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Mr, Christopher S.

Ms. Germaine Clam
VA Truth Tellers
United States of America
3646 Youree Drive
Shreveport, LA 71105
The Honorable Robert A. McDonald
Secretary of United States Department of Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Avenue
NW Washington, D.C. 20420

August 10, 2015

Mr. Secretary,
As the Co-founders of the group VA Truth Tellers, we are writing you today to discuss an
extremely important issue. The group VA Truth Tellers is comprised of 50 + individuals who are
current or former employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs, all of whom have stepped
forward, at the risk of their careers, to reveal the egregious treatment being provided to our
military veterans, The issue we wish to discuss is related to the actions of Phoenix VAMC
Director Glen Grippen, According to a sworn statement by Laurie Butler, a former Navy Officer
and former Phoenix VAMC acting Chief of Human Resources, Director Glen Grippen purposely
planned, with vicious intent, retaliation against VA Truth Teller Brandon Coleman. Ms. Butler's
accusation is extremely concerning and alarming, not only to the numerous VA Truth Teller
members located at the Phoenix facility, but also to VA Truth Tellers and other VA
Whistleblowers around our great nation.
Dr. Katherine Mitchell, a Phoenix Employee and VA Truth Teller, recently testified
before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Governmental Construction and VA Affairs
that WhIstleblower retaliation is still alive and well at the Phoenix VAMC. Having spoken to
numerous VA Truth Tellers across the country, it is unfortunate, but obvious, that this same
pattern of vicious behavior is not unusual and is often exhibited by VA Leaders throughout the
system. Time and time again persons with Integrity find themselves in an uphill battle against
corrupt VA leaders for simply bringing up concerns. We can no longer tell ourselves that these
same VA leaders, responsible for the largest scandal in VA history, are going to right a corrupt
VA system, the very system that they helped build. There has to be accountability at every level,
not just the frontline level.
The VA Truth Tellers formally requests that you call for an outside unbiased and
Independent third party to fully investigate the allegations that Glen Grippen maliciously and
Intentionally planned the retaliation against Brandon Coleman. If the accusations are
substantiated, the behavior by Glen Grippen must be dealt with swiftly, to the fullest extent

possible, and without hesitation. There must be accountability and a new VA standard showing
that this type behavior will no longer be tolerated.
If the VA's goal is to truly change and create a new culture, it has the opportunity with
this situation to make that statement. ThiS statement should make it clear that "No More" will
those who choose not to follow the VA ICARE philosophy hold leadership and/or managerial
positions within the VA system. A solid culture starts with Integrity, and until the VA decides to
hold its leaders accountable for their dishonorable actions, there will never be a solid culture.
Thank you for your time and consideration related to this issue.

Very Respectfully,

Christopher Shea Wilkes
Co-Founder VA Truth Tellers

/ Germaine Clam
Co-Founder VA Truth Tellers