Sei sulla pagina 1di 26

By Srili BB Bodhayan Swami.


Purpose is to increase our enthusiasm to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra with proper mood and
understanding while we are chanting on the beads without discrimination amongst the devotees.
Nowadays it is common problem amongst us and most of the time we are discriminating each other
with the issue of different Society, different Spiritual Master and seniority etc. According to the
instruction of our previous priest (Acharya), His Divine Grace, Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati
Goswami Thakur Prabhupadas last instruction was that we have to be together under the guidance of a
Spiritual Master (ASHRAYA VIGRAHA) without discrimination amongst each other to spread the
message of Rupa & Raghunath with full of enthusiasm. For keeping the focus of the above instruction
of Prabhupada Bhakti Siddhanta the retreat programs will represent-- though we have different spiritual
masters, but we are together for practicing the path of devotion and increasing our ability to chant,
Hare Krishna Mahamantra according to the instruction of Sri Krishna Chitanya Mahaprabhu. Gradually
such practice makes our mind that though we have different spiritual masters but according to the
scriptural instruction we belong to one Guru-Tatva (ultimate truth about Guru) i.e Supreme personality
of Godhead, Sri Sri Radha Krishna.
Therefore, retreat programs will keep two alters one for Gurudevas and another for Sri Sri RadhaGovinda. Everyone should bring their Spiritual Masters picture and keep them on the alter accordingly.
We have to keep our focus towards chanting Hare Krishna Mahamantra with thinking in our mind
either Sri Sri Radha- Krishnas pastimes or Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhus pastime, instead of
thinking to increase ones material wealth or establishing a new society for getting our name & fame
(Pratistha), in order to deliver our self from the material world.
In this iron age (KALI YUGA) people can easily deliver through chanting, Hare Krishna Mahamantra.
Therefore the retreat programs should be free from all types of societys politics and encourage us to
chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra without discrimination of spiritual master and society. Only focus to
chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra and contents of discourses will be about Mahamantra from different
pastimes of Mahaprabhu and Harinamamrita Sindhu-Vindu, a book which is written by Srila Bhakti
Tirtha Thakur, a disciple of Sacidananda Srila Bhakti Vinode Thakur.
Every devotee should keep in their minds that gossip and criticism is strictly forbidden while we are at
the retreat. Every societys devotees can attend the program without any hesitation. Gradually such
practice will allow us to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra without offences and that effort makes us
qualified to get PREMA (Divine Love) what we are searching for in each of our endeavor. NIRAPARADHE NAM LAILE PAI PREMA-DHAN.
Also the retreat programs will make one understand that our main Guru is Krishna Himself, all present
living Gurudevas represent Krishna with their practice. As per the instruction of Spiritual Master, living
Gurus dedicate themselves towards Sri Sri Radha & Krishnas services. According to their realization of
the practices they are teaching us how to develop our devotional life and gradually reach our main goal
to get Krishna Prema with keeping due respect to all Vaisnavas.

Early in the morning at least one hour before sunrise, everybody should attend Mangal Arati with
devotional cloth and putting Tilak on 12 places of our body, according to the instruction of scripture as
Everybody should take (PANCHA PATRA one small water pot and small spoon) the spoon in his or
her right hand and put one or two spoonfuls of water in the left palm. They should then take gopi
chandan and mix it with the water on the palm to make a creamy paste. Using the right hand ring
finger, the devotee should make the tilaka markings on the body in the following order, reciting the
given mantra with each mark:


Forehead o kl keavya nama.

Above the navel o kl nryaya nama.
Chest o kl mdhavya nama.
The throat o kl govindya nama.
Right side, above the waist o kl viave nama.
Right bicep o kl madhusdanya nama.
Right shoulder o kl trivikramya nama.
Left side, above the waist o kl vmanya nama.
Left arm o kl rdharya nama.
Left shoulder o kl hkeya nama.
The upper back o kl padmanbhya nama.
The base of the back o kl dmodarya nama

The gopi chandan paste remaining in the palm of the hand should be wiped on the crown of the head,
and if any is still left, it can be wiped off with a special cloth used only for this purpose.
After finishing the tilaka ritual, devotees should chant the following mantra for the purification of the
mind and body

apavitra pavitro v
sarvvasth gatopi v
ya smaret puarkka
sa bhybhyantara uci
om uci, om uci, om uci.
Whoever remembers the lotus-eyed Lord (Om Maryyada Purushottam Sri
Ramchandra ki jaya; Om lila Purushottam Sri Krishna Chandra Ki jaya; Om preme
Purushottam Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu ki jaya) in all circumstances, pure or
impure, will always remain pure and holy, both internally and externally.


trya kruya-ghanghanatvam
prptasya kalya-guravasya
vande guro r-cararavindam
sasra(of) material existence; dv-anala(by) the forest fire; lhaafflicted; lokathe people;
tryato deliver; kruyaof mercy; ghanghana-tvamthe quality of a cloud; prptasyawho has
obtained; kalyaauspicious; gua(of) qualities; aravasyawho is an ocean; vandeI offer
obeisances; guroof my spiritual master; rauspicious; caraa-aravindamunto the lotus feet.
The spiritual master is receiving benediction from the ocean of mercy. Just as a cloud pours water on a
forest fire to extinguish it, so the spiritual master delivers the materially afflicted world by
extinguishing the blazing fire of material existence. I offer my respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet
of such a spiritual master, who is an ocean of auspicious qualities.

mahprabho krtana-ntya-gta
vditra-mdyan-manaso rasena
romca -kampru-taraga-bhjo,
vande guro r-cararavindam
mahprabhoof Lord Caitanya Mahprabhu; krtana(by) chanting; ntyadancing; gtasinging;
vditraplaying musical instruments; mdyatgladdened; manasawhose mind; rasenadue to the
mellows of pure devotion; roma-acastanding of the hair; kampaquivering of the body, aru-taraga
torrents of tears; bhjawho feels; vandeI offer obeisances; guroof my spiritual master; r
auspicious; caraa-aravindamunto the lotus feet.
Chanting the holy name, dancing in ecstasy, singing and playing musical instruments the spiritual
master is always gladdened by the sakrtana movement of Lord Caitanya Mahprabhu. Because he is
relishing the mellows of pure devotion within his mind, sometimes his hair stands on end, he feels
quivering in his body, and tears flow from his eyes like waves. I offer my respectful obeisances unto the
lotus feet of such a spiritual master.

yuktasya bhakt ca niyujato pi
vande guro r-cararavindam
r-vigraha(of) the arc-vigraha (Deities), rdhanathe worship; nityadaily; nn(with) various;
graclothing and ornaments; tatof the Lord; mandira(of) the temple; mrjana-dauin the
cleaning, etc.; yuktasyawho is engaged; bhaktnhis disciples; caand; niyujatawho engages; api
also; vandeI offer obeisances; guroof my spiritual master; rauspicious; caraa-aravindamunto
the lotus feet.
The spiritual master is always engaged in the temple worship of r r Rdh and Ka. He also
engages his disciples in such worship. They dress the Deities in beautiful clothes and ornaments, clean
Their temple, and perform other similar worship of the Lord. I offer my respectful obeisances unto the
lotus feet of such a spiritual master.

svdv-anna-tptn hari-bhakta-saghn
ktvaiva tpti bhajata sadaiva
vande guro r-cararavindam
catufour; vidhakinds; rholy, bhagavat-prasdawhich have been offered to Ka; svdu
palatable; anna(by) foods; tptnspiritually satisfied; hari(of) Ka; bhakta-saghnthe devotees;
ktvhaving made; evathus; tptimsatisfaction; bhajatawho feels; sadaalways; evacertainly;
vandeI offer obeisances; guroof my spiritual master; rauspicious; caraa-aravindamunto the
lotus feet.
The spiritual master is always offering Ka four kinds of delicious food [analyzed as that which is
licked, chewed, drunk, and sucked]. When the spiritual master sees that the devotees are satisfied by
eating bhagavat-prasda, he is satisfied. I offer my respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of such a
spiritual master.

r-rdhik-mdhavayor apra
mdhurya-ll gua-rpa-nmnm
vande guro r-cararavindam
r-rdhik(of) rmat Rdhr; mdhavayoof Lord Mdhava (Ka); apraunlimited;
mdhuryaconjugal; llpastimes; guaqualities; rpaforms; nmnmof the holy names; pratikaaat every moment; svdanarelishing; lolupasyawho aspires after; vandeI offer obeisances;
guroof my spiritual master; rauspicious; caraa-aravindamunto the lotus feet.
The spiritual master is always eager to hear and chant about the unlimited conjugal pastimes of Rdhik
and Mdhava, and Their qualities, names, and forms. The spiritual master aspires to relish these at
every moment. I offer my respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of such a spiritual master.

nikuja-yno rati-keli-siddhyai
y ylibhir yuktir apekay
tatrti-dkyd ati-vallabhasya
vande guro r-cararavindam
nikuja-ynaof Rdh and Ka; rati(of) conjugal love; keli(of) pastimes; siddhyaifor the
perfection; y y whatever; libhiby the gops; yuktiarrangements; apekaydesirable; tatra
in that connection; ati-dkytbecause of being very expert; ati-vallabhasyawho is very dear; vandeI
offer obeisances; guroof my spiritual master; rauspicious; caraa-aravindamunto the lotus feet.
The spiritual master is very dear, because he is expert in assisting the gops, who at different times
make different tasteful arrangements for the perfection of Rdh and Kas conjugal loving affairs
within the groves of Vndvana. I offer my most humble obeisances unto the lotus feet of such a
spiritual master.

skd-dharitvena samasta-strair
uktas tath bhvyata eva sadbhi
kintu prabhor ya priya eva tasya
vande guro r-cararavindam
sktdirectly; hari-tvenawith the quality of Hari; samasta all; straiby scriptures; ukta
acknowledged; taththus bhvyateis considered; evaalso; sadbhiby great saintly persons; kintu
however; prabhoto the Lord; yawho; priyadear; evacertainly; tasyaof him (the guru);
vandeI offer obeisances; guroof my spiritual master; rauspicious; caraa-aravindamunto the
lotus feet.
The spiritual master is to be honored as much as the Supreme Lord, because he is the most confidential
servitor of the Lord. This is acknowledged in all revealed scriptures and followed by all authorities.
Therefore I offer my respectful obeisances unto the lotus feet of such a spiritual master, who is a bona
fide representative of r Hari [Ka].

yasya prasdd bhagavat-prasdo

yasyprasdn na gati kuto pi
dhyyan stuvas tasya yaas tri-sandhya
vande guro r-cararavindam
yasyaof whom (the spiritual master); prasdtby the grace; bhagavat(of) Ka; prasdathe
mercy; yasyaof whom; aprasdtwithout the grace; nanot; gatimeans of advancement; kuta
apifrom anywhere; dhyyanmeditating upon; stuvanpraising; tasyaof him (the spiritual master);
yaathe glory; tri-sandhyamthree times a day (sunrise, noon, and sunset); vandeI offer obeisances;
guroof my spiritual master; rauspicious; caraa-aravindamunto the lotus feet.
By the mercy of the spiritual master one receives the benediction of Ka. Without the grace of the
spiritual master, one cannot make any advancement. Therefore, I should always remember and praise
the spiritual master. At least three times a day I should offer my respectful obeisances unto the lotus
feet of my spiritual master.

rmad guror-aakam etad uccair
brhme muhrte pahati prayatnt
yastena vndvana-ntha skt
sevaiva labhy januo nta eva
rmad guror-aakamr gurvaaka; etadthis; uccairreciting; brhme muhrtethe brhma
muhrte period; pahatiworships; prayatntwith single pointed attention; yastenathat person;
vndvana-nthathe lord of Vndvana r Ka; sktdirect; sevaivadevotional service; labhy
attained; januo-antathe end of life; evafor sure
That person, who at the time of Brhme-muhrta recites this eight verses with single pointed
concentration, meditating on r Gurudeva is ensured to attain the Divine service at the lotus feet of the
Lord in Vndvana when his life ends.




bhle gor-gaddharer rati nehri
nady-praba-bhve ju bolihri (1)
bhle- very beautiful; gor-gaddharer- Gaura and Gaddhara; rati- worship; nehri- seeing; nady- in
the district called Nady; praba-bhve- previous devotional moods; ju bolihri- ju, all glories to
As I behold the wondrous rati of my Lords Gaura and Gaddhara, I enter into the mood of Their
existence previous to appearing in Nady (Their Vndvana ll as r r Rdh and Ka). It is
simply indescribable.

kalpataru-tale ratna-sihsanopari
sabu sakh-beita kiora-kior (2)
kalpataru- desire three; tale- under; ratna- juwels; sihsana- big throne; apari- sitting on; sabu- all;
sakhs- girl friends; beit- surrounded by; kiora- ka; kior- rdh
Underneath a desire-tree, seated upon a jeweled throne, the ever-youthful couple named Kiora and
Kior are surrounded by all of Their gop friends.

puraa-jaita kota mai-gajamati

jhamaki jhamaki labhe prati-aga-jyoti (3)
puraa- golden; jadita- inlaid with; kota- many diffferent; mai- juwels; gajamati- pearls; jhamakitwinkling; labhe- small; prati- each; aga- part of Her body; jyoti- emanating light
r Rdhik and Lord Govindaj are decorated with many shining jewels and pearls inlaid with gold
artwork, enhancing the sparkling splendor of each and every limb of their transcendental forms.

nla nrada lgi vidyut-ml

duhu aga mili obh bhuvana-ujl (4)
nla- blue; nrada- cloud; lgi- this meeting; vidyut- brigtening; ml- garland; duhun- both; aga- bodily
forms; mili- mixed; sobh- beauty; bhuvana- the worlds; ujla- enlighting
The meeting of Their two bodily forms has generated a luster that brightens all the worlds, and may be
compared to a garland of lightning (Rdh) fixed upon a dark blue raincloud (Ka).

akha bje, ghan bje, bje karatla
madhura mdaga bje parama rasla (5)
akha bje- blowing conshells; gha bje- sounding bells; bje karatla- hand-cymbals producing sound;
madhura mdaga bje- the sweet sound of the mdaga; parama rasla- supremely sweet and relishable to
On the occasion of Their meeting there is a concert produced by the sounding of conchshells, bells,
karatlas and mdagas. Such krtana is supremely sweet and relishable to hear.

vikhdi sakh-vnda duhu guna gowe

priya-narma-sakh-gaa cmara dhulowe (6)
viakh-di- leaded by Viakh; sakh-vnda- the cowherd damsels; duhu-gua- the glories of the Divine
Couple; gowe- singing; priya-narma-sakh- the most confidential sakhs; gaa- compagny; cmaracmara fans; dhulowe- waving
The cowherd damsels of Vndvana led by Vikh Dev sing the glories of the Divine Couple while the
priya-narma-sakhs cool Their Lordships by waving cmara fans.

anaga majar cuy-candana deowe

mlatra ml rpa majar lgowe (7)
anaga majari- anaga majari; cuy- betelnut (pan); candana- sandelwood paste; deowe- giving; mlatjasmine flowers; ml- garland; rpa majari- rpa majari; lgowe- offering
Anaga Majar offers Them sandalwood pulp scented with cuy while Rpa Majar places a garland
of jasmine flowers about Their necks.

paca-pradpe dhori karpra-bti

lalit-sundar kore jugala-rati (8)
paca-pradpe- offerlamp with five flames; dhori- holding; karpura- camphor; bhti- dazzling; lalitsundar- the most beautiful lalit; kore- performs; jugala-rati- the worship of the Divine Couple
The beautiful Lalit Sundar holds a lamp of five flames scented with camphor and waves it aloft,
offering rati to the Divine Couple.

dev-lakm-ruti-gaa dhara loowe

gop-jana-adhikra raowata gowe (9)
dev- parvat; lakm- lakmdev; ruti- the revealed scriptures; gaa- together; dhara- on the ground;
loowe- rolling; gop-jana-adhikra- the most fortunate position of; raowata- residing; gowe- singing
Parvat, Lakm, and the personified Vedas cry in great happiness while rolling on the ground and
singing of the fortunate position of the damsels of Vraja-bhmi.

bhakativinoda rohi surabhki kuje
rati-daraane prema-sukha bhuje (10).
bhaktivinoda- rla Bhaktivinoda hkur; rohi- resides; surabhk kuje- surabh kuja; rati-daraanewith vision of the worship; prema-sukha- Divine Loving happiness; bhuje- tasting
Bhaktivinoda resides at Surabhi Kuja in the land of Godruma-dwpa, relishing the joy of divine love at
the sight of this beautiful rati.


namo nama tulas ka-preyasi namo nama
rdh-ka-sev pbo ei abil
namo namarepeated obeisances; tulas ka-preyasibeloved of r Ka; namo namarepeated
obeisances; rdh-ka-sevthe service of the Divine Couple; pboI will obtain; ei abilthis is what
I desire
O Tulas, beloved of Ka, I bow before you again and again. My desire is to obtain the service of r
r Rdh and Ka.

ye tomra araa loy, tara vch pra hoy

kp kori koro tre vndvana-vsi
yewhoever; tomraby You; araa loytakes shelter; tarahis; vchdesires; pra hoycomplete
fulfilled; kp koriplease be merciful; koromake; trehim; vndvana-vsia resident of Vndvana
Whoever takes shelter of you has his wishes fulfilled. Bestowing your mercy on him, you make him a
resident of Vndvana.

mora ei abhila, vilsa kuje dio vsa

nayane heribo sad yugala-rpa-ri
moramy; eithis; abhiladesire; vilsa kujein the pleasure groves; dioplease give; vsaa
residence; nayanewith my eyes; heriboI will behold; sadalways; yugala-rpa-rithe mellows of
the Divine Couple
My desire is that you will also give me a residence in the pleasure groves of r Vndvana-dhma. Thus
within my vision I will always behold the beautiful pastimes of Rdh and Ka.

ei nivedana dhara, sakhra anugata koro

sev-adhikra diye koro nja ds
ei nivedanathis request; dharaplease keep; sakhraof one of the cowherd damsels; anugata koro
make me a follower; sev-adhikrathe qualifacation to perform devotional service; diyebestowing;
koromake me; nja dsyour own maidservant
I beg you to make me a follower of the cowherd damsels of Vraja. Please give me the privilege of
devotional service and make me your own maidservant.

dna ka-dse koy, ei yena mora hoy
r-rdh-govinda-preme sad yena bhsi
dna ka-dsethis fallen and lowly servant of Ka (named Ka Dsa); koyprays; eithis; yena
just like; mora hoyis mine; r-rdh-govinda-premethe Divine Love for Rdh and Govinda; sad
always; yenajust like; bhsiswimming
This very fallen and lowly servant of Ka prays, May I always swim in the love of r r Rdh and



jaya nmadheya muni vnda-geya

jana-rajanya param akarkte
tvam andard api mang-udrita
nikhilogra-tpa-paal vilumpasi

O Harinma, You are sung and glorified by the Sages. You have assumed the form of syllables to give
great happiness to the devotees. All glories to You. May Your Supremacy always be manifest. If You are
spoken only once, even disrespectfully or in jest, You absolve all of ones frightful sins at the root.

jaya jaya harinm, cidnandmta-dhm,

para-tattva akara-kr
nija-jane kp kori, nma-rpe avatari,
jve doy korile apr

All glories, all glories to the holy name of the Lord, the abode of immortal transcendental bliss! The
Supreme Absolute Truth, who possesses an eternal form of sacred syllables, has descended in the form
of the holy name. Thereby He shows mercy to His own devotees while showering boundless
compassion upon all fallen souls.
jaya- alle glories; harinm- the Holy Name; cidnandmta-dhm- the residence of transcendental
knowledge and happiness; para-tattva- supreme truth; akara- eternally manifested; kr- form; nijaYour; jane- devotees; kp- mercy; kori- giving; nma-rpe avatari- descended in the form of Your Holy
Name; jve- the living beings; doy- compassion; korile- giving; apr- unlimmited

jaya `hari, `ka, `rm, jaga-jana-suvirm,
muni-vnda nirantar, je nmera samdar,
kori gy bhoriy vadana

All glories to the Supreme Personality of Godhead who is called by different names such as Hari, Ka
and Rma! He is the auspicious resting place of all living entities within the universe, and He delights
the minds of all souls. Wise sages maintain great reverence for His holy name and constantly sing it by
filling their mouths with the sound.
jaya- all glories; hari, ka, rma- different Names like Hari, Ka and Rma; jagat- universe; janaliving beigns; suvirm- Divine resting place; sarva- all; jana- living beigns; mnansa- the spirits;
rajana- enlightend; muni-vda- Holy persons; nirantar- always; je- these; nmera- Holy Names;
samdar- giving respect; kori- doing; gy- singing; bhoriy- full; vadana- mouth;

ohe ka-nmkar, tumi sarva-akti-dhar,

jvera kalyna-vitarae
tom vin bhava-sindhu, uddhrite nhi bandhu,
siycho jva-uddhrae

O Lord Ka in the form of name-syllables! You possess all supreme powers, and are engaged in
bestowing pure auspiciousness upon the living beings. Without You there is no other friend to rescue
us from the ocean of material existence. You have come for the deliverance of all fallen souls.
ohe- he; ka- ka; nma- Holy Names; kar- syllables; tumi- Your; sarva- all; akti- potencies;
dhar- containing; jvera- the living entities; kalya- prosperity; vitarae- distributing; tom- Your;
vin- without; bhava-sindhu- ocean of material existance; uddhrite- to liberate; nhi- no; bandhufriend; siycho- has descended; jva- the living entities; uddhrae- to release
che tpa jve jata, tumi saba koro hata,
helya tomre eka-br
ke jadi kono jan, hoye dn akican,
nhi dekhi anya pratikr

For all souls within this world there is much misery and sorrow. O Harinm, if someone calls upon You
just once, feeling himself very meek and lowly, possessing nothing and seeing no other remedy for his
relief, You then easily destroy all his sorrows.
che- this; tpa- suffering; jve- the living beings; jta- whatever; tumi- Your; saba- all; koro- doing; hatadestroy; helya- reject; tomre- Your; eka-br- one time; ke- calling; jadi- as; kono jan- someone; hoeto be; dna- humble; akicana- without material desire; nhi- no; dekhi- seeing; anya- some; pratikrsafety

tava svalpa-sphrti py, ugra-tpa dre jy,
liga-bhaga hoy anyse
bhakativinoda koy, jaya harinma jay,
pae thki tuw pada-e
If one simply obtains a faint glimpse of Your actual identity, then all sorts of terrible miseries are cast
far away; indeed, the very form of suffering itself is easily broken to pieces. Bhaktivinoda says, All
glories, all glories to the holy name of Lord Hari! O Harinm, I perpetually fall to the ground in hope of
attaining Your lotus feet.
tava- Your; svalpa- a little; sphrti- facing; pya- receiving; ugra- severe; tpa- miseries; dre jydissapear from sight; liga- identity, form; bhaga- destroy; hoy- is; anyse- very easy;
bhakativinoda- rl Bhaktivinoda hkur; koy- says; jaya harinma jaya- all glories to the Holy
Name; pae- falling; thki- staying; tuw- Your; pada- feet; e- hope


udilo arua praba-bhge,

dwija-mai gor amani jge,
bhakata-samha loiy sthe,
gel nagara-brje
udilotherising; aruaredness; praba-bhgethe eastern horizon; dwija-maithe juwel of the twice
born brahmaas; gorLord Gaura; amani jgeimmediately awakens; bhakata-samhaall the
devotees; loiy sthetaken them along; geljourneyed; nagara-brjewandering throughout the towns
and villages;
When the rising sun appeared in the East, the jewel of the twice-born, Lord Gaurasundara, awakened,
and, taking His devotees with Him, He went all over the countryside towns and villages

ttha ttha bjalo khol,

ghana ghana the jhjera rol,
preme hala hala sora aga,
carae npura bje
ttha tthamaking the sound tthai tthai; bjalo kholthe mdanga drums resounding; ghana ghana
played in time; thein that krtana; jhjeralarge brass cymbals; rolthe tumult; premein ecstatic
love; hala halaslightly trembled; sora agathe golden form of Lord Gaurga; caraeupon His
feet; npura bjethe anklebells jingled
Ttha ttha, the mdaga resounded, and the cymbals chimed in time. Lord Gaurgas shimmering
golden features danced in ecstacy, while at His feet small bells jingled.

mukunda mdhava ydava hari,

bolena bolo re vadana bhori,
miche nida-bae gelo re rti,
divasa arra-sje
mukunda mdhava ydava harimukunda mdhava ydava hari, different Names of the Lord; bolena
chanting; bolo resinging; vadana bhorifilling your mouths; micheuseless; nida-baeunder the
control of sleep; gelohave spent; reO!; rtinights; divasadays; arra-sjein decorating your
All the devotees chanted the names Mukunda, Mdhava, Yadava and Hari, their mouths being filled
with the vibrations. They would announce to the still sleeping people, "You spend your nights uselessly
sleeping and your days decorating your bodies!

emana durlabha mnava-deho,
piy ki koro bhva n keho,
ebe n bhajile yaod-suta,
carame poribe lje
emanathis; durlabharare; mnava-dehohuman body; piyhaving received; ki korowhat are you
doing; bhva n kehoyou have not thought about it at all; ebenow; n bhajileyou do not worship;
yaod-sutathe son of mother Yod; carameultimately; poribeyou will die; ljein shame
You have achieved such a rare human body, but you do not care for this gift. You remain not serving
the darling of Yaod and slowly fall through your last moments to death.

udita tapana hoile asta,

dina gelo boli hoibe byasta,
tabe keno ebe alasa hoy,
n bhaja hdoya-rje
uditaarisen; tapanathe sun; hoile astahaving set; dina gelothe day passes; bolisaying; hoibe
byastawill be lost; tabe kenothen why; ebenow; alasa hoywill remain idle; n bhajano worship;
hdoya-rjethe Lord of the heart
With every rising and setting of the sun, a day passes and is lost. Then, why do you remain idle and not
serve the Lord of the heart?

jvana anitya jnaha sr,

the nn-vidha vipada-bhr,
nmraya kori jatane tumi,
thkaha pana kje
jvanalife; anityatemporary; jnaha srunderstand this essential fact; thein that; nn-vidha
different kinds; vipada-bhrfilled with miseries; nmraya koritaking shelter in the Name; jatane
carefully; tumiYou; thkahaalways remain engaged;pana kjein His service as your eternal
Please understand that this temporary life which can stop at any time is full of various miseries. Take
absolute shelter in the Holy name and make chanting the Name your only occupation.

ka-nma-sudh koriy pn,
juro bhakativinoda-pr,
nma bin kichu nhiko ro,
ka-nma-sudhthe pure Name; koriy pndrinking; jurothus satisfied; bhakativinoda-prthe
life of r Bhaktivinode; nma binexcept for the Holy Name; kichu nhiko rathere is nothing else;
caudda-bhuvana-mjhewithin the fourteen world
Drinking the pure nectar of the Holy name. There is nothing except the name in the fourteen worlds.
Only the Name is the life and soul of this pacified Bhaktivinoda hkura.

jvera kalyna-sdhana-km,
jagate si e madhura nm,
hd-gagane birje
jveraliving beings; kalyna-sdhana-kmdesiring to bless; jagate siin the material universe; e
madhura nmthis sweet name; avidy-timirathe darknessof ignorance; tapana-rpelike the sun; hdgaganein the sky of the heart; birjeilluminates
Desiring to bless the empty hearts of all the living beings of this world thereby destroying the darkness
of ignorance the Holy name has risen like the shining sun in the empty sky.

jv jgo, jv jgo, gauracnda bole
kota nidr jo my-picra kole
jv jgo, jv jgowake up, wake up sleeping souls; gauracnda boledoes Lord Gaurga calls; kota
nidr johow long have you been asleep; my-picraof the witch My; kolein the lap
Lord Gaurga is calling, "Wake up, sleeping souls! Wake up, sleeping souls! How long will you
sleep in the lap of the witch called My?
bhajibo boliy ese sasra-bhitare
bhuliy rohile tumi avidyra bhare
bhajiboI will worship the Lord; boliysaying; esehave come; sasra-bhitareinto the material
world; bhuliyhaving forgotten; rohile tumiyou have remained; avidyra bharein the darkness of
Before you was coming to this world you was saying that you would worship the Lord. You have
forgotten this fact and are now lost in this world of births and deaths.
tomre loite mi hoinu avatra
mi bin bandhu ra ke che tomra
tomre loiteto save you; miI; hoinu avatrahave descended (avatara); mi binother than myself;
bandhu raanother friend; ke chewho is; tomrayours
I have descended just to save you; other than Myself you have no friend in this world.
enechi auadhi my nibro lgi
hari-nma mah-mantra lao tumi mgi
enechiI have brought; auadhithe medicine; mythe illusion of material affairs; nibro lgifor
destroying; hari-nma mah-mantrathe Holy Names in the form of this great mantra; laotake; tumi
you; mgibegging
I have brought the medicine that will wipe out the disease of illusion from which you are suffering.
Take this mah-mantraHare Ka, Hare Ka, Ka Ka, Hare Hare/Hare Rma, Hare Rma
Rma Rma, Hare Hare."
bhakativinoda prabhu-carae paiy
sei hari-nma-mantra loilo mgiy

bhakativinodathis Bhaktivinode; prabhu-caraethe lotus feet of the Lord; paiyfalling down; sei
hari-nma-mantrathat mantra with the Names of Lord Hari; loilohe received; mgiyafter begging
rla Bhaktivinoda hkura has fallen at the lotus feet of the Lord, begging for this he received this Hari
nma mah-mantra. "


Devotees should begin by repeating Pancha Tattva mantra aloud twelve times,

r ka-caitanya, prabhu nitynanda,r advaita, gaddhara,

Devotees should then recite the Pancha Tattva pranam mantra once with folded palms:
paca-tattvtmaka ka
bhaktvatra bhaktkhya
nammi bhakta-aktikam
I offer obeisance unto Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in His five features as Bhakta Rupa
(Mahaprabhu), Bhakta Svarupa (Nityananda Prabhu), Bhakta Avatar (Advaita Acharya), Bhakta (Srivasa
Pandit) and Bhakta Shakti (Gadadhar Pandit). (CC 1.1.14)
devotees should then place his or her bead bag on the crown of the head with both hands and chant the
following prayer:
ayi mukta-kulair upsyamna
paritas tvam harinma! saraymi
O Harinam! I take complete shelter of You. You are adored by the liberated sages, and the nails of Your
lotus feet are worshipped by the glowing radiance emanating from the necklace of jewels known as the
Upanishads, which themselves are the crown jewels of all the revealed scriptures, the Vedas.



Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare.

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

(at least 32-rounds we have to complete on beads and then we will honor breakfast and then
discourses from Sri Chaitanya Bhagwata, written by Srila Vrindavandas Thakur.)

After discourses again we have to chant Hare Krishna Mahamantra on beads at least 16-rounds
and then honor lunch prasadam.

After lunch prasadam if anyone have discussion about any contents for developing of their
spiritual practice then they will be welcome to talk with Srili BB Bodhayan Swami.

After sunset we will come again to observe Arati as before first Gurudevas Arati with
Gurudeva Kripa Vrindu diya..kirtan instead of Guru-Astaka.
gurudev! kp-bindu diy, koro ei dse,
tpekh ati hna
sakala sahane, bala diy koro,
nija-mne sph-hna

gurudev! kp-bindua drop of mercy; diygiving; koromake; ei dsethis servant;tpekhthan a

blade of grass; ati hnavery humble; sakala sahaneto bear all trails and troubles; balastrength; diy
koroby giving; nija-mnein personal honour; sph-hnafree from all desires
Gurudeva, give to this servant just one drop of mercy. I am lower than a blade of grass. Give me all
he1p. Give me strength. Let me be as you are, without desires or aspirations.
sakale sammna korite akati,
deho ntha! jathjatha
tabe to gibo, hari-nma-sukhe,
apardha ha be hata
sakale sammnahonouring all living beings; koriteto do; akatipower; dehoplease give; ntha
Lord; jathjathabefittingly; tabethen; tocertainly; gibosinging; hari-nma-sukhethe pleasure
from chanting the Holy Name; apardhaoffences; ha be will become; hatafinished
I offer you all respects, for thus I may have the energy to know you correctly. Then, by chanting the
holy name in great ecstasy, all my offenses will cease.

kabe heno kp, labhiy e jana,
ktrtha hoibe, ntha!
akti-buddhi-hna, mi ati dna,
koro more tma-stha
kabewhen; henosuch; kpmercy; labhiyobtaining; e janathis person; ktrthafulfilled;
hoibewill become; nthaLord; akti-buddhi-hnadevoid of power and intelligence; miI; ativery;
dnafallen; koromake; moremy; tma-sthayour intimate associate
O Lord and Master! When will such mercy fall to this one who is weak and devoid of intelligence?
Allow me to be with you.

jogyat-vicre, kichu nhi pi,

tomra karu-sra
karu n hoile, kndiy kndiy,
pra n rkhibo ra
jogyat-vicrein examining myself; kichu nhicompletely nothing; piI find; tomrayour; karusramercy which is essential; karu n hoileif you are not merciful; kndiy kndiyconstandly
weeping; pralife; n rkhibowill not maintain; raany longer
If you examine me, you will find no qualities. Your mercy is all that I am made of. If you are not
merciful unto me, I can only weep, and I will not be able to maintain my life.



The Ceremony of Worshiping Lord Gaurga
jaya jaya gorcnder ratiko obh
jhnav-taa-vane jaga-mana-lobh (1)
jaya jayaall glories, all glories; gorcnderto the moonlike Lord Caitanya; ratiko obhthe beautiful
worship; jhnav-taa-vane at the banks of mother Gaga; jaga-mana-lobhattracting the minds of all
living beings in the universe
All glories, all glories to the beautiful rati ceremony of Lord Gauracandra in a grove on the banks of
the Jhnav river! This Gaura-rati is attracting the minds of all living entities in the universe.

dakie niti-cnd, vme gaddhara

nikae advaita, rnivsa chatra-dhara (2)
dakie niti-cndon His right side is th moonlike Lord Nitynanda; vme gaddharaon His left is
Gaddhara; nikae advaitanearby stands r Advaita; rnivsa chatra-dharaand rnivsa hkur is
holding an umbrella.
On Lord Caitanyas right side is Lord Nitynanda, and on His left is r Gaddhara. Before Him stands
r Adwaita, and rvsa hkura holds an umbrella over Lord Caitanyas head.

bosiyche gorcnd ratna-sihsane

rati korena brahm-di deva-gae (3)
bosiycheis siting; gorcndLord Gaura-candra; ratna-sihsaneupon a juweled throne; ratithe
worship; korenaperforming; brahm-di deva-gaethe demigods, headed by Lord Brahm
Lord Caitanya is seated upon a jewelled throne while the demigods headed by Lord Brahm perform the
rati ceremony.
narahari-di kori cmara hulya
sajaya-mukunda-vsu-gho-di gya (4)
narahari-diNarahari Srakra and other associates; kori cmara hulyafanning Him with cmara
whisks; sajaya-mukunda-vsu-gho-dithe devotees headed by Sajaya, Mukunda Datta and Vsu
Ghoa gyasinging
Narahari Sarakra and other associates fan Him with yak-tail whisks as Sajaya Panita, Mukunda Datta
and Vasu Ghoa sing sweet krtan along with the other devotees for Lord Caitanyas pleasure.

akha bje gha bje bje karatla
madhura mdaga bje parama rasla (5)
akha bjethe sounding of blowing conshells; gha bjethe sound of belss; bje karatlathe sounds
of hand cymbals; madhura mdagaand the sweet sound of the mdaga; bje parama raslasouds
which are supremely relishable to hear
ankha bje gha bje
madhur madhur madhur bje

Niti Gaura Haribol! Haribol! Haribol!,

Conchshells resound, bells clang, karatls ring and the mdagas play very sweetly in that krtan, so
melodious and relishable to hear.
bahu-koi candra jini vadana ujjvala
gala-dee vana-ml kore jhalamala (6)
bahu-koimany millions; candra jiniconquering the moon; vadana ujjvalathe brilliance of Lord
Caitanyas face; gala-deearound His neck; vana-mla garland of forest flowers; kore jhalamala
The brilliance of Lord Caitanyas face conquers millions upon millions of moons, and the garland of
forest flowers around His neck shines.

iva-uka-nrada preme gada-gada

bhakativinoda dekhe gorra sampada (7).
iva-uka-nradaLord iva, ukadeva Gosvm and Nrada Muni; premewith ecstacy of Divine Love;
gada-gadathe voices are choked; bhakativinodathus Bhaktivinode; dekhebeholds; gorra sampada
the glory of Lord Caitanya
Lord iva, ukadeva Goswm and Nrada Muni are all there, and their voices are choked with the
ecstasy of transcendental love. Thus Bhaktivinoda envisions the glory of Lord Gauracandra.




hari haraye nama ka ydavya nama

ydavya mdhavya keavya nama (1)
hari harayeunto Hari; namaobeisances; ka ydavya namaobeisances unto Lord Ka known
as Ydava (the best of the Yadu dynasty) ydavyaunto Ydavya; mdhavyaunto Mdhava, the
husband of the goddess of fortune; keavyaunto Keava, He of fine hair; namaobeisances
O Lord Hari, O Lord Ka, I offer my obeisances to You, who are known as Hari, Ydava, Mdhava,
and Keava.
gopla govinda rma r-madhusdana
giridhr gopntha madana-mohana (2)
goplacowherd boy; govindathe pleaser of cows; rmathe reserviour of pleasure; r-madhusdana
the magnificent killer of the demon Madhu; giridhrthe lifter of the hill named Govardhana; gopntha
Lord of the gops; madana-mohanathe enchanter of cupid
O Gopla, Govinda, Rma, r Madhusdana, Giridhr Gopntha, and Madana-mohana!
r-caitanya-nitynanda r-advaita-st
hari guru vaiava bhgavata gt (3)
r-caitanya-nitynandachanting the Names of Lord Caitanya and Lord Nitynanda; r-advaita-str
Advaita the husband of St hkur; hariLord Hari; guruthe Spiritual Master; vaiavathe
Vaiavas; bhgavatathe rmad Bhgavatam; gtthe Bhagavad-Gt
All glories to r Caitanya and Nitynanda! All glories to r Advaita crya and His consort, r St
hkur. All glories to Lord Hari, to the spiritual master, the Vaiavas, rmad-Bhgavatam, and
rmad Bhagavad-Gt.

r-rpa santana bhaa-raghuntha
r-jva gopla-bhaa dsa-raghuntha (4)
r-rpa santana bhaa-raghuntha r-jva gopla-bhaa dsa-raghunthachanting the names of the six
Gosvm: r Rpa, Santana, Raghunth Bhaa, r Jva, Gopla Bhaa and Raghunth Dsa
All glories to r Rpa Gosvm, Santana Gosvm, Raghuntha Bhaa Gosvm, r Jva Gosvm,
Gopla Bhaa Gosvm, and Raghuntha dsa Gosvm.
ei chay gosir kori caraa vandan
jh hoite vighna-n abha-pra (5)
ei chay gosirthis six Gosvms; koriI offer; caraa vandanobeisances at their feet; jh hoiteby
which; vighna-nobstacles to devotion are destroyed; abha-praall the spiritual desires are fulfilled;
I offer my obeisances to the feet of these six Gosvms. By bowing to them, all obstacles to devotion are
destroyed and all spiritual desires are fulfilled.
ei chay gosi jrmui tr ds
t-sabra pada-reu mora paca-grs (6)
ei chay gosiof these six Gosvms; jrwhoever; muiI; trtheir; dsservant; t-sabraall of
them; pada-reuthe dust of the feet; moramy; paca-grsfive kinds of foodstuf
I am the servant of that person who is a servant of these six Gosvms. The dust of their lotus feet is my
five kinds of foodstuffs.
tdera caraa-sevi-bhakta-sane vs
janame janame hoy ei abhil (7)
tdera caraathe lotus feet of these six Gosvms; sevi-bhaktathose devotees who serve; sane vsliving
along with; janame janamebirth after birth; hoythere is; ei abhilthis is my desire
This is my desire: that birth after birth I may live with those devotees who serve the lotus feet of these
six Gosvms.
ei chay gosi jabe vraje koil vs
rdh-ka-nitya-ll koril prak (8)
ei chay gosithese six Gosvms; jabewhen; vrajein Vraja; koil vslived;rdh-ka-nitya-ll
the eternal pastimes of the Divine Couple; koril prakthey revealed
When these six Gosvms lived in Vraja they revealed the lost holy places and explained the eternal
pastimes of Rdh and Ka.

nande bolo hari bhaja vndban
r-guru-vaiava-pade majiy man (9)

nandein bliss; bolojust chant; harithe Names of Lord Hari; bhajajust worship; vndbanthe
Transcendental Realm of Vndvana; r-guru-vaiava-padethe lotus feet of the Spiritual Master and the
Vaiavas; majiy manabsorbing your mind in meditation
Just shout the names of Lord Hari in great ecstasy and worship the transcendental realm of Vndvana
while absorbing your mind in meditation upon the divine feet of the spiritual master and the Vaiavas.
r-guru-vaiava-pada-padma kori
nma-sakrtana kohe narottama dsa (10).
r-guru-vaiava-pada-padmathe lotus feet of the Spiritual Master and the Vaiavas; kori I am
desiring; narottama dsathis Narottama Dsa; kohesings; nma-sakrtanathe glorification of the
Holy Names
Desiring to serve the lotus feet of r Guru and the Vaiavas, Narottama dsa sings this sakrtana of
the holy names of Lord Hari