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This work would not have been possible without the bounties and blessings of Allah
Almighty. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who helped me to
complete this research, Many people have encouraged me in this undertaking, and
thanks are due to all of them,
although I would like to single out one name, my mentor and friend

Mr Ahmad

Naveed. He is the one who encouraged me and supervised my work in a highly

professional and sympathetic manner. I am deeply indebted to my friend Mr Rana
Irfan who helped and guided me throughout and make me familiar with the basic
bricks do research and told a lot of good things. I would also like to thank the whole
department of English for being kind and considerate in all respect. I am also
grateful to the Regional Director Brig (R) Muhammad Akram for providing us the
convenient environment to undertake the research.
I offer my heartiest gratitude to my family. My parents get all the credit for
my success in my life. My elder brother Rana Muhammad Nadeem had been very
cooperative and supportive by marginalizing his need in order to provide me the
leisure time to complete my project.

The present study intends to scrutinize the efficacy of authentic materials for
enhancing writing skills of the second language assimilators at secondary level in
Pakistan. Authentic materials are very interesting, absorbing and motivating.
Change and variety is something very important for human development and
upbringing. Authentic materials can serve this purpose very well. Moreover,
authentic materials are diverse in nature and have a range of things to offer. There
is a great diversity of materials available in newspapers, broadcasts, magazines etc
in the form of advertisements, cartoons, bulletins, horoscopes, weather reports etc.
Such materials will acquaint them not only with the language but also with the
culture and value system of the country concerned.
The objectives of the research would be to improve the writing skills, arouse the
element of curiosity, make them more motivated to learn the language skills, bring
something of the everyday world into the classroom and to remove the monotony of
the contrived texts. Various data collection techniques employed during the course
of the study would be class observations, practical teaching to a group of students
and through a teachers questionnaire.
The researcher strongly believes that this study would strengthen the belief in the
use of

authentic materials for developing writing skills and would have lasting

implications on the writing classroom.