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1. Review into boot camps and youth justice

2. Review into Queensland greyhound industry

3. Review into health targets

4. Review into Queensland’s biosecurity capabilities

5. Review into ‘fair price’ for solar power

6. Review into administration staff allocation in schools

7. Review into what is needed for research and development blueprint for agriculture

8. Review into the VLAD laws

9. Commission of Inquiry into the closure of the Barrett Centre

10. Commission of Inquiry into organised crime

11. Queensland Productivity Commission

12. Establish an electrical safety commissioner

13. Advance Queensland panel

14. Red tape reduction panel

15. Animal advisory board

16. Rural jobs agency

17. Regulatory body for the plumbing industry

18. Multicultural Queensland Advisory Council

19. Sentencing Advisory Council

20. Electrical education committee

21. Electrical equipment committee

22. Queensland Electrical Safety Office

23. Building Queensland

24. Jobs Queensland

25. Great Barrier Reef taskforce

26. Taskforce to advise government on the residential transition for older Queenslanders

27. Review into the Queensland Plan

28. ALP Review into preselection process

29. Review into commissioning of Lady Cilento hospital announced 5th April 2015.

30. Community health funding program announced Cameron Dick 5/3/2015

31. Review into TransLink fare structures, patronage and affordability 9/4/2015

32. Queensland Fire and Emergency Services will lead a new taskforce to identify areas that may be at higher risk of bushfire following Cyclone Marcia, Fire Minister Jo-Ann Miller announced 22/4/2015

33. Industrial Relations Reference Group 23/4/2015

34. Review of electricity deregulation 28/4/2015

35. Review into the Get in the Game initiative 27/3/2015

36. Review on whether Moreton Bay Rail Link project contributed to flood on Fri 1May 5/5/2015

37. Commission of Inquiry into the flooding of the Lockyer Creek between Helidon & Grantham 5/5/2015

38. FIFO review 6/5/2015

39. Speed review Yandina Coolum road 6/5/2015

40. Great Barrier Reef Water Science taskforce on reef quality targets 7/5/2015

41. Mental health cases review 8/5/2015

42. Independent Review into Wivenhoe Dam’s warning systems 20/5/2015

43. Citizen’s Taskforce into Road Safety 20/5/2015

44. Planning Act review “Better Planning for Queensland” discussion paper by Trad 25/5/2015

45. Review of laws on smoke alarms announced Jo-Ann Miller 27/5/2015

46. Review of Townsville and Cairns crocodile management plans QON 6 May 2015

47. Review plastic bags and possible container deposit scheme Miles - 8

48. Review of lobbyists rules by Peter Coaldrake announced Premier 9/6/2015

49. Review of Southbank cultural multi building plans 12/06/2015

50. Review into plans to dredge a Gold Coast channel 17/06/15

51. Get Started sporting program reviewed & all grant programs National Parks, Sport & Racing QON Sorensen to Byrne19 May 2015

52. Review approval process New Acland mine and community impact QON Frecklington to Premier 19 May


June 2015


53. Review of changes to Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 23 June 2015

54. Review into Justice of the Peace trial in QCAT 24 June 2015

55. Review Southern Moreton Bay Islands passenger service as part of TransLink network QON Trad to Mceachan 4 June 2015

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