motor in our shop.

The shop is open at eight am in the morning and close at five in the afternoon.


This type of building is one story building. The dimension of the plant is twenty meters by thirty
meters. It is compose of one floor enough for the parking area and rewinding shop.

The shop keeps its place neat and clean for the convenience of the employee and customers.

The only material needed in rewinding motors is magnetic wire. It is available in any electrical
hardware in Lipa City. The source of this material is exclusively in Olympus Hardware. The cost of their
magnetic wire is better than other electrical hardware.

The main source of electricity is from Batangas Electric Cooperative Inc.

The water supply of the shop is subscribed in Nawasa. The supply of water is good.

The electric bill and water bill is cost P 1,000.00 per month.

The shop maintains the cleanliness and neatness of the surroundings.

They separate the garbage in bio-degradable and non bio-degradable.

The city proper has collectors of garbage every morning of Saturday and Wednesday.