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Religion: A necessary evil?

Did you know that there are approximately 4,200 religions in the world and more
than 825 in Colombia? A religion is an organized collection of beliefs, cultural
systems and worldviews that relate humanity to an order of existence. Many
religions may have organized behaviors, clergy, a definition of what constitutes
adherence or membership, holy places and scriptures. A global 2012 poll
reports 59% of the world's population as "religious" and 23% as "no religious",
including 13% who are atheists, but many people who are not "religious"
thinking that religion is a necessary evil. Although religion is a way of teaching
people how coexistence should be based on ethical and moral aspects;
nowadays we have the governments and laws that control these aspects and
define good and bad actions, so religions are unnecessary because morality is
innate and not come from some books. Additionally in where religion was too
important or was the main power illiteracy, poverty and corruption were bigger.
Finally; the difference between the religious rules and non-religious rules is that
the second aren't based in a theocracy as in religion, which results in some
people taking advantage of others when they say that they are the
representatives of god on earth.
In the world most countries are called secular states, where it's equally to all
citizens regardless of religion, avoiding discrimination on religious issues and
without favoring any particular religion avoiding the relationship "religion-state",
which was introduced until the French Revolution, favoring the choice of
following a doctrine as an own decision of every person, from that believers of
any religion think that religion can't be classified as bad because it's a personal
decision and help control and discipline crowds through religious rules, on the
other hand there are also people who considered that despite that religion can
be a necessity, which allows to become a business for some people, to the
point that it can become harmful it can be called a "necessary evil" because
modern man has a need to believe in something that gives meaning to his life, it
makes easier for religions to give structure, meaning, hope and in some cases
they curb instincts that can become negative if left unchecked.
However if the major religions in the world were analyzed, where leaders say
the absolute truth and each has its own truth, every one of them postulates the
sacred word and his god; due to the fact that each religion has its "truth" or its
"way", believers become fans and allow religions consciously or unconsciously
make decisions for them, besides this most religions (if not all) demanding
money in the name of God (his God), which now makes it clear that religions
are a business for those who have taken advantage of the human need to
believe in something and not an institution that strengthens the moral
foundations of people, for these reason religions can be considered as a
negative tradition for people. On the other side is not necessary to have a
religion in order to control the masses to prevent the misdeeds of modern
society, where man hasn't learned how to respect each other's position,
because the States and estates government are responsible for monitoring this
issue and considering that the definition of good or bad actions for religions are

based on moral, strengthening and enrichment of morals and ethics of the

people neglects the need to pursue a religion.
In Colombia, despite being a secular country, is exalted in many occasions the
Catholic religion, we are in a "secular" country where it is exempt churches from
paying taxes and religion is taught as a subject in public schools, on many
occasions It seems that religion was imposed and unfortunately for Colombia
generally economically more developed countries are mostly atheists, or to
better explain in countries where religion is important in daily life of people the
income per capita of people is lower, that is to say that the poorer a country is,
more religious are its habitants, but this is not debatable with a person opposed
to secularism as they have the indisputable truth, unlike those cases that people
don't give much importance to religion and overlapping arguments about
religious notions. The short explanation because religion has been a brake on
economic development in some countries, it may seem hard to believe that
religion can affect economically in a country, it's because in countries where it
has put aside the religion science has come to take their place.
Karl Marx in his time said "religion is the opium of the people" and today the
situation has not changed, some people turn to religion as an absolute truth to
overcome the difficulties and uncertainties of life, let religions continue being a
large mass driver that often seeks private gain of a few, for these reasons and
in order to give way to a greater extent to science, we should stop thinking that
religion is a necessary evil, in this essay it's not arguing about whether belief in
a divine entity or God is good or bad, or failing if necessary or not, the real
problem is that people have misrepresented the need to believe in something
beyond with worship religion and the own precepts of each.