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Paragraphs based on current events

: ( 1
- The 25 January Revolution
On the 25 January, 2011, hundreds of thousands of
people from all sectors of the Egyptian society
demonstrated in Tahrir Square in Cairo. The
demonstrators demanded the fall of the regime. The
demonstrations continued for almost three weeks. On 11
February, President Mubarak stepped down and handed
power over to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.
This revolution would never have been possible without
the bravery of the people who took part in the
demonstrations and the martyrs who sacrificed their
souls to attain freedom, justice and equality for all
Egyptians. Egypt is beginning a new political era. The
people of this most ancient civilization truly deserve this
victory. The people of Egypt have spoken. Their voices
have been heard and Egypt will never be the same. All
Egyptians, old and young, must participate in building
their country.
- The qualities of a good leader
Leadership is very important to all societies. A
person needs certain leadership qualities to be a
successful leader. A good leader is some one who has a
strong personality. He must be able to take the right
decision at the right time. A good leader must be wise
and patient. He should be able to understand others

quickly. He should be self-confident and intelligent. He

should be kind and helpful. He should be co-operative
and sociable. He should consult other members in his
group. He should respect his group members and treat
them in a friendly way. A good leader is someone who is
ambitious and optimistic. He should defend the rights of
his group. He should be responsible, generous and
Egypt after January 25th Revolution
Egyptians have bravely shown the world
how a peaceful revolution can drive
positive political change. It is now time to
revolutionize the way we deal with each other
by creating positive cultural change in Egypt. If we
want to truly be a decent and civil
society, let us live the true meaning of dignity
and respect for all humankind . Let us
also abandon the previous ills in our
country, ills in the form of littering our streets,
spitting in public places and burning trash
in residential areas , driving
dangerously, not waiting our turn in public
lines , and giving or accepting bribes
. Let us create order out of chaos
so that we can carry out our day-to-day
activities. From this day forward
, let us hold each other accountable for
the new Egypt we now need to build. Let
us say, "No more injustice upon us, no more
injustice towards one another, no more injustice to
our beloved land Egypt". Surely then, will Egypt be
able to realise its many hopes for a better today
and tomorrow.
- Sectarian strife in Egypt

Egypt will overcome strife and chaos as it has done in the past. Egyptians
have crossed to safety at every turn that threatened their national unity, but
there are two conditions if we want to avoid regrets: respect for the rights of
citizenship without exception and in light of religious diversity; and that the
nation stays on task in achieving a new order so that the 25 January
Revolution concludes by achieving its goals.
Egypt will not forge ahead until it overcomes sectarian strife which is
encouraged by those ignorant of the core of religion, manipulated by the
victims of the revolution, and an ideal environment to reignite it: increasing
hooliganism, professional demands, problems rebuilding the police force,
and continued chaos. There is no question that the law should be applied and
penalties stiffened against those who attack places of worship and instigators
of protests at these sites. Investigations into the events of sectarian strife
must be completed quickly, with the speedy writing of a unified law on
places of worship and another criminalising religious discrimination that
carries stiff penalties for religious incitement, as well as responding to the
legitimate demands of Egyptian Christians.
We must realise that activating a state of law will not be sustainable or reach
its goal without progress in reality and not only in rhetoric towards a
civic citizenship state, and enhancing awareness about national unity and
respect for the religious or ideological Other
Youth The role of
It's worthy to say that the youth are the backbone of all
nations because they are the present and the future of
their countries. Hopes and ambitions are achieved by
hard work and strong will not by dreams therefore our
youth should do their best to realize their hopes and
The youth should first work hard to achieve success .
When they graduate from their universities , they have
duties towards their society . They can share in the social
work by working in the co-operative field .They can share
in abolishing illiteracy in our villages . They can take part
in reclaiming the desert to increase food production .

They can join the army to defend their country in case

there is war .They can also help a lot in solving any
. problem concerning their society
We should bear in mind that the progress of any nation
depends on its youth. They work for the good of their
country. youth can take part in the industrial and
agricultural projects. They should avoid smoking and
practise sports to ' become fit. The youth are tomorrow's
leaders, so the government should encourage them to be
.productive by providing them with job opportunities
Finally , we can extract that we should be positive and do
our best to rebuild our country and achieve welfare and
National Unity
No one can deny that national unity in Egypt plays a very important role
in our society as Islam and Christianity are the two main religions in Egypt.
It is well known that Egypt is a peace-loving nation, so peace, safety and
security should prevail among her people whether Muslims or Christians.
Muslims and Christians, regardless of religion, are Egyptians; they live on
the same land; they breathe the same air and drink from one Nile and
belong to one country (Egypt) , so they should co-operate all together to face
external challenges and prevent anyone from causing any sectarian sedition
in Egypt. They should enjoy love and understanding and at the same time ,
they should be hand in hand to defend Egypt. In brief, the school, the house,
the mosque and the church have a role to teach children how to respect other
The Nile
The Nile, is a source of life to Egypt. It is considered a chief
source of wealth, welfare and prosperity to Egypt. We enjoy drinking its
fresh pure water. We irrigate our lands from it. Vast areas of land are
reclaimed with the help of the Nile. Egypt is the gift of the Nile. We should
not throw waste into our dear Nile. We should keep it clean and pure.
Without the Nile, Egypt would be a desert barren land. The Nile
is the lifeblood of Egypt. Without the Nile, life would be impossible in Egypt.

After the white revolution of 25 January and when Government recognized

that former regime was not giving due care to the countries which share us
in the Nile, so they started to plan for setting up new projects and dams on
the Nile which can lead to a decrease in our share of water, prime minister
Dr. Sharaf accompanied by popular organizations have made many visits to
those countries to strengthen our relations with them and convince them to
keep the same quantity of water which we should get as per previous
Citizenship and National Unity
Citizenship is one of the most important features of the Egyptian
Society. All Egyptians are equal. There is no difference between Muslims and
Christians. They have the same rights and duties. They are the two elements
of the nation.
All Egyptians always say "religion is for Allah and Egypt is for all. This
means that there is no distinction between the sons of Egypt.
National Unity and good relations between Muslims and Christians are not
slogans but rather a basic reality. In all wars, we saw Christians and
Muslims fighting their enemies in defense of our dear country.
Muslims and Christians are always partners in every thing. They share
different occasions and they feel each others ups and downs. They exchange
congratulations, gifts and wishes on feasts.
For all the above, no one who ever is he, will get succeeded to spread seeds of
sectarian strife and to turn our peaceful life into a hell that could destroy all
of us.
For this purpose and in order to keep our national unity safe all over the
time, we should increase our individual's awareness by creative T.V and
radio programs. Civil organizations, universities, schools, mosques and
churches should all cooperate to give lectures about the sectarian strife and
its very harmful effects on our society.
Finally, I'd like to point out that Egypt will ever remain a homeland for all
its Sons
]- The internet and the glorious revolution
Technology is every where nowadays. It has played an important role in the
Egyptian revolution. This was represented in the use of the internet and the social
communication sites, like " face book" and "Twitter ". Generally the internet is
used as a means of getting information, making researches, communicating with
other people and for many other purposes. In " 25th January revolution, it was the
peaceful weapon that freed Egypt from its tyrants. The internet was the means that

youth used to communicate with each other to fight injustice and corruption. They
wanted to free themselves from all restrictions and injustice. They wanted to put an
end to the corruption that prevailed year after year. The internet was their main
tool to do so, they gathered in Tahrir Square to write the new future of Egypt
]- Egypt after January 25th Revolution
Egyptians have bravely shown the world how a peaceful revolution can
drive positive political change. It is now time to create a positive cultural change in
Egypt. If we want to truly be a decent and civil society, let us live the true meaning
of dignity and respect for all humankind. Let us also abandon all our previous ills.
Let us create order out of chaos From this day forward, let us work day and night
to get a glorious future. let us work hard to have a powerful economy, let all of us
be responsible for the new Egypt we now need to build. Let us say, "that only work
and production, education and science is our only way. Surely then, will Egypt be
able to realize its many hopes for a better today and tomorrow. After the great
success of the January 25 Revolution, all the Egyptian people should begin to
reconstruct their country. This won't happen unless they all get back to work and
forget their personal interests. They need to build their future and that of their kids.
They have to start hard work right now, otherwise they will lose everything, if they
really care about this country, they must do everything to restore stability and send
signals to everyone that Egypt is becoming stable and they are working on that.
- Japan tsunami
We all know and hear about tsunami that occurred in Japan was a result of a hard
earthquake . Tsunami is a series of water waves caused by the displacement of a
large volume of a body of water usually in an ocean owing to the immense volumes
of water and the high energy involved , tsunamis can devastate coastal regions .
Japan tsunami was very large and it made people feel sad, scared and horrified. For
Japan ,tsunami was the heaviest crisis in history since the second world war. In
spite of all difficulties, it is certain that Japanese people can unite to work together.
The Japanese have been suffering a lot since that disaster happened thousands of
people were killed or missed. Several towns have been destroyed . Power plants
were badly damaged. In spite of all the difficulties, the Japanese can restore the
welfare of the community

[32]- Global worming

through their computers which will be available and will be within the reach of their

Global warming is one of the global issues which threatens us in the

hands. Housewives can shop through the internet and the housework will be done

future. It's defined as an increase in the temperature of the earth. The climate

by certain kinds of robots. Most houses will be air conditioned and people won't

change is due to a number of natural reasons such as the heat of the sun?

suffer from the heat of the sun. Our factories will be computerized. There will be

volcanic eruption and greenhouse gases such as CO2. In addition, the continuous

better means of communications and transport. I think scientists will control the

destruction of rainforests makes matters worse. Global warming will affect the

weather, so there will be no floods or drought. One thing is certain in the future,

world as follows. The ice at the Arctic and Antarctic is melting, sea levels will rise

man will not change.

and some parts of the world will be flooded, making many people homeless.
Countries and individuals should co-operate together to reduce the effect of this

- Democracy in Egypt
Since the dawn of history, man has lots of dreams. One of them is to live in

natural phenomenon. Stopping the destruction of rainforests is the responsibility

a democratic society. That's why people all over the world call for freedom

of countries. Using cars if need be is the responsibility of individuals. We shouldn't

nowadays. Democracy means that people are given all their rights. It helps people

stand handlessly in facing any threat to our environment.

]- Energy problem
Today's world has been suffering from lots of problems. Energy shortage
is one of them that should be scientifically solved. In the past, people depended on
the natural energy such as the wind, the sun and water. These sources of energy
were available, renewable and clean. However, man has made some new
inventions that enabled him to discover oil, coal and natural gas. These forms of
energy have become very expensive, rare and limited. That's why the price of these
sources have gone up recently. Scientists have a big role to solve this acute
problem. They have to find alternative sources of energy. People should do their
best to reduce using these limited sources. More trees should be planted
alongside roads to face the problem of pollution in our great towns. People should
also make good use of the renewable and cheap sources. Finally ,one can say that
our world has lots of problems nowadays. However, these problems can be
scientifically solved. It is said that no problem is insolvable.

to have the sense of belonging and to be loyal to their own country. People can

- Life in the future

Our life in the future will change completely. Computers and internet will
occupy our life. So, instead of wasting time going here and there, we will use the
internet to get our needs, Students of the future will get the information they need

also feel that they are decision makers of the country. Concerning our country,
Egypt has taken great steps towards democracy. Nowadays, everyone has the right
to express his opinion freely. Also the government encourages people especially
the youth to take part in the political life. The Egyptians have called lately for
changes in the constitution These changes will enable everyone in our country to
apply for the presidential elections. Finally, one can say that all the citizens have
the right to live in a democratic society. However, people should never abuse

My plans for the future

(What career are you going to choose and why?)
We all have our dreams which we hope will come true . I have many plans
for the future. I want to go to university and become a doctor. I'd like to practise
medicine for a few years. After that, I'd like to do research.
I hope to investigate the causes of diseases like cancer or brain
disease.I'd like to learn more and more about those diseases which make people
suffer a lot. Therefore , I must study hard. I'd like to set up experiments

and make things that can really help mankind. I want to help people
become happy. I hope my plans for the future will pay off.