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Jindi enterprises: finding a new sales

Interim report
Ma Rui, managing direction of Jindi enterprises. Jindi was a Chinese private company
making heat exchanger units (HEU) for residential/commercial market. Its competitors
were SOE, Yongda and joint ventures.


They were all having standardised products for three reasons:
(a) The residential and commercial applications were more or less standardised and
consistent in technical requirements.
(b) Standardisation was more production friendly.
(c) Standardisation made it easier for supply chain and working capital

Sales engineer have upstream and downstream responsibilities:
Upstream responsibilities referred to those that had to be conducted prior to signing a
contract. Downstream responsibilities include customer training, installation, onsite
service and maintainance, etc.

(a) High end markets: referred to residential and commercial building complexes
which involved huge investment and strict procedures of selecting vendors.

(b) Low end markets: they refer to small scale residential and commercial buildings
invested in by small investors.

(a) 80% of jindis revenue came from the low end residential market. The prices of
jindi heat exchanger units were comparable to its measure competitors.
(b) In 2000, Yongda emerged as one of the major competitor of Jindi in low end as
well as high end market.
(c) The industrial market was far less competitive than the commercial market.
(d) The product was inspected by both the units and then dispatched into the
(e) Jindi was concerned with product design, marketing and sales and customer
service, while XPVF was concerned with production.


1. Hu Bin
He is in early 30s,graduated in mechanical engineering, Willingness to locate in
Lanzhou, became the first sales engineer at Jindi in 1998, hardworking, loyal, strong
technical background, enthusiastic, good leadership skills but Not a successful sales
engineer as he is not tricky and persuasive.
2. Qian Cheng
Mid 30s, Settled in Lanzhou, Pursued executive MBA, Smart and diversified in
experience, X-GM of the decentralized division, little overqualified for the job.
3. Bai Dong
Born in Lanzhou - 25 years of age, Pursued a diploma in computer software, First sales
engineer to work with Zhou Xun in Lanzhou office, Interested in technological side of
Jindis products, Sales style was quite engaging and easily creates a positive rapport
with customers, good performer.
4. Liu Xiaogang
Graduated in degree of economics. Worked as college lecturer for 3 yrs. teaching
business statistics. Excellent interpersonal relationship skills, well groomed analytical.
No experience is sales. His father is nationally famous professor in the field of
engineering and was also a member of leading industrial councils and associations of the

Group members:
Himangi shah (15207)
Tushar Srivastava()
Dibyashree Mohanty(15309)
Chinar Bhardwaj(15324)