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The result of the mini survey is as follows:

Female +4
Urban Residence over 2 000 000 -2
Job with regular heavy labor +3
Live with spouse/friend +5
Easygoing a follower +3
Happy +1
Immediate family under 50 has cancer, heart disease, diabetes -4
10 to 29 pounds overweight -2
30 to 39 years old +2

The candidate for this survey is my mother, Ma. Monina B. Gonzaga. She is a
39 year-old female and she lives in the city of Manila. She is a full-time housewife
and her daily routine involves cooking, grocery shopping, cleaning the whole
house, tending the plants, and picking up the kids from school. She lives with my
father, my brothers, and my sister. Some of her immediate family has had heart
disease and diabetes. Upon the interview, she says that she is living a satisfying
and happy life.
The computation of the life expectancy is:
72 + 4 + (-2) + 3 + 5 + 3 + 1 + (-4) + (-2) + 2 = 82 years old

2. Factors affecting life expectancy

It must be noted that there are several factors that determine a persons
life expectancy aside from her/his current age. Some of these factors are lifestyle
and health, natural habitat, and work environment.
Lifestyle and Health
Lifestyle or a typical way of life could affect an individual's health and life
expectancy. An imbalanced diet or bad eating habits might cause a person to
develop chronic diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension. Obesity also causes
an individual to experience health problems and could lead to diseases and risky
conditions including high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.
Natural Habitat
An individual's natural habitat, the house or apartment where the person
lives, also can affect an individual's health. People who live close to
manufacturing facilities or industrial settings are more likely to be exposed to
chemicals and other hazardous substances. People living in the city are more
prone to health issues caused by the pollution.
Work Environment
Occupational pollution can affect an individual's health. For example,
workers could suffer from the extreme noise that production equipment
generates or harsh chemicals used in cleaning processes. There are work
environments where employees are sitting down most of their time and sitting for
prolonged periods of time endanger their health.
3. Based on the results of the mini survey, I do not have any doubts on the life
expectancy predicted by Wallen Chinsky and Wallaces list because it covers the
major factors which affect life expectancy namely, lifestyle, natural and workplace
environment. How long your parents lived does not necessarily affect how long
you will live. Instead it is how you live your life that determines how old you will
get, which is mostly down to how you live each day of your life and all the choices
that you will make.