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ServiceNow, A Force to be Reckoned with in the ITSM Market

ServiceNow: The David in a Goliath-Filled Market

Embracing the new service management landscape

ServiceNow is the next Salesforce


ServiceNow improves operational problem-solving capabilities




Enterprise IT has been a hotbed for innovation in the past several
years, especially as more organizations begin to launch novel
technology-based strategies. Cloud computing, mobility and big data
have likely been the biggest topics of discussion, while these services,
solutions and trends have been driven by managed service providers.
One of the most important trends in this space has been
increased reliance on technology among a variety of organizational
departments. In fact, the needs of each arm of a business, including
human resources, facilities and project management are beginning
to converge.

New technology
certainly comes with a
variety of benefits, but
has also put massive
strain on the average
IT department.

New technology certainly comes with a variety of benefits, but

has also put massive strain on the average IT department. When
considering the speed with which novel technologies have emerged
in the past few years, businesses and other organizations have had
a relentless up-hill battle to deploy the most advanced tools possible
without hemorrhaging their budgets or managerial frameworks.
This is why on-demand IT service management that is capable
of meeting the demands of a variety parties in each company has
become so popular. The cloud has been at the center of many
deployments, and represents one of the most effective drivers of
efficiency, productivity and optimization, both inside and out of
the IT department.
ServiceNow has burst on to the scene, having a profoundly positive
impact on adopters. ServiceNow automates enterprise IT operations,
bringing all functions into one arena and meeting the demands of
Help Desk and Service Management processes.


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Aptris leverages ServiceNow to optimize our clienteles IT operations,

managing the implementation, integration, long-term maintenance
and general support responsibilities so businesses can focus on what
counts: their internal operations and achieving objectives on time.
The following eBook will shed light on the various pressure-points
that organizations commonly have to overcome in the modern
market, as well as how ServiceNow assists in the process of
surpassing obstacles. With this investigation of specific trends
in IT, human resources, facilities, project, platform and service
management, viewed through the lens of real-life corporate
experiences, you will receive a clearer understanding of what
needs to be accomplished and how to do so.

Michael Antonelli, President of Aptris

ServiceNow, A Force to be
Reckoned with in the ITSM Market
Market saturation is
becoming one of the
biggest challenges for
IT service providers.

As many cloud computing and software developers have learned

in the past several years, market saturation is becoming one of the
biggest challenges for IT service providers. However, certain firms
are finding ways to completely transform their approach to ITSM
process improvement in such a way that helps to separate from the
countless other competitors in their industries.
ServiceNow is one of the hottest products on the market today, and
has been labeled as a disruptive force in the cloud computing arena
because of its unprecedented, positive impact on adopters.

High hopes for the future

Forbes contributor John Furrier recently likened ServiceNow to
other major software solutions including Salesforce, asserting that
it is a powerhouse in the field of IT service automation. Automated
software has helped organizations in a variety of industries overcome
countless challenges with respect to efficiency, profitability and
modern IT service management.


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According to the author, ServiceNow is among the fastest growing

companies in the IT sector, while its chief executive officer, Frank
Slootman, believes his firm is an exciting one to watch within the
software game. There are countless reasons behind the success
of this software, but Furrier pointed out that its flat platform truly
separates it from competitors.

ServiceNow has a platform that is flat, meaning all

application modules access the same data model which
breaks down silos within IT, he stated.
Additionally, the author noted that the company has superior
management from top to bottom, which has led to impeccable
brand recognition and loyalty among existing clients.
The ITSM arena is still somewhat new and is often labeled as a
slow-growth industry, while an estimated 20 firms are currently
competing for market share. Furrier stated that ServiceNow is
already taking up 10 to 12 percent of the ITSM market, and is
poised to continue its rapid rise to stardom in the sector.

Disruption as a positive
Investors Business Daily argued that ServiceNow is a disruptive
company in the ITSM market, which likely angers competitors
but certainly thrills adopters because of its superior features and
capabilities. The source expertly described why the firm is having
such success in an otherwise difficult arena to conquer.

ServiceNows software automates IT processes, aiming to

improve service relationships between vendors and customers
and helping companies get a better handle on the increasing
requests they are getting from many departments and
employees using many different types of devices,
author Michael Krey explained.
Cloud computing on the whole has long been labeled as
transformative and disruptive, and organizations that have been
proactive in their deployments of the technology are already starting
to see the distinct competitive advantage of this approach to IT


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management. Back in October, Michael Lee, writing for ZDNet,

explained that cost reductions are not the only advantages of
adopting cloud computing, and that the benefits are more vast
than initially perceived.
ServiceNow can bolster operational efficiencies, technological
capabilities and general success for myriad firms, as it is largely
ahead of the curve in the ITSM market. Although this product
is highly intuitive, organizations often enjoy the most beneficial
outcomes when they pair with a service provider such as Aptris.
Aptris leverages ServiceNow and other award-winning tools, then
takes care of the implementation and management processes to
streamline the strategy and provide end-users with the best
possible experiences.

ServiceNow: The David

in a Goliath-Filled Market
One of the most
difficult aspects of
spend management
in todays economy
is the control of IT

Regardless of which industry an organization might operate

and compete within, one of the most difficult aspects of spend
management in todays economy is the control of IT expenditures.
Planned obsolescence has long been a major threat to corporate
financial performances, as technology equipment and services
have not lasted long before becoming antiquated by even better
and more advanced options.
However, cloud computing has already started to oppose this
long-standing trend with the promise of increased flexibility, cost
efficiency and offset investment expenditures that would normally
go to keeping the IT framework modern. Even this market has been
highly competitive and largely shaped by massive companies. Now,
though, ServiceNow is showing the ITSM SaaS market what a leaner,
smaller competitor can do for corporate and public sector entities.


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ServiceNow raises the bar

Reports continue to flood in regarding the massive success of
ServiceNow, which is a cloud-based product that is consistently
sending some of the most respected IT firms back to the drawing
board. Investors Business Daily recently stated that ServiceNows
success has not been because of marketing, brand management
or public relations prowess, but instead because of the exceptional
results and value it delivers to adopters.

ServiceNow is broadening its sales of both custom and

packaged applications beyond ITSM into the enterprise and
growing average contract size, Raymond James analyst
Michael Turits explained, according to the news provider.
We remain bullish on ServiceNows ability to displace onpremise ITSM vendors, expand penetration of both ITSM
and new packaged operations management applications
within customers and drive usage of its business work-flow
development platform.
An important note that was cited in DailyFinance and The Motley
Fool articles about ServiceNows massive market growth and
skyrocketing valuations is that the firm is not done expanding its
capabilities. ServiceNow has announced plans to strengthen its
IT service automation for a variety of specific operational
departments, including human resources.

Make it count
Although many cloud computing products, especially ServiceNow,
are far easier to use and manage than traditional IT investments,
most organizations enjoy the highest level of benefits when pairing
with a managed service provider such as Aptris. This firm helps
clients implement ServiceNow and other solutions, while also
conducting reporting and analysis activities to ensure the most
optimal overall use of the tools in the long term.


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When it comes to optimal IT service management, workflow

automation and business alignment, few providers can compete
with the prowess of Aptris.

Embracing the new service

management landscape
The evolving technological landscape in and outside of the business
world has introduced new challenges to IT asset management teams
that are responsible for ensuring all employees, decision-makers and
customers have access to necessary resources. Unfortunately, the
diverse needs of the workforce have made maintaining a consistent
set of various solutions all but impossible. This has inevitably led
to a shift in procurement strategies, encouraging organizations to
embrace self-service models.

Today, businesses
are beginning to
recognize the benefits
of cloud-based service
management platforms.

Today, businesses are beginning to recognize the benefits of cloudbased service management platforms, such as those provided
by ServiceNow, which cater to the various needs of multiple
departments simultaneously. By leveraging advanced Software-as-aService-based (SaaS) solutions, organizations can achieve optimal
efficiency and remain competitive in their respective industries.

The cloud difference

The cloud, unlike traditional technologies, allows department heads
from various teams, including those relating to human resources,
customer support and even facilities management, to implement
the tools and services they need to maintain operations, even when
those assets are not necessarily related to IT.

Departments outside the realm of IT need to be efficient

in order for the entire business ecosystem to function as
efficiently as possible, said John Manna, vice president of
sales at Aptris. By adopting ServiceNow in the workplace,
executives can eliminate redundancy, augment operations and
keep employees focused on innovation at their own pace.


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While the evolution of the IT landscape has initiated these changes,

decision-makers are encouraging new departments to consider
embracing their own on-demand service management strategies to
keep employees throughout the workplace as productive as possible,
without being impaired because they have to wait for IT teams to
procure the necessary tools.

Maximize SaaS benefits

By embracing the self-service capabilities offered through
ServiceNow, companies of all sizes and industries can eliminate
the need to carry out repetitive tasks that dont add any value to the
grand scheme of things. This will allow organizations to be more
efficient on a fundamental level, introducing new opportunities and
competitive advantages.

Aptris is a leader in
ServiceNow training,
and can guide adopters
through deployment
and management

Aptris is a leader in ServiceNow training, and can guide adopters

through deployment and management processes. ServiceNow
training programs educate various teams how to naturally find,
procure and adopt the next-generation solutions employees
need to work more efficiently without putting unnecessary strain
on the IT department. By partnering with Aptris for these
deployments, firms can get the most optimal and profitable
experience through ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is the next Salesforce

Outsourcing IT platform and service management responsibilities
has not always been the most common approach among businesses,
but has become increasingly necessary in the past several
years. Modern organizations largely rely on real-time, optimal and
consistent IT service delivery, and this can be difficult even for an
experienced staff of technology workers.
Partnering with a highly successful service provider is one of the best
ways for companies to prove that they understand what customers
need. Long-term collaborations with ServiceNow, for example,


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demonstrate that vendors recognize the fact that enterprises around

the world require sophisticated cloud solutions if they want to keep
costs down, improve efficiency and, above all, stay competitive.

Reasons for growth

Business Insider recently revealed that ServiceNow is approximately
priced at $45 per share, putting the company at a valuation of
upwards of $6 billion. As a major ServiceNow training provider,
Aptris said this is just another reason why organizations should look
to them when implementing new strategies to augment IT service
delivery and performance.

ServiceNow is quickly becoming one of the top cloud service

providers, as its solutions can automate help desk functions
without costing too much out of pocket, said Michael Antonelli,
President of Aptris. By working with Aptris, organizations of
all sizes can acquire the training and tools they need to take
full advantage of ServiceNow and the opportunities its
services provide.
ServiceNow is currently revered as one of the fastest and most
innovative cloud computing providers in the industry, often outranking
some of the major vendors that have been around for years.

The tool of the future

Because of ServiceNows valuation, it has gained the reputation as
being the next, Business Insider reported. The fact
that Salesforce is widely recognized as an overvalued stock suggests
that ServiceNow will continue growing in the coming years.

Essentially companies are valued on profits, but if you

want to have large profits, you have to have large revenues.
Its just math, Frank Slootman, CEO of ServiceNow, told
Business Insider. The faster you grow, the faster you get
to large profits.


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At the same time, the cloud can be more secure than conventional
help desk infrastructures, making the hosted services ideal for
companies that are looking to improve operations on a budget.
Aptris can help businesses develop robust ServiceNow training
and deployment strategies, allowing those firms to implement cloudbased help desks technologies to gain a competitive advantage
over rival enterprises.

ServiceNow improves operational

problem-solving capabilities
In the past several years, organizations in the higher education
sector have had to overcome a variety of complex challenges,
many of which directly relate to increasing enrollment rates and
widespread budgetary restraints. As necessity is the mother of
invention, cloud-based solutions that deliver efficient, affordable
and effective platform and service management capabilities have
been leveraged in this arena.

Case in point: USF

The University of
San Franciscos use
of ServiceNow is
evidence to that the
cloud software can
reduce complexities
and resolve issues in
higher education.

The University of San Franciscos use of ServiceNow is evidence to

that the cloud software can reduce complexities and resolve issues
in higher education. Although the IT service management platform
was conventionally recognized for its ability to augment help desk
operations, people around the world are using the tools to build
mobile applications and alleviate technical problems.
InformationWeek highlighted how even non-technical employees at
USF often use ServiceNow for its features associated with recording
and tracking issues to optimize functions beyond the traditional IT
realm. The platforms code-customizing capabilities in particular
enable users to tweak scripts from other people and form them into
new tools designed to eliminate unique problems.


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With the proper ServiceNow training, any individual can

become an expert in developing advanced cloud applications
to alleviate complexities in the workplace, said John Manna,
vice president of sales at Aptris. Once these sophisticated
solutions are deployed, executives can use exclusive
ServiceNow features to track the performance of those

Why pursue ServiceNow?

The cloud computing and IT service delivery markets are
growing rapidly, presenting decision-makers with more innovative
opportunities, and ServiceNow offers users a number of unique
features. These include a more powerful service desk email client,
the ability to monitor and cancel transactions, as well as the power to
monitor the efficiency of all solutions deployed through the platform.

Experts believe that

as ServiceNow gains
momentum, the
overall Platform as
a Service market will
continue to experience
substantial growth.

Experts believe that as ServiceNow gains momentum, the overall

Platform as a Service market will continue to experience substantial
growth. In fact, Gartner analysts put the PaaS market at $2.9 billion
in 2016, up from $1.2 billion in 2012 and an estimated $1.5 billion
this year. This is largely because the ability to develop, launch and
manage internal applications is reducing complexities associated
with adopting third-party tools and hoping they align with long-term
business objectives.
By planning ahead and working with a trusted ServiceNow provider,
enterprise executives can deploy an innovative platform that makes it
easier for employees to customize operations and resolve issues that
may be contributing to poor performance. As the cloud matures in the
coming years, it will be increasingly important for decision-makers to
find a PaaS solution that works for their companies.


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