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ramco Ramco Systems Limited Registered Office : 47, PSK Nagar, Rajapalayam - 626 108. Corporate Office : 64, Sardar Patel Road, Taramani, Chennai - 600 113. GIN: L72300T1:997PLCO37350 wo Part I- Unaudited Consolidated Financial Results (under AS-21) for the Quarter Ended June 30, 2015 5 ute nt eared E Pats soosa0is aos ‘aeaon nuaas Uri’ | ded eee a7) |e tes ‘onn | tw | own | tema | US0Me | ecw | UMN | Rad | 1 [yes ae hon Oeatine vse | ammssr] a6 fuuese | sam] rae] shar | aameas | [oboe nae ax| um] os | "a7 | ow] am] on] am hnname en Onn wo ross] 66 fro | om] ment] a | aen7s 2 [eesti has veo thet et, woven sacinde os ous (contra oma (o rroneet esr on] am om | am] ne] ox] mm (a empye tents vere qa sin] on | asz | os] ame] asa] iss (open a enter eee ri} ane] om | ums | ia ina] oa (nero sn] man] ee | am | as] ans] an] ues "ns Enea uas| sass] sie | oa | a] esse] ss | sana 3 |r ste sents ee tren, ee Ca er es) us] me} an | mm | as] sas] aa) amar « lobe vane 5 |r ray Ave bar ce Conn xc a (284 us] ome! an | oz | as] um] ow] mar «coe as) ual ca | | on] xn] ie] imo > |r are nary ete te eC tke ape ae (6) ta] sas] oe | sas | oun] cass] re] ian § |Sexoninens| e| 8 |e rina Aves Be (78) va] rss] oe | sar | um] cass] 20) isan 18 iene: cere aon ow) am] az | nn | oe] us| ow] ne eer rts (ec 1 hero ry Ate tr 10) uc] ns] cm | ass | oan] sen] 208] ms sre tense ee) 5 5 ec Pot/a prs( ue] russ] ose | ass asus] 28] ns Iver ee ey oe ex] oon] can ‘tut rea et acts ntti eg Taser aan oo | us on) un ete es, ened Shee) temas OieIS)| ue) nian | ot | ase gam) am) usr Esty Sar atl er eat ch so] oe sor | aa nan] sm | 2a seve ey ret ees 60 | umn gp Stae-bee ater tren SD ant 8) eects om} ass} an | 190 | eam] cam} om] ss oes aw} aa] on | im | ean] om] om] 527 sna ae aaa pa and |u| OH Hose i Part II - Select information for the quarter ended June 30, 2015, ([R-[ PARTICULARS OF SHAREWOLDING ate el arse TOMAS | sass [Samat | 31.0520 1 | bic Shartng 2) urbe of Ses unm} 5286 | @asse | 5456 1) Perartage of tren eos) ans | 08 | 008 | weston ‘3 Months 2 | Pome nd rontr ru Sareholing ‘COMPLAINTS, a 2) PeetEncbert: 30.06.2015 uber Shares Peng ot te esi Peracage of shes (a eof he a sree etre quaer Nim se pantea feces daring the quarter ee eee spose of cur the arr Pereage of shes (a2 eo eal stare apa : : > | eo ste conga) lendot the aerter Nanna ber Shares rsasae] searaan | iss | uses Perego stress othe tal starchy rows | tonoom | tno | "100008 front and prom gos) Pereage of stress oh te stare apt sm | game | ome | um hte congany) Notes (The aroun n rakes nthe rates dente the ies rhe coespndng quater fhe preva ye). 1. The above fara rests fe Capany wee ewe bythe Au Commitee nd approved byte Board of Deectsin ts meeting hl on August 05, 2015, 2. Ofer Opa income fete quater nes corey feces once’ R13 96M, USD 0.22 Nr. (88.2 MUD 0.14 Mn) 5, Employee beets exese fate quarter nes RS 1837 Min. USO 629 Min) tovarts he propartionat rs va the stk prs grate to varus eyes, amos cn 8 Stogt-ine bas ov he vesting perl as precited by apple SEB guides. 4 Dang the Quarter, te company Pa ted tae 5241873 egy sare t 10 ach comprising 511810 ena shares under Quid stuns Pacemet ad 1277 tres usd Els Sto Scere of Copy nai te. ary el ete Coronet oS 296 MUD S80 Wh. es. 249 '5.The company caer opts ry none segmt, vi, Software Soliton 8 Series an hence he emerging as equ by S-17, sed bythe Inte Chartered ecrtnts fades ne 29. 6. The sandaloe frac resis are avate onthe Copa’ webste- wana con, BE webste wnt saa com and RSE webte ww send com, ‘The deals trove, pot bre tx ard re ert on Sando basi ae gen de: eM ares uate Ended Year Evied Tonks | SLRS mae | aLnIns Urcdted lated tnt n7)| “Ure ated Tumor (Operatg income nding ater nae) — 3.4 St 523 THI rot (Lo) before ta (53) SUS (4632) BR Pre (as) er te 1523) 00 (9652) B50 2, Figures forte quart eed Wark, 2S arte Elancng gues eveen ated Turse espec of especie fl Franc er 201-15 and publ yr to date fies ut he thd gute ened Deanber 3,214 8 consequent othe alter of shares co Rigs bass in the utr ened 30h June 214, For tat quer, por pets aswel previ franca year hve been adjusted a pe the requreres of S20 sued bythe ste of Chartered Accutane nda 9. Pires forthe pres eos have Ben reaped restated wherever necessary to make ther compara wth he ges fore caren ere. By Order ofthe Board For Romeo Systems United Wate fs ace: Rlosanyan PR. Venktrama Raja Date : Agu, 2015 ee Charman an Managing Ore ramco Ramco Systems Limited Registered Office : 47, PSK Nagar, Rajapalayam - 626 108. Corporate Office : 64, Sardar Patel Road, Taramani, Chennai - 600 113. CIN: L72300TN1997PLCO37550__ Part I - Unaudited Standalone Financial Results for the Quarter Ended June 30, 2015 Rs. Min. ‘Quarter Ended Year Ended 5 ae caer | ieee [aoe | a ® ca | a | Sn | “hae (Ret Note No.6) + i aa [eas | a | a hore orto az | “in| “te | “om Dhomtearc ran ce| (0) Purchase of stock-in-trade 22 008 6.99 958 tree ate aa | am | mm | sn [e) Depreciation and arnortisation expense 242 110.22 0.13, 448.49 1 [eaitctcoesentaeienommncasttenennest | an | "om | Stay) “nm «eon